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File 133267181911.gif - (40.13KB , 134x114 , Lyra_Duckie.gif )
35944 No. 35944
Continued from thread >>23185 this is the place to show off your OC or non cannon desktop ponies!

Now we've had a lot of animations show up and I compiled most of them here for your enjoyment.
Now if your animation was not included it was because it sounded like you were just looking for critiques and ideas or were planning to make improvements. If I completely missed your animation or was wrong and your animation was for sharing instead of just critiques, then let me know so I can add it in.

Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you. To help you make your animations, there are some tutorials and templates out there to help you. This one is for the basic trot and includes a video made by monkeyjay that should help teach you the basics of spriting if you are new to the process. this download can also be found on the main desktop ponies site

I put the bases I could find which were made by MonkeyJay, Oppl Jok, Pony Noia, Anonycat, Dirkos, me and other contributors to the desktop pony team in this template folder which is also included in the OC Desktop folder download but is here if you just want it without downloading everything else. Some free programs to help make your pony are Gimp, Photoscape and Microsoft GIF Animator. I'm sure there are plenty more but these are just the ones I remember people using.

Now if you want to have the animations from here work in your regular desktop ponies:
Open the OC desktop ponies folder and drag and drop each individual ponies folder you want into your regular desktop ponies folder.
For Sea Ponies I have added an extra category to help make sorting them out easier so to make sure you can sort them by the SeaPony category:
Open your desktop ponies.exe
goto options
click custom filters
type in SeaPony
click change
click save
and you are done.

New art credits
Version 1.01

All Sea Fillies and Sea Ponies by Dirkos
Normal Nyx by Starly
Little Pip by Soul
Fizzy by StarStep
Minty by StarStep
Gusty by StarStep
MochaDelight by 9734
Discord Doctor by Discord Doctor
Blossomforth by Pixel Coder
Cupcake by Pixel Coder
Dewdrop Dazzle by Pixel Coder
Pixel Coder by Pixel Coder
Woona by Widsithgrey
Updated Berry Punch by Azure Fang
Updated Colgate by Azure Fang
Ruby Pinch by Azure Fang
Hans Arp by Homfrog
Minty2 by InfinityDash
Lauren by StarStep

a full art credit listing is found inside the OC Desktop folder. Have fun spriting everypony.
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>> No. 35955
>Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you.

Well said, but is there a way to make this part stand more?
Like using a bigger font and hopefully a red colour so nopony could try posting a request and later say something such as "Oops! I didn't saw that part about no requests, teeh-heeh! But you will take my request anyways.... please.... yes? Pretty please,,, love and tolerance... yes?"
>> No. 35989
File 133273325269.png - (3.52KB , 76x60 , smooze3.png )
I probably could have bolded it but if somepony doesn't even read the visible part of the opening post when viewing this thread from collab then they probably wouldn't pay attention to the bold either.

Anyway, critiques before I try animating this fully? It would probably be easier for me to just have the face part of the smooze bob up and down out of the main smooze section but I was thinking about having the smooze do the wave crashing motion like in the movie. Before I think of attempting that I was wondering if any of you have advice on how to make that look right on a sprite or have any example sprites. Actually if anypony can find an animated gif of the smooze that would be awesome because watching that part of the movie on youtube doesn't give me a chance to look at the frame by frame changes and my google fu is apparently weak.
>> No. 36003
File 133275957643.gif - (816B , 58x82 , O_o\'\'.gif )
Trying to animate something amorphous sounds CRAZY hard. As for an animated GIF of The Smooze, I have no idea where you could find any. You may have more luck looking for animated GIFs or sprite sheets of Grimer or Muk sprites from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, and use them for reference. I can't remember how well animated they were, though.
>> No. 36046
File 133281894110.gif - (1.55KB , 36x36 , Smozze.gif )
Are you looking for something like this starstep?
>> No. 36047
File 133281958741.gif - (3.30KB , 120x120 , Smozze.gif )
>> No. 36051
Mocha Delight was done by CafeDelights, not I.
>> No. 36056
File 133284886701.gif - (9.82KB , 172x166 , smoozetrial.gif )
not quite. I think I got the motion I was going for for the most part. Still have about 3 more frames to go but just to give you an idea what Im trying to do. I'm still debating if I should try giving mine the striped effect that you put on yours.

well the amorphous design means I can mess up more than usual and no one can tell because he has no distinct shape :P Seriously though it just means I need to keep having his entire body moving which is just more time consuming than anything else. Also does that seapony lyra right there mean you are adding more animations to her? (*fingers, eyes and everything else I can cross hoping that it's a yes)

Oh oops I thought you were mentioning cafedelight for the idea of the oc and you were posting the sprite cause you animated her. I will correct the credits then.
>> No. 36068
File 133286611764.gif - (865B , 58x86 , Shrug.gif )
Well for now, I figured I'd just make these single frame emoti-seaponies using some old images from when I was making Sea Pony Lyra. It's for fun, but who knows. I may end up making enough of them eventually that making them into animations won't be a problem.

The Smooze looks great, btw.
>> No. 36227
File 133323722417.gif - (12.26KB , 180x146 , smooze10.gif )
Well I'd love to have an animation with just a frame or two for a transition between the normal and the reactions. I think they'd be quite good.

Ok the amorphous body I was prepared for but I don't think I was ready for the amorphous eyes to go along with it. I need some input. If I leave them as just one eye type, they either look too big or too small during different parts of the animation and I need an opinion on if what I've done with them looks allright. I tried to keep that creepy floating eyeball aspect from the movie but with scary eyes as he comes down on top of you that some scenes had. Well let me know what you think.
>> No. 36232
File 133324851922.gif - (941B , 62x84 , Not Sure If.gif )
Sounds like a plan. I'd do more than two frames though... I'm not looking forward to making more tail uncurling animation, but I'll get over it. These expressions are fun, though. I'll look forward to pumping them out.

The Smooze's eyes look good right now as they are, but I can't think of anything else about them that could help you out.

Also it looks like you missed a frame for his left hand on frame 9, but you probably already noticed and fixed it. Just thought I'd point it out.

The new Lyra recolor came from the 'A Canterlot Wedding' promo. Cyan on lavender looks awesome.
>> No. 36233
File 133325100920.gif - (11.91KB , 150x146 , smooze11.gif )
I completely missed that. Good catch.

That new recolor does look pretty awesome. Glad you are going to add some expressions in. My expressions never turn out very good on these sprites but I'm glad you're so good at it. That awesome smile on bucket lyra is the greatest thing ever.
>> No. 36279
File 133332755497.gif - (13.87KB , 832x736 , Matthew O\'leary sit right single frame.gif )
Hey fellow spriters! I've been working on creating everyponys oc in the SC bronies group for about a month now and just found this thread. Here are the ones i have complete animations done for.
>> No. 36282
Loving your work. Keep it up!
>> No. 36286
The non-uniform pixel sizes burn my face
>> No. 36299

Looks like a recolored Blues with things painted over and a horrible, horrible sub-pixelated cutie mark on top of everything.
>> No. 36310
Unfortunately thats basically what that one is. I did these all as requested and most asked for more detail for there cutie marks. Also the fact that most are just recolors isn't my fault. The majority of them used Zoi's pony creator so they were just recolors to begin with.
>> No. 36313
>Also the fact that most are just recolors isn't my fault.

It's 100% your fault and nopony else's. You are the one who made that recolor, you are the one who reused a premade base and you are the one who put all of those mistakes and things on it.
How it couldn't be your fault?
>> No. 36328
File 133341918092.png - (10.60KB , 426x385 , ShoppingSaria.png )
Let's see what I can do...
Gotta finish the rest, but still. >.>
Am I doing it right?
>> No. 36331
File 133342379472.gif - (742B , 54x80 , Smile.gif )
The pixels for the cutie mark aren't the same size as the rest, and the horn has a similar issue, but aside from that, she looks good.
You can use smaller pixels if you want, but it is something you should try to avoid since it clashes with the rest of the pony, and it comes under harsh scrutiny.
>> No. 36350
File 133348634362.gif - (11.09KB , 106x96 , Saria_idle_left.gif )
Dumping my OC Pony. Her name is Saria the Frost Mage. ^-^
Left Sided Idle.
>> No. 36351
File 133348648311.gif - (18.50KB , 106x96 , saria_left_trotcycle.gif )
Left Sided Trot. c:
>> No. 36352
File 133348654115.gif - (11.09KB , 106x96 , Saria_idle_right.gif )
Right sided idle. Just in case anypony wants her. :3
>> No. 36353
File 133348663316.gif - (18.49KB , 106x96 , saria_right_trotcycle.gif )
And finally, the right sided trot.
Soon, I'm going to add a few spells to match her. c;
>> No. 36361
File 133349803993.gif - (11.84KB , 128x96 , saria_galloping_left.gif )
Yay! Galloping! ^-^
Here's the left. :3
>> No. 36362
File 133349811077.gif - (11.81KB , 128x96 , saria_galloping_right.gif )
Now to start on spells...
>> No. 36370
File 133350663272.gif - (1.44KB , 140x140 , Saria_crouch_right.gif )
Okay, here's crouch animations. They'll be useful in the game I'm going to make with these. ^-^
>> No. 36371
File 133350670244.gif - (1.44KB , 140x140 , Saria_crouch_left.gif )
To the left. c:
>> No. 36372
File 133350678071.gif - (18.25KB , 140x140 , Frozen_Saria_Left.gif )
My Cutie Mark was Frost Magic anyway. X3
>Only pony who cares. D:
Left one.
>> No. 36374
File 133350698418.gif - (18.26KB , 140x140 , Frozen_Saria_Left (2).gif )
BML. x_x Need to sleep. That's enough for now. >.>
>> No. 36375
Would you be so kind as to include an .ini file and an upload to a .rar containing all the animations?

That would be nice.

He created DTPs for his friends whose OCs were recolors, it would have been inaccurate had they not been recolors.

The templates are what they are, templates. I can't argue that, save for that they were somewhat mixed and matched for a few of the characters.

His creations were unoriginal but they weren't without effort. The only real constructive criticism that was given was of the pixel size and uniformity.
>> No. 36377
M'kay. ^-^
Here you go.
>> No. 36385
>He created DTPs for his friends whose OCs were recolors, it would have been inaccurate had they not been recolors.

And then he posted them all here, offering them to people wo are not his friends and who don't have any reason at all to dispense the same special treat that his friends may give to him. The excuse of "he made them for his friends, not for you!" is invalidated.

> His creations were unoriginal but they weren't without effort. The only real constructive criticism that was given was of the pixel size and uniformity.

His "creations" were unoriginal, very rushed and was plain obvious that little effort (if any) was put on them. The criticism was very accurate, and just because it wasn't sugarcoated doesn't means it can be brushed asise just like that.

Please understand: this isn't mommy's fridge, this is a message board where things will be judged and evaluated for what they are, especially when somepony offers things with the intention to get others to use them.
Making excuses to try convincing people to accept something inferior is the same as claiming that something was cheaply done but it's OK because we don't deserve anything better, is that simple.
>> No. 36395
File 133356739632.gif - (6.96KB , 166x156 , Saria_rest_left.gif )
I made two more you can add. ^-^
Left sitting.
>> No. 36396
File 133356744770.gif - (6.95KB , 166x156 , Saria_rest_right.gif )
Right sitting.
*Is delaying making spells for the longest time. x_x*
>> No. 36404
Wow you sure are trying to get every animation possible for her. I must say I'm glad you changed the cutie mark. The gradient style you used to make it was a good choice. As for this one, I think there are a few improvements that could be made. Ignoring the sub pixelation for now. I think the big ice encapsulating sphere needs a little work. Ice tends to be a little blocky and it looks odd that the pony is more blocky looking than the sphere right now. Either that or it needs to be more spherical to look like the pony shaped it to be that way. I think the uneven border around the ice may be hindering it a bit in this aspect. There are some positives though. The breaking of the ice looked well done. The crack lines followed the blockiness the ice should have and was a nice shattering effect. Also the use of colors to make her look encapsulated was superb. Can I ask why she spurts a little bit of magic every time she blinks in her other actions. Its an odd little quirk and its got me curious what the background behind it is.

While I would have worded things a bit different, I think you make some good points in there. Just because something is basically a recolor doesn't mean that you should only reuse the hair styles already present in the program. I know looking around DA I saw some people who obviously didn't know about desktop ponies but had used the base to recreate the main cast. While they were different looking than the ones we currently use, they still looked like the main cast. So there is more than one way to create a character and even if he had just made the effort to add in a few alterations, I think it would have been more respectable.
>> No. 36416
I added the magic sparks because I thought they look cool. X3 So I guess it's like whistling, to her. You do it when you're bored.
That was a temporary Ice Tomb, anyway. I was going to make it more blocky, even a little spikey and a darker shade of blue and white, not to mention a build up to the blockade instead of the two parts she has now. I'm going to fix it, soon.
>> No. 36418
File 133359622837.gif - (755B , 58x80 , Hm.gif )
I'm trying to think of sprites that you could use for reference for when you make the final ice tomb... or that would help with any other ice animations you wanna make for her.
>> No. 36419
File 133359636532.gif - (3.16KB , 304x132 , Freezing Kine.gif )
Kine's ice ability from Kirby's Dream Land 2, example of blocky ice and ice build up.
>> No. 36420
File 133359650668.gif - (8.98KB , 256x276 , Frozen Tritoch.gif )
Tritoch from Final Fantasy VI, example of spiky ice and dark shades of blue and white.
>> No. 36422

>> No. 36426
File 133360151461.png - (18.93KB , 644x391 , example.png )
The spell Saria uses is a defensive spell, used to absorb all damage to an extent. It's supposed to be an instant spell, to stop some of the nastier attacks. The only drawback-you can't do much when Frozen.
Here's an example of what I may do with it.
>> No. 36428
File 133360323121.jpg - (132.51KB , 1024x612 , Ice Armor.jpg )
You're description immediately reminded me of Ice King's Ice Armor from the Adventure Time episode 'Thank You'

It was hilarious.
>> No. 36436
File 133361192080.gif - (23.76KB , 140x140 , Frozen_Saria_Right.gif )
Here you go. Is this better? ^-^
Right side, I think.
>> No. 36437
File 133361197448.gif - (23.72KB , 140x140 , Frozen_Saria_Left-(2).gif )
And here's left. c:
>> No. 36466
Who here actually HAS my OC?
Or cares?
>> No. 36467
File 133364677794.gif - (777B , 64x84 , SMILE!.gif )
You're the one that will enjoy her the most, it doesn't matter if others use her. And I care because you're doing what this thread is for. Showing off, sharing ideas, and getting advice.
>> No. 36468
Aww, thanks! ^-^
Now, to start on a few more spells...
>> No. 36478
I love OC DTPs.
>> No. 36496
>Showing off, sharing ideas, and getting advice.

And ignoring all the advice that he's been receiving, to concentrate on the "nice" things they say to him out of sympathy only.

Not the best or wisest atitude to live by.
>> No. 36504
File 133368800947.gif - (18.71KB , 106x102 , GuardianLatios_fly_right.gif )
Thanks to all that criticized my work. My only intention from posting them was to get constructive criticism, not to show off or for anypony else to use them (not saying you can't). They were in fact rushed, as >>36385
pointed out, because I had a deadline for when they had to be completed, but a lot of effort still went into them. They were the first sprites I have ever made so I was still struggling on the basics. I have taken the advice many of you have given me about using sub-pixles and hope to avoid ever using them again. As for the fact that most of them were just recolors, I still believe that I was not to blame for that. 90% of the OC's i worked on were just recolors from the beginning. While the attitude here was not the most welcoming, I hope to contribute my future work to the amazing collection you guys have. Here is one that I just finished which I believe somepony from here requested on devinatart.
>> No. 36506
Was that a direct insult to me? As far as I can tell, I haven't been really... given any advice, and I'm not a he. Besides a bit on the ice thing... I don't like it, and it's all subject to change. I messed up on the front hoof, I know, but you don't have to yell at me for it. I'm going to fix it eventually, by Celestia's Mane...
I think you're yelling at the wrong pony. >:L
>> No. 36518

Having an opinion different than the one you expected other people to have about you and what you say isn't a direct insult, you know.
It happens all the time and if that's how you react, then maybe you should go elsewhere.
>> No. 36553
My GOD, is it possible that we have at least ONE desktop ponies thread without people talking like that to EVERY person that tries to make new ponies?

You guys always say people should try making sprites because you don't want non-OC thread artists waste their time with their requests, but everytime a new spriter posts their first pony, you inmediately point out what is wrong, which is supposed to be good since you're telling him/her what to improve, but instead you just tell them their work sucks and they should quit spriting.

Then when they ask for suggestions and tips on how to improve, you guys inmediately say they shouldn't ask, that they can't be spriters if they don't do a perfect job from the very beginning.

Then you grab comments saying that your language was rude, and twist their words to try to make yourselves the victim. Which I bet you will do with this post.

Spriting and animating isn't an easy task, and you should know that. It's hard to let people sprite their own ponies instead of requesting if you guys are gonna bash on every single attempt at it. And that will only end up in more people requesting their ponies sprited instead. You know, that very thing you hate more than anything else, even if you don't sprite either and should have nothing to do with them.

Help the spriters instead of insulting them.
>> No. 36555

>everytime a new spriter posts their first pony, you inmediately point out what is wrong

And that's bad... how?

To partially quote your own post, is it possible that we have at least ONE desktop ponies thread without people playing Internet Holy Knight to EVERY person that doesn't pats newcomer in the head, smother them with undeserved praise and tell them that everything is OK, everypony will accept them exactly as they are right now so there's no need for any effort, improvement and personal growth because Love and Tolerance, everypony deserves a medal and hugs, hugs for everypony?

This is not your personal forum where everypony thinks you are awesome, this is not your personal circle of friends where everypony gives you a special treat and allow you to do everything you want. If you post something here and it's bad or cheaply done, you will get called on it, just like every other person.

