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36083 No. 36083
Lets try this again. Kay, I am working on a pony horror game, and I am in need of spriters/artist/C (Or python) coders/writers. The game will mostly be programmed in C, with some python. If you are interested, please say something. Also, if you are good with math (Anything above high-school Geometry would be awsome), and interested, please say so. If you are not a programmer, but want to learn, I will gladly help you.
The next stuff is some info at the jobs and what not.
The game is 2d.

Programmer -

Lang: C/Python. Some experience with SDL would be recommended (actually, I just picked up the library being comfortable with it from pygame).

experience - anything, novice to advanced system programmer, being a lonely programmer is lonely, ya know?
(I would classify myself an intermediate programmer, not super knowledgeable on either language, but can do a whole lot with them.)

don't be afraid of a tad bit of grimdark. I don't want too much blood in the game mainly because this fandom is awful about those types of things, but I think the atmosphere should provide most of the horror portion. We currenly have one pixel artist, and I am thinking about having the game in a true 16-bit color scale. So be used to not working in true-color (24+ bit)
No animator because it will all be implemented C(all rendering will be implemented in C due to speed and the amount of layers needed)

A note on why there is no engine -
A: There is no really good, free, GNU, cross-platform (I dev on Linux (Fedora)) 2-d engine
B: Its 2d, not that hard
C: If you think that Game Maker is a good idea and making something in it makes you a game desighner, NO! NONONONONONONONONO!NONONONON!
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>> No. 36084
Here comes the usual stuff:

>a pony horror game
1. What is your game? Describe it in a paragraph that would make somepony want to play it. Is it a platformer? is it top down? is it a shooter?
What's the premise? zombies? ghosts? monsters?

2. what do you do? Programmer? Artist? Sound effects?

>No animator because it will all be implemented C

I'm not sure you quite understand what an animator does. It doesn't matter how it's implemented, if you want any thing to happen in your game visually to a character, you will need an animator.
>> No. 36085
Might I suggest C++ with SDL and Opengl?
I think it would be in your best interest to at-least use deprecated opengl because working with SDL alone will be a pain.

At any-rate...I could help you write a collision system if you'd like.
I'm mostly a hobbyist programmer so it will probably take some time to familiarize myself with C and Python and its api's.

Here is some of my stuff:

I can only really help to write collision stuff for you and not the physics because the language must be object oriented in order for my type of physics system to work.
>> No. 36086

My Job - C/Python programmer.

First question (note: I was going to include this, but decided to see if there was interest first.)

Genre - platform/survival horror/post-apocalyptic/supernatureal/mind-f***

(I am a horrible summarizer, so prepare for incoming suckiness)

Note on some things that inspired the game first (This might give you a better feel for the game than the summary, curse my horrid writing talent)

Tulpas (the creepy pasta and the thought-form type thing)
-This is the basis on how the game starts.

Amnesia the dark descent - effects, survival horror genre, some gaming mechanic ideas

CaveStory(what got me off my flank and wanting to make a game)
Short as crap summary:
The game will take place after trixie's visit from ponyville. Long-story short, she goes completely insane and develops split personality disoder. Her second personality develops into a physical consciousness and detaches. This destorys ponyville/equestria eventually. Trixie is left to try to fix crap.

We have 3 long convos about some things happening in the game with another writer, I'll paste them if you wish. That was me half-assing a summary.

As per your question about animation

Have a flowchart

spritesheet ---> parser ---> AI/state/whatToDIsplayfunction ---> displayOnScreen

The spritesheet would be a custom filetype containing data fields in a listed (bottom) possible implementation. An animation would just choose a pic from the sheet, display it on a coordinate, and have it follow a path, using some other sprites as frames.

example -
Trixie is running
Get at which frame she is running at (lets say there is 5)
display that frame at current corrdinates

Animation in a 2d game is just vectors and images basically.

Possible binary data struct
int width of sprite
int height of sprite

char = 1 name of action
int number of frames;

>> No. 36087
I would implement it in C++ if I could, but I can't. I don't know C++.

My current known language




learning/plan to learn


A note on your physics
C cam be OOP. Share you system though, Python is OOP and cython can be used to turn it into C code, or we could straight up emmbed it at a lose of speed.
>> No. 36088
Another note on animation
I have some experimental animation engine code in python. Work in progress.
>> No. 36090
I think the story and gameplay specifics will get people a lot more interested!

