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36234 No. 36234
I guess after 4 months it is time for a new thread. (Previous one here: >>29647)

V1.40 test 2 has been promoted to the official V1.40.
Get it here!:

But that's old news. Lets talk about new stuff. I've actually been off the ponynet for almost a month - so I haven't included any of the new art from my last update (or answered any e-mails....). My time is getting rather limited lately so I hope all of you won't mind a much slower release schedule.

That said, there is also a new test version, V1.41 TEST 1 (link in next post).

I've been repeatedly asked for some sort of feature that lets ponies "cycle" in and out so you're not stuck with the same ones unless you manually add or remove them.

Now you have it. I call it pony houses. This is how you use it:

Start the program up and launch a pony. Bring up the right-click menu of the pony and you'll see a "Add house/structure" option that will display all available houses.

After a pony's place of abode appears, you can right click it to get options or drag it around.

These are stored in their own folders like ponies and games, but with a house_ prefix. Only one is included at the moment: Trixie's stage

Each "house" can have its own timer (default is 5 minutes) in which one of the following happens by chance:
-Absolutely nothing!
-A pony currently displayed on the screen goes back to the house and enters it. (unless there is only 1 pony left).
-A pony exits the house to join the others on the screen (up to the max pony limit as defined in the options menu - you might want to adjust that).

Each house can have its own list of ponies that are allowed to enter it (or leave from it). For the moment, Trixie has MANY guests crashing at her place... since that's the only art I have for structures.

Here are the changes since the last official version (1.39):

V1.41 TEST 1

-New feature: Pony Houses! (Pony cycling)

V1.40 (official - includes test versions listed below)

-Master and MareDoWell have had categories added. Violet's 2nd "sit" behavior has been renamed so it is not a duplicate.
-The Dr. Whooves from the show (original) has replaced the Dr.Who fan one

V1.40 TEST 2:

-Updated image handling and gif reading code from Rooster Dragon. Result: Less memory usage, among other things!
-Missing "T" in title fixed
-The options and mini-game menus now has scrollbars if they are resized to be smaller.
-The buttons and other controls on the main menu will always be visible if the window is resized.
-New option: Slowdown factor. Slows the application (including animations) down by the amount specified.

V1.40 TEST 1:

-Angel, Rainbow Dash, and Winona had behavior durations that didn't make sense (Maximum larger than Minimum). Fixed
-Hoity Troity, 80's cheerilee and Elsie all had invalid parameters in some of their behaviors for following. Fixed.

New and updated art:

+Pinkie Pie somersault and Oink, Oink animations
+Daring do
+Mr Cake
+Update to Mysterious Mare Do Well
+Dr Woof's hourglass twirl
+Rainbow beepbeep
+Spike's mustache
+Sleeping Rarity
+AppleJack's Nightmare Night costume.
+AJ lasso + pose animations
+Derpy's "Just don't know what went wrong"

-Those of you with very large screens (?) will no longer get overflow errors when clicking ponies.
-The old behavior of hiding the pony when opening up other windows in the editor has been restored.

-Selecting "Return to menu" after the program was "auto-started" will actually show a visible menu.
-Scaling was improperly being calculated in some instances, causing problems with dragging, among other things.

-Taking control of a pony when playing a game did not work properly. Fixed.
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>> No. 36235
Since last time I checked, you can only have 1 link per post:

V1.41 TEST 1:
>> No. 36239

Another one, with the usual low I.Q and broken english.
>> No. 36241
Belated replies:


Whenver I get the time, I plan to make a "do not loop" option for behaviors. With RoosterDragon's recent code, we actually have a lot of control over animations now.

Definitely your own fault :) Pinkie has lots of behaviors... Added to my list of things to do.

You'll have to show me how exactly all that works for multi-platforms :) I am just an amature coder compared to you (but I'm sure you knew that).
And btw, I did look at your interface for graphics and agree it's a good idea. I have had very little spare time though so I'm affraid the new feature doesn't use that yet. I'll work on tidying everything up.

I like Commercial use is probably too touchy a subject.
>> No. 36254
Hmmm... desktop ponies is going to be a sims game?
>> No. 36276
By the way, there was something mentioned about a screen mate thingy and I'd like that idea. Would it be possible to allow users to create bahavior "classes" like behaviors that are triggered through a mousclick or proximity of the mouse or even through a little vb code that would define the trigger °_°
>> No. 36281
I await the day where I can feed my desktop ponies, just like my virtual fish.
>> No. 36288
I can barely keep up with the ideas already put out, and there you go giving me better ones.

Actually, you've reminded me of how that old program I once used (that led me to making this) worked:

A floating toolbar like you have in photoshop, but it has options for cursor functions like:

Drag (displays a drag hand, same as the current version)
Pet (clicking and dragging around a pony plays a "pet" behavior - although I'd have to make different animations for different areas.. pet near the top and you pat them on the head, pat lower for a belly rub, etc...)
Spray with water for the 'wet mane' look (on my old virtual puppy program, you prayed them when they were bad...)

How should feed work? Just display an animation or drop some hay?

What else should there be?

Oh Celestia, this does sound almost like the start of like pony sims.
>> No. 36292

This sounds really neat. Could you theoretically have a bahavior of a pony to behave like a house, so that said behavoir would switch to a pony. That could be used to avoid different clothing versions of characters and a whole bunch of giant hats for Rarity.

(btw: The placement of the effects seems still to be off when scaled)

@ StarStepPony: This is a human form but has all kinds of Rarity's giant hats and the episodes it was from
>> No. 36293
Didn't check with the new official version, but on v1.41 Test 1, the fan character Dr. Whooves is still the main one while the more show accurate Dr. Whoof is not.

The houses... look a bit out of place in my opinion, but okay. Perhaps you could add the ability to add animations to the houses, at least for when a pony enters or exits the house.
>> No. 36298
>Didn't check with the new official version, but on v1.41 Test 1, the fan character Dr. Whooves is still the main one while the more show accurate Dr. Whoof is not.

Anonycat made a show-accurate Dr Whooves, but I'm not sure if it was included yet or not. (It still should be available at the old thread.)
>> No. 36309
How'd you know the 'giant hat edition' was going to be my next project. '<0;D Thanks!

Also that is an awesome idea about having the ponies be a house to switch between other forms of themselves. So gala pinkie could seamlessly transition with real pinkie and pinkamina if you wanted. I'm liking this idea.
>> No. 36329
File 133342200893.png - (202.44KB , 650x650 , 1.png )
hi! i just wanted to thank you for adding the scrollbars! now i can reach the save button =)
Also i have a little problem with Celestia: when she walks, her legs don't move, like if the animation was paused.
>> No. 36330
Hi, any chance of getting Beery Punch's foal added to the list, i think her name is Pinchy?
>> No. 36333
>You'll have to show me how exactly all that works for multi-platforms :) I am just an amature coder compared to you (but I'm sure you knew that). And btw, I did look at your interface for graphics and agree it's a good idea. I have had very little spare time though so I'm affraid the new feature doesn't use that yet. I'll work on tidying everything up.

Most of the work is done for me, thanks to the Mono project and Gtk. I "just" need to write a GUI and it'll work. The main bit will be writing all the bits that glue it together. Once that's done you could just throw some ponies at it, and the magic will happen for you.

No worries about doing your bit any time soon, by the time I finish I'll probably have changed everything again anyway :P

Anyway I am loving this houses thing. Awesome way to cycle ponies. My only complaint so far would be the freezing (you can tell when Piknie was chosen, because she takes like 10 seconds to load).

That does sound like an awesome idea. I'd love to see that.

Try these images, they should work:
>> No. 36338
File 133343392739.png - (0.97MB , 1021x591 , celestia.png )
i tried those images and this happened... it only happens when she's going to the right.
>> No. 36339
Something... was extra weird with the right-facing images.

Double fixed:
>> No. 36342
File 133345633028.gif - (8.36KB , 140x126 , pinkie_galopp_right.gif )
I'm a tad late, but here is some more Pinkie (new file, I had to make a few corrections)
It has the rearing, galloping, a new sitting, the frontflip and the cake nom animation. I also I made some correction to some old stuff etc.

By the way: I noticed that the "Random Pony" has a folder but contains no actual animations. Maybe we could store the templates in there since they seem to be all over the place atm.

And there seem to be some bugs:
When you go into the editor and exit it without having done anything, saved options seem to get lost.
effects are misaligned when scaled
I couldn't pin this one down, but sometimes ponies aren't clickable and not in the forground. Although the cursor changes when hovering over the pony and the pony goes into the mouseover behavior, it can't be dragged or rightclicked and brings an unrelated window (firefox in my case) in the foreground (win 7 64bit). This also happened when I added a house and could click on the newly appeared ponies but not on those that were on screen before I added the house
Somepony mentioned also a behavior for appearing ponies like an animation that they would do when the first appear on screen. That would be nice for when they enter through the house.
The buildings are scaled with twice the scale amount (at least with 0,5 it's seems to be scaled by 0,25) (a different scaler for buildings wouldn't be so bad though since buildings could be rather larges and I can imagine those being used when you are working and can't have too many ponies)
also when I scaled by 2 and tried to rightclick on the house I got this
nformationen über das Aufrufen von JIT-Debuggen
anstelle dieses Dialogfelds finden Sie am Ende dieser Meldung.

************** Ausnahmetext **************
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Der Parameter muss positiv und kleiner als die Höhe sein.
Parametername: y
bei System.Drawing.Bitmap.GetPixel(Int32 x, Int32 y)
bei Desktop_Ponies.PonyGraphicsForm.find_closest_effect_to_click(MouseEventArgs e)
bei Desktop_Ponies.PonyGraphicsForm.PonyGraphicsForm_MouseDown(Object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs e)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseDown(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.ContainerControl.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Form.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

************** Geladene Assemblys **************
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4963 (win7RTMGDR.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll.
Desktop Ponies
CodeBase: file:///C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/dpv1.41t1/Desktop%20Ponies.exe.
Win32-Version: 8.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Microsoft.VisualBasic/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4962 (win7RTMGDR.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4961 (win7RTMGDR.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Runtime.Remoting/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4963 (win7RTMGDR.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll.
Win32-Version: 3.5.30729.4926 built by: NetFXw7.
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Core/
Assembly-Version: 1.0.2902.0.
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC/Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback/1.0.2902.0__31bf3856ad364e35/Microsoft.DirectX.Audi
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Accessibility/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing.resources/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms.resources/

************** JIT-Debuggen **************
Um das JIT-Debuggen (Just-In-Time) zu aktivieren, muss in der
Konfigurationsdatei der Anwendung oder des Computers
(machine.config) der jitDebugging-Wert im Abschnitt festgelegt werden.
Die Anwendung muss mit aktiviertem Debuggen kompiliert werden.

Zum Beispiel:

< jitDebugging="true" />
>> No. 36398
File 133357484039.png - (718.42KB , 1021x593 , error.png )
ok, i tried them and she was ok for a while (thank you) and then this showed up... is it bad?
>> No. 36423
How do you fix the screensaver so only a few selected ponies show up? Right now all the ponies appear on the screensaver, but I only want a few
>> No. 36425

Double click on "Desktop Ponies.exe", and then click the "0 all ponies" button. Now go through the list in the big main window, and put a "1" in the "How many?" box of the ponies you want to have show up. Click the "save" button, and you'll be all set.
>> No. 36432
Thanks man
>> No. 36442
Hey ponies,
I had a very strange bug where I left the DTPs alone for 15 mins. My laptop went into sleep mode, and when I came back, three ponies had disappeared and one new one spawned.

Before I left, I had:
Princess Celestia, the 6 main ponies (adult form), Trixie (caped) and Vinyl Scratch. I also had Trixie's Stage.

On return, AJ, Trixie, and Rarity had been replaced by Lightning Bolt.

Whilst writing this bug report, more shenanigans have occurred o.O

A second stage has appeared and Inkie Pie has spawned!

(For reference, that's 9 ponies + 1 stage --> 8 ponies and 2 stages)

I have error interactions on, and nothing was thrown.

Please keep up the great work, I love this program, and fully appreciate all the artists' time spent making the art and, being a Java/C#/C coder myself, the number of frustrated hours of pouring over code finding why things go wrong. Heck, if you want me to help with the code, I'd be willing to do that to :D
>> No. 36444
Derp, that's what the stage is supposed to do. Maybe confusing that ponies just spawn without any animations though? I was expecting ponies to "go inside" or at the very least be near the stage.

As for the duplicated stage? Don't think Trixie's stage can hold another one inside it :s
>> No. 36534
File 133377336104.jpg - (157.76KB , 1024x588 , plushy.jpg )
They should go to the stage when they appear/go inside. If not it's a bug.

We could have animations for "going inside" and "coming out" (probably would just make these general "first appearance" and "quit" animations), however we'd need the artists to actually do that first.

But I'll go with the usual "build it and if they want it they will use it" method. :)

No more time to talk though - I am at Sakuracon! Take a look at these adorable plushies I got there.
>> No. 36538
oh, random idea!
along with using something like the houses thing to switch one pony to an alternate version of themselves, you can also have some ponies spawn certain other companion ponies.
the first example that comes to mind is having photo finish be the source of all of her minions. is there really much reason to have her minions without her?
another example: have rover spawn fido and spot
another: have each pony be the source for their pet.
>> No. 36544
File 133378757639.jpg - (63.75KB , 720x534 , 430681_200113246760636_191001977671763_299828_1688362253_n.jpg )
Stony Pony?
>> No. 36546
This is the Non OC thread, you should try the OC thread but instead of requesting, it would be appreciated if you tried it yourself first.

