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35854 No. 35854
Hey everypony,

I've been tinkering around with this for the last week or so. Never used Flash before (in fact, I've STILL never used it, this is all done in FlashDevelop), and I thought I'd get a platformer running in it.

It's still got a long way to go. There's bugs galore! So many bugs! Prizes if you find them all! I've been spending most of my time getting the engine up and running, so the test levels are a bit plain. And the enemies and spikes can't hurt you.

I have the basic story outlined. Graphically, it's just Desktop Ponies and a bunch of "found" tilesets, cough. Again, just experimenting. And of course, no sound. And no real enemies.

I can't graphicise or musicify to save my life. Now that the engine's more-or-less working, I have to ask: is there somebrony who'd like to help me out graphically? It'd be so awesome :3 It doesn't have to be pixel art, really. I know there's some brilliant Genesis pony mixes, but music can wait until there's a whole game here for all to enjoy :D
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>> No. 35861

I've always dreamed of a proper ponified Sonic game (Mods are sort of 'meh' to me) that would be similar to this video:

(Yes, that was a request "to put that startup menu, Winter Wrap Up Zone etc. in your game" I just made xD).

I played your demo and it's pretty, freaking amazing. And the fact you've never used Flash before BAFFLES me. :)
I love the water effects, the solid movement, the dash twilight makes URGH, you've made me the happiest fan girl in the world. (._.) I commend you for that, sir. :)
>> No. 35864
Have you programmed the ability to die yet? Because I jumped on spikes multiple times and nothing happend. Also, afte the first set of spikes, I went into a walland was stuck on the bottom of the screen.

And for the love of sanity, PLEASE make sure that the top of the screen is not a boundary. It makes jumping in high areas near impossible.
>> No. 35896
A "placeholder" screen that consists of nothing but a ripped background and Desktop Ponies sprites isn't the best way to gain trust and credibility, especially when OP openly claims to be incompetent at visuals and music.

In fact, watching a "original" game that uses Desktop Ponies sprites is the first sign of lazyness and incoming disaster. (And no credit is given at all, misleading people into believing the animations are your own.)

Sorry, but too many alarm buttons are being pressed here, so I'm sitting out this one project.
>> No. 35950
Wow, what a weekend! It's almost embarrassing to go back to this demo - it plays so much differently now. I mean, I can barely play the old version now. I spent most of the weekend playing a LOT of S3&K and rewriting almost everything physics-related - the physics are a lot closer to Sonic's, including wall/ceiling running, corkscrews (they were fun, let me tell you), etc. Loops are the next thing to make work but that can wait for tomorrow :3

As soon as I make a couple more maps, I'll upload the new version. Thanks for your feedback!

Good points well made. Although I wonder if you played it - it's far from just a placeholder, it's a two-level engine demo. As far as credits are concerned, they're Desktop Ponies sprites, and I mentioned that. Everypony knows DTP! I have no idea where the tilesets came from, they've been kicking around on my HDD for years, but they're all public-domain I recall. I used the Sonic 2 background here as a test for the parallax scanline scrolling.

Obviously, none of this stuff will be in the final version. I can't do pixel art, and I can't make music. But I CAN code, and so I'm asking politely for help for the OTHER important areas of a game by way of offering up an engine demo to see if anypony's interested :D

Oh yes, there's no WAY I could do this without a Winter Wrap Up Zone! Gotta jam in everything awesome from the show that I can find!

Death is now in and seems to work fine. Infinite lives at the moment, of course... Getting stuck inside the walls was to do with my early attempts at running on walls. That's now debugged and working, and so you don't get stuck any more when the engine thinks you're going up a 45-degree slope and tries to rotate gravity, and halfway crashes... And yeah, that bouncing off the top of the screen... Sorry about that. Fixed. I knew I'd have to get around to it eventually so you gave me an excuse to fix it early!

Still so much to do. Another playable demo in a day or two!
>> No. 35952
>Obviously, none of this stuff will be in the final version. I can't do pixel art, and I can't make music. But I CAN code, and so I'm asking politely for help for the OTHER important areas of a game by way of offering up an engine demo to see if anypony's interested :D

I'm going to say this now to prevent a trainwreck: Nopony gives a flying feather about "code" or Code Guys. Sorry if this comes out blunt, but that's the truth.

The net is chocked full of coders and free code templates to make Sonic hacks or custom Sonic games, so a coder is considered bottom tier (and very easy to replace) as far a fangame is concerned. On top of that, you are using the word "placeholder" which has become one of the most offensive words you could use here- you are using material that is not yours (and you purposely refused to credit the true creators, to boot) while you wait for some people to pop out from nowhere and do ALL the graphic and sounds for you, because you openly admit you aren't capable to do that by yourself.

