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36138 No. 36138
I'm starting a classified jobs listing site for the brony / pony community. ^^

What everypony's take on this idea - and the site design. Love some feedback. Thanks. =)
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>> No. 36141
I like the idea of using a job searching site for like minded people to assosiate with one another. Will it catch on? Doubtful, but it has my support and I may throw a job listing to help it along.
>> No. 36148

Wow, that's a really... NEW idea! I'm not 100% sure if it will work but I wish you lots o' luck!

I personally love the idea of people looking for jobs that fit their hobbies / mindsets, it makes work at least 20% cooler. And having a job where you can share your likes / hobbies is really hard to find, and being a brony is often something you can't brag about at work.

About the site: it is simple and functional (the captcha for the post a job is not working, though) and Twilight & RD look awesome. I'm just not into the logo you've got there, it is grey and not at all pony, maybe you should check that.

Wish you the best of luck with the site!

[Rainbow is responsible for weather control, not cooking!]
>> No. 36149
Yeah, I did take into consideration its odds of success, but better to try and fail than not try at all. Thanks for your support. :)
>> No. 36150
I'll get right on those. ^ ^ lol
>> No. 36151
Fixed the captcha and colorified the logo...

I'm sorry, but could you please elaborate on why. thanks! ^ ^)
>> No. 36153
Would be nice if there was an option to give/get more data about a job before applying in a need-to-post basis.

One of the two current ads, for example, doesn't list how much it pays. sometimes is discouraging, for both applicant and hiring party to go through all the hassle of contacting, discussing and the rest only to be held back at the last stop because a bit of information (such as the pay range) is missing.

The "apply now" already lets you subit a CV, which is a good step in general direction. A line for "expected pay-range", for example, would make it better.

Also would like the option to post resumes or CVs for people to hire. For example, I'm a designer by trade, so I'd like to open an ad that read

"Designer - Specialty in web design and coding.

- knows PHP/CSS/XHTML, etc... "

... so people interested in finding somepony in that certain job area could take a look at it and probably hire. =)
>> No. 36177
You raise some great points - and great suggestions. I'll work on that asap.

Also, the site is now suitable for screen widths down to 800px. I'll knock something out for 640 and smaller once I finish the PHP revisions that Anon 3 (36153) mentioned above...
>> No. 36187
Please add the reverse option - let people post their CVs and "looking for job" ads.
>> No. 36205
In the works. you can count on it. =)
>> No. 36206
Alrighty, I'm going to do this just like when you go into a category to post a job, you select a category in which to submit your Résumé / CV. This'll be much easier to implement, and will be much easier to navigate IMHO. For example, on CraigsList, I'm very annoyed that there is one pool category for Job Wanted / Résumés. -_-

Instead there will be two lists: Résumés vs. Jobs under each category.
>> No. 36243
Alrighty, everypony. Résumé / CV listings are functional.
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