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File 133275682939.png - (916.67KB , 2338x1700 , 41797 - artist-rustydooks artist-tess cards card_game Carrot_Top Children\'s_card_game derp.png )
36001 No. 36001
Hi there! UrbanMeadows here with an exciting proposition for all those ambitious artists out there!
I have been greenlit for publishing a pony trading card game! We need illustrations for the game and are willing to pay for your contributions!

This is your chance to get on board! We already have Megasweet, MrPoniator and Petirep on confirmed for the 1st edition printing; slots are filling up fast, so head on over to my DeviantArt for more information visit;
You can also contact me at [email protected]
Our admin, PetrolheadBellsprout is setting up the website, when it’s ready it will be;

If you have any questions to all, please ask! I’m sure you have many!
Thanks for reading!
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>> No. 36026
1. When you say greenlit, do you mean greenlit by Hasbro?

2. What sort of money could one expect from supplying art. Yes it will vary. From what, to what?

3. you say packs will cost $20US? That seems a lot. What do you get for a pack? How much money would you have to spend to get a "deck" going?

4. Is this going to stores? If so, who's publishing it and distributing? Since Wizards of the Coast is a subsidiary of Hasbro ( I think it still is).
>> No. 36042
File 133280738711.png - (275.24KB , 478x399 , RainbowFactory02.png )
Thanks for asking :) I just noticed I posted it as a 'Trading Card Game', which was a mistake, its a 'Collectable Card Game'

1. It was approved by a local attorney to be so far enough removed from Hasbro's products to avoid any possible confrontation.

2. Contributors have the choice to either accept small money upfront, in which case they charge a standard commission price, the lowest artist we have working on our project accepts $1 per picture, whilst the masterclasses work for upwards of $25
The other option which many people are taking is a slice of the profit, which ranges between $0.05-$0.10 for every card sold with their art on it, after a few sales, this number really starts to accelerate
So feel free to negotiate terms with me

3. Each pack costs $20 + P&P and are shipped from the publishing company in the US
Each pack contains 50 beautifully printed pony cards and comes in a 'tuck case' a full colour, compact deck box, similar to the design below (Only with more ponies and less monkeys)
A 'deck' is comprised of any 30 cards, and one 'deck' can be played with by 3-6 people (Gameplay lasts anywhere from 20-40mins)
So the extra 20 cards you receive are expansions to the game!
After a game, you can swap cards from the deck with cards from the expansion to make the game fresh and varied (Pulling a card noponys seen before is a lot of fun and everypony clambers to take a look)
So you would spend $20 (Plus shipping) and you'd have everything you need to play forever!

4. I can't put this in shops, but don't worry - its cheaper online!
Just like up at WeLoveFine, the cards are printed at the publishing company after you order and should arrive between 7-10 days (US) and 12-15(International) is handling publishing and distribution, all orders will be made through them

I didn't make this game to put in shops, I made it so every Brony can own a CCG with adorable ponies on them AND still be a competitive game AND laugh out loud hilarious. So when it's ready you can buy them straight out of the cutting machine on the website above.
If you have any comments at all about literally anything (Positive or negative) feel free to say so!

tl;dr; A legal advisor said yes - You can have $10 per picture now or $0.10 for every single sale of the game - Everything you need to play is in the box -
>> No. 36058
Be sure to add us on twitter!!/1000Ponies

and our website is up!
>> No. 36089

"It was approved by a local attorney to be so far enough removed from Hasbro's products to avoid any possible confrontation."

I don't see any way that selling products with the names and likenesses of copyrighted characters is legal. What specific clauses in US copyright law supports the claim that it is?

This one attorney's opinion is not a ruling (doesn't protect you from anything), you should get approval from Hasbro, remove pony names, or best of all don't charge for them. Otherwise expect to be sued.
>> No. 36095
File 133290174837.png - (432.74KB , 524x441 , RainbowFactory02.png )
This is very true, and an excellent observation.
I will get this approved by any means necessary by Hasbro!
Starting with stripping the official names (and perhaps even cutie marks) from the cards.

Perhaps if it is not possible to attain permission to; I can always use cards with original characters and/or humanised characters, as Slugbox does (such as Starswirl and a large portion of Megasweet's content) what do you think?
>> No. 36097
>what do you think?

