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I'm looking to start a long running video series (about 20 videos or so) And was hoping somepony could help.

Basically what I would like is some HD /CLEAN/ copies of the episodes. My HD episodes are covered in hub logos and my clean episodes are only 240p and look like flank when I edit them.

Does anypony know of a site that hosts clean HD (720p/1080p) episodes? or a torrent that has them?

INB4 iTunes. Would love to own them legit but from Europe, so that's not yet an option.
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>> No. 36169
then get the itunes not legit
>> No. 36172
there's this neat new website called "google"
>> No. 36191
File 133311886703.jpg - (6.64KB , 236x214 , 1300243631563.jpg )
Yeah, because that wasn't the first thing I tried...
>> No. 36193
>Perhaps the wrong board but...

Yes, it IS the wrong board. This board is for fan-made projects, not for posting thinly-veiled requests for torrents or download links.

Sorry, but I'm reporting this.
>> No. 36197
In case you're still around, OP, here appears to be the best place to ask your question: :)
>> No. 36210
File 133315396357.jpg - (14.83KB , 277x243 , 132646065455.jpg )
And I'm sorry but report for what exactly? What board would be better suited to a request to gain the materials to make a series of videos? And I made no pretence in my OP about what I wanted, I blatantly asked for site links or torrents, besides which, I've not seen any site rules against such things (since that's how a good number of us get the materials in the first place). I know for a fact that this information is most likely on this very site somewhere but I don't know where and without help I have not been able to find it.

And if it's for posting in the wrong board, well, I already apologised for that, but as stated, which board seems the better choice?

Thanks for the link Mimic, That's definitely a step in the right direction.
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