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So I don't know how many of you that have played the Visual Novel called 'Katawa Shoujo' - It's an extremely adorable (and free!) game (sort of dating sim, but I'm not really sure.)

I noticed that a lot of people seems to have a lot of prejudices against such games, and the people who likes them. While they're definitely some weird dating sims out there, they can still be REALLY adorable and cute.

I was thinking about trying to get to know the ren'py, and then MAYBE try to make something like KS, but instead with the Mane Six.

Imagine the amount of d'aws. I mean, the possibility to date your favourite pony, wouldn't that be sweet? Of course, anything would be SFW, bittersweet and all that jazz.

Now I'm not promising anything at all, I'm just curious about what most bronies opinions are on this project? I really think it could end up as something really amazing.
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I think it'd be kinda hard to imagine how it'd be like if you haven't played KS or something similar though. I recommend you guys to try to download it and get one of the girl's route before judging this.
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>playing cripple waἱfu simulator
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Hoppip it's actually very respectful and not really about the disabilities. It's not much of a game but it is a good story. The protagonist is not "you" either but his own character.

Think of the general reaction to saying you watch MLP, this applies to KS a LOT.
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I wouldn't call it a dating sim in the first line, gives a bad impression.

I think there was such a project at one point for ponies, not sure what happened to it. Judging from KS's development process, if you want polish it's going to take years and a very dedicated art and writing team. The writing will be the hardest to get right, you can't let just anypony pen this. KS levels of non-fanservice will be required.
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I never said it had to be as good as KS. Just that it could be something a little similar.

Art wouldn't be too hard, the characters are already made, it'd require a few vectors of different poses/emoticons of them.

About the writing, KS is very serious (in my opinion) - This would mostly be for fun only, meaning that the writing wouldn't have to be that serious.
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Also, I agree with Visual Novels not really being 'games' - However, they're actually categorized as games anyway.

I appreciate your thoughts, but I'm more interested in your opinions about this idea, rather than discussing whatever it may be possible or not.
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I would help in the making of this, I know much of RenPy. Only if this doesn't include adult content. I'm not comfortable working around that.
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I'd love to see something like this. I'd like to attempt writing for it (at least submitting a draft of some part for consideration) especially if one of the arcs was more KS-type serious.

Obviously it would be a main act then six paths and set in Ponyville. The Episode 1 (and KS for that matter) plot device of "preparing for a festival" is a good excuse to have you interact with the six and be faced with decision points. After that, some bad event/personal problem has to happen that causes separation. It is quite formulaic actually, but attempting to mess with that would be bad.

No adult content of course.
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Several other fans here on /collab/ have talked about making a visual novel or a romance game based on MLP:FIM. Please keep in mind that none of those projects have been updated in the last few months. I assume they died quietly, perhaps because the creators got too busy, got frustrated, or lost their passion. Only Gentlecolts' fan game "Love is Magic" is still being updated.

It's an unfortunate reality, but a lot of freeware projects get quietly cancelled before they materialize. Some get a demo, and then nothing more. Slight variations of this unfortunate reality affect other fan-made media which is free, including fanfiction and webcomics.

Writing down ideas for a visual novel or a romance game is easy. Actually taking the time to write, and making the effort that's required to get it done is difficult. Plus it's necessary to check for bugs, and it always helps to edit for continuity and consistency.

Be sure to ask on the Lemma Soft Forums if you need help. If you need a free alternative to Ren'py, then give Novelty Maker a chance (it has its own forum).
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I like a variety of harem stories and games. That includes ones which are worksafe, ones which include alternate pairings such as reverse harem / girl x boys, and ones which focus on complex gameplay. That said, I have to make one thing clear. You can write visual novels about topics other than romantic relationships. It has been done, and more non-harem stories still can be made.

If you want to make a clean harem game about the Mane Six, go ahead. But you can also write a story/game about their adventures, their friendships, or many other topics. After all, it's your game... So decide what you want to make, commit to it, and then make the effort required to get it done.
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