People like you, who tries to play the Nice Guy routine for attention and then screeches and yells because nopony is obeying your pretentious orders are a CANCER.
>> No. 36556
> Help the spriters instead of insulting them.

If you really want to help, then contribute to this project instead of making the problem way worse with your kiddy tantrums and screeches.

Also, unlike you, the people who criticrizes newcomers know what they are talking about. Respect them.
>> No. 36566
>Also, unlike you, the people who criticrizes newcomers know what they are talking about. Ignore them.
>> No. 36573
File 133383588982.png - (92.75KB , 355x343 , OC 8.png )
hey, can u make my OC Sprite so i can use it in desktop ponies? thanks, theipodman0
>> No. 36627
You obviously lost the point of my post. Your unfinished quote proves it.
>you inmediately point out what is wrong, which is supposed to be good since you're telling him/her what to improve, but instead you just tell them their work sucks and they should quit spriting
Just be a bit more polite when pointing out these things, that's all.

Now let's just let this be. But if you still want to calim I'm doing something wrong with this, at least do it without quoting just a portion of my post, like every other guy on this situation does. It just shows that they only read what they think sounds rude to them.
>> No. 36639
File 133387053190.jpg - (32.96KB , 427x582 , 130748281294.jpg )
There's a difference between constructive criticism and aggressive berating.

It seems the #1 cause of arguments is also the #1 reason I can't post porn here:

That and hosting issues beyond the Administrators immediate control.

Just relax~

>Just be a bit more polite when pointing out these things, that's all.

That's all I was asking.
>> No. 36652
>You obviously lost the point of my post. Your unfinished quote proves it.

Sorry, but saying "you lost" doesn't rewrites the universe to make you get what you want.
I'm going to cut the rope and report you to the Modstaff to prevent more drama and bellyaching from getting here.
>> No. 36654
File 133389471624.png - (229.61KB , 1280x720 )
Sweet jesus that OP pic is adorable.

Guys, i thought we'd worked past this sort of thing.

Cool it, these kinds of posts do nothing but piss people off and escalate the argument.
Follow your own advice if you want to help, but proclaiming that 'people are bad and should feel bad' is just as bad if not worse than the people you're attacking.

Anon2 aka Nerappa
Could you work on your language?
I'm not saying be all sunshine and rainbows, it's just that (If i may be blunt for a moment) you're coming across as a giant Dick.
I dont want to, but i can and will ban you for that if keeps going.

Same goes for Anon1.
Just be respectful and civil of the people on the otherside of the computer screen and you can say whatever you want.
>> No. 36663
File 133390059710.gif - (837B , 58x82 , Blushie.gif )
>Sweet jesus that OP pic is adorable.
>> No. 36685
No, it's okay Angel, I've given up. I'll never be successful at anything. ^-^
>> No. 36970
File 133433038447.gif - (13.91KB , 106x96 , time_trot_left.gif )
All right, here's my OC. Because of all the paraspriting that happens in these threads, I'm only asking for constructive criticism on the animation. First off, I don't care how much you love or hate my OC's design. Secondly, I do appreciate praise, but that's ****not**** what I'm looking for here. I'm also not looking for "You're a whiny little baby with no talent" or something along those lines.

I am truly sorry if I seemed harsh, snappy, rude, defensive, or by any other means derogatory there. I do not want to deal with parasprites and all I really want is constructive criticism.

Now, on to the actual animation, the main thing I'm having problems with is the skewing of the mane and tail. The mane looks rather floppy
It looks hilarious that way and I'm still not sure how to make it look proper.
>> No. 36972
My suggestion would to be have the entire body of the mane, or at least most of it, only move a pixel or so per frame. The whole pinwheel effect isn't helping heheh. The back of the mane is fine, though.

As for the tail, try getting it perfectly synched with the rest of the trot-cycle first so it's not so jittery. (Also make it one uniform size throughout the whole animation)

Afterwards, it will be much easier to see how you can make it flow without being so jittery.
>> No. 36973
>All right, here's my OC. Because of all the paraspriting that happens in these threads, I'm only asking for constructive criticism on the animation. First off, I don't care how much you love or hate my OC's design. Secondly, I do appreciate praise, but that's ****not**** what I'm looking for here. I'm also not looking for "You're a whiny little baby with no talent" or something along those lines.

Reported. You don't get to impose conditions on what /collab/ is allowed to think or not about the stuff you post on a public message board where -everypony- can see it.

And if you don't want people saying bad things about you, then you shouldn't do stupid things that will make them say bad things about you in the first place.
>> No. 36978
File 133434283707.png - (216.07KB , 720x720 )
Dude, Chill out.
They're not imposing conditions on what you're allowed to think.
They just said what they want from this thread and even apologised for what they sounded like.

Stop being so confrontational.
>> No. 36982
File 133434530580.png - (3.86KB , 106x96 , hair movement.png )
Thanks for contributing. Sorry that the thread got unwelcoming enough that you felt you had to post that disclaimer but hopefully we can change that image around here. Now on to the critique.

I'm agreeing with 9734 that there's too much movement for that mane. The floppiness is caused by having so much movement up front when nothing's moving besides those front hairs for the mane. I would decrease the movement up front a little bit and then have some up and down movement farther back down the mane. Have the foremost grouping of hair move down a pixel then back up during the animation. For the back group have the movement extend another three pixels down but have those only move 1 pixel in total while the tips of the group of hair move a little bit more. I'm better at showing than telling so I did a little drawing of parts of the hair that are not moving currently but would probably look better if they moved a pixel in the animation.

For the tail, since it is so short you do not need much movement. You are going to have to play around with it but I think the red part should rise up one pixel during the animation and the green shift over left one during the animation. Then the blue area is where you have to play with. Try having it shift over with the green but stay down longer when the body is rising so it would lower one pixel compared to the rest of the tail.

Speaking of body it seems like the animation is moving up and down in half pixel increments. The art itself is good in using the full pixels so I don't think too many will notice but just so you know.
>> No. 37393
File 133504923212.png - (41.00KB , 830x650 , MyPonyOc.png )
this is my pony oc code
>> No. 37406
File 133506180941.png - (151.08KB , 323x316 , spoiler.png )
Shift, me in pony form. ^^
>> No. 37466
help I've downloaded the oc pony pack, which is awsaome by the way, but the normal nyx won't walk. when she walks she ends up floating. Is any one else having the same problem besides me, and if so is there anypony that is talanted enough to fix it?

by the way, I running desktop ponies v1.41 if that helps.
>> No. 37477
File 133517248049.gif - (13.33KB , 120x94 , Nyx_walk_left.gif )
Ok I found the problem. The newer version of the program can't have any animations with no time input for the frame rate. So I put in 0.04 and it appears to work now.
>> No. 37478
File 133517262079.gif - (13.25KB , 120x94 , Nyx_walk_right.gif )
Ok just save the 2 images I just posted over the old images and it should work for you.
>> No. 37493
Thanks, I'll try it as soon as I get off from work. :)
>> No. 37507
thanks it works. :)
>> No. 37585
File 133532317982.png - (26.48KB , 462x435 , myPony cm.png )
Guess what! I finally found the desktop ponies! And I tried my hand at making some OC sprites.... Much thanks to people with templates and other things I can recolor and modify for my own purposes. Thanks to everypony who provided them. Here is a pic of my OC for reference, then I will begin posting the sprites. Constructive criticism is of course welcome.
>> No. 37586
File 133532328787.gif - (3.79KB , 106x104 , myPonyspriteLeft.gif )
Here's the basic standing sprite. not exactly too thrilled with this one, as I just took the picture and scaled it down. cleaned it up a little, but it's still a little rough. this one does not move.
>> No. 37587
File 133532341735.gif - (28.31KB , 106x96 , MyPonyTrotLeft.gif )
next we have the basic trot. took the Royal Guard sprite that was included in Desktop Ponies, cut off the legs, and stuck my body on. why did I give myself hooves? so hard to animate properly... also the tail.
>> No. 37588
File 133532349014.gif - (28.24KB , 106x96 , myponytrotleft.gif )
actually scratch that. wrong file. this is the one i had before i fixed the hooves. like i said, a pain in the flank... -.-
>> No. 37589
File 133532372016.gif - (17.56KB , 106x102 , myponyflyleft.gif )

now here is the flying animation. this one used the template provided. fixed the face and recolored.

in case anypony was wondering, these all face left. the ones facing right are identical, just, well, facing right.
>> No. 37590
File 133532398906.gif - (2.76KB , 106x106 , FaceFlying.gif )
and this last one is still a work in progress. It was very difficult figuring out how to make him look towards the camera... i'm not the most artistically inclined. the body right now is just a placeholder, this is just an animation of the face. this will be able to be swapped with any body, and it has a few easily interchangeable facial expressions.
>> No. 37591
File 133532419019.png - (61.85KB , 792x792 , laser2.png )
on a slightly unrelated note, I have yet to name my own pony... any suggestions you guys might be able to come up with? His cutie mark is the warning sign for a laser, as shown. I intend for his personality to be fast, cool, kinda nerdy and smart, and generally kind.
>> No. 37592
File 133532491112.gif - (288.78KB , 480x410 , twilight2.gif )
did I seriously actually type "anypony" without realizing it? or does Ponychan automatically change anypony... i suppose we will find out now...

anyway, not comes the part where i procrastinate horribly from studying while I wait for somepony to reply..... yay.
>> No. 37596
No problem. Glad to help.

Ok so you don't have to stay up all night waiting for a reply. ;)

Overall I would say pretty good work. I like that you went and tried making a new head style and you made a very good looking closed wing for him too. Good job on putting those , I believe they are called coronets(maybe?), the bottom hoof part, on your pony and having them look pretty good throughout the trot animation.
I would say that you need to adjust the stand so he is the same size height wise for all his poses. That pose kind of has him tower over his other animations right now.
Also you have some subpixelation going on there. Meaning that while most of the animation uses double wide pixels a few parts, like the hair and forward stare, use single wide pixels. It just makes it look a little bit sloppy. But the forward stare looks pretty decent otherwise.
As for a name, I would have to think on it for awhile to come up with anything and it probably wouldn't be that good either. I'm not very creative in that department.

So yeah, it's coming along great. Keep up the good work.

That's how it starts. The subliminal typing of it. Soon somepony will just be a part of your regular vocabulary. Actually Ponychan just filters a few of the words for fun
>> No. 37605
Thanks. and yeah, I made my pony slightly taller than normal, so when i put the other legs on they were shorter. that's something I noticed as well, and will fix very soon.

With the subpixelation, I tried to keep everything with the double wide pixels because thats what the other ponies on the desktop used, but some of the detail, like the mane and forward face, wouldn't fit or looked really weird. should I turn the entire thing into single wide pixels, or try to keep it all double wide?
>> No. 37669
File 133546621790.png - (1.37KB , 110x110 , theframe.png )
So, an OC pony I made a DP of last October is having problems with his trotting animations, they're stuck on 1 frame, wile all his other animations are fine. The gis themselves animate just fine, only in the program is he all glitched. I'm wondering what the cause for this is, it's rather annoying...
This is the frame fyi.
>> No. 37671
Its probably the same problem that we had with nyx. The newer DP program doesn't like gifs with 0.00 set as the frame rate. I just went and changed the frame speed to 0.04 and it started working again. I hope that fixes it for you Starly.

Thats something only you can answer. All the bases are double wide so that would be a lot of converting to single wide but it could be done easily enough. Converting to double wide would take less time and would match all the other ponies you would have walking around with him. If you don't mind the contrast of double wide with single wide you could keep it since you will be the one using him.
>> No. 37672
It's funny cause I made Nyx too. >.>
welp, thanks for the tip.
>> No. 37684
File 133549231151.gif - (9.94KB , 106x96 , dancestomp_sense_left.gif )
This is Synth Sense, my r63 of Vinyl. Have fun, but do not run! You do have to extract from the RAR file, and just place it with all the other ponies. The link is for the whole schebang
>> No. 37688

It's just a recolor and the horrendous color scheme made my eyes bleed.
Five seconds on a gif editor program, tops?
>> No. 38002
File 133617352082.png - (72.32KB , 434x293 , mlp_century_star_by_pikashoes-d41vucj.png )
Do you think you can make one of mu OC CenturyStar?
>> No. 38003

The first post on this thread (And perfectly visible to boot) clearly said:

>Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you.

> is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you.
>> No. 38059
Ok, so I know that this thread is for showing your work to be critiqued for the desktop ponies program. Also that one is not suppose to makes requests for their entire OC to be animated by some pony else. But still I'll post this request/suggestion just in case anypony might be interested in doing.
I'm wondering, has any one thought about having Discord running around and dancing on their desktop? I know that I've had, but I have no skills in programming or time cause of my job. If some one would like to do this, that be great. If not, I'm not going to worry about it.
>> No. 38063

>> I know this is not a thread for requests and the post just above mine also said it, but I will post my request anyways because I don't care about you all and I always do what I want anyways.

>> No. 38071
Yes this is not a thread for those types of requests.

I've already made a temporary Discord that will have to sustain you til a better one is made that you can find here.
>> No. 38121
Not only this isn't for requests, it isn't even for characters from the show. Non-ponies like Discord included. Just OCs.
>> No. 38195
iv done every thing i could and im not getting anywere it also dont help were i have no gif programs on my computer and the ones i do download i cant understand is there any way i could get some help with this
>> No. 38242
can you create my oc? she is starlight, trixie's mane blue and white body and trixie's tail blue. she's a unicorn, and her body color is white. her eye's are brown. oh please pretty please with a cherry on top please create me my oc as a desktop pony!
>> No. 38248
File 133667502924.png - (40.83KB , 156x164 )
Please refrain from posting requests in this thread. The thread provides ample instructions and the internet itself is a great place to start looking for extra tutorials you might need.
>> No. 38299
I'm having... problems. I need help. ):

I do not have CS3, CS4, or CS5. I use Photoshop Elements, which is very, VERY limited and does not have animation capabilities. I cannot open the layer folders that come in the BASE_PONY.psd.

Is there any way for me to do the thing frame-by-frame and import the frames into to animate? Or do I have to find a version of CS if I want to animate my pony?

OR, if there is some way to get Elements to animate, how do I get this to happen?
>> No. 38302
I do not have Elements so I am not sure about opening the layer folders in the BASE_PONY.psd but when I did a quick search I found you can animate using elements. After you have finished up making the art for your pony, have each frame of your animation be on its own, visible layer with the first frame as the bottom layer then going up; IE: 2nd frame one layer up from bottom, etc. Then go to save for web. There you click on a box labeled animate. Set the frame delay and save. I'm not sure if its that easy but there were some videos on youtube about animating using Elements you could look at.

If you can't figure out how to open up the different layers from the psd you could try using one of the gifs to act as your base from the template folder. If that doesn't work use one of the sprite sheets from that folder.

I hope that helps and no you do not ever need photoshop to animate your gifs. Plenty of artists just use freeware to make them. A few were mentioned in the OP.
>> No. 38306
File 133685523720.gif - (5.71KB , 53x48 , robotblinking.gif )
Thank you! Unfortunately without being able to open the folders I couldn't access the frames for the trot cycle, but using what you told me, I was able to make a blinking loop.

As for actually opening the folders, it looks like I won't be able to do it without buying a plugin. I'll keep looking for solutions I suppose.
>> No. 38307
aaaand I just realized that it's too small. -facehoof-
>> No. 38308
Well that stinks that you can't use the psd file. Like I said earlier use the sprite sheet or one of the gifs from the template folder (see opening post).

As for being too small, that's the size you want to design them at. Then when they look good you should just be able to go to image size and put it at 200%. Make sure anti aliasing is off and nearest neighbor is selected(if elements uses the same terminology as regular photoshop).

Also she is looking pretty good. I like how you made that little curl of hair in front. Very natural looking.
>> No. 38309

Oh wow I didn't even see that. I feel pretty dumb. Thanks for pointing it out. ^^

Thanks again, you've been a huge help!
>> No. 38312
File 133686695083.gif - (16.64KB , 110x100 , robottrot.gif )
Well, here's how she turned out. I probably should have skewed her fringe a little more. If the tail looks weird, apologies! I drew all three tails separately, because I couldn't find a way to set the transform to "nearest neighbor"; this is my closest approximation.
>> No. 38330
File 133692315164.gif - (18.38KB , 110x100 , redone.gif )
Ok there are a lot of little mistakes that need correcting. Like frame 3 was to the right of where it should of been. You had one of the frame orders out of place. frame 2 the wing was out of place. The cutie marks where all on the wrong frames. It seems you started out with what normally is frame 9 so that may of been why you had the cutie mark skews on the wrong frames. You have to look and think about the movement. The cutie mark wont skew outward when the leg is folding in. and wont go back to normal as the leg is going out. Also you have the hair going up when the pony's body is going up and vice versa. The hair follows the body movement at a slower pace so when the pony is traveling up, the hair would stretch which if looking at frame by frame means the fringe parts would be lower then their normal stance. Vice versa when going down. Also I think having the light green part of her hair entirely outlined looks kind of wierd. I was waiting to see how it looked in the trot cycle before I commented on it but after seeing it I think it may look better with only part of it outlined.

Ok I spent some time and did what I think would be a few nice corrections. I would add a bit more bounce to the back mane part then what I did. (I was just trying to show how the basic movement should go) Then the tail needs a little bit of redoing. The tail on frame 1 looks like it shifts left compared to frame 16 and 2 so I would adjust that. IE: make it like the one you have on frame 9. A few minor tweaks and I think you will be good to go.

Sorry if it sounds like I am being really critical. I think you did a decent job but just made a few minor first time out mistakes. I hope all this helps.
>> No. 38332
Wow, that looks about a kajillion times better. I can't believe I didn't check what was /actually/ frame 1.

