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File 133267181911.gif - (40.13KB , 134x114 , Lyra_Duckie.gif )
35944 No. 35944
Continued from thread >>23185 this is the place to show off your OC or non cannon desktop ponies!

Now we've had a lot of animations show up and I compiled most of them here for your enjoyment.
Now if your animation was not included it was because it sounded like you were just looking for critiques and ideas or were planning to make improvements. If I completely missed your animation or was wrong and your animation was for sharing instead of just critiques, then let me know so I can add it in.

Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you. To help you make your animations, there are some tutorials and templates out there to help you. This one is for the basic trot and includes a video made by monkeyjay that should help teach you the basics of spriting if you are new to the process. this download can also be found on the main desktop ponies site

I put the bases I could find which were made by MonkeyJay, Oppl Jok, Pony Noia, Anonycat, Dirkos, me and other contributors to the desktop pony team in this template folder which is also included in the OC Desktop folder download but is here if you just want it without downloading everything else. Some free programs to help make your pony are Gimp, Photoscape and Microsoft GIF Animator. I'm sure there are plenty more but these are just the ones I remember people using.

Now if you want to have the animations from here work in your regular desktop ponies:
Open the OC desktop ponies folder and drag and drop each individual ponies folder you want into your regular desktop ponies folder.
For Sea Ponies I have added an extra category to help make sorting them out easier so to make sure you can sort them by the SeaPony category:
Open your desktop ponies.exe
goto options
click custom filters
type in SeaPony
click change
click save
and you are done.

New art credits
Version 1.01

All Sea Fillies and Sea Ponies by Dirkos
Normal Nyx by Starly
Little Pip by Soul
Fizzy by StarStep
Minty by StarStep
Gusty by StarStep
MochaDelight by 9734
Discord Doctor by Discord Doctor
Blossomforth by Pixel Coder
Cupcake by Pixel Coder
Dewdrop Dazzle by Pixel Coder
Pixel Coder by Pixel Coder
Woona by Widsithgrey
Updated Berry Punch by Azure Fang
Updated Colgate by Azure Fang
Ruby Pinch by Azure Fang
Hans Arp by Homfrog
Minty2 by InfinityDash
Lauren by StarStep

a full art credit listing is found inside the OC Desktop folder. Have fun spriting everypony.
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>> No. 42516

I think her mane matches her other color schemes very well. Sky was more less a collaboration with most the ideas from me and some free running with the mane and tail to lekadema on DA. It was her first draft on the mane and tail and I rather liked it. Matches her coat color pretty well which I came up with.


Cool. I'm also not quite finished with her since I took a break from animations right now. I do have enough to have her added with basics though. Trot with wings up and down and standing with wings up and down. I still haven't even made my trot with blinking ones yet like I usually do.
>> No. 42520
File 135046881841.gif - (795B , 106x96 , space_sleep_left.gif )
Scratch that take a while part, had a spontaneous case of the motivations. Managed to put together enough animations for a basic desktop pony, plus a general response to a few of the seaponies.

Will most likely update it in the future...
>> No. 42521
File 135047513478.gif - (734B , 54x80 , Smile.gif )
Yup, looks really good. That and I just clued in that the two toned hair reminded me a bit of Gurren Lagann's Nia.
>> No. 42527
File 135050095334.jpg - (357.20KB , 1200x1600 , Sky Popper and Cloudchasers mane.jpg )

Ummm. Sorry, haven't been on too long to know who that is. But I think leka went that route cause Cloudchaser is my fave BG and she has a two toned-spikey style too. And speaking of Coudchaser, here's a picture I drew of Cloudchaser and Sky Popper together in a small comical comedy strip.
>> No. 42532
StarStep, if you don't mind, I'd like to do Surprise. She's one of the few characters from my upcoming series The Starlight Club. Streamers is in there too.
Let me know if it's ok.
>> No. 42535

Nice. I like how there's a whole balloon then the rest of her cutie mark is hidden. Next panel reveals the popped balloons as she is popping it on cloudchaser. Also Gurran Lagann is an anime.