I had a similar idea but forgot about it when I posted. Your idea requiers somthing like a list of affiliates for each pony but maybe the houses could spawn preferably those ponys/pets that have interactions with the ones that are on screen already
>> No. 36550
Hey, there's a pretty weird bug when having both Angel and Fluttershy. It seems Angel sometimes goes through the bottom of the desktop, dissappearing, and when Fluttershy tries to get near him she starts stuttering around. Is there something wrong in Angel's ini that is causing him to clip out of the desktop?
>> No. 36551

I guess they should've called her...
*puts on sunglasses*

>> No. 36567
File 133382832388.png - (249.71KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot from 2012-04-07 19_46_12.png )
Ideas everywhere. Blimey.

Anyway, the multi-platform version I've been working on is still very rough around the edges, but possibly worth demonstrating.

This file contains the programs you'll need and more information about getting it to work:

I was also able to modify the current test version just enough to run with my code to boot (see screenshot). It works, but it's pretty fragile so we'll just call it proof of concept for now. :P

If you fancy giving it a go, particularly if you're not on a Windows platform, let me know if you run into trouble getting it to run. Could be information worth chucking into the instructions so others don't have the same problems later.

It'll definitely be buggy once you get it running, so you don't need to worry about reporting any issues if you get that far.
>> No. 36642
I hate to write stuff like this.. but we have another one who claims to have created the icons all by himself:(

The artist who haven't got a DA account should really make one. It would make reporting a lot easier. Maybe we could put other stuff in the "Random Pony" folder as well like known DA accounts of artists etc. I couldn't find all the original work to report all of the stolen art.
>> No. 36644
I just point them to the Desktop Ponies main site for the ones that aren't on Deviantart.

At this point, I just plain put a warning on my uploads saying that there is no hope of getting away with stealing Desktop Ponies. We seem to find them every single time.
>> No. 36648
File 133388979633.png - (135.96KB , 530x360 , 132752684665.png )
I've encountered dozens of art thieves on dA, about half a dozen even taking my own stuff, and I've noticed one constant:

They all like Cupcakes.

Seriously, every single last one has had Cupcakes specific art / edits. It's creepy.
>> No. 36651

Maybe you guys should open a "Hall of Shame" on DP's homepage, detailing the names, DA accounts and quotes of the thieves?
Since they thrive on attention, having them exposed and unmasked on a site where they can't control what's being told about them should be enough to make other potential thieves re-consider stealing from you guys.
>> No. 36660
Wait they thrive on attention so you want to give them more attention?

I don't think many of these 'thieves' are actually trying to pass themselves off as the original artists. They are just thinking of DA as an image sharing site like imageshack where they put images they find cool.

They need to be eductated that DA is for original work.
>> No. 36664
File 133390125760.png - (59.02KB , 241x241 , sad dash.png )
I'm sorry to say, that's normally not the case (really, I am sorry).

Most will defend that its their original artwork until the bitter end. Check the comments on this latest one's submissions, for example. Many even like to add comments to the submission related to how they "made" the piece, how hard it was or things like "lol, did this quickly for fun, nothing special!", which can be pretty god damn insulting.

I don't know what goes on inside the heads of these people, but it makes me sad.
>> No. 36665
Is there a Java ponies update too?
>> No. 36669

The last thief reported here is claiming to have made all the pony animations by himself.

The one caught before him also claimed the same.

The ones caught BEFORE them made similar claims and wanted extra praise for all of their "hard" work.

Whenever thay are caught they rush to hide the comments calling them on their lies and then block out people so they couldn't keep posting the truth about them.

Exposing them on a site they have no way possible to manipulate is a good way to deal with thieves, especially when they simply jump from a banned account to other to continue reposting DP's material as their own.
>> No. 36731
File 133397898378.png - (106.18KB , 521x505 , report.png )
so, i selected the Cakes and Pinkie. then this appeared...
>> No. 36740

The thief is now sending death threats to the people who called her on her theft and is desperately claiming that "She made the animations in 2010!" so Desktop Ponies stole from her.
>> No. 36755
Too bad she has absolutely no proof and there are a ton of people all claiming she stole them...
>> No. 36757
There's a bug when you minimize and then restore the window to/from the taskbar. You can avoid the error by never minimizing it.
>> No. 36772
i see... ok then, thank you!
>> No. 36779
Hey DPG, since you're looking for ideas, I have some I wanted to suggest to you. I don't know how difficult it would be to add these features (if you wanted to), but anyway...

I apologize in advance for my probably far too lengthy explanations.

#1 - Behavior Sets

Okay, so what I was thinking was the possibility to create "multiple states"-ponies by adding two (optional) parameters to the behaviors, like so:

Behavior,[...usual parameters...],"current behavior's value","target behavior's value"

"Current value" should be pretty self explanatory. "Target value" would be the value of the next behavior that's randomly chosen if available (obviously, it should have no effect on linked behaviors). Said values could be simple integers and simply default to zero. So if all behaviors are set to 0,0 (or not set at all if optional), nothing would change from the way ponies behave now. Let me make an example with Filly Pinkie Pie.

Filly Pinkie basically has two sets of animations, one with straight hair and one with curly hair. For the sake of this example, imagine that she'd also have transitional behaviours. Currently, the program would randomly chose between all available behaviors, but with the additional parameters, you could have two (or more) sets, like this:

[curly idle],0,0
[curly trot],0,0
[curly to straight],0,1
[straight idle],1,1
[straight trot],1,1
[straight to curly],1,0

See? By only randomly chosing from behaviors with the correct "target value", you can group together similar behaviors. You could, for example, have the Gala Dress ponies be part of the main ponies as a different set of behaviors. It's a bit like linked behaviors, but with the randomizer intact to allow a bit more freedom.

Of course, with interactions, you might want to add a parameter,too. This, too, could be an integer, checking for the "current value" of all participating ponies. It could default to "-1" for disregarding all "current values" (so it would basically behave like it does now).

It also ties into my second suggestion.

#2 - Reactions

For two or more ponies to interact, they have to have an interaction set, and they all have to start it at the same time. There's currently no way for a pony to independently react to something another pony is already doing (unless I missed something).

So, additionally to "behavior", "effect" and "speak", how about a new "reaction" group? It could go like this:


"Ponyname" is the name of the pony to interact with.
"Probability" and "Proximity" are just the same like for interactions.
"Set" would simply be the "current value" (as in my first suggestion) of the pony to interact with.
"Behavior" would be the name of the behavior to start when all conditions are met, obviously.

Example: Imagine that all behaviors of DJ-Pon3 making music would be set to the value of "1" with all others being "0"s. Characters with a "dance"-animation could start dancing when they approach her while she's making music by adding a simple line of code like, for example:

Reaction,"Vinyl Scratch",0.5,100,1,"dance"

Admittedly, I have no idea how demanding on the CPU this would be if alot of ponies with reactions were on screen, but maybe you like my suggestions anyway.
>> No. 36820
Heads up - I *think* that this person may be stealing?

And there's another artist on DA who isn't quite stealing per se (I don't think, anyway) but who IS selling trotting and flying ponies for $15 a pop and doesn't appear to be giving credit for the base or sharing profits or anything:
>> No. 36821

"charlie46" is stealing indeed, and has been hiding the posts calling him on his thefts and lies.

"jenetikitty" has already being called out on the issue of charging money for what's basically recolored splices of DP's pixel artists, but keeps ignoring everything, plus every time the issue was discussed here, some WhiteKnight immediately began defending her, insulted people and tried to confuse the entire issue.
>> No. 36825
Here is V1.41 TEST 2. Some minor changes, but some that have been asked for for some time:

V1.41 TEST 2

-It was sometimes not possible to right click or drag a pony with scaling. Fixed.
-Clicking on a house with scaling could have led to a crash. Fixed.
-Effects are now centered properly when scaling is used.
-Ponies now appear in the main menu sorted by their name (as defined in the INI file)
-Main Menu quick find: After clicking once in the general pony list area, you can press a key to have the menu scroll down to the first pony who's name starts with that letter (just like in the editor).
-There is now a checkbox for "Don't Run Randomly" when creating a new behavior.
-New option for effects and behaviors in the editor: "Don't repeat animations". Will force animations to stop on their last frame after one loop, regardless how a gif file is set up.
-Mouseover speech is back.
-Dr Whooves is back to the show version.
>> No. 36828
The effects thing should finally be fixed now.

Whooves is fixed in the test version now. I just failed to copy him over.
I thought it would be stranger for ponies to just disappear on their own.

Ah... I didn't notice that. Thanks for reporting it, i'll get that fixed.

Yeah... but the loading freeze should only happen the first time a pony is loaded. I have them set to not unload images when entering the house again. On the other hand, this will make memory usage slowly creep up if you have all ponies set to cycle...

btw, I noticed that can easily fix broken GIFs and PNGs.

The click-able thing and the crash should be fixed in the latest test version

Oh Celestia, pony minions. I like that, but cringe at the work involved (although it really just is other ponies following...)

Whoever set up Fluttershy and Angel up did them in a funky way - they are both set to follow each other and have follow offsets, so they just keep trying to circle each other and nosedive into the ground. I've been meaning to make it more sensible.

Somepony mentioned to me that there is a bug in the current Java version, so I'll fix that soon, but I really did not have any intentions of updating it further. You should be able to copy any new ponies over to it and they should work (except for any new features).

Or you can tell me and I'll fix it... That's a silly bug.

Generally, any CPU usage from general processing pales in comparison to that needed by drawing the graphics, so I wouldn't worry about that part.

I like both of those ideas - although perhaps the "reactions" can be simplified into being just another possible trigger for interactions instead of just proximity.
>> No. 36840 Is this the legit creator of those sprites? I thought that Rainbow Dash was made by monkeyjay but I'm not sure about those other specific animations.
>> No. 36843
No he is not. He seems pretty arrogant too. Also he deleted my comment almost instantly. It was a pretty inspired one too. =*( Well he's been reported.

That main menu quick finder is a good idea.

That first one sound like a really good method to get that alternate same pony swapping to work. I hope it's something implementable.
>> No. 36844

Just wow.

His comments on the stolen submissions are so full of lies and hyperbole that I'm amazed he had the gall to have posted them in the first place.
"This one took me a lot of effort"
"This is my best one ever, it took me a lot of work"

It's so stupid that hurts.
>> No. 36849
welp, looks like that account is deactivated now. I reported some of the others myself also.
>> No. 36852

The thief deactivated his account by himself to evade punishment. He will re-activate it later once people stops checking it out, and will happily resume his thieving spree.

This is a very habitual trick used by DA thieves but you still can browse their galleries if you copy their DA adress and paste it on Google.
>> No. 36864

Small update: This clown is now disabling comments, hiding posts and kicking people out after they call him on his theft and provide links to prove it.
>> No. 36865
To reiterate: Letting thieves know you're on to them before you alert the admins and have them shut down is pretty much always counter-productive.
>> No. 36867

The Admins can see hidden posts and individual submissions can be reported to DA's staff using the "Report this deviation" button found near the bottom right of the deviation's page.
>> No. 36876

I tried reporting once, but there was no option that really applied. The option that came closest was "My Work Used", but that's not the case, because it's not *my* work.
>> No. 36883
I'd say it's a copyright issue then.

To a more productive topic: when scaled (I dunno if it also applies if it's not scaled) but I've had the second test version runnung the whole day and some ponies seem to get stuck in front of the stage and reset the cycle in about 5 sec intervals (hous is set to 60seconds) and bob a tiny bit. They all gather in one spot. I had it happen with Granny Smith, Filly Dach and Snips so far.

And a question: How are the houses stored? I've seen that Trixie's stage is in the Trixie folder, I haven't really seen where the house settings are saved. Maybe the houses could have their own inis and folders along with pony templates in the "random pony" folder. I thought about houses with preset ponies. Like the tree library that would spawn Twilight, Spike, Owlouweajfhakljdfha owl; Suger Cube Corner that would spawn Pinkie, Gummy, Cake family, Ranch with Apple family and Winona etc and a regular house for background ponies.
>> No. 36884
I think the closest option then is under "permission issues", because most likely, they have none.
>> No. 36885

Ah, you're right. Somehow, I completely missed that option. Thank you!
>> No. 36886
They do have their own folders with inis. The folders start with "House_". Or did you mean something else?
>> No. 36905
I completely missed that *deeeeeeerp*
>> No. 36929
Does anypony have a properly sized and art-style compliant picture of Tom? I was thinking it would be hilarious to literally have a digital pet rock, who would never move.

I was thinking of adding little interactions, like having Rarity be attracted to Tom or something. Maybe even give the boulder something really subtle like a floating heart.

Anyways, I am crap at starting images, and was wondering if a Tom "pony" already existed.
>> No. 36935
Hats off for the GTK implementation :) I considered considered trying to do this a while back, but couldn't wrap my head around the code... I should have probably just submitted cleanup patches, but the Sirens were singing of Python to me :D

Running `mono Desktop\ Ponies.exe` results in 'The entry point method could not be loaded', but `mono C#\ Desktop\ Ponies.exe` works fine. As you indicated, there are bugs when it gets up and running, but its a great start :)
>> No. 36939
File 133428752979.png - (490B , 60x56 , 131725155139.png )
I don't recall who made this off the top of my head, but if you make something out of it I'll dig that info up.
>> No. 36943
I think it was Anonycat.
>> No. 36963
Oh wow it's top to see you here. Browsing your source was immensely helpful whilst I was trying to get started, it must be said.

I don't know if you've considered it, but from what I can gather if it's possible to use you could jump onto the CLR stack. Then you could do your stuff in Python, but it would run happily alongside the existing VB/C#. Just throwing it out there (Linux/GTK is not my strength, so I'd happily defer to anypony who had half a clue how to do it better).
>> No. 36968

Hey guys, I just found out that this stupid moron is now harrasing DeathPony after he called her out on the theft of his animations.
The little bitch is playing the rage/drama cards and -check this- is trying to get DeathPony banned from Deviantart for "lies, slander and ruining her good name")
Oh and she's reuploading the stolen animations that were taken down by DA's staff.

