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This really isn't meant to be a long thread, i just need this cleared up so i'll cut to the chase:
A while ago on EQD i read that the maker of the "Ask the Crusaders" tumblr was planing on making a fan-made episode over the summer, today i found this (see pic), and i'm an idiot so i have to ask: is this the fan made episode he was talking about? or is is something completely diffirent made by somepony else? I can't seem to find much info on either of them so anything would be helpful
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  Different things. The guy who's doing Double Rainboom made the Present Prank animation (the video, if I embeded it right).

He put up the storyboards on dA in November. If you're interested, I'm pretty sure he has more information on his dA page (

The Ask the Crusaders thing is much more recent, I believe.
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The ask-the-crusaders fan episode is now a project not strictly associated with them.

Incidentally, Flamingo1986 _is_ associated with the EQD project as well!

See this thread >>36048
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