I don't think you understand how /collab/ works.
>> No. 35957
Don't be so harsh on him. He's asking for help in a polite and decent way, at least. He's already doing a good thing by at least showing that he can make a demo.

In my eyes, coders certainly aren't bottom tier... "Idea guys" are. We get plenty of threads on /collab/ that are just "hey I have this idea, plz make for me". This thread is doing anything BUT that: he's already made several demo's, which is far more than can be said about a lot of other threads here.

There's also nothing wrong with placeholder graphics... It seems to be a berserker button here almost, but there's nothing wrong with them. All the games I've made or worked just started out as basic shapes to get the programming working. It's not about laziness, it's about working efficiently.

There IS something wrong with not giving credit where it is due, though. You should at least give credit to DTP's creators in the title/instruction screen somewhere.
>> No. 35963

>>There's also nothing wrong with placeholder graphics... It seems to be a berserker button here almost, but there's nothing wrong with them.

Experience has proven over and over that any project that uses the words "Code" and "Placeholders" at once are colossal wastes of time.
OP claims to want to make a game, but he lacks any of the elements needed to make said game: he doesn't have any graphics, sounds, backgrounds, nothing at all and expects people to jump on this trainwreck and do everything for him, therefore if nopony wants to work for him, nothing will be done and the "placeholders" will be there forever.

>> In my eyes, coders certainly aren't bottom tier... "Idea guys" are.

Coders always have been bottom tier. However, "Idea Guys" aren't even worth being called "tier", I fully agree with you about that.

>>There IS something wrong with not giving credit where it is due, though. You should at least give credit to DTP's creators in the title/instruction screen somewhere.

Apparently, OP just doesn't cares.

The problem with "Code Guys" is that they refuse to understand that requesting for help on a message board full of complete strangers should have been his last resort, not the very first thing he did. That and if any other persons could do all the graphic and sound work, they would complete the game all by themselves instead of agreeing to become OP's servants, that's why I said that "Code Guys" are bottom tier and easily expendable.
>> No. 35964
You don't seem to get the point either. In fact, it is not right to not credit the creators of DTP but that doesn't mean his work is not good / valuable.

I don't want to start the average flamewar about "Code guys" but they do a really great job on many projects and not a single one would succeed without them.

You miss the point if you say ALL code guys are bottom tier, if graphics people would work as good as them they'd be as exchangeable. It is called "code maintainability" and has something to do with teamwork.

I don't think he is wrong asking for help. Yes, there are many busy good people out there and maybe his code isn't the best. But you seem to have missed out on the last episode of MLP if you don't respect that he is just trying to help out where possible. That maybe somepony just isn't the best graphics guy ever and wants to contribute (/contrib/) to help him and get training and produce an OK game that somepony likes.

And placeholders are the way to go for everything anypony does. Have you ever seen a web template for sale? It is full of placeholder text and images. And that's normal, a great artist (and coders are) always "remixes" things and creates great stuff from it.

And last but not least. You simply can't judge somepony coding because he is not making art by himself. I don't think anypony on this world was born capable of coding / singing / playing an instrument / composing / designing at once. And I'm sick of those pretending they can. Games are some of the hardest things to develop (they simply require a ton of everything) and I think he is making an "oK" approach to it.

I second #35957, he's made a great effort to get a demo to show off, just /contrib/ by giving him constructive critique.
>> No. 36016

Sorry, too many words and most of them were about things you have no idea about anyways.
/collab/ is a place where people comes asking things such as "Hey guys, how can I do this?" while OP just came out from nowhere saying "Hey guys, I want this. Do it."
OP didn't even bothered to integrate with the place before attempting to use it as his personal army of servants, and then we have the issue of him using uncredited material (and not wanting to give credit, to boot)

Now, if you want to help so much, you could start making the sounds and animations that OP wants so badly instead of just guiltrip others by posting a wall of text full of cliches and catchphrases borrowed from preschool cartoons.
>> No. 36067

>Anon 1 tries to play moraljudge because somepony wasn't "kind" with OP, then tries to guiltrip the place into serving OP's needs.

> Gets told by Anon 2, cool story ripped into pieces and is asked to practice what was preaching by being "nice" to OP and giving him what he wanted.

> Anon 1 runs away, abandoning OP.