You don't need to ask permission. If you want to make surprise, go right ahead.
>> No. 42536

Thank you. I did seem to notice though that I may have missed the top part of the popped yellow in the first frame, I think it should have been slightly visible, but yeah, alot of people on DA really liked this one cause it was cute and funny. I like how I did Cloudchaser's eyes probably the best.

Guess I'll google that Garren thing to see some images at least.

And last thing, Surprise already has some animations done in the canon version, so were we talking new animations here or just some redos?
>> No. 42537
I may use the canon animation for the base, make it white instead of gray, and recolor the cutie mark to match the art in The Starlight Club. There will be a few new animations as well, which I'm already working on. For one, Surprise will also have a crazy-grin trot and stand.
all of the Party Ponies I will be making will have the crazy grin animations, as well as one of them drinking potion, giggling (like Pinkie's canon giggle only a little more crazy-like), ans a separate character with them as sea ponies like their character in the series book, "Jenny in Hot Water". I know Surprise already has one, so I'm just doing the others as sea ponies.
Anyway, back to GIMP. My seminar for English is in about an hour... so I'll have to stop here if I want to get any work done.
>> No. 42538
File 135065132606.jpg - (5.51KB , 222x227 , surprise.jpg )
I think some new reinterpretations. The one in the regular dtp program is based off Faust's imagining of surprise but there are multiple ways to imagine one character. Like how we have 2 minty interpretations in here. I know someone last thread was even talking about doing a different applejack because she changed so much from g1 to g4.
>> No. 42539
Nevermind then. Wow I am a slowpoke. I should stop opening everything up at once then slowly going through each tab of mine or maybe just be sure to refresh before hitting reply.
>> No. 42545

Yeah, plus I do believe Surprise IS in the show, but as a Wonderbolt and we don't have any images of her like that in the main program. It'd be nice to add a few more Wonderbolts though and maybe make an interaction where they all fly by as Rainbow has an MP3 play going "It's the Wonderbolts!" or something.
>> No. 42546
I think Surprise the Wonderbolt was named by the fans. I'm not entirely sure, however. Whatever it is, that sounds like a good idea for my series.
>> No. 42547
File 135068490999.gif - (17.38KB , 106x126 , stand_surprise_left.gif )
Yep, this is pretty much how Surprise looks in The Starlight Club.
>> No. 42691
Just thought I'd mention that once everything's ready to go, the Desktop Ponies crew is planning to make finding the Cannon and OC downloads alot easier to find in the same place.
>> No. 42807
File 135285933863.png - (45.86KB , 325x325 , arpaden_head_shot.png )
He has now got a longer, more show-accurate necktie and a better hoof-print effect. He's called "Arpaden" because that's a way more pony name :) Everyone update please!
>> No. 42825
File 135303278424.gif - (12.38KB , 53x48 , Morning_Prose_trot_left.gif )
So, I managed to make my own pony animation and programmed it based on one of the other ponies, but I have one problem. The file size is way too small! Does anyone know how to resize the .gif files without messing with the quality?
>> No. 42827
Nice, I can tell you really worked on the tail and tie.

What program are you using to make her? If it's photoshop go to image size set percentage for 200 and make sure nearest neighbor is selected NOT bilinear or bicubic. Most other programs are the same except it may not be called nearest neighbor. It may be as simple as making sure anti-aliasing is turned off. Let us know the program so we can help if you still cant get her to size correctly.
>> No. 42829
Ya, it's photoshop.
>> No. 42830
Thank you so much! That worked beautifully.
>> No. 42831
I just want to say, I really appreciate the mods on this board. Maybe I've just been scooting around on the nasty parts of the internet, but you guys seem to have your heads screwed on nicely, and you all seem fairly welcoming and helpful. That goes for everyone out there who just want to help others improve!

Ok, I'm done being a sappy kiss-butt, carry on posting your ponies.
>> No. 42833
File 135308114693.gif - (24.32KB , 228x228 , Red_Kiln_fly_left.gif )
I'm using photoshop to edit the bases, but I'm having trouble assimilating the mane and tail when I customize them. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the mane and tails look as similar as possible from frame to frame?

