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The "Smile: Seeds of Kindness" Deadline is coming soon. 5 days to be exact.

My submission is almost ready, but there is 1 thing left I need. I need clips, voice clips, spoken word.

Just what kind of clips? Real accounts of peoples lives being affect by this very fandom. I want to hear from the common pony, just what this fandom has done for them!

So this is where you guys come in! There are 2 choices

1. message my youtube account or send me an email, and either 1 send me a voice clip of you telling your REAL account. I don't want anything fake. Or If you want, I can do a real talk with you on skype and really get into it! Either way I want to end up with lots of different clips that I can work with, and you might find yourself in the final product!

If you are going to send a voice clip I want a few things included.

1. your name "Hi I'm _______"
2. When you became a brony
3. The beef of you submission
4. any additional things you want to add.

I really hope some interest can be peaked here, I really look forward to anypony interested!

My youtube link is here if you want to message, and my email is [email protected]

Thanks to anypony who participates!

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