Thank you /so much/ again! I'll keep working on it. ^^
>> No. 38338
File 133694920744.gif - (727B , 36x56 , davewalkleft.gif )
This is not pony, but I did find some willing to put these together for me. I now have characters from an entirely different series walking on my screen. So cool.
>> No. 38383
Soon. Soon I will have my OC pony.
>> No. 38430
just need to say, but this now needs shining armor, candance, and chrysalis :D
NOW. if you don't mind...
>> No. 38435
>NOW. if you don't mind...

Seriously?! That's quite demanding. I'm going to bite my tongue and just tell you that demands like that are not acceptable here as this is a free project that people do in their spare time.

Also this is the thread for non mlp:fim show characters and even if this had been posted in the correct thread, it would be just as unacceptable there as well.
>> No. 38447

As /collab/ guidelines clearly says, "We are not your slaves."

If you want something so much, then do it all by yourself. If you suck at it, then practice and keep trying.
Only, and -only- after you have exhausted all other options, you can try using /collab/ as your final resort.
>> No. 38590
>> No. 38591
Which one are you trying to download? For the main oc animations or the template one you should just be able to regular click and then the save as or open button should pop up. Pick save as and save it. The media fire one click it and then wait for the green download button to come up then click it and do same as above. If not working maybe you need to update your browser or something?
>> No. 38701
File 133776972050.gif - (19.84KB , 106x100 , Flitterheart_walk_right.gif )
Hey guys made Flitterhaert from the brushible toys at request of a friend.
Somepony hear might like it.
>> No. 39389
File 133902380404.png - (9.38KB , 192x188 , Chaos Moon.png )
So I am trying a character of mine before trying any canon characters [to learn and practice]

Now I realize there are many things wrong with this already, like accidently making the tail too long [longer then it should] And perhaps making the two tentacle parts too thick. The head looks a little wrong too. Could anypony help me with this?

I was using one of my pictures for the mane and tail-
This is simply without the armor. Other then that, I didn't have any references/bases to use [O yeah, spikes on legs are off too]

Anypony willing to work together on this with me would be nice-if not, some advice will help since this is my first sprite.
>> No. 39403
Well, I'd say trying to sprite it pixel by pixel, see other DP sprites for references. Your lines look as though they've been used without any effort MS Paint. Maybe try using Gimp or
>> No. 39407
File 133904089749.png - (4.18KB , 192x188 , Chaos Moon.png )
So I've resprited some of it, and if you follow how this one looks, you should have a good sprite in no time :)
>> No. 39409
Actually, I am using GIMP, but I am used to larger pictures and I haven't drawn Chaos Moon in quite sometime. His pupil is a slit by the way, like Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon. Also, I think his mark looked the way it was supposed to. I appreciate the help.
And I just realized I forgot a part as seen here [the red belly] I'll try to work on it more when I get time. Any more advice?
>> No. 39463
Yes, you should try to make the details simple, because when you animate the sprite then you'll have to put them all back on, piece by piece. But otherwise I think you are on the right track, I believe this is your first sprite, right?
>> No. 39464
Yeah, the very first
But before I work on it more, I got some other pictures to do first. I also have my last week of school so I am a little busy for now.
>> No. 39639
Ok, first my computer skills sucks (just to get that part out of the way) now the part I need help with. Can anypony make a simple youtube video tutorial from creating a pony to animating it (maybe even suggesting what software and how to use it), because I have now clue what I'm doing wrong or where to start, and I realy what to create my OC.
>> No. 39672
I think there was a tutorial on the Desktop Ponies website, look over there
>> No. 39673
He's right >>39672
There is a video made by monkey jay in the mediafire download found up above or on the desktop ponies site. It explains how to make a pony in photoshop using the psd base. Even if you don't have photoshop it will help explain a bit of the spriting process that should help you no matter what program you use. If you have any questions after watching I'll be glad to help answer them.
>> No. 39703
File 133984969781.gif - (2.92KB , 106x96 , IE-stand-right.gif )
Bandwagon ho.

I have no idea what I'm doing, so have at.

Game files:
>> No. 39704
Thats cool. will be DL her.
>> No. 39902
Ok, thanks I've must of over looked it by mistake. When I have time I'll check it out and see exactly what I need to do.
>> No. 39984
File 134039717486.png - (57.88KB , 543x405 , _gift__blood_streak_by_dantondamnark-d4zwffb.png )
>> No. 39985

Quoted from this thread's first, and very visible post:

> "Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you."
>> No. 40095
I'm not sure if I should post my OC, thinking that people will just bitch about how it's a recolor. I've been working with it for a few weeks, so it's almost completed.
>> No. 40098

Then just don't post it.
People here gets rightly upset when somepony hypes out their "awesome" OC and it turns out to be just another crappy recolor. (And they they get all angry and offended because they didn't got the same praise they received on Deviantart, so they start insulting the place, the members, etc.)

OC means ORIGINAL character, and a crappy recolor is anything but original.
>> No. 40099
Well, I don't want it to be a recolor, but I have to make it a recolor until I learn how to make my own. Also, isn't half of the accepted OCs recolors? I'll upload mine anyways later.
>> No. 40101
>Also, isn't half of the accepted OCs recolors?

And who said that those were good?
>> No. 40104
File 134064600858.gif - (15.68KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_lf_right.gif )
No one. Not me either. Also, here's the trotting animation. I will upload more depending on people's mood.
>> No. 40105

Practice more, put some real effort on this instead of passing somepony else's animation through the recolor tool and then try again.
Nopony will take you seriously if you just came here to fish for attention and refuse to show even the slightiest care for the people here.
>> No. 40106
And I'm not here for the attention.
>> No. 40107

Yes you are. You wouldn't be so lazy, trying to get "your" OC as fast as possible and trying to play the victim card so hard if you weren't so desperate for some attention and the feeling to belong to the FiM fanbase.

If you want to waste somepony's time and bandwith, then please go do it elsewhere and leave the real artists do their thing on peace.
>> No. 40108
Well then, I'll go search for some tutorials on how to design my own ponies then.
>> No. 40109
I'd recommend poking around /art for the tutorials and what not. They have a lot of good resources, and if you spend a bit of time there trying to do things and experimenting, you'll improve.
>> No. 40111
Okay, thanks Semicolon! And mostly thanks to you, Anon, for showing me how stupid I was.
>> No. 40112
So does this mean I don't get to download the pony?
>> No. 40113
You mean you want to download my OC? If yes, then be warned, there will be a lot of bugs and stuff that I'm currently fixing.
>> No. 40114

1- Right click on that recolored pony.
2- Choose "Save image as..."
3- ???
>> No. 40115
I never found that joke funny :P
Also, here's the download link for my unfinished OC if anypony wants it:
If I have to remove it, please tell me.
>> No. 40116
File 134065167188.jpg - (206.27KB , 300x1200 , reallitycheck.jpg )

Neither we like recolors, yet people keeps making them all the time.

Also, this should be on the front page.
All front pages.
>> No. 40121
File 134065437711.gif - (21.82KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_rbug_right.gif )

Now that I have some more to look at, I can give you some actual advice:

You need some sort of outline if the colors are going to be that vibrant. I still suggest picking a more blended pallet to work with though, something not so ohgodmyeyes.

Bonus points will be credited to unique animations, a custom mane/tail and other efforts.

Speak for yourself, bub. I'll continue to like what you don't like. How does that sound?

You keep saying "we" like you count as the opinion of the communal whole. Unless you're of royalty, I suggest you start speaking more for yourself.
>> No. 40122
Additional suggestions:
Your walk animation is too fast
Your gallop animation is too slow and should never be vertical-only
Your beep animation is too fast
Your cloud_jump animation is too slow and is missing a few frames
You have no real use for conga yet, it seems

This can all be fixed in a few minutes in the built-in Pony Editor, except any missing frames for the cloud_jump.

I think that's about it.
>> No. 40123

And you sound like the typical guy trying to stick labels on people he hates to death so other people would hate them as well.
Just because somepony said something that made you feel unconfortable doesn't means they are monsters, and you are confusing "Evil" with "Not alays getting what you wanted"

Nice Vinyl Scratch recolor, and the 5th doctor's colorscheme was a very original touch as well.
Probably it took 50 seconds tops on a gif animation program: Select all frames, replace color/pick new color, apply changes, and a new OC is born. If we don't love it, we are automatically evil.
>> No. 40124
File 134065623546.gif - (11.03KB , 106x96 , dancestomp_strobe2_sense_left.gif )
I can't stop laughing
>> No. 40126
File 134065877047.png - (3.41KB , 290x96 , ieoperachrome.png )
Screw Firefox.
>> No. 40128

Please stop doing that.
If you don't like somepony's opinion, acting like a complete moron isn't going to convince him to change his mind.

Now, if you only came here to pick fights and cause problems, fine, be that way. But don't pretend to be proud of it; It's just your way, you aren't some kind of local hero or somepony special.

Once again, if causing problems and making people angry makes you happy, fine, I guess. Being a jerk is your right, enjoy it if you want to.
But if you were the standard for everypony here, this project would have never existed in the first place, and the world as a whole would be an even worse hellhole than how it is right now.

All of those people who act as if being annoying and picking fights for attention were some kind of feat, it's just kinda sad.
>> No. 40129
Oh, these are nice :)
>> No. 40130

I really like their manes. :)
>> No. 40132
That's why I said it had bugs. And I can't believe you didn't notice how horribly designed the standing animation is.
>> No. 40133
File 134067156721.gif - (5.03KB , 106x96 , wildflower_stand_oppp_left.gif )
I just didn't want him to prevent Lighting Fire from posting his OC just because he didn't like it. There are no rules about posting shitty OCs, only that they not be requested.

I don't see how it's moronic to ask that he not speak for everypony. People have opinions, so do I.

The next post... I honestly have no idea how he came up with any of that. What made me laugh is that he outright insulted the OC I posted and it wasn't even mine.

I'm not a white-knight no aparasprite, I just want Desktop Ponies. Is that so much to ask?

And now I have the sudden urge to create Avant pony. Nice work.

Heheh, well I'm looking forward to a completed project. I can deal with what we have for now.
>> No. 40134

>>I just didn't want him to prevent Lighting Fire from posting his OC just because he didn't like it.

You aren't a Mod so it's not up to you to "prevent" people from having a different opinion or expressing their rejection for things you love. Recolored Desktop Ponies carry a very negative reputation, so they always will attract negative comments, if you try to supress people from expressing their disliking, you will cause a lot of unneded drama.

>>I don't see how it's moronic to ask that he not speak for everypony.

Because that's exactly what you did to counter an opinion you disliked. You didn't liked when Anon was speaking for everypony, so you told him what he should do according to your single opinion.

>> People have opinions, so do I.

And your opinion > his opinion? Nope, bad move and even worse judgement.

>>I'm not a white-knight
You certainly strike as a generic white knight.

>> no aparasprite,
You *could* have not being this, but the part where you claimed to laugh at other people's opinion immediately made me think of you as one. "I can't stop laughing" is the average answer of aparasprite who ran out of counter arguments and resorts to derogatory insults to upset the other guy.

>>I just want Desktop Ponies.
Desktop Ponies is an awesome team of hard working people who created things from scratch for everypony to use, that's why they are worth of everypony's respect.
On the other hand, recolorers merely tarke a completed pony, change it's colors and expect to be treated with the same respect as Desktop Ponies creators. When they don't get what they want, they -always- resort to derogatory insults or claim to be some kind of victims with special rights. In fact, the only thing they don't do is try harder so their so-called "Original characters" could truly be original.

>>Is that so much to ask?
See, drama and victim complex. You guys only want to be praised for something that took no effort at all, you guys want to have your opinions topping the "haters" and you will take no counter opinions at all.

Is that too much to ask? Yes it is.

Now, here is an useful tip to avoid causing problems: When you see people arguing each other? Shut up.
Don't intervene, don't jump in to "save" somepony, don't add fuel to the flames. Don't act as if you were some kind of judge or as if you were a Mod.

Just leave the angry ones screech to each other as much as they want, because if nopony is adding fuel to the flames, eventually they will lose interest and will go away on their own.
If you can't help yourself from jumping in because somepony is wrong on the internet, then you can use the "report" button to summon the Mods and leave them take care of the rest.

For the record, LightningFire ended up agreeing with the Anon and decided to try harder so your comment was completely out of place no matter how much you try to justify yourself.
>> No. 40135
Alright, so I'm a femoral artery.

Bottom line: I have Lighting Fire on my desktop and I'm happy.
>> No. 40137
any chance of discord or chrysalis for this?
>> No. 40145
File 134071790600.png - (418.10KB , 600x506 , 35801 - Hubble logo Magic note quill reported screencap smile twilight_sparkle writing.png )
You're missing a very important point: this thread is only for critizising sprites, not the OC's design by itself. If one's OC is a recolor of another pony, then just deal with it. It's how he/her wanted him to be, because it's his/her own personal pony. If you really hate them so much, why are you still in this thread?!

Nopony is looking for praise here. Nopony. They just want to know what is wrong with their animations so they can fix them. Just because there were a couple crazy beggars in past threads doesn't mean every newcomer has the same attitude, specially if anons label them as that before they even do any harm at all.

People can keep their own opinions, as long as they don't insult others with them. And if they're gonna say things about their sprites, they should make coherent analysis and suggestions, and not just say "your sprite sucks, get out of here forever"

I'm just stating facts here, not intending to make the mod's work. But just so you know, I reported this to them.
>> No. 40148
Just let it go. The less you respond, the smaller of a problem they become.
>> No. 40151
Just a general suggestion here. Try to go with a less bright color. A more pastel look will make it easier on the eyes.

Oh I like this. Hope you make the full animation cycle for them.
Also since when did IE start getting more love than firefox?
>> No. 40158
Man those are some nice manes.

Because fiery mane.
>> No. 40168

Are you a Mod?
Seriously, I'm still not familiar with all of them.
>> No. 40171
No, they usually have flashing and colorful pony names
>> No. 40185
Then you shouldn't go around bossing people and backseat moding anymore.

Your intentions may be good, but people here tends to get mad all the time and a guy playing minimod is only going to make things way worse.

Also, recolorists: remember you are posting your things on a public board instead of on a private gallery, so like it or not, you will get all kind of comments.
Instead of posting a plain recolor that -will- receive negative comments, you could ask for tips and help about how to improve it, and that way you could truly create something truly worth of being called "original character".

Getting all riled up and yelling "Well, -I- like it!" or playing minimod to control and manipulate other people are two good ways to create problems and fill this thread with drama and rage.
>> No. 40186
All I wanted was a download link.

Sorry if I sounded like a prick but you guys blew this way the hell out of proportion.
>> No. 40189

To tell the truth, when a guy posts a recolor and goes all over defensive about it, it feels as if he were trampling on the people who actually put a real effort on their own OCs. All of the other people's hard work means nothing for them, they expect to receive the exact same treat and if they don't get it, they start raging and attacking everypony out of spite and frustration.

Brownd basically came to spit on other people's face and expected to be seen as an authority figure for it.
So I'm sorry, but if he starts playing minimod again I will report him to the real Mods, and hopefully they will put him back on his place for good.

Honestly I'm sick of seeing fights and smugness here over and over again, but all of you think of yourselves as some kind of role models who refuse to change or understand and as soon you guys remain like that everything will keep happening over and over again.
>> No. 40205
I have next to no art skills at all, none the less animating a running pony. Would it be possible to make my OC run across the desktop screen?
>> No. 40206

If you are requesting other people to make your OC for you, then take a look at OP's first post: requests are completely forbidden here.

You can, however, find a lot of templates and guides right here, so you could create your own OC without much problem (a few evenings of practice shuld be enough, talent or not.)

The pony editor option included on Desktop Ponies should let you to integrate your OC to the program so it could run through your desktop with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It is NOT as difficult as some people may have tried to make you believe.
>> No. 40215
Wow, I can't believe how much of a commotion I've made...... I'm sorry :(
Also, I'm going to finish with the recolor, so I can start making my own.
>> No. 40216

No, you didn't made any conmotion at all. You came to display a lousy recolor, you listened why it was considered lousy and you decided to try again, this time wanting to make something not lousy.
Very few people are mature enough to do that and because of it, you are awesome.

But other people always keeps playing whiteknight in order to bring chaos, cause problems and get their own sick kick from it. They only used you as an excuse and what they did is not your fault at all.
>> No. 40311
>Brownd basically came to spit on other people's face and expected to be seen as an authority figure for it.

Beg your pardon? I don't give a crap about that, I don't care about particular persons either, I just pointed out facts about what this thread was supposed to be about. That isn't shaping the thread at all, in fact, it's the opposite.
>> No. 40312

No point in feedingparasprites.
>> No. 40317

The "spit" part was cheap hyperbole, but you DO behave like a minimod, Brownd. And a guy playing minimod is not different from a guy playingparasprite.
>> No. 40391
File 134135444667.png - (174.33KB , 1980x1662 , SDnew.png )
>> No. 40392
File 134135465145.png - (160.14KB , 3320x2600 , shadow.png )
>> No. 40398
Since you didn't read the OP, this is not a request thread.
Its a thread to show of your OC pixel ponies that you have made/edited yourself.

Re posting you OC wont get anyone interested in making it for you.
If you wont your OC so badly, you can make it yourself, considering its a re-color of rainbow dash it shouldn't be to hard to do on any of the free gif editors available on line.
>> No. 40426
File 134143232849.gif - (17.14KB , 106x96 , FlyOC.gif )
My OC, Four Block (yes, I know I derped the cutie mark, I'm not going back and changing it now)
>> No. 40428
It's Rainbow Dash.
>> No. 40450
Download link?
>> No. 40452

Right click, save image as..., save it.
That's your download link.
>> No. 40454
File 134153902769.gif - (17.11KB , 106x96 , fourblock_fly_left.gif )
For all of the animations, if there are more.

I already flipped it and made an .ini
>> No. 40458
Considering it's just another cheap Rainbow Dash recolor, you could easily make all the animations you want all by yourself.
>> No. 40459
Too much effort. I didn't get to 220 different ponies by trying.
>> No. 40468
File 134160692294.png - (613.08KB , 2577x3695 , sock11.png )
It's not a cheap Rainbow Dash recolour. (OK, it IS a recolour, but it wasn't cheap, I did spend a long time remaking the mane and making it look nice, but saying I changed the mane seems like an lame excuse)
>> No. 40471

It IS a lame excuse. Sorry.