A little help here, please? I already reported her, but you know how lazy Deviantart Mods can be unless they receive several reports regarding the same issue.
>> No. 36979
Thank you very much, this is perfect.
>> No. 36984
Seriously, has nopony considered opening an official deviantart group or forum for the Desktop Ponies project? That way the fake reuploads may be reduced.
Or at least, isn't there a way for the artists to add their name to the gif files? I'm pretty sure there is a metatag for author or something similar available to add.
>> No. 36991
That's a pretty good idea haha. I mean people are going to take the stuff anyway, as long as they don't claim they created itit might be nice to have a deviantart link to .. link .. back to.
>> No. 36992
also that person (if we believe the profile) is a 12 year old girl with like 10 watchers. Probably ignoring her is fine.. haha
>> No. 36995
Artists really need to get their stuff up on DA as soon as (or before) posting it in these threads. That way, theft reports can be dealt much easier.
>> No. 37003

Report on this thief: SHE MAD
Very, very mad and spewing out death threats/lies/flames to harras people into leaving her and "her" Derpy Hooves animations alone.
>> No. 37004

Its amazing what people do for attention.
>> No. 37005

She submited the stolen animations to DA groups and is currently trying to get support from them.
She's also harrasing Anonycat and accusing him of being a thief to get him banned from Deviantart.

So basically him and DeathPony are thieves now? Interesting, I had no idea they were stealing their own work, but again, that's what a disturbed girl would spew out to save her piddly flank.


Monkeyjay and PonyNoia need a DA gallery so badly because they are among the most frequent theft victims here.
>> No. 37006
I've got a quick question. Are the tweaks and such that I posted here...


... going to be included in the program? I ask only because I saw that it wasn't included in the latest test version, and thought I'd see if it was rejected, or missed.
>> No. 37008
I just haven't gotten around to adding all the art updates yet. I usually do that as a last step after all the new features have been put in (and tested as least for a bit). But I should have that done soon (ish).
>> No. 37009

... she looks like a mentally deranged woman.
I mean, she looks creepy on the pics she posted on her DA gallery, but being stupid enough to try to do THAT is already on the mentally disturbed territory.

You know guys? This is the price you all had to pay for being this awesome.
You always will end up attracting lowlifes like that creepy woman who feel like stealing from you will make them fit in on the crowd.
>> No. 37012
By the way, I'm done and going through the art now.

And Bot-chan: I apologize for not getting to it until now, but that conga-line setup is awesome. (and will be included in the next version) :)
>> No. 37020
Re: thieves. I don't think a "hall of shame" is a good idea, but how about if I post all the old ponychan threads on the web site (I keep all of them after they are locked and die). You'd at least be able to refer back to them.

But anyway... V1.41 TEST 3 is out.

Changes since TEST 2:

-Simply minimizing the main menu will no longer cause a crash.
-Behaviors and Speeches have a new setting: "group". Using this you can combine a set of behaviors into different groups, so that ponies can change state.
For example: FlutterShy and Gala Fluttershy have been combined. FlutterShy will go into "gala" mode only if she runs her "goto_gala" behavior, and will stay in Gala mode only running behaviors in that group until she runs her "leave_gala" behavior, which links back to the normal group. These transition behaviors are simply linked (or "chained") behaviors. If you wanted to put a transition animation in, you would do to in these two behaviors.
A pony may also change states if they leave a house. Note that group 0 is a wild card - behaviors in this group will play regardless of what state the pony is in.
-The editor will no longer refresh and reprocess items every time you make a change. To ensure that all data is valid and to regenerate the list of chained behaviors and other items, click the new "Apply/Refresh/Validate" button. I know DeathPony will be happy about this, but don't forget to press that validate button - you could end up seeing confusing things if you don't.
-The editor will now warn you if the pony you are working with has duplicate names for behaviors, effects, speeches, or interactions.

Pony changes/updates:
-Dr. Whoof has had categories applied.
-Fluttershy has been combined with Gala Fluttershy (see "groups" feature as mentioned above).
-Fluttershy's behaviors have been cleaned up, notably the angel follow behaviors which were malfunctioning.
-Cape-less Trixie has been combined with normal Trixie. Also an example of behavior grouping.
-Suit-less Spitfire has been combined with Normal Spitfire.
-Big Celestia's images have been fixed thanks to RoosterDragon; she can walk again!
-Conga line interaction between the mane 6 - Bot-chan
-Pinkie Pie updates by DeathPony
-Derpy and Rarity updates by The Coop (Rarity Tantrum, Derpy sitting fix, Drama Couch fix, rarity sleeping fix, etc)
-Additional AppleFritter animations by vulcan539
-Archer by vulcan539
-Allie Way (Bowling pony) by Bot-Chan
-Berry Bunch updates (from OC ponies; I reconsidered) by CANDYBAG
-Rarity Fashion show by StarStep
-CMC skipping by The Coop
-Additional Mysterious Mare Do Well and Rainbow Dash animations by DrZoin
-Rarity's Parents by Bot-Chan
-Ruby (Berry?) Pinch by Azure Fang
-Sparkler (Amethyst Star) by vulcan539
-Naked Trixie pixel fix by ???
-Pinkie Pie GDI error (saltoend_right, teleporreappear_right) fixes by StarStep
-Twilight Drag by StarStep
-Iron Will by StarStep
-All of the PNG files have been re-saved with a program that I think will fix any remaining issues with them (randomly being displayed large).

As always, let me know if I missed/forgot/ignored anything or anypony. I know it's been a while since the last art update.
>> No. 37023
Ok, well... my web host apparently did NOT like my idea of putting the old ponychan threads up there at all... They took it down to "review" it...
>> No. 37028
First of all: yay for behavior groups. Works great so far.

2nd: Don't worry about not including the conga line earlier. I'm still not quite happy with the timing issues, but anyway, glad you like it. :)

3rd: Just in case you missed it, there's still that one bug where, if all necessary ponies for an interaction were loaded and then you quit one of them, the remaining ones will still start the interaction as if that other pony was still there.

4th: Don't ask me why or how, but at times, the save and/or load on the main and/or options screen doesn't quite work as intended. I know I'm being very vague here, but that's because I couldn't detect a pattern to this bug yet.

5th: Tried adding Trixie's stage. After a while, Fluttershy started twitching, than vanished. Now the vanishing part I understand as being a house feature, but I doubt that the twitching was supposed to be there. Happened during the startup of the conga interaction.

6th: When loading lots of ponies at once (just about 105 or something), it gave me an error message after a while. It didn't crash the program (and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary after that), but you might still want to take a look at it (hope it helps despite being partly in german). Here it is:

Informationen über das Aufrufen von JIT-Debuggen
anstelle dieses Dialogfelds finden Sie am Ende dieser Meldung.

************** Ausnahmetext **************
System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
bei Desktop_Ponies.Pony.Paint()
bei Desktop_Ponies.Pony.Move()
bei Desktop_Ponies.Pony.Update(TimeSpan elaspedTime)
bei Desktop_Ponies.Main.Pony_DoAction()
bei Desktop_Ponies.Main._Lambda$__6(Object a0, EventArgs a1)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Timer.OnTick(EventArgs e)
bei System.Windows.Forms.Timer.TimerNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
bei System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

************** Geladene Assemblys **************
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5448 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll.
Desktop Ponies
CodeBase: file:///D:/Toni2/Desktop%20Ponies%20V1.41%20TEST%20VERSION%203/Desktop%20Ponies.exe.
Win32-Version: 8.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Microsoft.VisualBasic/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5453 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5446 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5458 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Runtime.Remoting/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5448 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v2.0.50727/mscorlib.dll.
Win32-Version: 3.5.30729.5420 built by: Win7SP1.
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Core/
Assembly-Version: 1.0.2902.0.
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC/Microsoft.DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback/1.0.2902.0__31bf3856ad364e35/Microsoft.DirectX.Audi
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.4927 (NetFXspW7.050727-4900).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/Accessibility/
Win32-Version: 2.0.50727.5420 (Win7SP1.050727-5400).
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Windows.Forms.resources/
Assembly-Version: 1.0.2902.0.
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC/Microsoft.DirectX/1.0.2902.0__31bf3856ad364e35/Microsoft.DirectX.dll.

************** JIT-Debuggen **************
Um das JIT-Debuggen (Just-In-Time) zu aktivieren, muss in der
Konfigurationsdatei der Anwendung oder des Computers
(machine.config) der jitDebugging-Wert im Abschnitt festgelegt werden.
Die Anwendung muss mit aktiviertem Debuggen kompiliert werden.

Zum Beispiel:

< jitDebugging="true" />

Wenn das JIT-Debuggen aktiviert ist, werden alle nicht behandelten
Ausnahmen an den JIT-Debugger gesendet, der auf dem
Computer registriert ist, und nicht in diesem Dialogfeld behandelt.
>> No. 37034
You added groups already? What are you, some kind of wizard?

I was able to pin down this bug as something to do with the config of MMDW. One of the behaviours is missing a follow-moving behaviour I think.
>> No. 37047
>Re: thieves. I don't think a "hall of shame" is a good idea, but how about if I post all the old ponychan threads on the web site (I keep all of them after they are locked and die). You'd at least be able to refer back to them.

>Ok, well... my web host apparently did NOT like my idea of putting the old ponychan threads up there at all... They took it down to "review" it...

So can we assume the thieves won? Dammit.
>> No. 37048
I think I'm narrowing the strange behavior for loading/saving down (among other things), so here are my findings:

Starting the pony editor and quitting it without selecting a pony will reset the options.

Selecting a pony before quitting will do the same, but also set all pony amounts to 0.

Using "load" in the option screen will also load the pony amounts in the main screen. Using "load" in the main screen doesn't change the settings in the option screen at least.

For saving, it's the other way round: "Save" in the main screen will also save the current options. "Save" in the option screen will leave the ponies alone.
>> No. 37050
When I have an entire Saturday to do nothing but ponies, I can get stuff done.

Bingo on the bug source - you needed to have one Mysterious Mare that was just outside the window to make her want to walk back into range.

The problem was that some of her behaviors are set to NOT automatically select the appropriate images for following (we are "following" the point on the screen she needs to be at), but did not specify what behaviors to use (something the editor does not allow). I'll fix her behaviors and catch this odd condition as well. Thanks.

The stuff I was uploading was made by using the "save page as - web page, complete" option in Firefox - I didn't realize that saved all the scripts too, so it tripped the alarm. They should be okay with me uploading it with scripts removed (that is if they decide that ponies are not malicious).

The first two are bugs, and I'll see about fixing them. The other two are half-way intentional as I wanted the main screen to only work with the counts. Looks like that's not exactly what is happening. Thanks.
>> No. 37052

Desktop Ponies's homepage is down for some reason.
>> No. 37053
You're welcome.
Personally, I think it's best (and less confusing) for both screens to just save/load their settings independently from each other. (Maybe that's what you were trying to do all along. I didn't quite get the "half-intentional" part.)
>> No. 37054
i would like to help make some but how does this work. Oh and when i try to play hoof ball pinkie never shows up.
>> No. 37055
i would like to help make some but how does this work. Oh and when i try to play hoof ball pinkie never shows up.
>> No. 37056
i would like to help make some but how does this work. Oh and when i try to play hoof ball pinkie never shows up.
>> No. 37057
I think we got you the first two times. No need to repeat yourself over and over again.

As for how it works: basically, you create the sprites, and then you create the pony.ini (or use the built in pony editor). Is there something specific you need assistance with?
>> No. 37058

The board is derping at the moment and gives constant errors. It's not unreasonable to assume that he tried to post once, got an error, tried to post again, got an error again, and then posted for a third time.
>> No. 37059
Oh. In this case I apologize. :)
>> No. 37060
I'm sure somepony else may have mentioned this, but...
Every time I run the .exe, I get an error saying that there are no ponies, and that I should have at least had a derpy folder in the same spot. When I tried "load" I also get an error message.

I have the entire zip, what do?
>> No. 37062
Did you extract the whole .zip folder first? You need to do that before you try running anything.
>> No. 37063
I feel stupid now.

But yeah, it worked.

>> No. 37078

If you don't even know how to create a sprite then you shouldn't try to "help".

Read this guide to get some questions answered, too:
>> No. 37082
"... the system administrator ... is currently checking this website for malicious content. This redirect page will be removed once we finish manually checking all files on this account. ... it can take about 2-4 hours to complete."
2-4 hours? Yeah right...
Thank goodness I managed to help my little sister to download it back in my home country the day before they removed the website.
On the other hand Thank you for the Project I thoroughly enjoyed it! (My first time posting on PonyChan.)
I hope that I can learn to use the Photoshop soon, I want to make an animation of Derpy and Dinky hugging and nuzzling each other~ [smiles]
>> No. 37084
Anypony know anything about the My Little Pony Live Wallpaper for Android by ov3rk1ll?
It appears to be a port of Desktop Ponies on the Google Play marketplace. It's a free app but just thought I should mention it.
>> No. 37099
Yeah, it's approved by the project and is featured on the DesktopPonies homepage (you'll see when it comes back online)
>> No. 37109
Could you check to see if this version fixes the twitching?
(1.41 TEST 4). Just replace your exe

I don't know about "approved", but it is mentioned.

You're welcome. And I guess it takes a while to determine if Pinkie Pie is really dangerous or not.
>> No. 37126
Well, that's mostly what I intended to refer to.
BTW how did you try to put the archied threads in your site? Did you just copy the html files and everything? You should've just put all the files as downloadable zips (some recurring threads around here do that)
>> No. 37134
Yeah, I think that fixed it. :)
>> No. 37150
Pinkie is dangerous! Who knows if she could accidentally tear a hole between dimensions or cause some other cataclysmic event. I don't think denying her access on a website is going to change the percentage of that happening but to deny Pinkie's dangerousness is a fool's move indeed.

