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35909 No. 35909
Hi everypony, I'm here to talk about a project to save Derpy! How you may ask? Well, first, with the confusion of "derpy" as a slang for retarded... (Witch is not true)! There is only one way to fix this. To make Derpy a real word, not a slang. How?

I put Derpy a an adjective. It explains awkwardness, clumsiness, goofiness, and ones mistake. In no way means: stupidity, makes fun of ones metal disabilities, and lack of ones intelligence.
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>> No. 35914
But it does mean stupid.
>> No. 35935
It doesn't mean stupid literally; it means what the slang for stupid is. "You're stupid," doesn't mean that you're actually stupid, just that you've done something goofy.

In regards to the OP, however, contributed! I doubt it will make much difference however.
>> No. 35982
oh my god just let it die already
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