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Unfortunately, one of our voice actresses for the Antipodes audiobook project was unable to complete the endeavor, so the position of Tiptoe is available again! If you're interested in voicing one of the main characters in Antipodes, please send any three (or more, if you are so inclined) Tiptoe lines to me at [email protected] Female applicants preferred, as this is a female part. The project can't go forward without this part, so I look forward to your auditions! Thanks for your time and consideration.
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Where are the lines, bio, etc? You kind of assumed that everypony knows what this project is, but I have no idea what it is nor where to go to find out. ;)
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oh, oops! That was mostly because I wrote it like a second before I went to bed. You can find the story here:

As for a bio, I can whip one up right now: Tiptoe is a young pegasus, just out of school, who grew up under constant mockery due to her wings. In the post-apocalyptic world of Antipodes, Tiptoe's society moved underground many generations before she was born, and pegasi are all but extinct. When she graduates, she is assigned to Jigsaw, the most senior engineer in the caves, and quickly falls for him. Under his tutelage, she begins to emerge from her shell and gain self-confidence.

of course, right about then is when our story begins, and a freak accident forces her and Jigsaw up to the nearly inhospitable surface world to attempt to heal the wounds inflicted on the world so long ago.

Tiptoe is kind-hearted, cool under pressure, and idealistic- perhaps to the point of naïveté. She's cool under pressure, but has been known to give in to anger at times.

I hope that helps!
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Hey everypony, this is GreatDinn, the voice of Jigsaw in this fine production here, and after talking with PK, I did a little chapter searching to make getting lines easier for you gals that want to audition. The following are three short monologues from Tiptoe, the chapter they're in, and a rough summary of the emotions Tiptoe has in the scene.

From Chapter 4:
“Will you just stop talking!" ... “All you’ve done for the last three days is talk about the stupid subway car! What makes you think I care? I asked one question, I didn’t want your whole life story!”
(Stressed and angry after being hurt, and trapped far from home for a few days, with little food or water)

From Chapter 7:
“Oh. That. What exactly is it we’re supposed to be doing? It’s not like he gave us very specific directions besides ‘east’. As far as we know, it could be a million miles east! And besides...” her voice dropped in volume. “I don’t think I could kill anypony, no matter how evil they might be.”
(Mood drop from happy to sad right before the line. Just been ordered to kill an evil pony in exchange for safe passage from a dragon)

From Chapter 11:
“Exactly,”...“Which means that there has to be a way out down there. Think about it. So far, we haven’t even been able to go down a level. We also haven’t seen any other ponies. If there are some out there, it stands to reason they must have come from somewhere, yeah? I vote we go exploring.”
(Escaping from the castle of an incredibly suspicious pony, trying to convince Jigsaw that it's gonna be safer to go outside than to hide.)

Now, it should be noted, these aren't end all be all lines. You don't HAVE to submit these as your audition. If you read through the story (again, optional, but it will help with character understanding) and find better monologues for you, then by all means, use those. These are just general guidelines, something to show you what we're looking for in the audition.

Now, with that long rant out of the way, have fun everypony. And we can't wait to hear from you.
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I will record my audition after the weekend. I have a con that I'm going to be busy at all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and today I have to rest my voice for some panels I'm talking in on Saturday.
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