Also I think they mistyped when they wrote 2-4 hours because its been 2-4 days.
>> No. 37333
Yeah I am the same person here...
I am not really sure what happened, but I don't think I like where the main website is going.
Typing the main web adress lead me to this link:
I am not a computer-savvy person, let me tell you this, but my instinct say that this is not the "I am going to check for problems" kind, but the "what website? It doesn't exist" kind?!
Please reconfirm this, as I am concerned about the missing site.
And I apologise first hand if I sound too rude or demanding at this point.
>> No. 37337
Yeah it looks pretty borked.

The old domain is still functioning, though. Might be worth bringing that back for a little bit until the host sorts their mess out.
>> No. 37354
Working on it as I type.

In the mean time, here is the final version of V1.41:


-AppleJack will put on her NMN constume less often.
-Pinkie pie will put on her silly mask less often (it was set to 70% instead of 7%?)
-Mysterious Mare-do-Well had some invalid behavior options that caused a crash sometimes. Fixed.
-Quitting a pony that is involved in an interaction will now cancel the interaction.
-Occationally ponies wouldn't enter a house and got stuck in a loop. Fixed.
-The cancel button on the house options menu works now.
-Flickering when a pony reached their destination has hopefully been reduced.
-A rare crash caused by trying to draw() a negative frame # has been fixed.

-Also includes all test version changes.
>> No. 37367
Aaaand the site is back. Awesome.
>> No. 37368
Nice DPG!

Another bug(?) for you on the last version you posted:
if I left click on the desktop, the ponies are all minimised / hidden.

Simply being on the desktop does not hide the ponies. Clicking it does. Further, opening any other application shows the ponies again.

Using Windows 7.

Only happens if the "suspend and hide ponies when full screen application ..." option is checked.

Please keep up the great work :D
>> No. 37372
Did you update Java Ponies as well?
>> No. 37387
now that there's the group thing, should pinkamina be made part of normal pinkie?
>> No. 37404
also, did you put in some specific exception that lets the pinkacopter ignore boundaries? because pinkie goes off the side of my screen every time she uses it. it could be a bug, but if it was intentional, i like it!
>> No. 37409
Oops. There's always something left to do, huh?

Yes, just now, here:

It only has updated art and 1 bug fix. No new features.

No... that's just Pinkie being Pinkie. I'll have to take a look to see what she is doing there.

The old ponychan threads are also linked on the main page as well, but this time as zip files so to avoid trouble.
>> No. 37412
Just a question
Is there anypony working on Chrysalis or Cadence?
>> No. 37415
File 133510843610.jpg - (28.61KB , 82x122 , Chrysalis Right.jpg )
I'm working on Chrysalis, might have it fully complete in two days if I'm not lazy
>> No. 37425
I am ON Shining Armor and Cadance!
>> No. 37431
sweet cant wait, perhaps when they are done ill begin to actual use the program [have it but never really used it]
>> No. 37433
File 133512042248.gif - (1.56KB , 120x120 , blink_left.gif )
Animated blink on Shining Armor - I cheated and just modified Fancypants' base a bit instead of doing it from scratch. Posting to ask if anypony can see any problems I missed.
>> No. 37439
File 133513052986.gif - (6.81KB , 82x122 , Chrysalis-Blink-Right.gif )
Got a bit bored of making her walk sprite so I made quick blink sprite.
>> No. 37440
That's really slow for a blink animation
>> No. 37446
Yeah, will change it later, also could you send me a picture of the Princess Cadence you're working on so I can make Chrysalis transform into her?
>> No. 37451
File 133513880393.png - (4.93KB , 120x135 , Chrysalis3.png )
Wow you got that done pretty fast. I was working on a prototype for her too. Anyway, suggestions would be that there is a heck of a lot of subpixelation going on in that sprite. With the hair especially and with bits of the body as well. Also it kind of looks like she is turned slightly away from the screen and we are looking up a bit at her instead of being a straight on sideways shot. Also I don't see her antenna things. Sorry to nitpick you like that. Anyway it's a decent start but it needs a bit of work. I wish you luck.

Nice. I would say that the chest looks a little too rounded for him and maybe make his snout a little different. It seems a bit different looking than it is in the show. Good luck with him.

Also yay for the site being back up and new version out!
>> No. 37452
yeah I kinda forgot about the antenna while making it and for the fact the view ins't straight on is because I was using a image from the episode to make it, though I kind of like it this way.
>> No. 37473
File 133516489769.png - (424.89KB , 1446x1919 , Chrysalis Full.png )
I wish I was able to do what you guys do. But I am fine with just drawing them. [note, unfinished]
>> No. 37485
File 133519014323.gif - (6.10KB , 267x338 , ponyville_house.gif )
Ok I have a few suggestions.

First can you add a min - max ponies out option for the houses. I started with 7 ponies then it quickly went down to 1. For a moment there I thought it wasn't capable of adding a pony. It went back and forth for over half an hour between 1 and 2 ponies out before finally getting up to 3. That is just too few ponies and when ever I add some more they quickly disappear til its back to 1-3 ponies.

Next the black parts of the static images are showing up as transparent. I was wondering if we should change all static images to gif files. Changing from a png to a gif fixed the problem on my end and there always seems to be something going wrong with those static images so making them gifs like every other image in the program may prevent future brokenness.

Looking good so far. I wish I could make nice looking pictures like you do too. Do you have to have a tablet to make pictures like that? I just can't figure out how to make nice looking big pictures with just my mouse.
>> No. 37491
File 133520212081.gif - (66.55KB , 100x150 , Chrysalis-walk.gif )
I've given up on making Chrysalis due to not having enough skill finish it so I'll just post what I've done, feel free to edit it and finish it.
>> No. 37496
A pesky thing with Chrysalis is the semi-transparency on her wings. And GIFs only support binary (on or off) transparency.

Also, I found an interesting presentation that might be good inspiration regarding groups 'n stuff:
>> No. 37497
Is this running on XP? XP has an annoying bug where black must be used as the colour that renders as transparent. Gif images are silently changed so the black is not-quite-black. Static images... pretty sure it's my fault for overlooking those :/

So yeah, the easiest solution would be saving them as gif files until that bug is fixed.

As far as the first issue, min/max sounds useful, but it sounds like it'd just be masking the real issue in that ponies are removed faster than they spawn.
>> No. 37498
File 133520872846.png - (6.03KB , 234x242 , celestiarecolor.png )
I feel S2 Luna is VERY inaccurate and almost like no one cares for S2 Luna, she an't do anything! So I;m making a new base for her from mostly scratch using vector references. I'd love to animate her too, but I doubt I have the time. I also recolored Celestia to look more show acurate/less white.
I didn't touch her hair.
>> No. 37499
A good part of that could be that fluid manes like Celestia, Luna and Nightmare Moon have are a nightmare to try to animate well. Nightmare Moon is also pretty inaccurate and bugs me so I've been slowly redoing her, but getting her mane and tail to roil and twinkle without looking bad is really difficult.
>> No. 37500
I ain't animating her hair, no bloody way. Besides, the original had fine hair, her body and legs were just WRONG in every way. Her flank was fat and her legs skinny. :[
>> No. 37501
Well, there are quite a lot of ponies that are not able to do anything besides standing or trotting around. I am curious though to learn more about the blatant inaccuracies I seem to have missed. :)
>> No. 37502
Just saying that season 2 Luna has sooo many inaccuracies and is being ignored because she has very few actions and then not doing anything about it yourself comes off as whining. If you really want Luna to have more actions then I'd suggest you go out and do something about it (and share the sprites if you do; I'd love to see them!). I love season 2 Luna too, but quite frankly giving her even so simple an action as an on-model flying sprite will be crazy hard, because the Princess body type is atypical, so you'd have to draw and animate every frame of every new action you want, and then add in animating her hair. Most people here look at that workload and go EH SHE'S GOOD ENOUGH, and (if they make any ponies at all) typically go on to create those who already have a working animated base.

I mean heck I created all of the current season 1 Luna sprites except for Luna bouncing around. Her flying sprite is not on-model. Why? Because I haven't retooled her wings so that they're Luna wings and not generic pegasi wings yet. It's much easier to use a base that somepony else provided than draw everything frame by frame yourself.
>> No. 37503
... oh, and Luna using her magic. I didn't do that one either - or, rather, I didn't add in the magic glow around her horn.
>> No. 37504
I am doing something about it. :/
>> No. 37505
Yeah it's XP. Anyway even if it did get fixed to 50% for either add or subtract, it would be nice to be able to set the min max yourself.

Yeah I give props to those who have tackled the princesses' hair. While I have made a bunch of custom animations, redoing that hair to be able to make different animations is a little intimidating.
>> No. 37506
I give props to anypony who makes custom animations. I'm doing Cadance from scratch rn and seriously, you guys are all heroes.
>> No. 37509
File 133521924879.gif - (2.84KB , 148x128 , stand.gif )
Cadance thus far - concrit appreciated
>> No. 37511
File 133522391052.gif - (1.57KB , 120x120 , blink.gif )
And here's Shining Armor after I fiddled with him a bit more.
>> No. 37513
File 133522459471.png - (13.43KB , 287x338 , lunaaaaaz.png )
I'm liking these.

Here's my Luna's I made. Top is new S1 Luna, then new S2 Luna, orginal S2 and S1 Lunas, recolored Celestia, parts of new Luna for making more sprites/similar shaped ponies, and double sized versions to show their DP size.
I'm rather proud of them, but Animating will be a NIGHTMARE, so I'll focus on personal projects for now.
>> No. 37523
If anypony who is doing Chrysalis, I can continue posting updates on it for a reference? [As I work on it, spending a lot of time doing it.]

Thanks very much, and no I don't use a tablet. I use my mouse haha. I tried something new with this one however. Almost all of the lines are made up of straight lines. There are only a few spots where I actually had to umm whatever, use the mouse to select the parts that were much to round.

>>37509 I think it is looking good so far, but I don't do that kind of stuff.

At least you don't have to animate Chaos Moon, his mane and tail are probably worse, not to mention the other parts of him....Care to see and confirm? lol
>> No. 37528
File 133525393480.gif - (51.57KB , 106x96 , gallatrot_left.gif )
Speaking of custom animations, I realized that still after all this time we never did add a stand for Diamond Mint to go with the gala trot I made, so I finally did that so she can be added.
Thanks to Starly for the initial design of her.

Looking pretty good. One thing is the gradient. I think it should be in the darker colors for just a little bit longer before going to the really light colors, though mainly just for the tail. I'm glad that you are putting such details in it.

He looks much better :)

I'm glad you are making s1 luna look more mature. I must say something seems a little off on that cutie mark. Also it looks weird how her back leg curves in so much near the bottom.
>> No. 37530
I think... the forelegs may be a bit off. The one in the back at least.

Everything else looks great :)
>> No. 37531
The back foreleg or front hindleg?
>> No. 37533
Well, I did say foreleg, didn't I? So unless forelegs can be on the back, too, you shouldn't have to much trouble finding the right one (which, incidentally, *is* her right one... but the left, back one from the viewer). Or one could say it's her right "arm" (the one that's partly in the back (but not her back, because who would want arms on their back, really?)

Shall I go on? It can only get more confusing from here. ;)
>> No. 37535
(This post was originally by RealismFactors and got caught in the spamfilter. Pasted here in case the text got lost. If you want to repost this with whatever image you were using, report this one for deletion.)

And magic, as well as Luna's hair are both semi transparent. It's just not going to look right as GIFs.

Do you have a source control repository? You really should use one for any programming project that takes more than one day. offers free hosting. I use it myself.

Another cool thing would be if the ponies knew of the windows and used them for their animations. Like sitting on the border and such.

Extending that idea, perhaps ponies should even react to application specific events. The music ponies reacting to a music player or perhaps pinkie pie reacting to a notification balloon. You don't have to use remote process memory snooping here. Some applications allow plugins, while others have window messages and what not. There is also the accesibility support system, it exposes a lot of controls (like buttons, menubars and what not). There is a lot of potential events here.

Pinkie Pie started a conga line while AJ and Twilight were having the truck conversation, interrupting it. This shouldn't be allowed.

Also, here is a nice idea, have the ponies avoid the y position of any carrets on the screen, you don't want to have them interfering with typing.

Something I have noticed is that the conga line isn't as well animated as it could be. The ponies are a little slow on realizing that

the line has ended. And then there is the offset between each pony, it just doesn't look like they are using the hooves to support themselves. And of course there is the way the line is started. They all cluster on one spot, which looks strange.

Another thing I have noticed is that a lot of animations (the sonic rainboom and the congaline in particular) seem to start in a direction where they will not have enough space and have to turn. which doesn't look very nice.

A minor issue about the sound clips is that most of them seem to be unlinked with animations. This makes it look strange. Following on

that, some animations should be bared from speaking in text too. I have seen Twilight speaking in a text bubble while teleported out...

When it comes to speech there is again the issue of animations not fitting the text. When a scene (like the AJ/Twilight truck one) is playing they may not look correct. Twilight is not going to sit down and study in the middle of a conversation.

Another thing is that some animations may run too often, it would be nice to have some cooldowns on the animations. Especially when two animations run directly after each other.

Something that I think would help with giving the ponies character would be to implement a bit of a mood system. It is jarring to see strong mood swings.

There is also the text bubbles not always matching the position of the ponies, especially when the pony is running.

The context menus for the ponies could use a little rephrasing. The word quit seems to be over used a little. And the entries lack keyboard accesors. Just throw in those &ampersands and let windows do the rest.

I took a look at the source code. I am not going to start a language war. Instead I would like to point out that you might want to use the Strategy design pattern.

Finally, I would like to have a taskbar button for the application. It is just the right thing to do as a windows application.
>> No. 37537
> Another of RealismFactors 's typical walls of text, full of his trademarked finicky critics and absurd requests.

Dude, seriously. Critics and suggestions are good, nopony is going to deny that. But you have this annoying habit of taking them to absurd extremes and on top of that you tend to use this unnerving smug tone that can be sumed up as "You know nothing, at all, only my opinion is correct, this is what you have to do, I will never shut up or go away untill you do it."