In general, if you spend more time making excuses tna working in the animation itself, it falls into the "Cheap, lazy" category.

If you check this thread you will also notice how recolors and recolorers aren't appreciated because what they do takes no effort at all, and while they claim to "not care" they DO become very agressive and antagonic whenever their recolors aren't praised or when their excuses are not "understood"
>> No. 40482
File 134164331571.png - (78.36KB , 379x379 , Sin nombre.png )
please please please please pleaasee?
>> No. 40487

Quoted from OP's first post:

>>Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you

Would you beggars please read the board's rules and etiquette policy before smashing your heads on the keyboard to make your rude and selfish requests please please please please pleeeeeease?
>> No. 40528
Hence why recolours aren't the worst thing on this thread.
>> No. 40538

Recolorers ARE the worst thing ever.
They call themselves "artists" and claim to make "Original" characters but they don't, all what they do is take other people's work, recolor it and pass everything as their own.

They are basically thieves who demand to be "understood" so they could feel like they belong to the fandom too.
>> No. 40549
The one thing worst than re-colours, are people ASKING for recolours
>> No. 40551

... people "creating" their own OCs using that stupid flash pony creator (the dumbest recolor machine ever) and then asking a recolorist to recolor someone else's animation so their recolored flash model could live as a recolored pixel animation?

(We need to go deeper!)
>> No. 40569
File 134180677715.jpg - (74.63KB , 840x608 , 134178695942.jpg )
I beg to differ. it may not be animated, but its an original drawn piece by me
>> No. 40571
That's not what he meant. He meant WHEN people create OCs with the pony creator, not that everyone creates their OC's with the pony creator.
>> No. 40572
File 134180820762.gif - (15.12KB , 96x82 , walking_right.gif )
It's actually been over a year since I made my OC desktop pony, (Around May 20th 2011) but I thought I'd share it here to get some people's thought's on it, even though I most likely won't make another version. I know the tail kinda sucks and the cutie mark doesn't stretch with the leg, but maybe I can learn more about spriting through criticism on other things that I don't know.

It's not a recolor, nor is it sprited from scratch. Let's see, the body and head comes from the old Dr. Whooves sprite, the legs and all the animation for the trot came from Twilight's sprite, and the mane and tail are all original, but modeled after how Twilight's mane bounces. I don't even know who to credit for those two sprites, since I can't find them on the Art Credits page or the pony.ini files.
>> No. 40573
File 134181135564.png - (710.89KB , 1280x985 , genius-meme.png )

Yes, when people thinks that recoloring a premade template or recoloring someone else's work equals as "creating" something.

And of course, there are the ones who genuinely believe that taking other people's work and recoloring it (maybe even adding some tiny changes too) makes it something completely different and therefore, nopony has any right to call them thieves or lazy recolorists.

"I changed the cutie mark and the color is different, see? Idiot."
"It's Not Twilight Sparkle, It's My Original Character BloodMurder, Who Is My Ponysona And The Most Powerful Unicorn She Killed Celestia Discord Luna Chrysalis And Married ShiningArmor"

Basically, people who picked the torch dropped by the guys who used to recolor Sonic or Megaman sprites and called themselves "cartoonists"
>> No. 40577
Got a full download link to all of the animations, or is that the only one?

OK, here's a question: Could you tell me how this affects you personally?
>> No. 40581

Can you tell everyone how it affects YOU personally when people doesn't bathe recolorists with unending love and praise?
Because you sound mad.
>> No. 40584
Usually I'm all up for righteous debate. But after having participating in one and watching them drag on...

Just stop, please? You know all the recolors and people begging for sprites? They are only annoying because it means that there is going to be a war that is far too dragged out.

This is all I'm going to say.
>> No. 40585
Are you a Mod?
Because you give out orders as if you were a Mod.

>>This is all I'm going to say.

Seeing how you always jump in to protect lazyness and whiteknight the law of minimal effort, I sincerely doubt you will shut up until the other side loses and you win.
>> No. 40587
File 134186986549.png - (4.88KB , 150x136 , star_swirl.png )
Interesting look you have going. The flat shaggy mane somehow fits. Though the singlewide pixels are a critique I always seem to have to give. They just look off when put with the double wide pixels of desktop ponies. I would say the little bit of forward motion in the middle of the hair looks really odd. I would probably just have the straight up and down motion or if you like having a back and forth motion to it, extend the motion downward so its not just the part in the middle.

220?! Wow. Do you have them all running at once or do you just keep it random.

Ok can we stop it with all the hate going on in here over recolors. Yes I'd rather see real effort too but try not to get yourselves too worked up over something that shouldn't be that big a deal. As for demanding praise, while there is some not as many are doing that as is being claimed. So let's try to stop putting words and motives into eachother's mouths please. All parties.

Now can we get back to enjoying pixeled ponies?
>> No. 40590
File 134187865080.gif - (1.36KB , 96x82 , stand_right.gif )
I have all of them, but not in a downloadable package.

Thanks for the feedback. I haven't posted this until now, and it's nice to get some good critique.
The flat shaggy mane is what I have IRL. The hair is supposed to be mine. ^_^
That's some good advice about the mane. I honestly cannot remember why that section in the middle moves at all. And yeah, I might just change the single-wide pixels, now that you mention it. Do you have any advice for the tail movements during the trot cycle? If the tail itself looks fine, I'd probably like to edit the animation so it isn't so weird looking.

I know I said I wasn't going to make another version, but I'm actually kinda liking the idea, since I still have all the .psd files.
>> No. 40592
>> Do you have any advice for the tail movements during the trot cycle?

Frames 1-4: tail and mane go down.
Frames 5-8: tail and mane go up.
Frames 9-12: tail and mane go down.
Frames 13-16: tail and mane go up.

>>Now can we get back to enjoying pixeled ponies?

If they are like yours ~ then gladly yes. I loved the Seaponies and other silly but fun OCs.

Now, while I'm a firm believer of "Ignore shit you don't like" but I will admit I feel irritated when I see this thread bumping and after checking it out all what I find is another stupid recolor or another guy posting requests.

Patience is a virtue, but it's not infinite.
>> No. 40594
File 134189106445.png - (398.24KB , 1366x768 , maximum_power.png )
This isn't even my final form.

There are 5 ponies who I took out of the program due to me needing to update how their animation works. I believe they broke the same time Big Celestia and Nyx did. I know for a fact Windows Pony has the same problem because Nyx and Windows are both by Starly. Queen Chrysalis has the same problem, I ripped her from the Android App though so I'm not sure if it's related. I also need the MP3s from the newest soundboard for her as well.

I also took out some NSFW animations because this is ponychan.

Productivity at work is directly proportionate to number of ponies on screen.

If you do eventually make a ZIP or RAR, I will download the hell out of it.

I may end up convincing myself to actually apply effort to making old DTPs better, OC and not. It's like it's 2004 all over again.
>> No. 40604
File 134189663691.png - (4.69KB , 96x82 , tail movement.png )
That is phenomenal. I love how pony version and sea pony version of lightning are just staring at each other. Is that a pony with an image 404ed cutie mark? You also have the lion king sprites that somepony suggested awhile ago. I am in awe of that collection. I would never get any work done if I tried to keep that many ponies up.

I know I put the timing notes on a notepad file in the templates folder. For how your tail looks right now, having the highest parts all come down especially closer to his flank looks off as the part of the tail closest to his body wouldn't normally move that much in that direction. That's why most tails do a scrunch up motion. Look at the main ponies trot cycles along with a few others and you will see what I mean. Besides the scrunch up method you could have the bottom sort of sweep back and forth with it rising and falling from about middle of the tail point. I would have the movement run sort of diagonal down the tail. Hmm ok I drew up a quick diagram of what I think what would be a good movement for his tail. Remember only a suggestion and you don't have to shoot for as complicated a movement as I am suggesting. Just putting out ideas for you.

>>Patience is a virtue, but it's not infinite.
I feel you. I feel disheartened everytime I see someone take a pony from the pony creator and ask or demand it be sprited it for them.

OH also anyone have any opinions on the basic look of star swirl?
>> No. 40605
If they broke the same time as Big Celestia, it's probably because they don't have frame timings set. Such images can be fixed by making sure every frame has a non-zero duration. If they're set to zero then they won't show up (because they only display for zero seconds).
>> No. 40612
Good job, guys.
Keep up the good work.
>> No. 40673
File 134215373234.png - (4.16KB , 96x82 , Stand_Left Redrawn Mane.png )
Well I was more wondering about how the tail moves during the trot cycle, but still thanks! In animation, timing is everything. ^_^

Okey dokey. When I'm done updating my OC pony, I'll totally post a download link here.

Thanks for the info. I'm actually just watching the trot animations for the regular size ponies, and learning a lot. Twilight's tail does exactly what you're describing, so I think I'll try to model off of that.
I think with the tail I just said, "Screw it" but then it looked like three completely different tale positions, rather than three flowing frames of animation.

I just downloaded the Templates folder, but before I even work on the new trot animation, I needed to revise the mane and tail so that they were 2 pixels wide. I looked at other ponies, Fluttershy in particular, and found that the outline of the mane is 2 pixels wide, while the lines inside for texture are often single-wide. Anyway, I think it looks much better, and stays the style that I wanted it to be. Thanks for all the advice StarStep!

And Starswirl looks awesome by the way! Great job on him.
>> No. 40692
Ok, if anypony remembers me, I have some good and bad news. And no, I'm not quitting or anything.

The bad news is that I haven't been able to make ANY progress due to personal problems and a crappy laptop not working.

The good news resolves the bad news. Since I overthinked ahead, I setted up a download of all my stuff an hour before the laptop broke, and I'm getting a new laptop soon. And I've been able to get more free time.

Like I said before, I'm going to finish the whole recolor thing, then I'm going to move onto making my own, then maybe drawing ponies. (Maybe even OCs)

So yeah, I don't think any of you were desperately waiting for me to finish or something, but meh.
>> No. 40730
File 134236760053.gif - (1.23KB , 100x100 , Tinker_sleep.gif )
>> No. 40731

Technically not an OC since the winner of Hasbro's contest got his/her OC turned into a toy and made a canon part of the franchise.
>> No. 40732
Nice work. I only learned about her an hour before seeing that you already made her. That is some phenomenal tail swaying. Only thing is why is there no front hair movement? Other than that critique, she is adorable.

Uh, unless she is in the show this is the right thread for her. >this is the place to show off your OC or non cannon (as in non show cannon) desktop ponies!

Glad my advice was helpful. Though where did you see single pixel lines on fluttershy? I searched but did not see it. All the ponies in the official program use double wide pixels for everything.

Glad you are still working on making your own.
>> No. 40738
She's the same deal as the toy's
Untill she appears in show, I will count her as OC.
>> No. 40752
Oops, my bad. I just looked it over again and yeah, it's all double-wide. Now I'm reworking my mane so it's all double wide. =P
>> No. 40753
File 134241122792.png - (4.13KB , 96x82 , Stand_Left Redrawn Mane again.png )
Okay, now all the lines are double-wide.
>> No. 40756
File 134241315801.png - (1.01KB , 96x82 , duck.png )
You might want something more like this.

What I did:
>shrink him by 50%
>fix up a few ugly pixels and add a nostril
>resize to 200%
>> No. 40804
So, I'm new to this whole -chan thing. I don't plan on sticking around very much, but hey, might as well give it a try, considering I don't see anywhere that has a more formal messaging system relative to making desktop ponies.

Anyways, I've been working on a pony and I've been wondering, is it possible to link effects? What I want to happen is for the pony to start a 'casting' animation and sphere-ish things to spawn around it. After the sphere durations end, each of them transform into another gif for a second and, after a small pause, launch off-screen in the direction my pony is facing.

I currently have the pony able to do the casting animation and, every second it's doing said behavior, spawns a sphere in a random location around the pony. I still need the sphere to spawn another gif where it was and launch, but am not sure how I'd go about doing that, if it's possible. Anypony have any tips?
>> No. 40861
I would like to create a Desktop Pony which looks almost similar to
I need templates of an alicorn which looks completely like her exept of the colors. The template could also look like
I don't care but it needs to be the same style.
I'm good at changing colors but not good at spriting when it comes to Desktop Ponies.
I need sprites of standing, trotting and bucking but no sprites of flying. Blinking and other idle moves are not required.
I was looking for a collection of sprites templates but couldn't find anything.
By the way, which program do you use to make the animation files?
What I'm looking for may already exist.
If anyone of you could help me please contact me on my e-mail address Waddle Dot Dee At Web Dot De

P.S.: It would help me if anyone could make a template collection of those ponies which can be created here:
>> No. 40863
Wow that sounds like an awesome pony you are trying to create. I wish I knew how to do that but from what I've tried I can't link effects to eachother. I'm not sure that you can even get the effects to move(besides following but that's not what you want)

Oh I may have thought of an idea. You could create an invisible pony that follows you're pony around and set up an interaction for them. Have the invisible ponies only animation be when he interacts and that animation is creating spheres and then launching off. I know it is not a perfect solution but it is the only way I can think to make it work like you want.

Well we have templates that I posted above (no buck though) but you still have to draw the mane, cutie mark and tail on. As for a pony that looks like parasol. Her hair looks somewhat like lightning bolt. You could modify her hair a bit to get the look you are going for. For the buck animation, I would take applejack's buck animation and modify that. For programs that you can make gif animations in, I use photoshop but others use Animation Shop Pro or Gimp or Photoscape or Microsoft GIF Animator and I know there are plenty of others.
>> No. 40869
As I said, I'm not very good at spriting when it comes to Desktop Ponies so I might need help with this one. Thank you for trying to help me. Lightning Bolt really has similar hair but the tail looks completely different. What do I do about that?
By the way, I don't need any help with my pony's cutie mark.
>> No. 40879
>>As I said, I'm not very good at spriting when it comes to Desktop Ponies

Then practice more. Seriously, that's all the help you may need with this.
If you were expecting to get tips or some magic hints to improve by merely reading them, I'm afraid such things does not exist in this world (but newcomers keeps believing they do and veteran or skilled people "hides" them from them.)

I'm sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted to receive.
>> No. 40882
2011, potatokitty49 from devıantART used a pony creator to create her pony Moonsong which can be found here:
Correct me if I'm wrong but she once asked someone else to create a Desktop Pony of it.
Her comment can be seen here:
She didn't even use a painting program to make her pony. She used a pony creator for this. And on Fri, Oct 14th, 2011 06:37 she really asked someone else to create a desktop pony out of it.

The pony I want to create is also able to be created with help of a pony creator and I don't even ask for a whole desktop pony based of it.
When I asked for help I didn't think of anymagic hints. All I wanted was help. And I didn't even ask for a full desktop pony. I simply wanted someone politely creating some templates for me I could use to make this pony of my own.
As I said, I am not good at spriting when it comes to desktop ponies and therefore really need the help of someone else.

By the way, it would already be enough for me if someone could make a sprites/templates collection of the ponies which can be created here:
>> No. 40884
Can you explain what you are looking for in a simple and more logical manner?

If you looking for tips on how to get getter, practise is the only one you need now,

you've been given pointers and the tools.

At the moment it seems like your trying to get the pony made for you.
>> No. 40885
anyways just looking for some c&c.

I'm working on a Brezzie atm just wont some outside thought on the look so far.

ref pic
>> No. 40889
As I said, I am not.
All I'm looking for is templates for this mane and this tail:
I need those templates for an adult mare who is standing, trotting and gallopping.
For the ones for bucking I can take Applejack.
For the ones for walking I can take Granny Smith.

All I need is these templates. By the way, the pony I need is an alicorn (unicorn pegasus) so I need a horn looking through the mane.
More info can be found by trying to create Alicorn Parasol with this:

I don't need any help with the cutie mark as well.

If this is still too long try this:

I only need templates of Parasol's mane and tail what she would look like standing, trotting and gallopping if she had a horn as well instead of just wings.
>> No. 40894
So basically you are just looking to recolor a pony? And you want them to have an exact match for your ponies tail and mane? I can't believe I have to tell someone this but look through the main program's ponies and find one that has the tail you want. Take the mane we already found you and copy paste. Also we are not going to go through that link of yours and make every mane and tail found on there for you. This is not a request thread. Stop being lazy if you really want these ponies and try spriting some yourself if you cant find a suitable enough tail on another pony.

And I thought recolorists were already a bit lazy :/

Wow his wings are really going. For his fly animation it looks a bit weird how you did the hair falling part starting on frame 13. My suggestion is to not have the the super thick hair outline color. Leave some of the inside hair color up there so it doesn't look like ghosting problems on the sprite. With the fiddling I did on your sprite, I think it works better having the up hair on for two frames or so before returning to normal instead of just the one frame.
For the idle while you have excellent animation going on for the wings nothing else is moving. Put a little tail swish or something in there. Maybe have the antennae bob up and down and just have the little thread of hair sticking out in front move and it would be perfect I'd say. Anyway those are my suggestions and it is coming along quite well. What made you choose Zipzee if I may ask?
>> No. 40898
The pony I'm planning on making is much more complicated than I described it before. It does look similar to Parasol on the very first sight you know. Also, I wrote only what kind of help I need in order to get started. What I want to make is much more.
Recoloring is nothing I can't do. The only problem I have is that I do not find her mane and tail anywhere so I can't do it by recoloring.
The templates I need are really not that much. Also, if I'm really that lazy, then what's Hanna:
I already wrote in here that the sprites could also be from

All I do is ask for some help. HOW IS THAT LAZY?!
>> No. 40901

"Help" means "How I do this?"

It does not means "This is what I want. Gimme."