Should be
>what does Hasbro Inc. think?

That is literally all that matters here.
>> No. 36102

Just for the record. Hasbro's releasing/planning to release "official" Trading Cards (, so I doubt they'd take kindly to a project in literal, direct competition with theirs. Specially if money is involved in there.
>> No. 36109
It's cool that you've got some great artists on board, but looking at the cards you've got posted on your dA, card effects don't seem to be fairly well thought out.

A lot of effects are based on gimmicks that might be amusing once or twice but will quickly become tired and annoying on any additional plays. Cards like these are generally the first to get banned in other card games.

Additionally, a few effects are based on the assumption that the player has some additional object other than the normal playing requirements available. Coins are fairly reasonable, though still not advisable unless coin flipping is a regularly used mechanic (such as in the Pokemon TCG).

I might go through the cards later and post some critiques/improvements.

Regardless of of any of this, I highly doubt Hasbro is going to officially approve this, since it clashes with their own product.
>> No. 36116
File 133296398428.png - (527.98KB , 628x525 , RF07.png )
Ah! The cards on my DeviantArt are only tests and do not represent the final products.
How about I post the card effects I've compiled? That way you have a clearer view on the subject!
(And you're right about Hasbro)

Here’s the gameplay;
Each player has roughly 3 cards in his/her hand, during their turn they may play one card from their hand, then draw cards up or discard down to the hand size limit (Which starts off at 3, cards can increase or decrease this number).
You may play cards on any player, including yourself
Each card has a point’s value; the player with the highest point score is the winner at the end of the game
The game ends the moment when a player tries to draw from the deck and there’s none to pick up

These are the current names and effects of the cards I've assembled in the latest version;

Rainbow Factory/Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla set

Flirtatious Advances
Pass an adjacent player one card you control +5pts

Out of Order
Place this card on top of another card in play; that card’s effect is negated -5pts

Tearful Farewell
Discard any card in play

Stall for time
Play from your hand at any time; immediately end the current player’s turn +10pts

Yay Government!
The controller of this card’s hand size limit is increased by one +10pts

Everypony panic!
Play this card on any player except yourself. As soon as you play this card, yell; “Everypony panic” – The recipient of this card must tag the escaping players. The last player to be caught may take any card on the field -20pts

Main Set

Bitter discontent
Once per turn, the controller of this card may shuffle one card in their hand back into the deck and draw a new card +10pts

Look at the next 5 cards in the deck and place them back in any order +5pts

Solemn Warning
Play in response of a card effect’s activation, cancel that card’s activation and discard it One Use

Incessant Whining
When you play this card, the recipient shows you their hand; you may take one card from it -15pts
>> No. 36119
File 133297132052.jpg - (80.16KB , 640x480 , Pleases me.jpg )
I personally find this entire idea delightful.

We need to support this shit! Send in ideas for cards and stuff.

Also, guys, can we focus on the game and possibly stop panicking about Hasbro? We all know they are very reasonable guys who are light footed when it comes to copyright.
>> No. 36121

No, all we know is that they are lightfooted with people making a few bucks with fanart commissions or the odd plushie sale.

This is somepony wanting to sell a product with Hasbro's intellectual property.

And OP, I think you've put a lot of work into this, but my feeling is you should not monetize it. The other problem that stands out to me is a very inconsistent tone in the game itself. It seems like the rules and card effects are aimed at young children, but the text and references to dating/sex/ game of thrones seems aimed at adults. The points rules are incredibly simple, almost to the point where it is not really a "game" with any strategy. Remember that young kids play/played yu-gi-oh and pokemon that have far more complicated rules than this.

My suggestion is to remove all the things like "punch them in the arm" "Run away" and replace it with "Take a shot" or "Scull a beer", "take two drinks".

Basically, this seems like it would be a fun drinking game for adults who happen to like ponies. Remove any of the sillier effects form the cards and make them drinking rules. It seems incredibly questionable to try to sell it and expect to get away with it.


Go fully in the direction of a game for very young children in which case remove any adult themes/references from the card text/art. And also it STILL seems incredibly questionable to try to sell it and expect to get away with it.

At the moment it seems stuck somewhere in between, for manchildren, if you will (which may be right on the nose to be honest), but not in the same child like way in which adults enjoy the show.
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