Please read this guide before posting again:

And please remember this isn't the PonyKart thread, so you will not get any special treat here.
>> No. 37538
lol OKAY YES I THOUGHT SO but I don't know it was like 3 in the morning so I wanted to doublecheck that you didn't mean the back leg in the foreground just in case >>

Things get confusing when it's late.
>> No. 37539
>Finally, I would like to have a taskbar button for the application. It is just the right thing to do as a windows application.

Please No. My taskbar is already cluttered as is most of the time and I would hate to have that.

>the conga line isn't as well animated as it could be
What don't you like about my animation? Anyway for the start I originally tried to have a delayed follow sequence set up where each pony would one by one join up in the conga line but it made the entire interaction pretty long and sometimes I would end up with 2 conga lines if a pony was slow on getting in line. Botchan's implementation of starting the conga line works but if you can figure out how to implement it better than I would love to hear it.
>> No. 37540
File 133528067268.gif - (3.10KB , 148x128 , stand.gif )
How's this?
>> No. 37541
Heh, just be glad that the show this project is based on is not called "My Little Spiders". ;)

I'm fully aware of the conga line code not being flawless, but if you know of a better and more efficient way to code it, be my guest. :)
>> No. 37542
I like it :)
>> No. 37547

How's this?

Why did I heard that with Luna's voice?

Good Cadence, by the way.
>> No. 37549
Yes, I do tend to be very critic. I am blunt and I speak my mind. But the fact that I speak at all shows that I care about the project and I do in fact think that it is a nice project.

If you think that something I suggested is absurd then point it out. If you are referring to the application event stuff, then yes, I do agree. It is a bit absurd. But I didn't mention anything impossible.

And now time for some kind words:

There are good things worth noting too. The application is quite stable, I have not noticed any serious errors, no drawing failures (as opposed to the java version) and there are nearly no instances of an animation not matching position wise with the previous animation. And of course there is the fact that all animations are well made, major props to all the animators!

Now for that conga line, I am afraid that I haven't used basic in many years, so I doubt that I could code anything decent in it. And I can't quite say that I get the current animation system used here. I am simply not familiar enough with it.
But main animation issue there has to be the initial clustering. Too many ponies on a too small area. Maybe they could move to the correct spot in the to be line directly instead of slowly picking up then end as their following target starts moving out?

The offsets between the ponies need a little work too. Right now the hooves touch somewhere in the tail. I think that the best solution to that is to ditch the per animation offsets and instead define action points on the sprites. Then the animations can be automatically positioned so that the correct action spots touch.

As for the taskbar button, it is just how applications are supposed to work on windows.I suppose that a notification icon could be used instead, but I still prefer plain old taskbar buttons. Are you using an old version of Windows? Windows 7 has these nice small buttons that I like.

Finally a small detail, how about some saved settings? It would be nice to be able to skip the initial config window each time you launch the application.
>> No. 37550
scream no
>> No. 37551
Oh, and one more thing I wish could be improved is the lack of context sensitivity for the animations. Right now the main example is starting off some interaction without the target pony being there.

But as things get more complicated, more context is needed. The presentation I linked to before shows what one can do with a little more features. The key feature there that I miss here is characters having memory. The presentation really shows what can be done using memory. It is not much, but it does add that extra level of believability to the characters.

But in the end, what really helps the most is just plain hard work on creating content. Again, major props to the animators. Keep at it.
>> No. 37552

Once again, this is not the Pony kart thread, so you have no special treat or special considerations here.
In THIS thread, the only way as people would take you seriously is if you become an artist and supply art for the project.

Since you aren't providing anything, all of your post can be labeled as tl;dr and nothing of value will be lost.

I am reporting this thread to the staff s so they could prevent any deraimlent or revenge spamming, after all this project is one of the most friendly and spam-free thread you could find here and we would like to see it staying that way.
>> No. 37553
Like I said, I'm aware of these problems. I don't much like the initial clustering and I'm not to fond of the timing/distance issues the ponies have, either, but if there was an obvious way to change it to match your suggestions, I would have done so already.

Sadly, stuff like moving the ponies to their correct positions from the get-go doesn't work (in the current version of the program at least) because you never know in which direction the conga line will go. And action points? Now these are news to me. How would these work?

Having suggestions is totally fine and all, and I'd say you do have some pretty interesting ones. Problem is, it looks like you haven't really familiarized yourself with the program (or you'd at least have noticed that, yes, pony speeches can appear at random as well as being linked to specific animations, and it's actually a feature, not a bug). And you don't really seem to have any ideas how one would go about implementing your ideas. It's like somepony saying "Hey, you should make a machine that transforms toxic waste into tap water". Wonderful suggestion, that's for sure, but useless without an idea how to make that happen.

Okay, so I exaggerated, but eh, you know what I mean. :)

Anyway, don't let this stop you from suggesting. You never know what gets added after all.
>> No. 37555
Not to scoff at your friendly and spam-free rant, but I do think that there are more ways to contribute to this program than just by supplying art - reporting possible bugs and suggesting possible improvements being two of them.
>> No. 37559
I did notice that speech can be linked to specific animations as well as just showing up randomly. I am not sure when I implied I didn't know that. Please explain why you think I didn't know this.

Actionpoints is just an idea at this point, but the idea is simple, each frame/animation simply has a named spot. Like the door spot for the houses. Behaviors would then be able to use these positions to link up animations to a spot different from the so labeled "image center".

As for the conga line and not knowing the positions beforehand? I am afraid that would require special VB code of some sort. Right now the conga line is just a quite clever setup that not quite manages to, well, manage the full action from a bigger scope than just one pony at a time.

I was not aware that I was being given any special privileges anywhere.

If somepony wants to ignore my ramblings then that's fine with me. But it seems like you are the only one taking offense here. I think you are the one making big of a deal out of this.
>> No. 37562
>> No. 37563
italics italics
>> No. 37564
My bad. I thought you were complaining about speeches not fitting to the animations when you were actually talking about the voice clips. I misread that. Sorry.
>> No. 37567
My bad, [url=]noob[/url] here. Or is it [url=""]noob?[/url]
>> No. 37568
You might want to check out the /test/ board.

I have yet another thing that could be improved. The avoidance region. It is hard to specify even with the preview. The preview needs to be to scale. The best thing would be to just draw a rectangle with the mouse interactively.
>> No. 37577
DP needs Cloudchaser!
>> No. 37607
>>If somepony wants to ignore my ramblings then that's fine with me. But it seems like you are the only one taking offense here. I think you are the one making big of a deal out of this.

Since you seem to be new here, I will give you a quick recap:
You got complains because Desktop Ponies is a heavy art-focused project, where the code part is left to OP, while the art part is left to the project's artists. Comments and criticism about the programming are welcome, as long they limit to describe bugs and small suggestions.

"Idea Guys" or "Code Guys" such as yourself are considered bottom tier here, because what this project needs is people with artistic skills, and what it doesn't is people who only talks, talks and complains.

>> But it seems like you are the only one taking offense here. I think you are the one making big of a deal out of this.

It was more than one person, and it was commented that your suggestions would only cause unnecesary clutter and on top of that you weren't willing to take responsability for the extra load of were intending to put on other people's shoulders.
Since you got a (very predictable) passive-agressive change of atitude and adopted a typical defensive, not-my-fault-at-all stance for not getting what you wanted, add me as well to the people who doesn't likes you here.

This is not personal at all, this is just how things work here. If you check old threads, you will find that other people like you came here too, with an atitude smiliar to yours, and received the exact replies for the exact same reasons: pointless nitpicking, invasive walls of text and absurd suggestions that weren't willing to take care of by themselves.

Now, if you are willing to provide new art for this project, then you can ignore everything I just said.
>> No. 37608
I'll disagree with you a bit - new ideas and suggestions have popped up in past threads, and sometimes been taken, and while OP does handle most of the coding I'm sure that if somepony else figured out a fancy way to do something would have their idea implemented. I mean, people did request having a screensaver option and we've got that now. There are other ways to contribute to the project than creating art for it, for all that art is the most visible.

All the same, I will agree that tiny little nitpicking suggestions are usually ignored unless it is a bug of some kind that needs fixing, simply because most of the times things are done about as well as the coders know how to do. Like the congo line - nopony ever claimed it was absolutely perfect in execution, but it's a rather complicated piece that's done as well as could be figured out at the moment. If somepony could come up with a solution then it would absolutely be used, but just saying 'hey somepony should do something!' and then never contributing will probably end in it just being ignored forever, because other things are being worked on.
>> No. 37609
File 133537357489.gif - (16.29KB , 120x122 , walk.gif )
Here's Shining Armor's walk cycle thus far. I haven't drawn in his hooves yet and still have to animate his tail, but still wanted to show this one to check with folks here in case I missed some glaring error because I've been staring at it for so long.
>> No. 37611
There appears to be a fluctuation in the hind legs in frames 2-4. It looks a bit rough. Are you planning to sort that with the tail?
>> No. 37612
Hm - I think that what you're seeing is part of the back leg. It does look kind of sloppy though, now you mention.
>> No. 37613
You know what I think is the best way to deal with people with "great ideas"?

Get an issue tracker and start filing the ideas. Important bugs can get high priorities and "nice to have, but we got important work to do" stuff gets low priorities. If somepony asks for something already asked then just mark a duplicate and move on.

It also helps with the issue of too much talk and too little work. People can still argue back and fourth about specific issues (that can indeed be silly), but by putting the discussion in an issue tracking system seem to become less annoyed. But you still get heated discussions. But at least they don't overshadow the other issues in the tracker.

It is how mature people collaborate, listen to people and give them proper responses. It severely reduces the experience of "my idea is the greatest ever, stop whatever you are doing and look at me". That's why input, like mine, can look like attention whoring. Because the reader assumes that the writer is requesting a high priority. Make priority requests explicit and reduce the assumptions.

As for not wanting to take responsibility? You got me there. I didn't want to take responsibility. But I am thinking of taking some by implementing my own requests.

I have spent some time investigating the number one thing I want, transparency. I wish I could say that I had even an outrageous design that would require a massive rewrite, but I don't even have that. It seems to be a difficult thing to achieve.

I have yet to tackle what I have been most vocal about, the more advanced condition and memory stuff. I need to do research on how the related things work in detail before I dare start trampling over stuff. I don't want to make a badly attached "solution" that doesn't do the job perfectly and isn't usable by the people that matter, the content creators.
>> No. 37617
>>You know what I think is the best way to deal with people with "great ideas"?

Asking them to prove how great it is by performing it all by themselves, or asking them why nopony has bothered to do it before if it truly is a great idea?
Talking is cheap. Walking the talking is the filter used to see if a person is so great as claims to be, or if it's just another guy trying to plug himself on other people's project to get some cheap attention.

Basically, you popped out from nownere to do nothing but complain and "suggest" impractical ideas, then you became agressive and pushing because other people disagreed with you.
That's not the best way to make a good first impression, much less to make people listen to you and take you seriously.


Look at this other person here. Just like you, he also popped out from nowhere, but unlike you, it was to contribute with something new.
It wasn't perfect, but at least the intention was there and the first impression he caused was definitely positive.
>> No. 37619
It is different to contribute with feedback as opposed to concrete content.

And it is also a contribution to a different part of the project. Working on the design of the program is not the same as drawing a new pony. I feel that the design requires more planing and thinking as opposed to direct creative skill.

You are right in that I have been all talk so far. I do intend to change that. But it is difficult to show of a change to the code that doesn't even work yet.

This is a new platform to me and I am still trying to figure out how to pull off what the original programmer couldn't. I picked some hard tasks to begin with.
>> No. 37622
Let me say that I'd love to have the code in an online repository. It'd be much easier to contribute, and track ideas and such. It'd also be a great way to respond to various suggestions without spamming up the thread (I feel bad just chipping in opinions on bugs sometimes). And hell I feel totally bad whenever I have to stomp over some of DPGs work to shoehorn in some of my fixes to things. I have put the idea to DPG, but the ball's in his court on that one.

I like the ideas in general. But obviously ideas are cheap. Making them happen is what counts. It's even worse with code since the final result is often not visible to people.

That said, transparency wouldn't be difficult. The easy way would be to munge the gif format a bit to allow ARGB colours instead of just RGB. Not difficult on the coding side, but there's a noticeable impact on the artists. That said, I can't think of a way to do it that doesn't have some impact on the artists. I can go into more detail if people like.

As an aside, I'm not sure what language you're working in, but if you don't need to actually change the pony code and you'd prefer not to be working in VB, you could target anything that compiles to CIL ( because they all play nicely together. Just a thought.
>> No. 37628
My specialty is ActionScript 3, but that isn't an option here.

And I am afraid that anything worth doing here would involve editing existing code. And that code is in VB. Unless we are going to do another of those "ports" to a different language (not a good idea) we are stuck with VB.

And if you ask me VB isn't too bad from what I can see. It sure is different from C style languages, but it is still the same concepts.

You are correct in that it wouldn't be that difficult to setup reading alpha images. I am sure that a solution can be found for the artists.

The real difficulty here is the composition vs the rest of the applications on the screen. There is no point reading in files with proper alpha channels if you can't draw with it.

The current setup is a fullscreen form that has a TransparencyKey set. This only allows for boolean transparency.
>> No. 37632
File 133539491027.gif - (2.87KB , 104x100 , stand_right.gif )
Did Cadance's standing animation facing the other way - her mane doesn't flip like some of the characters.
>> No. 37633
Oh, to have a repository and issue tracker. I'd be more apt to poke around at the GTK code if there were a git repo I could clone.

Clearly you've never worked as a software engineer. 'Complaining' people 'suggesting impractical solutions' is almost the very definition of how new features come to be. Whether commercial or open-source, most end users are incapable of coding up their idea. You learn to live with that reality, work on the easy stuff, and keep the more interesting impractical stuff in the back of your mind (or in your issue tracker).