So yeah, lazy.
>> No. 40904
But this is "I want to do this and this and this. I can't do it alone so I need some help/aid/assistance. I can do this and this but I can't do this. But this needs to be done so I can do this and this. If one of you likes to help others, currently has some free time and can do this, please do this for me. This will help me do this and this. It doesn't need to be soon but if it was nice.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Due to Wikipedia, asking for help also means asking someone else to take care of a part of something oneself can't do alone so it IS asking for help.
>> No. 40905
That's a really good tip, especially after making a canon pony (Cloud Kicker) using the template.

I think what I'll end up doing is making my pony again from the template, and that'll fix a few problems right there. That and use StarStep's tail movement tips.
>> No. 40906
I base all my sprites off existing sprites, I don;t use templates, and I use paint rather than Photoshop, I make all my sprites in 1x size then resize.
So, bending the rules. :|
>> No. 40907
File 134281852562.gif - (11.62KB , 120x100 , frustrated.gif )
How is that not asking someone to basically do the whole thing for you. You want a completed pony. "oh but I plan to recolor it so you aren't doing the whole thing" Wrong! You still want someone to sprite you a completed pony. Geeze you are the first person I have seen who is too lazy to even try and copy paste an existing ponies mane and tail together when I know there are ponies that have manes and tails that would work well enough for your pony since you are too lazy to even attempt to sprite your own. Asking for a completed pony even if you are planning to recolor it is still asking for someone to make you a complete pony which as stated in the opening post is not allowed in this thread.

Oh I am so frustrated I could just kick something. eh.

Note to others, not condoning just mixing and matching ponies hairs til you get what you want. Making your own is very rewarding and will give you the perfect pixel pony to portray your unique style. Just saying that it's pretty lazy to think even mix and matching is too much work.

Oh I loved how you portrayed her cutie mark. Can't wait to see what you sprite next.
>> No. 40908
As I said, I did not even find the right mane and tail. If I had, I just put them together. But they weren't anywhere.
I simply wanted help with creating two sprites: mane and tail. I'd have done the rest by myself.
If you don't want to help me, just write "no" instead of labelling me lazy and stuff.
Also, I told you often enough that I want to make my pony very more unique than any of you could even imagine. I didn't even write anything about the hardest part.

Also, I already told you that I'm ready to rip the movements of Applejack and Granny Smith.
I asked you before but I'm not afraid to ask you again: If I'm really that lazy, then what's Hanna:
Hanna also used a Pony Creator to make her pony and then asked someone else to make a Desktop Pony out of it and noone claimed HER lazy.

I already wrote that I'm going to make these things on my own:
rip the files off the
rip the movements of Granny Smith and Applejack
put what my pony has together
design her cutie mark for my own
recolor everything
do all of the programming and all the sounds for myself
add everything else I want my pony to have to

I'm asking only these 2 sprites so PLEASE stop labelling me lazy.
>> No. 40918
File 134282121206.png - (273.24KB , 469x518 )
Come on, man. The OP pretty specifically says "no requests". Nopony's gonna do your job for you. Just try to make your own sprites first, then post them here and people will be glad to give feedback to help you further along.
>> No. 40920
Okay! Fine! I'll try it myself but if I fail, I'll come back and ask you again.

But before I go, please answer me one question:
Would you describe Hanna's as a request or were requests allowed in the other thread and aren't in this one, anymore?
>> No. 40923
Why are you even going on about this person? If you look no one here made her pony and her post only got one response.

Most requests either get ignored completely or get told basically 'read op no requests. Try spriting own. We'll help walk you through if needed. ?s ask.'
She was basically ignored. If she persisted, she probably would have been told she was being lazy too.
>> No. 40926
File 134282529363.jpg - (30.55KB , 576x382 , 79870.jpg )

Read the pinned thread that among other useful things, clearly says, "We are not your slaves."

We are not here to serve you, we are not here to be your personal hug box, we are not here to make you feel special or whatever you came trying to fish for.
We owe you nothing and you were entitled to absolutely nothing to begin with.
You will not receive a special treat, you will not be made an exception, you will not be "understood", period.

Want other people's respect? You will get it, but you must earn it by yourself.

Want other people's hate? You are already earning it very, very fast pace, brah.

Seriously, every month the people who discovers this site keeps becoming more annoying, self-entitled and they bellyache for everything.

~ Le Sigh.

>> No. 40928
Why do you all hate me?! I already said it's OK!
Why didn't you just ignore me like anyone else?!
I took her example because she didn't get this hated and she even asked for more than I did.

All I expected was a simple "yes" or "no" but instead all you guys calm me lazy and begin to hate me. I already began to create this pony on my own! What's there left to say?! I asked for some help and if you don't want to give me any help, just write "no"! I do not think you're slaves at all, it's just I read the first post with the rules of the LAST thread and there wasn't anything saying that it wasn't allowed. When I noticed the thread's moved I forgot to read it. Sorry. And after all, I didn't read wikipedia much enough to see that I really did a request, or better, a PART of a request, without knowing. Sorry for that, too.
But I don't get why you blame me like this! I already know you won't help me so stop writing me those hatemessages!!
What do you guys even want!?
>> No. 40929
File 134282830530.png - (304.26KB , 413x470 )
Jesus, take a chill pill, will ya. I told him, now leave the guy alone.

Seriously, next time? Just report the posts and move on.
>> No. 40943
File 134286292505.gif - (14.09KB , 106x96 , Updated_Trotcycle.gif )
The template is 1x size, so I just made it in that size then exported it 2x.

Well, I'm working on my OC, (here's the updated trot cycle, again) and Cloud Kicker Flying, and of course, her derp face. after I get all that done, I'll make the .ini for both and upload them. Then, I want to make the Unicorn from The Last Unicorn as a sprite, which will be a challenge because she is a completely different body type and I can't just use the template.
>> No. 40956
File 134289360059.png - (37.41KB , 373x375 , myPony.png )
Hi, I don't know if I misunderstood the link that was on the home page or not, but I would like to ask you if you could please make my OC a desktop pony. If you cannot, I'll understand. If you can, then I'll really appreciate it. Here's my OC if you can.
>> No. 40957
Right now, I'm in the middle of creating my pony. I gave her three behaviours yet: Standing, trotting and gallopping.
Trotting has speed 3 pixels in 100msec.
Gallopping has speed 6 pixels in 100msec.

I managed to program her in a way that if you control her and press the arrow keys you trot and if you press the arrow hey with shift you run.
However, when you control her and gallop, the speed is faster than when you let her gallop for herself. What can I do to make the 2 speeds equal?
If there is a tutorial about it and I missed it, show me.
>> No. 40958

Read the first post. What does it say there?
No, really. What does it say, hmm?

>>"Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you. To help you make your animations, there are some tutorials and templates out there to help you"

Would you guys die if you stop for a moment to check things out before you smash your head against the keyboard to ask others to become your servants?

>> No. 40959

*facepalm* Sigh, fine.

1- Go to Google
2- Type "Tutorials to create an animated gif" and press "Enter"
3- ???
4- Profit!

It took me 3 seconds to do that.

If you weren't even capable of that, then I can already guess how good are the so-called "ponies" you are attempting to make.

Seriously, kids today.
>> No. 40960
He's looking better. Good to see you improving. Also what derp face are you talking about for cloudkicker? Also I like that ambition of making the last unicorn sprite. It would be cool to see the characters from that movie on here but I think I wouldn't want the red bull trying to corral all my unicorns up.

Im not sure if I understand what you are asking for exactly. So you take control of the pony but it moves faster than its normal gallop speed and you want them to be the same. How are you getting the pony to go gallop speed instead of trot. Sorry I havent messed around with controlling the ponies before. I know you can increase the speed she gallops at normally by going into the pony editor and changing the speed but I have no idea how to change anything when you are controlling them.
>> No. 40961
I think I was precisely enough. I don't need any help with the animation speed. I need help with the pony's moving speed.
I already told you what the unit was: pixels per msec
What's meant here is the speed the ponies take if they move from one spot of your desktop to the other, the locomotion, OK? So, Anonymous, you didn't find the solution.

When you click a pony with the right mouse button, you can take control over it. If you click on Take Control - Player 1 you can move the pony with the arrow keys. If you hold down shift and control the pony with the arrow keys, it moves faster than if you do not hold down shift.

Each pony has different behaviours. Some of these behaviours are methods of locomotion. You can put these behaviours in the pony's ini file and then you have to write the speed in it. Its unit is pixels per 100msec.

I put 3 behaviours into my pony's ini file: Standing, trotting and gallopping.

Standing: 0 pixels in 100msec; no direction.
Trotting: 3 pixels in 100msec; all directions.
Gallopping: 6 pixels in 100msec; all directions.

When you control my pony, you automatically trot without the shift key and gallop with the shift key.
But if you control her with the shift key she's faster than if she gallops without you controlling her.
>> No. 40962
File 134290368584.png - (57.34KB , 190x193 , Cloud_Kicker_Derp_Face.png )
This time, I just used the template and paid closer attention to the tail movements. Also, this is Cloud Kicker's derp face. She made it when Fluttershy was running away from Gilda crying. I don't plan on making the Red Bull, but if I do, I could always make an interaction so he can drive them all to one side of the screen or something. And only unicorns and alicorns.
>> No. 40964
File 134291203980.gif - (15.97KB , 106x96 , spoiler.gif )
I have created a GIF file but it cannot be opened. Whenever I try to start the pony, it says:

Error launching ponies... Details: Could not create a new AnimatedImage from gif file: <this file's path>
(Boolean identifyCommonFrames)
Desktop_Ponies.ImageManagement.AnimatedImage..ctor(String fileName__1, Boolean identifyCommonFrames)
Desktop_Ponies.ImageManagement.ImageManager.ImageFromFile(String fileName)
Desktop_Ponies.Pony.Add_Behavior(Boolean Load_Images, String name, Double chance, Double max_duration, Double min_duration, Double speed, String right_image_path, String left_image_path, Byte Allowed_Moves, String _Linked_Behavior, String _Startline, String _Endline, Boolean _skip, Int32 _xcoord, Int32 _ycoord, String _object_to_follow, Boolean _auto_select_images_on_follow, String _follow_stopped_behavior, left_image_center, Boolean _dont_repeat_image_animations, Int32 _group)
Desktop_Ponies.Main.Go_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

What's wrong with my GIF file?!
>> No. 40967
Technical guy here.

I looked into this, the shift modifier simply doubles your speed. It'll then choose a behaviour with a similar speed. So in this case it should double your speed of 3 up to 6 (and as a side effect switch to the gallop behaviour). Since you have it set up to all match correctly, I can only assume there is a bug somewhere.

This is an error with the program. Nothing is wrong with your file. This error might be fixed in future, but for now I would suggest as a workaround to try opening and saving the file in a different image editor. It might produce a file that works.

If you can't get it to work, post your files when they're all done and I'll convert them in bulk.
>> No. 40983
Does anyone have the galloping base? I've been looking for it for sometime by it seems the original artist deleted it from her dA. I find it easier to use PSD files as opposed to normal GIFs (I've never been a fan of using GIMP). If anypony has it and is willing to share, I'd appreciate it highly!
>> No. 40984
Does anyone have the galloping base? I've been looking for it for sometime by it seems the original artist deleted it from her dA. I find it easier to use PSD files as opposed to normal GIFs (I've never been a fan of using GIMP). If anypony has it and is willing to share, I'd appreciate it highly!
>> No. 40989

Desktop Ponies' creators are having significant problem with people ripping their work to create and redistribute unathorized bases, so they are taking those down as they catch them.

On top of that, they are having problems with people using their stuff to sell crappy custom Desktop Ponies trotters (or whatever they call them to avoid getting detected by Deviantart's search engine) so that's another reason they have to reduce the amount of bases available until people stops being douchebags and quit trying to make an easy buck using stuff that was never meant to be used that way.

It sucks, but because of the greed and arrogance of a few, the rest of us will get boned as well.
>> No. 40991
I just extract all the frames of the GIF with Irfanview and edit them in paint, after putting them all on one sheet. Probably primative, but that's the way I work!
>> No. 40999
File 134304504466.jpg - (44.00KB , 300x400 , творенье.jpg )
>> No. 41003

This thread is only for pixelated OCs to be added at will on Desktop Ponies.

It is not meant for hand drawn OCs (and you can't request people to make a pixel version of it either.)
>> No. 41006
What does "OC" even stand for?
>> No. 41008

OC means Original Character.

Which is very irritating considering how many people use that word all the time without even knowing what it means, ESPECIALLY when they use it to describe their lousy recolors or the junk "created" with the infamous flash Pony Creator, which gives you very limited options to exchange manes and tails on a model that only allows a single pose to boot.
>> No. 41011
You can pose that creator in any way you want.
>> No. 41013
But only from a single perspective
>> No. 41014

Try making a walking animation or getting a custom pose out of that creator: you can't.
People using that custom pony creator are the same as kids using a coloring activity book and most of time, they behave on par as well.
>> No. 41015
Doesn't it depend on what Pony Creator you use?
>> No. 41017

The number of possible combinations is always limited no matter whay pony creator they use or how many stupid accesories they stuff on them. No matter whay they do, their "Original" character always will end looking exactly as thousands and thousands of other mass produced ponies. (Because they are not the only people using the pony creator, see.)

Plus, it's like 98% of people is only capable to use black, purple and red to color their little abomination.

Rant mode on:

Now, I suppose this is the part when someone jumps in to say "Sheeesh! we are not Picasso, we have no art abilities! We only do this for fun among friends! I-It's a c-crime to use the pony creator t-to have our f-fun?"

... except that if they really used it for fun they wouldn't be so obsessed with puting their recolors on display, on public communities full of people that are not their friends, for everyone to see, and immediately attacking any person who remindes them that they haven't accomplished anything special and their prized overpowered Ponysonas are anything but original.
>> No. 41020
I wonder why you keep browsing the OC DP thread if you hate them so much
>> No. 41021

Because the thread keeps getting bumped and I keep expecting to see some genuinely good OC like the ones from OP's post.

Instead, all what I see are more crappy recolors, more dumb kids posting requests and more passive-agressive insults such as "If you don't like it, don't look at it."

Don't like my opinion about those mudponyes, then fine, don't read it anymore. (See, I can use that trick as well.)
>> No. 41023
File 134308227263.jpg - (109.70KB , 500x429 , 1329674856101.jpg )
Oh god can someone please make this?
>> No. 41024
File 134308431117.gif - (19.94KB , 106x96 , trotcycle_right.gif )
Totally unexpectedly made my friend's OC, Golden Acorn.

The top of the mane I re-worked from Vinyl Scratch's, and the bottom part of the mane and tail are recolored. I also had to mess around with the head and eye so it looked like the vector.

Well, here's the download link if anyone is interested:

There's guides to help you make it in the OP.
>> No. 41029

Read the first post on this tread: requests are forbidden.
No one is going to make your pony for you, so if you want it, do it all by yourself.
It's not impossible and the first post also includes templates, guides and even a video explaining the basics.
>> No. 41035
I'm pretty sure I've seen someone attempt that as a sprite in the past, but I may be wrong. Yeah, you better go get it done yourself
>> No. 41036
Thank you for offering me your help.
Right now, I'm done making these GIF files. I put them all into a ZIP file but I somehow cannot upload ZIP files because the filetype ZIP is not allowed. So what do I do?
>> No. 41038

I don't know. Use RAR instead?
>> No. 41039

Too late. I already uploaded it here:


I really failed at fixing those files myself. If you don't believe me, open the TXT file which is included in the ZIP file. All details can be found in there.
>> No. 41045
Fixed files here:

Your files were valid, but quite funky, which is why both the Desktop Ponies program and some others choked up a bit or produced errors.

I managed to make the gif reader in Desktop Ponies a bit more robust, it now accepts your funky files just fine. Hopefully those changes make it into the actual program in future.

If anypony is ever having trouble with funky files, try gifsicle:
It can produce sensible files. It's a command line tool, so not for everypony, but in essence you can just just do:
gifsicle -b -O3 <file>
and it'll fix things up for you (that's all I did here, to be honest). Also useful it you just want to optimize regular gifs.
>> No. 41049
Thank you very much!

I just tested the GIF files and they can be opened!
However, there still are some glitches. If you ever walk through the very right of the screen and then begin to run, you can leave the screen. That's because the running sprites have another resolution than the rest. I thought if I take Applejack's sprites and edit them without changing their resolutions, nothing could go wrong but now I'll have to fix them. But thanks to your help, I don't need your help, anymore. Thanks again!

>>This message goes to everyone who ever created a Desktop Pony whose GIF animation files have different resolutions:
If you have GIF files with different sizes which belong to the same object (the character itself, Applejack's appletree, apple, Berry Punch's bottle, Pinkamena's "friends" and so on...) please make sure they don't cause any glitches!

Applejack's gallopping behaviour has a probability of 5%. It's also a follower of an effect called "Apple Drop". The move is Diagonal_Only but hasn't a certain follower. I'm not sure but I think I just found a bug in Applejack!?
By the way, Applejack's gallopping sprite is also used for a behaviour called "Conga Start" but that one's probability is 0% and it also isn't a follower of anything else.
>> No. 41057
File 134327107625.png - (53.39KB , 297x308 )
Please don't make requests in this thread, this is an overly common thing which the thread maintainers find quite annoying. Thanks for your understanding.
>> No. 41204
Okay I have tried looking online and cannot find a guide to make an OC pony but there is nothing so can I ask you people to help me in making an OC Desktop pony?

I'm just looking for a guide to make my own

thank you in advance
>> No. 41206
Okay I have tried looking online and cannot find a guide to make an OC pony but there is nothing so can I ask you people to help me in making an OC Desktop pony?