Here's an example of what I'm talking about (how the hair looks different in each frame).
>> No. 42836
File 135311978387.gif - (44.68KB , 192x144 , slendermane_trot_right.gif )
Not sure if he was made yet, but I've made one. A trotter and idle.
>> No. 42837
I personally like her.
>> No. 42855
File 135331508591.gif - (19.66KB , 106x96 , OC_Sweet_Harmony_fly_left.gif )

Awww. Thank you!

Now, as for what I usually do when making a flying image since I didn't have a PSD file at the time, I made a normal trotter first and did ALOT of cut pasting to move parts of the flying image out of the way first, then bringing over parts of the mane and tail to the proper places, and then moving the cut away parts of the flying image back into place. Sounds tricky, but it just takes practice.

Here's an example of one I have done before. I'll do one with Sky Popper at some point as well.

Edit: After looking at it, I think this is one I did with the PSD file as a test run with it. I'll just make my example with Sky Popper and upload her within the next 24 hours I guess.
>> No. 42863
No rush. Thanks for the reply; I thought I should do something like that, but the last time I copy pasted parts the pony ended up having a limp. It was bad...
>> No. 42869
Typically for these sprites, there are only about 3 tales on different layers and they switch depending on the movement. If you haven't checked out MonkeyJay's tutorial in the OP, I highly suggest it. He shows how to get the nice effect of a scrunchy tail to add "that little something" to the sprite. It seems you've used the brush tool to make the tale too. While it does deliver a cool rotoscope kind of effect, the pencil tool and working with pixels makes it more desktop pony-like. At the end of the day it's your pony though, and if you want to try something unique, I can't stop you. ^_^

Also, I don't know if you're going for an eye effect, but you might wanna consider having the same eye for each frame.
>> No. 42879
File 135347921230.gif - (22.26KB , 110x110 , Sky_Popper_flying_left.gif )
I did a flying Sky, but I kinda used the PSD file for it since I felt a bit lazy on not wanteing to do the cutie mark every frame. ^^; I guess if it helps, we could get you the link to the PSD files that will be publicly available when the new site launches.

As you can see, me and tails don't get along too well ever since I got a different version of Photoshop.
>> No. 42885
File 135353703218.gif - (9.65KB , 53x48 , Shai-Laite-Trot-Base-With-hair-Base.gif )
Alright so I started working on my Oc today, and this is my first time actually getting INTO photoshop.

Can anyone tell me what I can Improve on. (Mainly Being his Mane. How it's supposed to flick in certain places.)

Also can someone give me some advice for spriting his tail. It's long and drags on the ground.(Which doesnt seem to be happening. Again first time in Photoshop.)

Im not that great with photoshop. So ANY help is Appreciated.

Edit: Oh Jeez that's really small. I havn't actually looked at alot of Desktop Ponies, but what's the normal size of sprites coming from Photoshop going to Desktop Ponies?
>> No. 42896
Well, the PSD file bases come as basically 50x50 but when you go to save them for web, you just size them up 200%

Try that first so we can critique it enough for advice giving would be my first advice. XP
>> No. 42898
File 135361640891.gif - (23.61KB , 106x96 , Shai-Laite-Trot-Base-With-hair-Resize.gif )
Here it is. And thanks If you hadn't pointed it out. I would have never found the resize thingy.
>> No. 42903
Not sure about the tail seeing as how it drags, but my suggestion with it is to go frame by frame and edit the tail to where it looks like it raises as he bounces with the slack changing where it drops depending on it's height. So in other words, this may be one where you have to save it as the gif and then go in and edit every frame cause of the unique tail drag.
>> No. 42909
I had a feeling I would have to do something like that. :c