Instead of hacking up the GIF format to support transparency, I'd vote for getting the code to understand APNG ( There are a few tools which support it, no hacks required. Additionally, there's .NET code out there for reading APNG (e.g., so plugging in support should be trivial.
>> No. 37634
I wish I could support the APNG suggestion. But I am not opposing it either.

It's just that I worry for the artists. That and the drama involved with the file format.
>> No. 37636
Okay, so separate "styles" for both directions kinda worked for Rarity's and Twilight's sprites, but here, it looks just odd. And it's not even necessary, as the mane is just mirrored in the show like it's done with pretty much every other pony.
>> No. 37644
Actually I went back to doublecheck and saw that Cadance's mane gets flipped rather than mirrored too, which is why I did it. (and okay yes the picture isn't CADANCE strictly speaking but it's an exact copy so I figure it works) Of course, if everypony thinks it looks strange then it's easy enough just to flip the first sprite for a mirror image.
>> No. 37645
>>37636 Here's a screencap of the difference, which for SOME ODD REASON ponychan just hates and refuses to upload, and so which I stuck on my livejournal account.
>> No. 37658
The show does indeed use mirroring, but at the same time they actually have a backside that they use too.
The trick is that they always start out a shot with the pony having the front side visible and only change to the back side if needed.
>> No. 37662
File 133545547659.png - (181.76KB , 632x230 , cadance-maneflip.png )
All I'm saying is that in the show, characters are usually shown using their good side (and mirrored if necessary). Though at times their "alternate point of view" design is shown, too, it's comparatively rare and I'm not sure if the sprite version really needs it.

It's emeralddarkness' decision, though.
>> No. 37664
File 133545881052.png - (344.95KB , 1366x768 , WPF Test.png )
>The current setup is a fullscreen form that has a TransparencyKey set. This only allows for boolean transparency.

I knocked up a solution using WPF, which supports the full range of transparency (and as an added bonus the hardware acceleration allows it to animate a silly amount of ponies). Screenshot contains a transparent gradient to demonstrate.
>> No. 37747
File 133561718867.gif - (1.18KB , 166x156 , congaderpy_left1.gif )
Hi there, first post on this forum.

I looked up this site specifically for the purpose of sharing what I've been working on. You see, I noticed that one of Pinkie Pie's more amusing animations in Desktop Ponies is to start a conga line. However, it is currently limited to the six main ponies.

Looking at the images, the conga animation seemed like a pretty simple animation to edit, and I really wanted to see Derpy Hooves join in the conga line. So I edited another pony's conga animation to look like Derpy Hooves. I have a decent amount of experience with GIFs, so I'm moderately sure I did it correctly.

However, I've had a problem editing Derpy's Pony.ini file to enable conga behavior. I used my old copycat method of learning code and imitated the code in Twilight Sparkle's Pony.ini file, altered for Derpy, but even after restarting the program, it didn't work: Derpy won't join in on the conga.

Any idea on what I should be doing? Here, I've included a preview of the animation. When I get it working (assuming it's possible), I'd be happy to release all of the files.
>> No. 37752
Welcome to Ponychan then. My guess is you need to add her into the interaction.ini Its located in the same folder as the executable and readme. Add her name in there for the conga interaction and then do what you probably already did and make a Conga start and whatnot for her. This evening I can take a look at it and give you the exact lines of code if need be but hopefully this will allow you to get her up and dancing. =)
>> No. 37755

> Complete stranger pops out from nowhere.
> Complains about a problem, but is already taking steps to correct the problem all by himself.
> Posts new art to add to DP's folders.
> The art doesn't sucks.

Faith on Mankind suddenly restored. Welcome aboard.
>> No. 37774
File 133566649026.gif - (1.20KB , 166x156 , congaderpy_right7.gif )
Haha, I'm glad that's all it took to restore fan in mankind. Hopefully I'll provide more of the same or better.

I guess in a way it was a complaint, but I know my lack of success was either due to a lack of knowledge of the script, or else it wasn't possible (though Desktop Ponies certainly seems flexible enough to handle it).

I'm glad you like my art so far. :) It's just an edit, but I enjoy sprite art; I do a lot of it in a Legend of Zelda fan game community. I would post all the Derpy images now, but I want to include the INI files with them in a zip, Also want to make sure there are no errors first, because it's hard to propagate a correction after releasing to a large number of people, y'know?

Okay, let's see if I've learned the proper procedure for replying... (click)
>> No. 37775

Thanks for the welcome! :)

Aha, interaction.ini! I haven't touched that file. I will get right on it. Thanks; that's exactly the pointer I needed. (Or at least it certainly sounds like it.)

I will try this now and let you know if it works. :) Aww, heck, I might as well try it before clicking reply... (does so)

...Okay! Partial success. The Derpy Hooves conga sprites animate properly, but she seems to be consistently overlapping Twilight Sparkle's sprites (second in line after Pinkie Pie). Hmmmm. Not sure what to make of that.
>> No. 37776

I probably should have posted the code I used. Here is how I entered it:

Conga,"Pinkie Pie",0.2,250,{"Applejack","Fluttershy","Rainbow Dash","Rarity","Twilight Sparkle","Derpy Hooves"},True,{"Conga Start"},300
>> No. 37778

Allright to get your derpy working you should replace the Conga code line in your interactions.ini with

Conga,"Pinkie Pie",0.2,250,{"Applejack","Fluttershy","Rainbow Dash","Rarity","Twilight Sparkle","Derpy Hooves"},True,{"Conga Start"},300

Then for Derpy's pony.ini add
Behavior,"Conga Start",0,5,5,10,"derpy_walking_right.gif","derpy_walking_left.gif",Diagonal_horizontal,"Conga","","",True,0,10,"Pinkie Pie",True,,,"53,53","51,53"

You may have to mess around with the numbers "53,53","51,53" to get her to line up exactly right but that should get you on your way I think. Glad you liked the conga.
>> No. 37787
Maybe it's just me, but these gifs aren't showing up animated for me?
>> No. 37791
File 133572840748.gif - (10.20KB , 166x156 , congaderpy_left.gif )

Okay, I tried it, and here are my results:

When I first edited Derpy into the Interaction.ini and Pony.ini, she would join in but would overlap Twilight. When I updated it and copy-pasted that segment of code into the appropriate spot, Derpy would join in, but three or four of the other ponies wouldn't. (They'd all gather together with the others, but wouldn't start dancing.)


No, they weren't merged together in an animation the last time I posted them, but I suppose there's no harm in posting an animation now. *does so* ...Once I get this figured out I'll release a ready-to-use zip file, assuming I can get it to work.
>> No. 37792
Well, whaddaya know; I try to post an actual animation as an avatar and it doesn't work after all... Oh well. Easy enough to fix. Here:
>> No. 37800
It works, you just have to click on it to get it to animate. Or it's working on my end, at least, so I assume it's working for everypony....
>> No. 37807
It doesn't animate unless you click on it to see the "full picture". Only the /pic/ board renders animated previews for gifs
>> No. 37808
File 133576210957.gif - (10.20KB , 166x156 , congaderpy_left.gif )
Oh, I didn't even think to just simply left-click on it. I kept selecting "view image." That didn't make sense.


It occurred to me that you sound like you were involved with Pinkie Pie. I just wanted to say that I've been very impressed with Pinkie Pie in particular. She has such an extensive list of animations that I think to myself, "man, somepony REALLY likes Pinkie Pie." But that also makes her the most amusing desktop pony, to me.
>> No. 37810
I did the conga animation. DeathPony has been the one responsible for the majority of her other amazing animations. He definitely deserves all the praise you can throw his way. Anyway I will try out Derpy and see if I can't get her in line for you this time.
>> No. 37813
I had asked before, but the person doing Chrysalis gave up on it, so who is working on her now? I've been too busy doing a lot of art work of her, and I don't know how to animate these kind of things, appreciate a nice response.
>> No. 37817

I will definitely throw praise at Deathpony if I get the chance. :) (I'm guessing that nick is an Apocalypse Pony reference.) But great job on writing out the animation, too! If you manage to get any results, I'll quite appreciate it.
>> No. 37820
Ok I finally got to test this out and I just put in the code that I had above and it worked fine for me most of the time. I have found sometimes that the interactions just decide randomly to stop working sometimes but they work the majority of the time. How many times did this happen that it didn't work? Make sure that you took out all the previous conga code you put in and it should work.

Also on you're gif animation. On the third frame you left some extra grey spots inbetween the body and tail and a stray one in the bangs. Also for the second tail, I forget all the frames it's used on but 8&9 I know use it, you have a stray light yellow pixel hanging out.

Oh that is sad. I could start up on her again I suppose unless somepony else wants to take her. I would want some input on my previous design though >>37451
Anything besides her main skin color I would like critique on. I accidentally grabbed the wrong color when I went to make it. Anyway I'd want to know that it's good before I even attempt to make the trotcycle.
>> No. 37831
Her tail appears to hang below her legs, which has happened a few times and always bugs the heck out of me. Her legs seem too short, her horn seems too thick, her body seems too long and the curve of her back legs, particularly the top portion, seems odd to me - too straight and angular. Her muzzle seems a little thick to me too, but I'm not sure how fixable that is, what with pony art and all. Her ears seem like they might be a little too big and set a little too high on her head.

/says this without doublechecking reference, watch me be wrong about everything >_>
>> No. 37832
somepony on tumblr is actually doing some pretty good pony sprites. some are OCs, but there's also pretty good Chrysalis and changeling sprites. maybe they'd like to contribute to the actual program? (unless it turns out they already do by some other name)
>> No. 37833
and the url is wordfiltered, nice...
>> No. 37835
That is really nice. I knew I would have had a lot to do to make the eyes look good but that person did a great job on them. the url shortened so you can actually go to it without the wordfilter causing problems.

Thanks for the critique. I did have something to say to this but if that person allows us to use theirs as a base I think it would be better than me redoing mine.
>> No. 37847
I got a couple pictures I have done of her if you need them for reference. Want them? I have two pictures of Chrysalis on my DA account. One which I just finished before coming to here.

wow, they did do good on that...
>> No. 37903
Some of these are things I intend to fix -- like the stray pixels, the base of the tail, and the tail hanging low -- but some of them are characteristics of the original sprites. Mine was simply an adaptation to the conga animation. The body was taken from Twilight Sparkle and the head/wings transplanted from Derpy. All I did was combine two animations and recolor them, really.

I don't really intend to make any changes to improve on what was already there. The original artist can do that if he wants. I'll cede all my edits to Deathpony since they are relatively minor edits.
>> No. 37918
File 133592959508.png - (4.93KB , 132x122 , gardenpartydress.png )
I think you got a little confused. He was talking about my quick work up of chrysalis. The advice on your sprite was in my post that was right above it. >>37820

Also I made the conga animation for the main 6. I was saying that DeathPony is responsible for most of Pinkie's other animations which is the reason you said you liked her in this program.

Anyway finally got around to designing Rarity's garden party dress so I can finish up her fashion show sprite. Getting the screencaps to start drawing that hat made me realize just how ginormous that thing really is. Though I still think the one she forced on Rainbow Dash holds the title for most ridiculous for me.
>> No. 37958
I don't really know how this works but I read some stuff and hopefully people feel the same way I do...I think 3 ponies need to be added 4 sorta but 3 for sure. Queen Chrysalis, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. Also Discord would be awesome for a bonus...I wish I could create them myself...but sadly not that talented
>> No. 37969
scroll up a bit. they're working on them.
>> No. 37983
File 133613897918.png - (1.25MB , 1366x768 , 8 bit ponies.png )
Pointless... but it had to be done.

>> No. 37985
I was about to ask if somepony would even consider it...
I love you (no homo)
can we haz dl link when done?
>> No. 37989
I wasn't planning on doing anything more with them. That's for somepony with artistic talent and actual motivation.

But if a couple of stationary ponies interests you, here's the images:
>> No. 38025
File 133620106807.gif - (1.16KB , 96x96 , walk-left.gif )
That was a pretty awesome commercial. Good job on getting the standing sprites done. I may have added a bit to them :P

In the video they cheated with the "Applejack Smack".
They had it rotated at such an angel that you couldn't have it look like that with the pixel size they appeared to be using. So I just did what I could with it. For the walk I decided to go the nes route of having it be a 2 frame walk.
>> No. 38035
Hey guys, I found out somepony made this:

It could be very useful for you when it comes to identify theives.
>> No. 38050
Does there exist a style compliant tree?

I was thinking it would be a good idea to have Fluttershy be a tree, and possibly Bloomberg as his own character.

I did end up adding a heart to Tom, but uploading it is being a blargh, so I will see what I can do about that later, if anypony is interested.
>> No. 38127
File 133635417486.gif - (2.38KB , 100x100 , Sparkler_Stand_left.gif )
Hey i'm rebuilding Sparkler as I wasn't happy with the end result last time.

just looking for critiques.
>> No. 38137

Her mane doesn't looks "bushy" enough IMO.
>> No. 38187
How do you mean by bushy?
>> No. 38189
i dont really see anything wrong question a bit off topic though but if i give you my OC code would you be able to make my pony because i have no clue what im doing
>> No. 38193
Requests usually don't get fulfilled, the only real way to get it done is to attempt it yourself. The guys in the dedicated OC thread (>>35944) might be able to give you some advice on getting started.
>> No. 38194
There's a random redditor who has started an Adventure Ponies game engine in Java. They'd probably be interested in the sprites so far.

Just throwing it out there.
>> No. 38196
File 133649574613.png - (64.06KB , 561x750 , ive_had_enough_of_her___sparkler_by_silent331-d4hm5zz.png )

The mane looks a bit too "flat" compared with the original.