I'm just looking for a guide to make my own

thank you in advance
>> No. 41207
Hey, glad you are giving it a try. Up in the op there is a link for a video that goes through the basics of making your own oc pony. Then there is a download for some template gifs, sprite sheets and psd files up there too. Also I have some tips put on my deviant art page too that might help. If you still have questions after watching the video ask here and we will be happy to help. Good luck and have fun.
>> No. 41356
File 134419737475.gif - (16.08KB , 106x96 , AuroraTrotright.gif )
I'm a slight bit leery of asking what you all think of my first spriting attempt. Especially considering some of the prior heated conversations. But I know that if I never ask for advice, I can't improve as quickly as with advice. I made sure all the pixels were uniform, so that won't take away from her. Also, I think she looks a bit familiar, but I am happy with her design. I'm not worried about that. Anyway, this is Aurora.
>> No. 41362
Frame 14, when her back legs are crossed and she's bringing her back-right hoof forward, she lost some of her outline and hoof.

Frame 11, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 you may want to take a look at her wings. The outline seems to disappear.

Aside from that, she looks correct. Her mane is a bit flat and I can come up with a dozen ways her Cutie Mark doesn't fit right on her flank, but then again, I don't have a degree in equine anatomy so I'd just be spouting crap.

Not bad!
>> No. 41382
>>This message goes to everyone spoke with me, before.

I'm done with making the first version of my pony. Please tell me if you find any glitches.

First of all, I wanna say sorry. I asked for help before I even tried creating her for myself. I even found a magic hint which you said to not exist. It's called grid. You can find more information about the grid in the Additional information folder. I thought this wouldn't be enough, but my pony looks better than I imagined it would ever look without any help of creating her mane and her tail. However, it would still be nice if any of you could send me an e-mail whenever you see another Desktop Pony which has the same mane and/or tail style as mine and doesn't look exactly like mine.

As I said, my pony is not fully done, yet, and it might keep unfinished forever, and even if she will be finished one day you won't have to add them to the OC ponies if you don't want to.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload her RAR file because it's 316328655 Byte!!
That's why I uploaded her here:
>> No. 41390
File 134440159487.gif - (10.19KB , 106x96 , ME_walk_right.gif )
I can finish the .ini for ME in a few with mp3s included, I'll also make one for SSBP. Not sure if you want them posted here but I'll be sure to use them myself heheh.

Question: is that lipstick?

Also, that was and incredibly in-depth backstory and such but the pictures and video bloated the DL size to 300mb+. It took me 30 minutes to download. Please make a separate download for the pony only as for easier critique and collection.
>> No. 41392
Yeah that file is a little too huge for me to want to download if you could get just the pony without videos and stuff so we can take a look at it that would be cool. Glad you like how your pony is turning out. I knew you could get it done.

What happened to her wings? There are a lot of frames where they are not all there. Plus on 2 frames her head goes back farther when it should just follow an up and down path. Her tail looks a little bit too jittery. That's all the critique I have for now. Fix those up and you will have a pretty nice pony.
>> No. 41405

>>Anonymous: Is that lipstick?

No, the only animations including lipstick are the ones in the folder SSBP.

>>Please make a separate download for the pony only as for easier critique and collection.

OK, here it is:
I still recommend you to download the full version because the backstory sure is important!
It gives all required information about lipstick and stuff.

>>I can finish the .ini for ME in a few with mp3s included, I'll also make one for SSBP. Not sure if you want them posted here but I'll be sure to use them myself heheh.

Could you please elaborate on the .ini with mp3s included? I'm not sure what you mean with it.

Since almost noone wants to read the very long backstory: The SSBP folder is for additional purposes only. It's ME with the same abilities in case someone ever wants to create a Super Smash Bros. parody with Desktop Ponies sprites and has already created several palettes for every playable and unlockable character in case more than 1 player selects the same pony. SSBP stands for "Super Smash Bros. Ponystyle" and the folder I made would be for ME just like Wario's other suit for Wario. The same abilities, but another look which cannot be simply called a recolour.
>> No. 41411
File 134445726233.gif - (10.82KB , 106x96 , ME_gallop_right.gif )
That's who I was asking about dear, your SSBP version. Just wondering heheh.

What I meant by the .ini is that I could finish linking all of her sounds and animations to the program so that they work.

So far you only have:

Also, a tl;dr version of you backstory wouldn't hurt the DL, instead of your Trilogy-of-novels-long HTML doc. You are very wordy kekekekek
>> No. 41419

OK, since you really want to add every unused move and I cannot stop you, fine. Here's a few instructions:

SSBP has the same abilities as ME. You can use the same apple files for ME and for SSBP.
If you really want to make an own INI file for SSBP, add "alternate art" to SSBP's tags.
If you want to use the GIF files which begin with "not ME", make a third INI file.
The buck ability should be the same as the one of Applejack's only with the buck.mp3 but I shortened the move so you'll have to edit the tree.gif, too, before you add it.
If you ever add the walking ability, do this:
But I left the walking ability away because of two reasons: The Mane6 doesn't have a walking move although they are able to walk (except Pinkie Pie but hers is 0.8) and when my pony is controlled, she'd have walk and gallop only, without trotting.
You won't be able to use the pick up.mp3 and the damage.mp3 since the current version of Desktop Ponies only has Hoofball and Pong.
The sleeping animations are only for interactions if there ever was a Desktop Pony which can make others sleep like Jigglypuff or so. My pony never needs to sleep because she is a flashgame character.
The sparkle bonus!.mp3 is for interactions, only! They're supposed to be the dialogues you can have during the game My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures in Ponyville with all that can happen: Ponies saying only a short sentence, ponies asking for help and ponies giving sparkle bonus for no reason. Whenever a pony asks for help, my pony always gives the answers which give her most of her HONESTY and LAUGHTER since the other three are already full. The sparkle bonus!.mp3 should only come when it comes during the game, too.

All these information could also have stood inside the backstory but I shortened them for you. And don't say this is a request because I didn't ask you to do so.
But still, thank you in anticipation!

P.S.: What do tl;dr and DL stand for?
>> No. 41422

> that eye

Dude, she looks like a zombie.
>> No. 41425
tl;dr stands for "too long; didn't read"

Rule 11 of the internet states:
All your carefully picked arguments can be easily ignored.

A summary is what I'm asking for heheh.

Also, DL = Download

Well she can't blink.
>> No. 41427
>> No. 41433

And your message was...?
>> No. 41439
If I make a summary of everything I put in the backstory, it'll sound disrespectfully requesting (which is forbidden in here) and it'll make her seem to be an unfair Uber alicorn pony. But since you want it, here it is:

My little pony is an alicorn whose name is ME. Her name always has to be written in capital letters only, even if the rest is written with small letters, only. "ME" is not the short form of anything. Her name is pronounced just like "me". ME is able to talk to humans. She is able to vomit without dying immediately afterwards. She can hover and teleport multiple objects with her horn at once. When making herself invisible, she can stay invisible as long as she wants. Whenever teleporting anything, it can only be teleported through free space. Glowing her horn always produces light and warmth. She can burst balloons by hitting them with her horn. She needs her horn to only hover bigger/heavier (I'm not sure) objects; for smaller ones, she doesn't need to make her horn glow. If Discord ever took her horn away, she'd still be able to hover small objects. Anything which has anything to do with teleporting still requires her horn. Her front legs have thumbs she can use to grab things. They might even be hands. She has a less mass than ponies without wings but can still carry as much weight as them. She can walk on clouds. She cannot fly if it's too cold or if her wings are too wet. If you ever shave this pony's mane, it'll grow back, immediately. This does neither apply to her tail nor to her coat. If you make a cape off her mane, it'll be a cape whose wearer can perform magic spells by saying magic spells.

ME is a flashgame pony who comes out of this game:
Just like all ponies in this game, she wasn't born in Ponyville but still in Equestria and moved to Ponyville to get her cutie mark. And just like all ponies in this game, she has some enviably flashgame powers. She never has to eat, never has to drink, never has to go to the toilet, never has to sleep (which doesn't make her immune to Jigglypuff's Lullaby or whatever it's called which is why I sprited it), never has to wink and never has to move. She could stand/walk/trot/gallop for unlimited time without ever getting tired. Walking is just like Granny Smith's walking ability and gallopping is just like Applejack's bucking ability. Also, she doesn't age, making her able to live for unlimited time.
When playing Applejack's minigame, ME often kicks the appletrees before the apples reach their full size so she doesn't lose any points. When playing Pinkie Pie's minigame, ME often purposely throws all sweets to the bottom so Pinkie Pie has to replace them, ME can give her sweets and Earn more Friendship Sparkles.
ME does not wear any glasses. The thick black line around her eye is not an eyeliner. It's a bunch of eyelashes, all with the same length and perfectly evenly spread.
When ME's wings are closed, they look just like any other pegasus' wings. But when they're opened, they're giant because they are folded 8 or 9 times. They'd need an own GIF file, just for opening and/or closing. ME is also able to perform a quick slice attack with one of her wings, no matter, if they're closed or opened. I cannot sprite her wings and need help.
ME also has the abilities to duck, dig, jump, fall (If she falls on someone, it'll deal damage, similar to Mario's jump.) and swim, all abilities I didn't have any templates of and 'd need help for, too.

If me ever gets DISCORDED, she turns into those animations which begin with "not ME". She smokes and drinks and makes it with everyone. Whenever she does not make it with anyone and finds a make-up tool, she paints her lips and her nails/hooves. I didn't sprite that because she takes whatever colour she finds, although it's preferably red. It'll be the exact opposite of her real personality because she doesn't smoke, never drinks anything alcoholic and also is disgusted when abounded. And she thinks red doesn't fit to her. The only thing her and not her have in common is that they don't have anything against cloppers, as long as they don't purposely film themselves clopping.

The SSBP palette is just the same as her opposite. I sprited every move because she has still the same abilities. The reason for her look is some kind of technology which can turn a person with a split personality into two persons. Although ME doesn't really have a split personality, her SSBP sprites should still be used if she ever gets imported into some kind of "Super Smash Bros. Ponystyle" which includes many recolours in case more than 1 player selects the same character. SSBP is for ME just like Wario's other suit for Wario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The abilities are just the same although SSBP might look more authentic with drinking/smoking idle moves I'd also need help with. As you can see, the whole folder doesn't include bottle sprite as in Berry Punch.
The only things which aren't inborn are ME's earballs , SSBP's flowers, SSBP's lipstick and SSBP's nail polish. Yes, she has polished her nails/hooves red which you can't see because her nails/hooves are hidden under her coat. And because I couldn't sprite them.

For more information, read the backstory and/or ask me.
>> No. 41448

>> No. 41458
Told you it'd sound totally weird if I put a quick summary describing my pony's abilities, behaviour and anatomy in all detail and leave away the reasons why it is so. Just read the backstory if you want to get enlightened.

By the way, I forgot something: The only reason ME ever talks to other ponies is to help others so she can Earn more Friendship Sparkles. She has learned every question and respective answer ever appeared in the game she comes from. She always gives the answers which give her most of her HONESTY and LAUGHTER since the other three are already full. This doesn't apply to "not ME" and SSBP.
>> No. 41559
File 134511737034.gif - (3.42KB , 328x310 , The Last Unicorn Desktop Pony WIP_1.gif )
Okay, so yesterday I started working on the Unicorn from The Last Unicorn and I'm thinking, "Wait, shouldn't I make her in the style of FiM first? Because it is Desktop Ponies after all."

Here's the first frame of her basically traced from the movie. But should I abandon the trace and make her in the style of FiM first? I just don't know which to do first.
>> No. 41599
The movie's style might let you analyze how to do fluid movement better (what with the longer limbs).
>> No. 41609
has anypony done Alula yet?
>> No. 41616

>> No. 41622
>> No. 41625

>> No. 41637
Sounded more like asking a question to me, bro. Calm yo tits.
>> No. 41643
File 134560503418.gif - (625B , 50x72 , Wat.gif )
Well Alula isn't an OC, but...
To my knowledge, there is not an Alula Desktop Pony.
There is an Alula Seafilly in StarStep's OP post download, along with all the other OCs.
>> No. 41646
File 134562562808.png - (3.33KB , 60x60 , so awesome.png )
wow that looks cool. I didn't remember that her legs got so skinny at the bottom. I say keep going with that style

Dirkos!!! I've missed seeing you post around here. If it's not too much trouble could you post or link to the awesome facial expressions you've made with the pony sprites. They are so Awesome!
>> No. 41651
File 134567673379.gif - (10.56KB , 339x224 , Expressions.gif )
Yeah, here are all the ones I've posted already, plus one more I made but never got around to using. Also templated for easy use.
Also I may not have posted in a while, but I've lurked the entire time.
>> No. 41652

Haha that Lily seapony.

You may want to take a look on Deviantart as there's a lot of dumb kid sellling your seaponies for points of cash, Dirkos.
>> No. 41653
File 134568716481.gif - (865B , 58x86 , Shrug.gif )
I don't think that would make any money. Seaponies of BG characters aren't in any demand.
>> No. 41654

I mean as in "Go tell them to stop doing that dumb thing".
>> No. 41677
File 134587522331.gif - (730B , 60x80 , Meh.gif )
I don't have a DA account to tell them off, so...
I'll just not worry about it. The other thread for Desktop Pony theft seems to be doing a fine job exposing thieves.
>> No. 41679
Hey, new to Ponychan so I'm working on a few OC ponies of my own. The first OC I'm working on is named Shadowstar and she's a black alicorn with crystal blue eyes. Her cutie mark is the Windows logo. She's from one of my unpublished fanfictions which is called "Cupcakes: The Finale". Consider adding her to the Cupcakes Upgrade if you would rather do so.
BTW, Shadowstar will be made from scratch. This is because it's really hard to recolor black and white sprites... dunno why.
>> No. 41682
File 134591795529.gif - (5.78KB , 114x114 , shadow_fly_left.gif )
Got flying sprite for Shadowstar. :)
Hair is white so hard to see in preview.
>> No. 41683
File 134592500956.gif - (77.97KB , 164x155 , Unicorn-Trotcycle.gif )
Here's an update on the Unicorn sprite. I've been working so long on this and I only have 5 frames done out of 16! I dunno when I'll be done, but I'll be happy and proud when I am.

I thought about that as well. Just by tracing the picture, I'm getting much more insight into character animation in general.
Thanks! I'm loving the style, but it's taking me a heck of a long time per frame.

I'm also going to try and finish up Cloud Kicker before I'm done with this animation. All I've got left to satisfy myself is her flying cycle and her derp face. The flying cycle is mostly done, so yeah, it's not going to be much longer.
>> No. 41684
File 134592933935.gif - (7.03KB , 106x96 , skeleta_gallop_left.gif )
Shadowstar's opposite, Skeleta. She lost her horn and wings by punishment and now walks everywhere. I know, she looks kinda creepy, but she's the Dark Spirit Queen, thus is very wicked. Shadowstar and Skeleta both have human riders. A goddess named Analay rides Shadowstar, while a dark witch named Nightmare Darkness rides Skeleta.
>> No. 41686
File 134593452416.gif - (731B , 58x78 , D'aww.gif )
I tried to make Cloud Kicker's derp face before. I could not get it right at all.
I wish you the best of luck.
>> No. 41687
Hmmmmm... I think you guys might need a thread made especially for requests. Even though I won't be able to get to everyone's requests, I can grant a few wishes and place them here with the requester's name. Anyone like the idea?
>> No. 41690

A requests thread was attempted several months ago but the Mods kept refusing to allow it for several reasons, one of them being giving "fake hope" to people too lazy, dumb or art impaired.

And personally, even if a requests thread could be allowed, I would bet diamonds against pennies that people still would use this (or Desktop Ponies) thread to make their requests.
>> No. 41692
yay new expressions to add to my collection. Is that a seapony sibsy I see! /)^3^( How many times are you going to make me make that face this week?

Oh she is looking awesome so far. You know you are doing great when if it wasnt for the background I might not be able to see the transition from your frames to the movie frames.

Yeah the reasons anonymous gave you are the reasons we dont have a request thread. The false hope and the bad impressions people would get over it and another desktop pony thread taking up room on /collab/ being the main ones. If you have a deviant art or an email where people can send requests to, than feel free to post them here. I dont want this thread getting filled up with requests but if you are ok with people sending you their requests and posting the results then I have no problem with that.
>> No. 41693

I would also support this kind of idea. Not because I'm one of the lazy ones. When I created my pony, I discovered a good method to convert flash style manes and tails into pixeled styled ones. The method isn't perfect but it gives me the motivation to help those who have already put requests here. I'd like to try this method out on other ponies, too.

There WILL still be people making requests, here, so I make a suggestion: When making another forum for requests, there should be some sort of list in which all requests which have ever been posted both in this and in the older version of this forum, and being sorted by what kind of request it is, making it easier for those who think: "I have some free time, let's fulfill somepony else's request.", or: "Are they any challenges out there?" Also, it would help those because they'll see all requests at once, instead of having to scroll through a forum which contains requests among others.
Also, the other forum should be mentioned in the OP. I'm not sure if the OP can be modified that easily but if it can, it should.

>>To all Mods:
I believe all those who posted requests ALREADY HAVE a "fake hope" for her wishes to be fulfilled.

I know, there aren't many people outside who really want to fulfill others' requests but if there are, they'd be able to quickly see every request ever made. And who knows, maybe one day, somepony's dream comes true.
I know, SOME people really are "lazy, dumb or art impaired" but there are also people which are diligent, smart and artistic. Don't you think these people deserve help of those? Honestly, even if they ARE lazy and stuff, they still often have really amazing ideas, e.g. this one:

There would still be requests on this forum but I bet the number of requests would at least decrease.
>> No. 41698

If a request thread were allowed, people still would find more reasons to bellyache and complain because their free ponies aren't nice enough or they aren't being made fast enough, what have you.
>> No. 41705
File 134598592160.png - (96.50KB , 268x251 , hatsune miku pony.png )
Okay... but I somehow have wanted to fulfill requests placed here, even though it's not allowed, and I though maybe if I started a request thread I could help the other people out a bit. I might even do tutorials for GIMP instead, if you prefer.
Anyway, here's another OC I'm working on. Don't remember where I found this, but this is my newest OC.
>> No. 41706
Forgot to mention something: since T.S. Isaac is close to my area, I might lose my internet connection and may not be able to post for a while. Thus I will still do the tutorials if you want me to, then people can do their own OC. (I'm not trying to boss people around)
>> No. 41708
File 134600851379.gif - (9.20KB , 106x96 , stand_shadowstar_left.gif )
Another Shadowstar animation, this time standing. In the fanfiction, however, she rarely lands except at night to sleep. Most of the time during the day she flies high enough to feel the sun's heat, and when her wings catch fire they don't burn up but instead send a mystical radiance which powers the goodness which resides in everyone.
>> No. 41709
File 134601010927.gif - (15.48KB , 68x106 , dawnstar_still_left.gif )
I don't know if I can do this, but here's a new sea pony I made. This is only a preview, once I remove the white background I'll post a final.
>> No. 41715
File 134602945721.gif - (760B , 64x84 , SMILE!.gif )
Yay more Seaponies~
Miku Pony was drawn by canarycharm.
>> No. 41721

Dirkos is back?

