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I guess this counts as a collaboration...

Me and a couple of other drawfriends from /oat/ have started a blog together on Tumblr.
The purpose of this blog is creating more fanon around random background characters. There has not been enough of that since season 2.
Basically how it works is that the theme, or well character, of the blog changes every one or two week.
The followers choose the characters themselves via the submit button, a picture attached is preferred.
Once the theme is chosen, the followers submit their random and interesting headcanons through the ask and then we, the mods of the blog, simply illustrate parts of those headcanons. Like the "pic and it happened" way of doing things.
This is my way of contributing a little to the community as a whole.


First theme of the blog is Allie Way, feel free to send in a piece of headcanon so we really can get this started.
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I've got two things to say....

1. Sweet Chicken Fried Baby JESUS! This has got to be the best idea for a tumblr I've ever heard of! You guys are amazing!

2. I really with my skills were substantial enough to join in and help you out on this. Maybe one day, if I keep practicing!

That's all.
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Aw thank you, but we're already seven people on the job. Some more productive than others though.
I have a feeling that this is gonna be a fun run.
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