No. You also attempted to pass your request on the OC Pony thread and they already told you that requests aren't allowed at all.
Either do it all by yourself or don't do it at all. (And how can you call it "YOUR" character when you expect others to create it is beyond my understanding.)
>> No. 38219
File 133658308764.png - (254.62KB , 1280x1024 , everfree forest thought.png )
Suddenly a sort of request.
Is it possible to make a "real-size preview" of the Everfree Forest Area, so you can see where exactly the forbidden area is? So in the end it would look like a picrelated, and will demonstrate the EFF area on the exact screen.
>> No. 38223
It certainly is possible.

You should even get a nice transparency effect once the work of >>37664 is incorporated.
>> No. 38282
File 133677870804.gif - (18.82KB , 106x96 , filthy_rich_trot_left.gif )
I made Fithy Rich (DT's dad) using monkeyjay's tutorial: a very nice tutorial indeed! :D

Feel free to critique, but I don't really do that much pixel art -- as stated before, I'm a coder :)

Dropbox link below has the folder for him too ... including a stand/blink animation.
>> No. 38288
Not bad, but... Is there any particular reason why you based him on a mare instead of a stallion?
>> No. 38296

This site is planning to decompile and repost your animations without your permission or even crediting the real animators.
The permission issue was menctioned, but as you guys can see, the local staff quickly swept it under the rug and they are encouraging the theft of your material.

Seriously, you guys will need to put a lock on your animations or something because people everywhere follows you like vultures.
>> No. 38298
As stated, I was following the tutorial. The base pony is (as I see now) for mares.

To be honest, I didn't see a difference between the mares and stallions apart from maybe bulkier legs. I could fatten his legs if it bothers you.

For comparison, try Filthy Rich next to Doctor Whooves. I don't see that much difference in terms of trot.

Thanks for the feedback though :)
>> No. 38301

Anonycat made some pony templates, which included a stallion version too. You can use these.
>> No. 38304
Yep. Anonycat made sprite sheets that can help you out. There's also a psd file in with doctor whooves that is like the one in the tutorial but for a stallion. Most of the other bases can be found here if you want to pick out which works best for you

For the cutie mark you might want to have the bottom red pixel move with the gold pile as he trots.

I would say that the mane is too thin up front. Her hair sticks out more and is thicker than what you have there. Otherwise she looks fine.
>> No. 38313
why not just recolor lyra?
>> No. 38315
Just downloaded desktop ponies and I love it! But I noticed there wasn't a Thunderlane, I'm going to throw out a suggestion that somepony who does artwork for this should make him and add him~
>> No. 38325
It's not so much the lack of bulk that bothers me, but the shape of the head, which is rather feminine.
>> No. 38334
File 133694254780.gif - (18.85KB , 106x96 , filthy_rich_trot_left.gif )
Thanks, I think that Dr Whooves one looks useful... shame I didn't think about that when doing Mr. Rich XD

Hope I've fixed the face and cutie mark :)
>> No. 38337
File 133694888624.gif - (2.60KB , 60x56 , tominlove.gif )
This is what I made out of Tom. I realize the movement is sort of jerky, but I did what I could with it.
I nothing more complicated, but that is because he is a rock. I did add in one interaction where he would follow Rarity very very slowly, very very rarely, which I think looks cool.
I would like to be able to credit the originator of the plain boulder I used, so if anypony knows that, that would be cool.
>> No. 38345

Has anypony of DP's team contacted that site to ask them to stop?
As far I understand it, Desktop Ponies team members are OK with people reposting their animations elsewhere as long they are credited as the real authors, but decompiling their animations and reposting them without permission or even menctioning who's the real creator is a dick move.

As far I've seen, Spriter's Resource is a nest of social misfits who largely enjoy being dinks just for the sake of being dinks, so a few words in time could avoid a lot of future headaches here, God knows that Deviantart users are already causing enough problems to this project already.
>> No. 38350
I'd really like to see licenses on sprites. Right now all we have is an understanding that some uses of sprites are acceptable, and others not. Unfortunately, understandings are ripe for confusion, especially when there are a dozen or more spriters each with their own "understanding" of what is acceptable. Its a nightmare.

Putting sprites under licenses would makes things a lot clearer. Want to use one or more CC-BY-NC sprites in your new Project X? Fine, provided there's attribution and you don't sell Project X. Want to produce a sprite-sheet from a CC-BY-NC-ND sprite? Sorry bub -- a sprite sheet is a derivative work, and you'll be needing specific permission from the artist first.

Not all of us are miscreants waiting to steal your work. Some of us really do consider things like copyright when working on our projects, and get a headache just thinking about the current logistical issues in legally using them.
>> No. 38351
>Not all of us are miscreants waiting to steal your work. Some of us really do consider things like copyright when working on our projects, and get a headache just thinking about the current logistical issues in legally using them.

I've seen people asking for DP's team permission before using their animations, and giving full credit to the original artists to avoid any kind of confusion or misunderstanding, but polite people like that is a very rare minory.

Most people just believe that "giving credit" is the same as asking -and receiving- permission, and others simply refuse to give credit, so people would believe that what they took from DP's team was actually made by them.

According to some (very, very idiotic) comments from Deviantart thieves, they refuse to ask for permission because they already know they will not receive it, so they decide to skip the permission part to avoid getting a negative answer.

Yeah, they are THAT dumb.
>> No. 38400
Actually, images are put in spoilers due to size restrictions in order to keep from breaking the page size, which is a rule and out of courtesy of members who have terrible internet speeds due to their locations and out-paced service providers, as many members are from a wide selection of countries. Also, the user that started the thread ash_3k5 just joined a month before starting it and has't posted anything else since the 23rd of April. This is not apart of that site's game ripping projects or any of the community projects which involve custom and scratch pixel art, so no, it's not being swept under the rug. Please do your research next time, as it only took me a few minutes to get all the facts.
>> No. 38411

Actually, the problem here is genuine. He was told that since the animations were original worls instead of game rips, he needed to get permission before attempting to submit them.
Then a Mod (Mighty Jetters, infamous for being an imbecile attention seeker) intervened only to say "Thanks!" to the guy who reuploaded an improved version of the sheet, while Tonberry, aka an ADMIN who already knows better, did absoutely nothing.

But again, TSR's staff is infamous for it's habit of harrasing people or looking to the other side if it allows them to profit from something, while Dazz, aka the site owner is an extreme enabler who allows his people to do whatever they want to anypony they want as long he doesn't gets directly involved in the fuss.
>> No. 38414
File 133712090971.png - (141.88KB , 356x324 , Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 6_24_15 PM.png )
The tail is a bit too big and looks strange. In this reference pic I found the tail only goes to the top of the knees but yours goes to the ground. Also the cutie mark looks more yellow in yours than in this pic.
>> No. 38417
...Interesting choice of words. You seem to have a subjective viewpoint on this matter and a more in-depth knowledge of that site that somepony would just casually have. But yeah, I just cross-referenced them with Google using 'ponies' as a search term and found very little when it comes to spriting: a few references to the show in thread about a fighting game they're making, original equine poke'mon for a fan-game maybe and somepony that apparently was working on animations of Big Mac, Madme' Fluer and Mr. Turnip around last May. All the other other results are from some place called fusion fangaming reactor and their mostly about the show and stuff the fan community made. Also, since I couldn't find any reference to the thread you mentioned before with google and that forum has the search for members only, I'm going out on a limb and say you have a bit of an axe to grind. So, I guess we'll just keep our eyes on them for now, but I'm pretty sure it was just some young kid that didn't know any better. No need to start fight. Have a pleasent day.
>> No. 38424
As a Linux coder, licensing is something I probably think too much about. In the open-source world, *everything* comes under some kind of license: GPL, BSD, MIT, Apache... The list goes on. Projects are put under licenses to foster the growth of "polite" projects (i.e. projects which respect the author's wishes) while retaining the legal firepower necessary to go after the bozos.

Right now the Desktop Ponies FAQ states that other projects must "properly and prominently [provide] credit". While not a formal license, it is better than nothing. My port of Desktop Ponies to Python relies on this to provide the sprites as part of the download. Technically speaking though, DesktopPonyGuy probably doesn't have the right to make such a claim (unless he has the copyrights to all the sprites). That would be one good reason to push toward making artwork under a more formal license.

Formal licenses wouldn't reduce the number of people ripping off your work (sadly), but it would make proper use easier for those who care.
>> No. 38456
Just chipping it to say that it would absolutely be sensible to get things on a solid foundation in regards to licensing.

The main issue I foresee is that'd we have to get every contributor so far to agree to whatever license is chosen, particularly for bases since most of the sprites derive from those.
>> No. 38458
File 133719957953.jpg - (235.60KB , 945x945 , 4762 - crossover Dr_Farnsworth farnsworth Futurama ponified Professor_Farnsworth Professor_Huber.jpg )
Good news, everypony! <--- Remeber this deranged chick?
DA's Mods threw the book at her and now the stolen content has been locked, while her account is being reviewed.
>> No. 38459
I'm cool with whatever license as long as no one is making money from my work. I get requests all the time to use the sprites and it's obviously from people just doing little projects and stuff and the base sprites are perfect for that sort of thing.

I also get a lot of requests for technical support for the desktop pony app haha.
>> No. 38475

Another jerk stealing DP animations (Pony Noia's, I think) and attempting to pass them as his own to feel important.
>> No. 38479
>attempting to pass them as his own to feel important.
>This Little Strongheart Sprite is by Pony Noia and can be found here: [link]
>sure but also credit Pony Noia for the Sprite and this site: [link]
>> No. 38490
Can you guys make a theft topic so this is not dominated by such discussion?
>> No. 38491

You are true to your name.
>> No. 38497
Say...why hasn't anypony tried making Flash desktop ponies? Instead of 8-bit ? Flash helps the outline color a lot, and looks cleaner.

Just asking.
>> No. 38502

Do you realize you are basically asking the DP team to dump EVERYTHING and redo their animations (all hundreds of them) from scratch?
And you are also asking DPG to dump his program and having to start all over again, this time using Flash?

Just saying.
>> No. 38503
Pfft...who da fuck said anything about them doing it.

Maybe some other animators like the ones which did these:
>> No. 38505
It probably hasn't been done before because of the work involved in making the number of animations that the Desktop Ponies project has. While I do not know how hard it is to make flash animations, I'm pretty sure it is more work than the gif animations this project currently has (which is already a non-negligible effort by many contributors).

Coming here to suggest that somepony make such a port isn't really going to accomplish anything. By that I'm not saying that it's a bad idea, just that it's very unlikely that anypony will take it upon themselves to make it. If you want to see it done, and you are willing to learn and put the effort to start the project yourself, then you should make a collab thread about it once you have something to show.
>> No. 38506
Agreed. To tell the truth I get the feeling most of these "thieves" are just kids who don't really know better. It's not worth derailing active development discussion.
>> No. 38511
While some of the theives were dumb kids indeed (such as the obnoxious Ponyluver) a good chunk of them were also people over 20 and even on their 30's.
>> No. 38520
Licensing and thieves... can't we all just have fun with ponies...?

Licensing: somepony pointed out previously this one that I felt was OK:

I guess it is time to make that official and post it somewhere on the site.

I haven't read all the posts above yet - I've had very little time recently; however:

For those of you complaining about my "give everypony a copy of the zip file!" version control, I went ahead and made a sourceforge project and a mercurial repository.

We'll see how that goes...
>> No. 38529
Maybe you should put the actual ponies in source control too?
>> No. 38533

That is up to the artists who made the animations in the first place.
>> No. 38546
Well obviously they should be included, since they're part of the project. But first we'll need any artists involved to agree to the proposed license.

Talking of that, the license listed in the sidebar here: seems to be slightly different. I assume we're going for by-nc-sa 3.0 since that does indeed seem the most suitable.
>> No. 38547

Once again, that's up to them to decide.

And once again, you are trying too hard to decide things on behalf of this team, despite having absolutely nothing to do with this project or having contributed with absolutely nothing to it..

You have neither the right or authority, so please try to not do it again, as I would be forced to report you to the Mods to cut your control issues from the root.
>> No. 38557
I'm not sure if you have me confused with somepony else or not. For one thing I have contributed.

Anyway, I'm merely stating that if we want to go through with this license thing, as people have suggested is a sensible idea, then we'd need to ask their permission.

As far an including them with the source goes, what's the other option? Let people download the program on its own and then track down images separately? That's silly.
>> No. 38581
I actually tried doing exactly that. It's not that hard to make using AIR actually. I just didn't put any effort into it, so I never got enough subsystems working.

Flash can read GIF animations. The issue is more in importing things well and having a new engine. The flash GIF importer, while improved in later versions, still isn't too nice. Flash really is better at vector animation.

And redoing all the animations in vector graphics is just silly. Not only does the pixels have their own style, it is a major workload, even if you trace existing animations.
>> No. 38586
I know he has contributed. I know a lot of those who have contributed to here.
>> No. 38593
>> No. 38595
Fine, then we will just stick to insulting your spelling and grammar.

You missed three apostrophes, misspelled one word and incorrectly used one period and two exclamation marks at the end of your sentence. And that's ignoring all the possible capitalization errors the all caps is hiding.

Also, please go and stand in a freezer for a minute, you need to cool down.
>> No. 38605

A little heads-up, in case you were talking to the real Pumpkinc: she's bipolar and extremely fragile, both emotionally and mentally speaking. Criticism, rejection and lack of acceptation are physically harmful for her.

So instead of engaging her (and making her blow her lid) just ignore her and eventually she will lose interest and go away by herself.
>> No. 38641
I considered that, but if you did through the site terms of use they do the same thing most others do by saying that "we can do whatever we want with what you upload here", which I'm not comfortable with doing for other people's art.

It is silly, but we'll have to keep ponies separate I believe (for the change control stuff - downloads on the other site will always include ponies).

Good catch; it doesn't seem to have the right one available as a choice so I just entered "other" and specified it in the description.
>> No. 38643
So, finally getting around to looking at this and I can't reproduce it. This is with Win7 and areo on and off. Any other tips to make it happen?
>> No. 38667
Hey, just like to chime in and say that I actually run The Spriters Resource, and you've decided to name me directly in your post, too.