Finally some good OCs here after months of crappy recolors and hacks posting walls of text to defend their mediocricy.

You are awesome.
>> No. 41729
File 134605698785.gif - (840B , 58x86 , No Pressure.gif )
I'll... try not to disappoint...
...even though I'm not really animating at the moment... only still facial expressions on seaponies...
I have made some of my favorite Tumblr ponies as seaponies... but they're not animated.
>> No. 41750
File 134613829387.png - (307.97KB , 1440x838 , Snapshot_001 (26).png )
I'm not a spriter by any means, but I would love nothing more than to have my OC pony wandering around on my desktop, it'd be fun to see him trotting around, reading a book, or flying about, unfortunately the only image I have of him at the moment that's decent is at a weird angle, and his mane and tail have been updated since the image was taken, if anyone's willing to work on it though I'd be eternally grateful :3 -Tesel Bonne, SL Pony.
>> No. 41751
File 134613856929.png - (340.60KB , 1440x838 , Snapshot_002 (12).png )
for anyone thats interested in taking it up, thank you very much if you do :3 here's another shot to show the cutie mark.
>> No. 41754

Read the goddamn first post, read the goddamn previous posts as well, this is not a request thread and all requesters are permanently alienated from the community.
>> No. 41756
Anon's right. I might make a request thread but still unsure. (also, your pony looks like my pony Shadowstar)
>> No. 41764
as asinine as I see ponychan, I am not going to lie, that template is going to help me a shit ton
>> No. 41978
File 134758012431.gif - (16.53KB , 100x100 , Nameless_trot_right.gif )
been away form the site for a wile.
So to those that go to Bronies Australia
>> No. 41986
Desktop Ponies is down... :(
>> No. 42005
Our website host is having problums atm.
>> No. 42034
>I browse ponychan for the first time in my life and I see something related to BAU

Haha, well. Good thing I did, nameless desktop pony will be useful.
>> No. 42058
She's been available on my art gallery on the BAU website for about two weeks now.
>> No. 42127
What's BAU?
>> No. 42129

Bronies Australia.
>> No. 42318
Why isn't anyone even criticizing Shadowstar? I could use a little expert advice as I'm new to animations.
>> No. 42319
File 134972312717.png - (37.72KB , 800x600 , shadowstar base left.png )
Here's something to compare the Shadowstar GIF with, in case you need it. This is her picture which I used in a fan video I'm planning to post in /media/ eventually. I may not though, it's not that good.
>> No. 42320
File 134972746986.gif - (11.00KB , 106x96 , shadowstar_inexperience_left.gif )
Here's Shadowstar in disguise as an ordinary unicorn, pretending she doesn't know magic. The linked animation is where she sprouts wings and casts a powerful spell which makes evil into good. This is featured in "Shadowstar's Journey: The Elements of a True Hero", which is a sequel to "Cupcakes: The Finale". Yes, Shadowstar is my own and was not created by Sergeant Sprinkles or Raritybelle. Right now I'm under the stress of Windows Parental Controls, so EqD is blocked as of now.
>> No. 42326
File 134979082283.png - (49.86KB , 800x600 , shadowstar confused 1.png )
I'm still curious as to why no one is giving me any critiques or advice on Shadowstar. I've been working so hard on her (not to mention school) that I've had no time to work on "Hatsune Ponyku".
>> No. 42328
>I've been working so hard on her

Actually, no. It's just another "dark" recolor and nearly zero effort was put there.
That's your biggest problem here.
>> No. 42329
Hey! I put in a lot of effort for the previous GIF animations. The magic effect WAS a Sea Swirl recolor, but that's going to be that last. Seriously, that really hurt my feelings.
>> No. 42330
Forgot to mention: I can and will continue Shadowstar. But seriously, I'm lacking experience here. I don't have to time to do one pixel-for-pixel because I'm WAY too busy with school right now. I did one once and I was rushing to finish before bed so it looked weird. So that may explain recolors, at least for me.
If StarStep doesn't want recolors, then okay, I could understand. She started this thread anyway. But that comment was SO hard on me.
>> No. 42331
Ok I will give some critique
looks much better than your previous animations. The border around her hair really helps and the hair being much fuller and actually on her full head instead of just half of it looks much better in my opinion. One thing is the grey dots on her face. I know when you recolored the sprite for that animation they had the dots on there to show more direction and depth for the face with the shadowed main body color. But that doesnt work with yours. I say make them a different color that is closer to the body color so they dont stand out as much but yet still give the sense of direction and stuff.

I think to create a coherent sprite you need to change your previous animations hair to match the one you have now. Also the colors seem to be slightly different. May want to take a color dropper tool or whatever and see that you have the same colors for each sprite of yours.

Sorry I cant say much more than that as it is hard to give meaningful critique on simple edits.
>> No. 42332
Okay, I'll fix that.
>> No. 42333
File 134980250132.gif - (11.04KB , 106x96 , shadowstar_inexperience_left.gif )
Here it is. Is this okay or do you still notice the dots?
>> No. 42334
>Seriously, that really hurt my feelings.

Then you are not ready to deal with people on the internet.
Sorry, but good things are good and bad things are bad, and nopony is forced to give you fake praises because well, that's just rude.
>> No. 42337
I understand. I've actually dealt with worse scenarios, I forget their usernames though.
>> No. 42340
That's better.

>I forget their usernames though
probably because most of them were anons ;)
>> No. 42342
Miku Pony is in progress--at last!
I'm working on her now, and I just need the mane, tail, and cutie mark, and then I'll post the standing sprite. In the meantime, stay tuned for more Shadowstar animations after Hatsune Ponyku's trot animation comes out.
I already decided to make her song "World is Mine" a quote, only it will be translated into English.
Speaking of quotes, I'm putting together Shadowstar's .ini file now. She'll have optional interactions with Cupcakes Pinkamina (from the upgrade, see the previous OC Post) where Pinkamina bursts into light turning into her original form, but not permanently, just to sing a quick call for Shadowstar.
Will post more later, just gotta finish this project.
>> No. 42347
File 134989025503.gif - (12.91KB , 106x126 , spoiler.gif )
I was doing Miku Pony when I was interrupted by... well, an idea. Thorinair's Pinkamina was just the regular DP Pinkamina Diane Pie, so I thought, why not make a few improvements? So, yeah.
It's okay not to accept this. And please, I know this is a simple edit, but don't put me down because of it.
WARNING: The animations based on Cupcakes will ALWAYS be hidden behind spoilers for the sake of the kids. If you are underage for this fanfic, DO NOT CLICK THE SPOILER!
Let me know of anything I missed so I can fix it.
>> No. 42357

Is basically a recolor.
I don't understand why you keep making a huge deal out of things that are so simple and easy to replicate with nearly zero effort.
>> No. 42358
File 134995879608.png - (1.44KB , 112x100 , streamers_standing_sprite_big_1.png )
Would you please stop? I'm not up for this conversation anymore, it's getting way out of hand.
Besides, I know it was meant to be a recolor. But the original Cupcakes sprites were way worse, barely anything was redesigned except for the .ini files, and only the blood-splatter sprite was hand-made. The rest were just the original Scootaloo and Pinkamina sprites with NO edits.
Can't you appreciate what some people are doing? Please stop calling them "zero effort". Zero effort is when... well, when there's nothing at all. If you want to see what I made from scratch, it's on the left. If you look closely you'll notice the nose is a bit longer than it should be.
>> No. 42360
Oh, forgot to mention, I do have school in the way. Didn't I say that school was the one thing in the way of doing a perfect pony from scratch? I'm not trying to be mean--who would do that here, anyway?--but seriously, if I have to post these on my Wikia account instead I will. It's the same name: EpicKitty88.
So, with that said, please stop. And I said "please".
>> No. 42362

The problem here is that you aren't displaying anything worth of praise or appreciation, and rather than working on it, you expect others to give you a special treat and praise you out of pity, because otherwise "you will suffer"

Also, saying you already know it's bad doesn't makes it good, and giving orders to paople so they only can say nice things to you because you don't care at all about them or their feelings is one of the rudest things ever.

You are the one who must fit on this community, not otherwise.
>> No. 42365
That's not the case! This is getting way out of hand. I'm just looking for critiques, but had there not been any, I would have asked my friends over at Wikia to review them instead. I'm not giving orders either. I do care about others and their feeling, ok? Now please stop, this could become worthy of reporting, and that's the last thing I want to do. I never did anything to hurt anyone on purpose, because that's just not me.
>> No. 42367

You got critiques, but you didn't liked them and so tried to get everyone's pity to fish for better answers.

Look, everything you have done since you came here is complain and pout because apparently, not adoring you rigtht off the bat equals to "hurting your feelings".
This is just me, but I don't think you are old or mature enough to go and interact with strangers in the net. Also, if you have time to whine and complain, then you should also have time to put some -real- effort on this rather than merely using the recoloring tool and immediately expect to be drowned in praise and awe.
>> No. 42368
Not true either! That's it, the final straw. It wasn't that I didn't get criticism, that's okay with me, I can always just ask my friend next door or my fellow Wikia members for help. What hurt my feelings is your being mean. I can't take it anymore.
I asked you to stop. I was polite, too. But you didn't. Now please, don't bother me again. The sea ponies are mostly Lyra edits, what's wrong there? Nothing, that's what.
>> No. 42369
And I did like the critiques I got. I was just asking if I fixed the problem.
>> No. 42370
That's it! I've had enough of this! This thread is way too offending! EpicKitty88 is right. Critiques are useful information to help people make things better and not simple orders to "put more effort in it".
I really doubt people like you calling others lazy and putting "zero effort" in their creations whenever it doesn't look elaborately fit here, either. Do you really expect this is a forum for people who only upload spectecular already-done and ready-to-download Desktop Ponies on their first try ever?
What did you ever upload, anyway? Why do you keep yourself "Anonymous"?
>> No. 42371
You stand a valid point, Waddle Dee.
>> No. 42372
Lot less noticeable now.

Sorry I dont really want to check out your cupcakes character so I cant give critique on that but looks like you have a nice start on Streamers(?). Looks ready for you to start making the trot cycle.
>> No. 42373
Understood, Cupcakes isn't for everypony.
Streamers isn't animated yet, but working on it. She's actually supposed to have the same mane style as Dash because she flies so fast. She got her name from the streamers she often weaves in her hair.
>> No. 42374
File 134998256810.gif - (5.03KB , 106x96 , stand_streamers_left.gif )
Here's Streamers standing animation. She does the "crazy grin" thing because she drinks four or more cups of Party Potion each day, each one making her trance even deeper. Party Potion trances are way different from being "drunk", BTW. It's a common misconception, but the thing is, 1) you can't get out unless somepony frees you with a spell, and 2) Party Potion is made from sassafras, sugar, and stardust mixed in water. (I'm getting to a new animation where Streamers is mixing potion)
>> No. 42375
Calm your tits, lay down your critique and leave it, no need to harass people in this thread.
>> No. 42389
Miku Pony is still at a standstill. :(
>> No. 42390
File 135005874867.gif - (15.84KB , 112x100 , streamers_trot_left.gif )
Streamers trotting animation. I'm working on one with the grin.
>> No. 42391
File 135005986098.gif - (15.85KB , 112x100 , streamers_trot_crazygrin_left.gif )
And here it is.
>> No. 42393

It's still just a recolor.

We cannot give you any decent C&C because all what you did was take Monkeyjay's Rainbow Dash animation, changed it's color and slapped a different name on it. You can keep reposting recolors over and over, and you still will keep getting the same answer because that's all what we can say about a recolor.

It's not your OC, it's not even yours. It's still Monkeyjay's work with a different set of colors.
>> No. 42394
File 135007857394.gif - (13.65KB , 106x96 , marzipan_trot_right.gif )
Oh yeah? Do you want something like this? Huh?
I will unfortunately have to report you again if you keep bothering me, okay? Just stop. Waddle Dee and AJ had very good points.
>> No. 42395
And one more thing. If you hate recolors that much, go ask Dirkos to stop making Lyra recolors. Seriously, you're driving me bananas.
>> No. 42397

Please don't get Dirkos on this. Among other things, he created his own bases while all what you do is recolor other people's work and bellyache because you didn't got the reaction you expected to get.

Joining a community means you are willing to participate and integrate with it, while all what you do is fish for attention, act as a martyr and harras others for not being "nice" to you.

Enough is enough, and if you are not mature enough to understand that maybe you should try your luck at another community, perhaps one with a much younger userbase.

Honestly, you act as if everyone were out to get you and that's already getting old.
>> No. 42398
Ok one thing that is kind of bothersome is that you posted that png of streamers that has a unique look and is a decent OC. Then instead of trying to keep that unique style that really adds personality to your pony you just recolor rainbowdash. Its baffling that you would go through the effort to give a nice unique look to her only to abandon it and be content with a recolor. I know you can do it as you were able to get the grin throughout the whole animation below so you know how to change an aspect of a pony. If you are fine with her then great but I am just letting you know those of us watching from the sidelines its kind of frustrating seeing someone wanting to create something good only to give up and go the easier recolor route.

I will hold off on giving critique for marzipan as I can tell she is a work in progress and was posted to defend that you can do unique ponies but if you want critique on her right now let me know. Also please do not belittle your fellow spriter Dirkos' work. I know that anon is frustrating you but that is no excuse to try that kind of focus shifting tactic.
>> No. 42401
File 135011785536.gif - (584B , 62x74 , Maria.gif )
I'm fine with a little belittling now and then. I did make oodles of recolors, after all.
>> No. 42403
I wasn't intending that. I was trying to make the point that Dirkos also did recolors.
>> No. 42404
That's not the point. I was actually going to credit Mokeyjay in the .ini file anyway...
>> No. 42405
File 135013287833.png - (28.72KB , 830x650 , streamers.png )
And people are obviously being nice, I can tell. I've had it with YOU, though. Everyone else is obviously very respectful of me, that's what matters here. Just that I don't like to be cyber-bullied.
You asked for it apparently. And not just the pic from the flash creator. I can still report you, and as of now, that's not what I want to do. I'm still giving you a second chance.
Now please stop bothering me and act nice toward me like the rest of the spriters.
>> No. 42410
File 135013687967.gif - (13.62KB , 106x96 , marzipan_trot_right.gif )
I've fixed Marzipan the best I could before I had to catch my online English class. I'll catch your criticism during lunch.
>> No. 42418
Anon has been reported again.
Waiting for the mods to reply.
I'm getting tired of this. Didn't I mention a .ini file?
Look. I'm not stealing on purpose. Just give me a break and let me do my stuff. I don't want to have to report you three times, and by now I've reported you twice. This is becoming a problem; it's you who is getting aggressive on me. If I was aggressive, it wasn't on purpose. It's obviously hard to know how people--or ponies--if it's just text. So my mom says.
>> No. 42423
File 135014726156.jpg - (7.26KB , 216x233 , raging pony 1.jpg )
Ugh, could someone please deal with Anon? I KNOW it's not my personal LiveJournal. I KNOW what I'm doing. If I ever find out that you reported me for something I didn't do, I'm removing my own posts and moving my animations to Wikia.
>> No. 42426
File 135014770423.png - (185.48KB , 330x525 )
As copypasta'd from >>42425

Both of you, stop. Anon, you've been continously attacking EK88 over this. Stop the agressive behavior - I've warned you before and the next time will be a ban. EK88, next time, just ignore the aggressive behavior, report it and don't reply if he has nothing constructive to say.
>> No. 42428
(sigh of relief) Thanks AJ.
>> No. 42439
So, umm, how do I fix an animation that is frozen in place? Like in the program, the gif is stuck on one frame, unmoving, and just the trotting animations. They work fine outside the program.
>> No. 42442
Try out this:
>> No. 42443
Check your have some frame durations set. If they're all zero, then they display for zero seconds, i.e. not at all. The final frame will show as a static image when that happens.
>> No. 42450
So much drama. Not enough links to downloads.
>> No. 42451
When is OC Desktop 1.02 coming out?
>> No. 42455
File 135024958368.gif - (13.71KB , 68x106 , dawnstar_still_left.gif )
I just finished removing the background from Sea Pony Dawnstar.
>> No. 42456
I agree. Drama has taken up too much space in this thread.

I was planning on having it up when I create a new thread since this one is close to reaching the sage limit. Figure mid November most likely as I have so much I want and need to do before Nightmare Night. I'm not going to put the cupcakes thing in the program but if you want to create a download with thorinair's stuff and yours in it I can put a link to it when I create the new thread.

Ok some critiques. The face you pasted on there needs to move up and down with the rest of the body. It looks like a disemponied head is floating beside her as you can sort of see a regular head moving behind it. I dont think the lighter color for the shaded main body color works that well. I think a darker color for the shaded parts would work better. The tail just sticks straight out. Even if she used a lot of mousse the end parts of the tail would still flick up and down a bit. Same with the mane. The mane looks like it is sticking out behind her like if she was running but it looks a little odd since she is just trotting. If it is meant to be up like that you need to show that there is something in there holding it up like that. Also there are a few stray gray pixels on the back legs. That's all I see right now. What kind of costume is that? It makes me think she is a pony that lives out in the middle of the rainforest. An amazon pony. amapony? ponyzon? hmm yes. Ponyzon.
>> No. 42457
Good idea with putting it with Thorinair's stuff; that would be better for squeamish bronies. And as for Marzipan, I'll fix it tomorrow after my online classes.
>> No. 42460
File 135027441116.gif - (18.11KB , 106x96 , space_trotcycle_left.gif )
Throwing this up, wanting some opinions/criticisms. Not sure if I made the front mane thingy too flippy.