>Animation in a 2d game is just vectors and images basically.

People who are good artists may be crappy animators, and vice versa. You realise somepony has to DRAW each frame of the spritesheets right? That is literally animation, done by an animator.

>Trixie is running
No she's not. Not until an animator makes those frames. Just saying, you will need an animator. The process you described at no point bypasses that. Artists are a dime a dozen (not meant as an insult), but somepony who knows how to turn movement into still poses is not the same thing at all. This is not an opinion.
>> No. 36091
I call that a spriter. Vocab mess up (for me) :P
>> No. 36092
Sorry about that little mess up. Should have been more specific.
>> No. 36094
Ah I see. You specifically said 'no animator', that's why I was confused. Sorry for the miscommunication.
>> No. 36130
Yeah, when I think of animator i think of it more in a flash type, or 3d realm. So the same distinction of artist/animatore would take place. A 3d animator may be a horrible flash-esque animator, who may be a horrible sprite animator. I personally have no experience with drawing animation, so I wouldn't be that good for the job.

((As for my programming experience, 2 years in python, 1 year in C. I'm most knowledgable on system programming subject, not that knowledgable still.))
>> No. 36260
Development is completely stalled until we can get an animotor/spriter. Somepony... please... I don't want this project to die...
>> No. 36262
File 133330502094.jpg - (13.69KB , 320x227 , 133288892366.jpg )
This is Dusty (who does not know how to make a trip code or whatever they're called). I would like to help program. I've done some python, java, c++, c#, unityscript (javascript), and I am less than intermediate, but I've been searching for a project to help with for a while. How can I contact you? Here's my email: dustybrown1887 at g m a i l dot com.
>> No. 36263
Hey this is Dusty (who does not know how to make a trip code or whatever they're called and who probably posted someplace random the first time). I would like to help program. I've done some python, java, c++, c#, unityscript (javascript), and I am less than intermediate, but I've been searching for a project to help with for a while. How can I contact you? Here's my email:
>> No. 36265
Thanks for the interest.
((There is a question box beside the name field that will help you with your name/trips.))
>> No. 36266
Be contacting you shortly
sage because I don't want to bump post a bagillion times
>> No. 36268
File 133330776456.jpg - (132.52KB , 1024x642 , my little dolphin.jpg )
Dusty here. I guess I will just keep posting replies every so often.

I am currently in college to learn how to program.

I have been designing board games, rpg stat algorithms, and other gamedev goodies for years.

If you don't want me as a programmer, I have the ability to take a mediocre plot and dialog and raise it a few letter grades with proofreading and editing.

I am big on writing dark/twisted stories. I have my limits when it comes to certain subjects, but that does not prevent the desired effect.
>> No. 36269
This is my first time dealing with game dev, I usually mess around with system stuff. So it sounds you like you would be better than me.

((I'm a self-taught programmer, so I might have some holes in my knowledge. I'm not even close to getting in collage either :/))
>> No. 36270

Need to go for about 3-hourse or so. Get back to you

sage ebcause I just bumped.
>> No. 36702
>> No. 36704
I'd like to help. I'm a terrible artist and a poor programmer, but I like writing and could help visualize and plan the scenes/plot/levels. I could also do a bit of programming if you need some extra help.
>> No. 36718
Why C and python, and not just python?

Not telling you what to do, but python is usually plenty enough for a 2D game, and by adding the requirement of using C you're adding a lot of complexity. If you've got some library you're wanting to use or something, that's a different story.

SDL and box2D both have python bindings though.
>> No. 36781
I've been thinking of that. I'm extremely comfortable with pygame, so i'll test the speed out with just that.
>> No. 36954
update post:
completed spritesheet handling functions. Writing display engine type thing. Going to work on a possible implementation of of a lighting engine for sprites and non-block based background for dynamic lighting.
>> No. 36955
It just hit me that we are going to need musicians eventually... I suck at music. :/
>> No. 37408
If you want a musician, I could make some stuff if you want it. if you want examples of my work, you can look around my youtube. The three examples of my work that I think are closest to the game atmosphere you described are these:

Contact me if you're interested.
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