A typical day at /collab/.
>> No. 36082
Sorry, I didn't run away from anything. I can't help anypony in need for a designer or musician. I'm not, my job (not just on the Internet) is coding (web-programming), but I simply can't stand people acting like Anon#1.
People think that programmers are simply the guys that make 'the awesome things other guys do' work. And in fact they are, but there's more to it than just typing "#sudo makemeagame" to get a computer to do that stuff.
I'm honestly sick of people who think that being a programmer is not enough to the world (nopony asks a designer for music).
I've never told anypony that not giving credit for the images was right and I said so. But I repeat my point: nopony in the world is capable of making a 'good' and 'complete' game without help, there is nothing wrong with placeholders (as long as they're credited, or have the right license) and there is certainly nothing wrong about making an effort to serve a community and asking for help if you're not capable of accomplishing your task by yourself.
Thanks for reading
PS: Sorry for my english, but I'm a non-US pony.
>> No. 36100

There's a reason for why you will always see "Code Guys" asking for graphics and sounds, while you will barely see any people capable to do their own graphics and sounds asking for a coder to complete their project.
>> No. 36103
File 133293031023.png - (91.09KB , 282x458 , twist hoof raised.png )
Oh Oh! Is it because most graphics and music people work on graphics and music without a game in mind meaning they don't need coding at all while coders are working on something that needs all of those aspects no matter what.

Seriously if a strictly graphics or music person wants to be involved in a game they can usually just find a project they like the idea of and ask to join in since there are so many begging for artists and musicians nowadays. That or they use gamemaker and make a really simple one usually. They don't need to ask around for a coder since they can pick and choose for the most part.
>> No. 36107
File 133294338653.png - (69.74KB , 250x250 , Cheerilee_id.png )

That's right, my little pony.
Artists are very scarce, while "Code Guys" can be found everywhere, and can even be replaced easily, that's why they are considered bottom tier no matter how hard they play victim and try to justify themselves.

There's a reason for why nopony has joined OP's project, after all.
>> No. 36113





>> No. 36115

> Good
> Sonic game

You can only choose one.
>> No. 36117
While you both are right there's something everypony seems to forget when argueing this topic out. While I can see who is a good artist and who's a bad one in a matter of seconds (I guess everypony can check another's DA account and see if their art is nice) it is way harder with programmers.

While I draw ponies like a 5 year old and everypony notices, no one is capable of knowing if a code is well written (Most wouldn't even know what to look for) just by looking at it. I really would love to know how many people who call themself programmers / coders are even aware what a object, a exception, a thread or even how documenting actually is done.

People who punch numbers and sprites into an engine are not coders but designers, script-kiddies at best. But that's all. I didn't want to start an argument about the OP being a script-kiddie or a programmer worth of having the designer elite joining. But I think it's wrong to say "You do not do everything by yourself, you do not deceive the help from anypony". Not everything on the web is top-tier artists.

BTW! I don't say that people making stuff with engines / game-makers do a bad job at all but it's simply no "strict" coding.

You should stop whinning about anypony leaving / abandoning their project, that doesn't help either. You have the OPs email in his post and can contact him if you want.
>> No. 36120

So... are you going to provide OP with the things he requested?
>> No. 36137
No, I cannot provide him with anything he requested for two reasons:
a) I'm a programmer, and he asked for animators / musicians.
b) I've got my own projects running that need my attention.


I just asked for a little appreciation, and constructive critique for him instead of calling his project a "trainwreck" which I (even not being the OP) consider offensive and not at all helpful.
>> No. 36142

So basically you have been bumping this thread over and over just to play devil's advocate and hoping to manipulate people to do the stuff you are completely uncapable of?

Let this thread die. Is obvious that nopony is interested to join a project where OP is asking people to do all the work for him, and where people like you pretends to "help" by posting walls of text intended to guilttrip people.

Practice what you preach, don't talk the talk if you are not going to walk the walk, don't talk about things you know nothing about, don't offer help that you are completely uncapable to give, /collab/ is not your personal army, etc.

Really, I shouldn't even have to remind you this, because this is basic common sense, but I suppose this is the part where you ignore everything and post another wall of text full of catchphrases, wishful thinking and irritating things that can be sumed up as "But... but you guys are supposed to be our slaves..."
>> No. 36146

a) I have not bumped this thread a single time... There's a question mark near email on the reply form, you should read that before talking.
Fact: You've bumped it right now, not me.
b) I asked nopony to join anything, nor offered any help at all. My apologies if you thought it was so.
c) I never said anypony had to help. Just told you, or whoever was the first that it wasn't right to pick on OP.

That's all, no TL;DR text walls no catch-phrases.
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