Oh well, trial and error time.
>> No. 42910
I'd say a good place to start is to draw a quick line at the bottom of the lowest foot that goes all the way across so you can make sure the tail looks like it is always on the ground. I'd start with the back end of the tail that is dragging and work up from there.
>> No. 42916
I know, it's been a while since I've been here. School's getting tough with the mid-term exams coming up and all that, but I'm just finishing up here. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break. XD
Anyway, just letting you know I'm back on the OC making.
>> No. 42919
File 135371436573.gif - (12.71KB , 106x96 , marzipan_trot_right_WIP.gif )
Marzipan is under a little makeover. I'm redoing her mane and I still need to finish the jewelry. The tail isn't perfect, either.
>> No. 42922
You still working on that balloon blowing Pinkie Pie? I'm actually somewhat looking forward to that one cause I might try editing it after you finish with my OC Sky Popper doing that cause of her love of balloons.
>> No. 42924
Haha, it's still a work in progress. But yes, I'm working on it.
>> No. 42926
I am doing my first filly! Young Shadowstar was born dark, and thus a goddess named Analay caused her to shrink the darker she began. As soon as she switched sides from Skeleta's to Analay's, she grew to normal size. After defeating Skeleta, she grew again, this time to a larger size than anypony had ever become. (She shrank back, though, so not to worry)
Analay gave her the gift of immortality, and Shadowstar wanted to share her light with others, so she flew around her island of Kamisti (off the coast of Equestria) and radiated light all over the world.
This OC filly will tell her story in more detail.
>> No. 42979
File 135437713362.gif - (42.34KB , 76x112 , Sing Left.gif )
My first animation of a sea pony singing. I may include an actual line of the sea pony song in the zip file, which I will retrieve from Dialga-Brite's Pokemon game which features sea ponies and MLP. I will be sure to credit him.
Also make sure you have a 4shared account before you download any of my files. (If you can't afford premium then you can get the free plan) Unfortunately, I don't have access to any other websites other than 4shared... so bear with me.
>> No. 42980
For some odd reason that animation is playing faster than when I saved it... why is that?
>> No. 42993
File 135447561446.gif - (760B , 64x84 , SMILE!.gif )
If you used Gimp 2, when you save an animated gif there's a checkbox that uses a delay entered for all frames... there might be something like that for other programs, too. Was it checked?
Singing desktop seaponies!? Holy moly!
>> No. 42994
No, it wasn't checked. That's odd...
>> No. 42995
File 135449072441.gif - (735B , 58x80 , Hmm.gif )
I actually had a problem similar to this when I was making bucket Lyra. The animations played at different speeds the different ways I playbacked them... in Gimp 2, in GIF Viewer, and on Firefox. I either got around the issue by using only delays multiple of 50ms, or restarting my pc.

Unless the issue is the delays changing while you save the GIF... then I got no clue.
>> No. 43187
I'm back. Sorry it took so long, I was busy with artwork made for a program similar to Desktop Ponies.
Anyway, back to the ponies. I haven't done any work on filly Shadowstar due to computer issues and school being in the way. Several other OC's have been put on hold until Christmas break begins where I live. Then I may get to them.
BTW is it okay to put parenthesis inside parenthesis? And did I spell it right? Google Chrome has become really stubborn.
Keep you fingers crossed and hope that Miku Pony won't be cancelled altogether. I may practice on Rin Pony first.
>> No. 43555
File 135800572790.png - (14.59KB , 128x128 , 673.png )
I'm in public school now so I hope I still have time to make OC ponies.
Anyway I am losing precious homework time so I'll make this very short. (clears throat) I am planning to recolor bucket Lyra to make a new pony named High Tide (if Dirkos doesn't mind). High Tide is to the left--got her from Dialga-Brite's "Pokemon Kindness Version" which actually features MLP.
Anyway, back to homework. XD I hope I can get on later... :)
>> No. 43557
File 135801826940.gif - (29.29KB , 192x144 , slendermane_idle_right.gif )
I had posted my Slenderman trot dp here a while ago. And then Starstep requested I post the idle animation as well, so... here it is.
>> No. 43566
File 135805510462.gif - (734B , 54x80 , Smile.gif )
Yeah, it's fine.
>> No. 43601
Awesome. Thank you.
>> No. 43608
Allright we have a new thread to show off your ponies with.
>> No. 43611
File 135827513723.png - (72.68KB , 300x309 )
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