Future plans include making the rest of the standard "stand, trot, run, fly, sleep" animations, making some slightly-more-custom animations, like tweaking the legs in the trot for a prance, and maybe one day, making a unique flight-cycle.

And hopefully figuring out a more efficient animation process.

Also standing animation.
>> No. 42463
Aside from the choice of colors you did a pretty good job.

I love the standing animation.
>> No. 42464
Wow that is really good. I say you did an excellent job on her. The standing is impressive. It has that more realistic feel to it as you kept in mind the 3d aspects of the pony as her head turns. The only way I think it may be improved is the return from smiling to starting pose seems a little too quick. It is definitely good as is but just something I see that could be tweaked if you wanted to.
>> No. 42465
File 135028135567.png - (3.74KB , 106x96 , itsatrap.png )
>>I say you did an excellent job on her.
>>excellent job on her


>>The only way I think it may be improved is the return from smiling to starting pose seems a little too quick.

I think it's because I decided to end with a blink. Every other head-turning frame consists of one 100ms frame of head-dipping, while that last turn-while-blinking consists of three 50ms frames, of which the last two include the head dip.


Green, blue, and gold tends to be a theme I stick to, mostly because they're my favorite colors.

It's also hard to define a small ribbon-like strip of green hair at that res.

If I absolutely had to justify the coloring, I'd point out the overhead shot of the crowd near the end of Smile Smile Smile. Meh.
>> No. 42466
File 135029054265.gif - (27.39KB , 334x114 , Idle Right.gif )
Well, I like the coloring. And I gotta say my favorite part is grinning at the 4th wall.
I like grinning at the 4th wall.
>> No. 42471
File 135030773577.gif - (5.89KB , 114x114 , shadow_fly_left.gif )
Redid Shadowstar's flying animation.
The Windows Logo cutie mark was only a placeholder until someone thought of a better one--and over on the RPG Maker Forum, someone decided on a white shooting star with a blue trail! I thought it was perfect for my fan video so here it is on the pixelated OC.
>> No. 42473

It's too dark and the horn has the wrong shape and length.
>> No. 42474
I'll fix that after I get finished with my school seminars.
>> No. 42482
So... the link in the OP seems to lead me to GoDaddy... which does not have a download of Desktop Ponies. Sad. :( Is there another way of getting a download of Desktop Ponies?

Also StarStep, your G1 ponies looks awesome. I hope you do more in the future. Mostly, Wind Whistler and Surprise.
>> No. 42491
File 135037936269.gif - (22.03KB , 100x100 , Sky_Popper_trot_wing_right.gif )
I wonder if anyone would like my OC to be included in the OC version. My non OC's are already being added to the canon version, so why not. Anyone think Sky Popper would be nice to have in the OC Desktop version?
>> No. 42494
File 135038829753.gif - (810B , 58x82 , O_o.gif )
>>42482 has been down for awhile.
The OC Download comes with the client version 1.28. I'm sure the original Desktop Pony thread has a dl for the original... I know there's an update at least, but it has been saged for awhile and hard to find.
DAT MANE! Sky Popper makes my eyes popper.
>> No. 42497
File 135040366362.gif - (3.27KB , 110x100 , hint_hint.gif )
You are in luck. I have the download link to the last official version here
Also thank you for the compliment. I can't make any promises about doing more G1 but those 2 will go to the top of my list if I do.

Throw a dl up and I will add Sky Popper in.

On that note, I need more ponies for the next update. Maybe I need to go through the thread again but it seems most were just looking for critiques for their pony and made no indication for sharing. So if you want your pony included make some indication.
>> No. 42506
File 135042884161.gif - (2.36KB , 106x96 , space_left_awe.gif )
I'd be honored, but I'd have to finish him first, and that's going to take a while...
>> No. 42510
Oh, thank you very much.

I haven't had these in forever. Last time, they were kind of eating up my computer RAM (It sucked back then) but now that I have a newer computer, it should be all good.
>> No. 42516

I think her mane matches her other color schemes very well. Sky was more less a collaboration with most the ideas from me and some free running with the mane and tail to lekadema on DA. It was her first draft on the mane and tail and I rather liked it. Matches her coat color pretty well which I came up with.


Cool. I'm also not quite finished with her since I took a break from animations right now. I do have enough to have her added with basics though. Trot with wings up and down and standing with wings up and down. I still haven't even made my trot with blinking ones yet like I usually do.
>> No. 42520
File 135046881841.gif - (795B , 106x96 , space_sleep_left.gif )
Scratch that take a while part, had a spontaneous case of the motivations. Managed to put together enough animations for a basic desktop pony, plus a general response to a few of the seaponies.

Will most likely update it in the future...
>> No. 42521
File 135047513478.gif - (734B , 54x80 , Smile.gif )
Yup, looks really good. That and I just clued in that the two toned hair reminded me a bit of Gurren Lagann's Nia.
>> No. 42527
File 135050095334.jpg - (357.20KB , 1200x1600 , Sky Popper and Cloudchasers mane.jpg )

Ummm. Sorry, haven't been on too long to know who that is. But I think leka went that route cause Cloudchaser is my fave BG and she has a two toned-spikey style too. And speaking of Coudchaser, here's a picture I drew of Cloudchaser and Sky Popper together in a small comical comedy strip.
>> No. 42532
StarStep, if you don't mind, I'd like to do Surprise. She's one of the few characters from my upcoming series The Starlight Club. Streamers is in there too.
Let me know if it's ok.
>> No. 42535

Nice. I like how there's a whole balloon then the rest of her cutie mark is hidden. Next panel reveals the popped balloons as she is popping it on cloudchaser. Also Gurran Lagann is an anime.

You don't need to ask permission. If you want to make surprise, go right ahead.
>> No. 42536

Thank you. I did seem to notice though that I may have missed the top part of the popped yellow in the first frame, I think it should have been slightly visible, but yeah, alot of people on DA really liked this one cause it was cute and funny. I like how I did Cloudchaser's eyes probably the best.

Guess I'll google that Garren thing to see some images at least.

And last thing, Surprise already has some animations done in the canon version, so were we talking new animations here or just some redos?
>> No. 42537
I may use the canon animation for the base, make it white instead of gray, and recolor the cutie mark to match the art in The Starlight Club. There will be a few new animations as well, which I'm already working on. For one, Surprise will also have a crazy-grin trot and stand.
all of the Party Ponies I will be making will have the crazy grin animations, as well as one of them drinking potion, giggling (like Pinkie's canon giggle only a little more crazy-like), ans a separate character with them as sea ponies like their character in the series book, "Jenny in Hot Water". I know Surprise already has one, so I'm just doing the others as sea ponies.
Anyway, back to GIMP. My seminar for English is in about an hour... so I'll have to stop here if I want to get any work done.
>> No. 42538
File 135065132606.jpg - (5.51KB , 222x227 , surprise.jpg )
I think some new reinterpretations. The one in the regular dtp program is based off Faust's imagining of surprise but there are multiple ways to imagine one character. Like how we have 2 minty interpretations in here. I know someone last thread was even talking about doing a different applejack because she changed so much from g1 to g4.
>> No. 42539
Nevermind then. Wow I am a slowpoke. I should stop opening everything up at once then slowly going through each tab of mine or maybe just be sure to refresh before hitting reply.
>> No. 42545

Yeah, plus I do believe Surprise IS in the show, but as a Wonderbolt and we don't have any images of her like that in the main program. It'd be nice to add a few more Wonderbolts though and maybe make an interaction where they all fly by as Rainbow has an MP3 play going "It's the Wonderbolts!" or something.
>> No. 42546
I think Surprise the Wonderbolt was named by the fans. I'm not entirely sure, however. Whatever it is, that sounds like a good idea for my series.
>> No. 42547
File 135068490999.gif - (17.38KB , 106x126 , stand_surprise_left.gif )
Yep, this is pretty much how Surprise looks in The Starlight Club.
>> No. 42691
Just thought I'd mention that once everything's ready to go, the Desktop Ponies crew is planning to make finding the Cannon and OC downloads alot easier to find in the same place.
>> No. 42807
File 135285933863.png - (45.86KB , 325x325 , arpaden_head_shot.png )
He has now got a longer, more show-accurate necktie and a better hoof-print effect. He's called "Arpaden" because that's a way more pony name :) Everyone update please!
>> No. 42825
File 135303278424.gif - (12.38KB , 53x48 , Morning_Prose_trot_left.gif )
So, I managed to make my own pony animation and programmed it based on one of the other ponies, but I have one problem. The file size is way too small! Does anyone know how to resize the .gif files without messing with the quality?
>> No. 42827
Nice, I can tell you really worked on the tail and tie.

What program are you using to make her? If it's photoshop go to image size set percentage for 200 and make sure nearest neighbor is selected NOT bilinear or bicubic. Most other programs are the same except it may not be called nearest neighbor. It may be as simple as making sure anti-aliasing is turned off. Let us know the program so we can help if you still cant get her to size correctly.
>> No. 42829
Ya, it's photoshop.
>> No. 42830
Thank you so much! That worked beautifully.
>> No. 42831
I just want to say, I really appreciate the mods on this board. Maybe I've just been scooting around on the nasty parts of the internet, but you guys seem to have your heads screwed on nicely, and you all seem fairly welcoming and helpful. That goes for everyone out there who just want to help others improve!

Ok, I'm done being a sappy kiss-butt, carry on posting your ponies.
>> No. 42833
File 135308114693.gif - (24.32KB , 228x228 , Red_Kiln_fly_left.gif )
I'm using photoshop to edit the bases, but I'm having trouble assimilating the mane and tail when I customize them. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the mane and tails look as similar as possible from frame to frame?

Here's an example of what I'm talking about (how the hair looks different in each frame).
>> No. 42836
File 135311978387.gif - (44.68KB , 192x144 , slendermane_trot_right.gif )
Not sure if he was made yet, but I've made one. A trotter and idle.
>> No. 42837
I personally like her.
>> No. 42855
File 135331508591.gif - (19.66KB , 106x96 , OC_Sweet_Harmony_fly_left.gif )

Awww. Thank you!

Now, as for what I usually do when making a flying image since I didn't have a PSD file at the time, I made a normal trotter first and did ALOT of cut pasting to move parts of the flying image out of the way first, then bringing over parts of the mane and tail to the proper places, and then moving the cut away parts of the flying image back into place. Sounds tricky, but it just takes practice.

Here's an example of one I have done before. I'll do one with Sky Popper at some point as well.

Edit: After looking at it, I think this is one I did with the PSD file as a test run with it. I'll just make my example with Sky Popper and upload her within the next 24 hours I guess.
>> No. 42863
No rush. Thanks for the reply; I thought I should do something like that, but the last time I copy pasted parts the pony ended up having a limp. It was bad...
>> No. 42869
Typically for these sprites, there are only about 3 tales on different layers and they switch depending on the movement. If you haven't checked out MonkeyJay's tutorial in the OP, I highly suggest it. He shows how to get the nice effect of a scrunchy tail to add "that little something" to the sprite. It seems you've used the brush tool to make the tale too. While it does deliver a cool rotoscope kind of effect, the pencil tool and working with pixels makes it more desktop pony-like. At the end of the day it's your pony though, and if you want to try something unique, I can't stop you. ^_^

Also, I don't know if you're going for an eye effect, but you might wanna consider having the same eye for each frame.
>> No. 42879
File 135347921230.gif - (22.26KB , 110x110 , Sky_Popper_flying_left.gif )
I did a flying Sky, but I kinda used the PSD file for it since I felt a bit lazy on not wanteing to do the cutie mark every frame. ^^; I guess if it helps, we could get you the link to the PSD files that will be publicly available when the new site launches.

As you can see, me and tails don't get along too well ever since I got a different version of Photoshop.
>> No. 42885
File 135353703218.gif - (9.65KB , 53x48 , Shai-Laite-Trot-Base-With-hair-Base.gif )
Alright so I started working on my Oc today, and this is my first time actually getting INTO photoshop.

Can anyone tell me what I can Improve on. (Mainly Being his Mane. How it's supposed to flick in certain places.)

Also can someone give me some advice for spriting his tail. It's long and drags on the ground.(Which doesnt seem to be happening. Again first time in Photoshop.)

Im not that great with photoshop. So ANY help is Appreciated.

Edit: Oh Jeez that's really small. I havn't actually looked at alot of Desktop Ponies, but what's the normal size of sprites coming from Photoshop going to Desktop Ponies?
>> No. 42896
Well, the PSD file bases come as basically 50x50 but when you go to save them for web, you just size them up 200%

Try that first so we can critique it enough for advice giving would be my first advice. XP
>> No. 42898
File 135361640891.gif - (23.61KB , 106x96 , Shai-Laite-Trot-Base-With-hair-Resize.gif )
Here it is. And thanks If you hadn't pointed it out. I would have never found the resize thingy.
>> No. 42903
Not sure about the tail seeing as how it drags, but my suggestion with it is to go frame by frame and edit the tail to where it looks like it raises as he bounces with the slack changing where it drops depending on it's height. So in other words, this may be one where you have to save it as the gif and then go in and edit every frame cause of the unique tail drag.
>> No. 42909
I had a feeling I would have to do something like that. :c

Oh well, trial and error time.
>> No. 42910
I'd say a good place to start is to draw a quick line at the bottom of the lowest foot that goes all the way across so you can make sure the tail looks like it is always on the ground. I'd start with the back end of the tail that is dragging and work up from there.
>> No. 42916
I know, it's been a while since I've been here. School's getting tough with the mid-term exams coming up and all that, but I'm just finishing up here. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break. XD
Anyway, just letting you know I'm back on the OC making.
>> No. 42919
File 135371436573.gif - (12.71KB , 106x96 , marzipan_trot_right_WIP.gif )
Marzipan is under a little makeover. I'm redoing her mane and I still need to finish the jewelry. The tail isn't perfect, either.
>> No. 42922
You still working on that balloon blowing Pinkie Pie? I'm actually somewhat looking forward to that one cause I might try editing it after you finish with my OC Sky Popper doing that cause of her love of balloons.
>> No. 42924
Haha, it's still a work in progress. But yes, I'm working on it.
>> No. 42926
I am doing my first filly! Young Shadowstar was born dark, and thus a goddess named Analay caused her to shrink the darker she began. As soon as she switched sides from Skeleta's to Analay's, she grew to normal size. After defeating Skeleta, she grew again, this time to a larger size than anypony had ever become. (She shrank back, though, so not to worry)
Analay gave her the gift of immortality, and Shadowstar wanted to share her light with others, so she flew around her island of Kamisti (off the coast of Equestria) and radiated light all over the world.
This OC filly will tell her story in more detail.
>> No. 42979
File 135437713362.gif - (42.34KB , 76x112 , Sing Left.gif )
My first animation of a sea pony singing. I may include an actual line of the sea pony song in the zip file, which I will retrieve from Dialga-Brite's Pokemon game which features sea ponies and MLP. I will be sure to credit him.
Also make sure you have a 4shared account before you download any of my files. (If you can't afford premium then you can get the free plan) Unfortunately, I don't have access to any other websites other than 4shared... so bear with me.
>> No. 42980
For some odd reason that animation is playing faster than when I saved it... why is that?
>> No. 42993
File 135447561446.gif - (760B , 64x84 , SMILE!.gif )
If you used Gimp 2, when you save an animated gif there's a checkbox that uses a delay entered for all frames... there might be something like that for other programs, too. Was it checked?
Singing desktop seaponies!? Holy moly!
>> No. 42994
No, it wasn't checked. That's odd...
>> No. 42995
File 135449072441.gif - (735B , 58x80 , Hmm.gif )
I actually had a problem similar to this when I was making bucket Lyra. The animations played at different speeds the different ways I playbacked them... in Gimp 2, in GIF Viewer, and on Firefox. I either got around the issue by using only delays multiple of 50ms, or restarting my pc.

Unless the issue is the delays changing while you save the GIF... then I got no clue.
>> No. 43187
I'm back. Sorry it took so long, I was busy with artwork made for a program similar to Desktop Ponies.
Anyway, back to the ponies. I haven't done any work on filly Shadowstar due to computer issues and school being in the way. Several other OC's have been put on hold until Christmas break begins where I live. Then I may get to them.
BTW is it okay to put parenthesis inside parenthesis? And did I spell it right? Google Chrome has become really stubborn.
Keep you fingers crossed and hope that Miku Pony won't be cancelled altogether. I may practice on Rin Pony first.
>> No. 43555
File 135800572790.png - (14.59KB , 128x128 , 673.png )
I'm in public school now so I hope I still have time to make OC ponies.
Anyway I am losing precious homework time so I'll make this very short. (clears throat) I am planning to recolor bucket Lyra to make a new pony named High Tide (if Dirkos doesn't mind). High Tide is to the left--got her from Dialga-Brite's "Pokemon Kindness Version" which actually features MLP.
Anyway, back to homework. XD I hope I can get on later... :)
>> No. 43557
File 135801826940.gif - (29.29KB , 192x144 , slendermane_idle_right.gif )
I had posted my Slenderman trot dp here a while ago. And then Starstep requested I post the idle animation as well, so... here it is.
>> No. 43566
File 135805510462.gif - (734B , 54x80 , Smile.gif )
Yeah, it's fine.
>> No. 43601
Awesome. Thank you.
>> No. 43608
Allright we have a new thread to show off your ponies with.
>> No. 43611
File 135827513723.png - (72.68KB , 300x309 )
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