For those not really giving a shit, my name's Dazz - I run that site. Hello. I didn't get involved in that thread because it was already being dealt with - the sheet hasn't been uploaded to our site, because it doesn't have the permission of the original artist... Mighty Jetters is friendly to members, and was simply saying thanks to the guy who corrected the sheet.
Tonberry likely doesn't know the origin of the sheet, so made mention of the issue. The issue wasn't missed, it just wasn't cared for since it's not something we would put on our site without permission from the guys who made the application - since we're not idiots, which is clearly being stated here.

I don't know who you are, since you're deciding to stay anonymous, but I can only assume that you're actually a banned member who has some sort of vendetta.

I'm no brony, but I'm also not a phony brah. We don't profit from our site, we're an archive. Uploading that sheet would have been more work from complaints, which is not something we want. We aren't out to hurt artists and claim we own anything we don't.

Please try to keep your personal vendetta against us to yourself next time before you slate us as being thieves. Dick.
>> No. 38674

You have no power here.

Your dramas have no place here.

The tales about how you constantly search your name on the net to see if somepony is talking about you were 100% true after all.

You are not a special person, you are not a celebrity and you haven't done anything of value, period.

You would betray and backstab anypony if that means you can profit of it, and your historial proves it over and over.

You paint yourself as a powerful figure, when actually you are SO easy to control and manipulate over and over again.

You are just a dumb guy with an unwarranted ego, who wasted his only chance to get an education, then BEGGED for an easy way to make a living and lacks the bollocks to stand firm and put order in your nightmare of a community because let's face it, you are a loser afraid of losing the approval of his own community, because that's all what you have in your life.

tl;dr: You have no place here, and never will. Go back to your safeheaven of Schadenfreude and anarchy, because you are worth nothing outside of it and your so-called "power" cannot control anypony here.

Dazz? Mo' like ASS.


Classy as ever.

>> No. 38676
File 133771594963.png - (116.49KB , 295x375 )
Sheesh, take a chill pill, will ya.

Thank you for having the courtesy to come by to explain the situation. We appreciate it. And I'm happy to hear that the sheets aren't gonna be put without permission from the original creator(s).

I'd also like to apologize for the hostile behavior of one of our posters, since he's probably not gonna do it himself.

Now let's get this thread back on-topic and keep it there.
>> No. 38694
Dude, I'm not Hitler. I'm just a guy running a site. It's about sprites. I don't have "goons" - I'm one dude.
I'm not trying to take the moral high ground, and sure, I'm being insulting because I too am being insulted - My language has nothing to do with me as a person. If language had anything to do with how a person acts, then we are in a world of serious assholes.

I only found this thread because somepony linked me to it, and I wanted to say my piece to make sure you guys didn't feel like we were stealing your content - because we aren't. If you don't like me or the fact that I feel you guys deserve to be told the truth about the thread in question, then that's cool. I'm not here to win friends, since I really don't care.
I just felt like you guys knowing we weren't stealing your stuff was, you know, an important thing.

My conclusion is I know the guy who has been talking shit about us, and it's highly ironic, considering he rips sprites himself, and posts them on another database. Nopony else that I know visits our forum, in a random thread such as that, and has any interest in MLP, and also has a serious issue with me and everypony I talk to. He has expressed serious issues with people on my forum for the past few years, and tries everything he can to make sure people have a negative opinion of us before they can come to their own conclusion.

I'm not going to defend myself further unless it's a direct question. The argument is frankly pretty stupid, since it's somepony who posted it to our forum - not any of us directly... We aren't going to tell people to stop posting, because that's retarded. It hasn't been accepted, it's not going on the site, what is the point in being an asshole to us when we aren't doing anything?
As for the ask to take sprites down, I've done it in the past once, when somepony asked us to. Because the game wasn't out yet. They then asked us to put them back up.
Several artists appreciate the fact that we host their sprites >!/KayinNasaki/status/204149025811861504

Again, we aren't bad guys. Stop making us out to be doing something we aren't.
>> No. 38703
>>The argument is frankly pretty stupid, since it's somepony who posted it to our forum - not any of us directly... We aren't going to tell people to stop posting, because that's retarded.

Wait, so if somepony posts ripped sprites to your forum without permission, you don't delete the post and tell them to knock it off? Am I getting this right?

Also, one guy being cool with the posted sprites doesn't mean that everypony is cool with it.
>> No. 38704
We were waiting for the member to get permission to have us put it on the site. We aren't going to delete the thread since he would just have to repost it again later.
We told him to get permission, and we're still waiting on him to do that. If it turns out he doesn't get permission, then we will of course close the thread and make mention of it - until then, it hangs in the balance.
The thread is a month old granted, but that really doesn't mean anything these days.
>> No. 38705
Is this the thread?

You might want to make a mod put a big, red "PENDING PERMISSION" sign and hide the sheets from the other uses without deleting them, or something like that.

Frankly, I would nuke the thread and tell the guy to upload it again only and only when he got express permission from the creator, which is what he should have done from the beginning. It's not like the creator is hard to contact, or anything.

Anyway, doing something like that would give a better impression instead of making it look like you're encouraging or not punishing that kind of behavior.

Remember that the behavior of your users, no matter how much time passes or any other factors, reflects on your whole community and on you as an administrator.
>> No. 38706

If you had bothered to check this thread, you would have noticed that no, the artists (Or Desktop Pony Guy) are not OK with the idea of their work being altered and reposted elsewhere. Also, they have said several times that giving credit is not the same as getting permission.

Reposting the animations and giving full credit, plus a link to the real animators AND to Desktop Ponies homepage? They are cool with that.
Taking their animations apart, adding your own name to the sheet and displaying them on your own community? No way.

If the original animators had been interested on that, theywould have done it months ago, and they would have displayed them on their own DA accounts rather than lending them to a self-centered jerk like you so he could have extra attention and extra hits on his site.

Dazz just came here to pick fights and demand things to be done his way. He refuses to take a no for an answer and pretends to make everypony bend to his will so he could profit from everypony's work, but again, that is Dazz for you.

Just drop it, OK? You are only making your entire community look bad, because if the site owner is a paranoid, self centered jerk then you can't expect anything better from the site he owns and controls.
>> No. 38708
Her S01 model was a recolour of Lyra, and my first submition of sparkler was jsut that for her trot and standing animations.

tho they changed her design to be a mix of Colgate and Lyra in S02.

Also I jsut really don't like how she turned out in my first try.
>> No. 38709
I came here to settle this - how could I possibly benefit from causing arguments?
If you're judging a community based on the way in which I'm trying to resolve an issue, then I doubt any of them will care for your opinion in the matter anyway.

Since it's obviously causing quite a disturbance and I know that it isn't desired, I'll remove the sheet from the thread.

I'm sorry that I'm not an overseer of everything on the internet, but I can't know what everypony wants. If I did, I probably wouldn't be doing what I do.

Can you please just leave my community out of this, since it actually has nothing to do with us? I've done nothing wrong, none of my staff have done anything wrong, and you're just insulting us needlessly, rather than doing the grown up thing and contacting me directly to resolve the situation. Instead you've decided to publicly express your distaste of myself, and in my opinion, come across as a complete jackass.
>> No. 38710
Taking down the thread: Good.

Disclaiming responsibility for your own website: Bad.

Shifting the blame on the person who pointed out that you're doing something wrong just because they did it in a place where you can't control what they say: Even worse.
>> No. 38711
Wait, I misread that. You're only taking down the sheet rather than the whole thread.

Not the ideal since people can still post the sheet again later when the attention has passed... But at least it's something, I guess.
>> No. 38712
Well the point is that the thread shouldn't be deleted - it states it was taken down by request. I take the thread down, somepony may remake the thread later to post a new sheet, without knowing it was previously removed (if that makes sense?)
>> No. 38713
Then take down that new thread. And if another one pops up later then take that one down too. That's how moderation works. Otherwise your users will never understand that they mustn't rip sprites without permission.
>> No. 38715
Am I the only one who is getting tired of this back-and-forth in what should be a /collab/ thread?

This kind of thing really should be either in its own thread or just taken directly to those involved IMO. As another has pointed out >>38490

Personally, I'm really saddened by all of the bad blood that is being bred in here. I just hope that no one gets discouraged from contributing to this project on account of these kinds of arguments.
>> No. 38720
Glad you're striving to get her to be the best she can be. Just because something is a recolor in essence doesn't mean you need to just recolor something. You can still make things a little bit different and have it look good and like the same character. Good luck with her.

Raises hoof. Yes I am sick of seeing this. It seems like this thread constantly gets turned into attacking others and witch hunts instead of about the project. Now to get this right. If they put credit to desktop ponies team and the website on these sprite sheets, would that solve everypony's grief about them?
>> No. 38722
Simply crediting and linking is not enough to please everypony, nor should it be assumed to be, but it is a minimum that should be expected from anypony using these sprites.

Anything beyond this should really be left up to the artists to decide and act upon. I don't see a reason why anypony else should make this decision and discussion for them.

I am particularly concerned that some seem to be actively out to attack and insult others on behalf of the team. I am not sure this is the kind of behavior the artists would advocate for.
>> No. 38724
>>Simply crediting and linking is not enough to please everypony, nor should it be assumed to be

This is in fact, one of the base rules on Deviantart regarding the use of other people's works.


I third this.
I assume most of our vitriolic posters meant well, but we all could see what happens when the other side refuses to accept a negative and keeps claiming to have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The theft report thread could be pinned and used to report -any- kind of theft, not only limited to this project alone.

Think of it as control damage, with all fights and accusations being confined there. If somepony insists of dragging them here, the Mods can simply cut and paste the offending posts there, and that way lots of headaches could be avoided for good.
>> No. 38731
File 133780959719.png - (421.61KB , 849x726 )
I'm getting sick of this discussion. We've been back and forth about this and we've seen every side of the discussion. The Spriters Resource will not put up the sheet without explicit permission from the original creators. How they deal with their threads and members is their concern, not ours.

A theft report thread sounds interesting, but might not be needed. If a user is gonna make one, it will not be pinned (this is /collab/, not /desktoppony/).

Anyway. Everypony is going to drop this conflict, consider this post an invisible line. Anypony discussing this particular conflict after this post will be dealt with.
>> No. 38733
To change the topic into something productive, I wonder how we should go about incorporating the alpha rendering work by RoosterDragon.
>> No. 38802
oh, ok.
that makes sense. i'm pretty sure Daisy and Carrot Top are recolors of each other in the show, but their sprites are different, so same goes for them i guess.
>> No. 38816
Well it's ready to go whenever, but the main issue is still animated images.

APNG kinds sucks since other ports would lose out since if they didn't support the format, the animation doesn't work.

A better fallback would just drop the transparency. To that end I think using GIF and then having a separate ARGB table somewhere would be a better option.
>> No. 38845
I went ahead and made a thread for thieves and stuff.

All discussions about this should be redirected there from now on so that the main threads don't get derailed anymore.
>> No. 38848
I'm not sure if the fallback case actually poses much of a problem. Almost every port provides art as part of the download. If a porter doesn't want to support APNG in their program, tools like ImageMagick exist that can easily convert everything back into GIFs. This doesn't help those who want to use semi-transparent OC ponies in a port, but I don't think we'll see to much of that going on.

While I think your solution of storing alpha seperately is ugly, it's probably just as workable in the long run. Both will take a bit of coding to support, both are "odd" formats that spriters will have some difficulty working with, and both are equally expressive for our (current) purposes.
>> No. 38849

It could be used to report ANY kind of thievery, not limited for this project alone.
No more mudfests derailing this thread, then? Awesome.
>> No. 38898
>>38497 on earth would you expect that to work at all? that makes no sense.
>> No. 38899
Just a small update:

V1.42 test 1
(EXE only in that link. I think i may have updated the repository correctly as well.)

-Options for Minimum and Maximum # of spawn ponies added to houses. (Note that these are per house TYPE, not per house spawned).
-Bias option for houses: Is the random number generator giving you not enough ponies? Too many? Adjust the slider on the house option page!
-The "ID" object for a pony wasn't working. Fixed. This should prevent flickering when two ponies are on the same spot and are of the same height (they were sorting the same).

Hmm. I would have thought that that would be a more involved project than something you can just "knock up". I'm starting to think that you should be in charge of this project :)
>> No. 38902
sometimes firefox likes to go on top of my ponies, even when they're set to be on top of all windows =/ unchecking and then checking the box seems to fix it, but it might be something to look at =/
>> No. 38915
ok, i have a weird bug...
whenever i open my OC in the pony editor, it halves her walking speed. it also seems to do that when i just open her (to be on my desktop) sometimes.
i think it has something to do with the fact that the slow down factor is set to x2 by default, even though it says x1, but that really shouldn't be exponentially slowing ponies down so i don't know why it seems to be doing that.
it also only seems to do that to my OC, which is odd...
i'm running windows 7 64 bit, if that helps.
>> No. 38923
Is it the animation speed that looks slowed down or is it the actual movement across your desktop speed?
>> No. 39019
File 133835009720.png - (6.35KB , 350x60 , Sprite Sheet.png )
Hey guys, I wanted your input on something. As you know, Desktop Ponies are perfect for fangames and a lot of people use them. But at the same time, it gives the designer a bad rep. I originally used DP sprites but I started on my own so my game is more original. However, despite that, I'm still getting accused of ripping you off.(Though I am technically part of the team myself) Do any of you have any input on this? There isn't much I can do as our sprites are bound to look similar. They both follow the same art style.
>> No. 39026
The snouts look off-model, the heads look strangely stretched up and the pegasi wings are coming out from their necks.
And honestly, if you want input on your sprites you should use your own thread instead of rudely hijacking this one.
>> No. 39027
I think they look good. I can see some differences from this project.

I don't see anything wrong with what he did. Take a chill pill.
>> No. 39032
I don't think he was looking for feedback on the sprites themselves, but perhaps he will still find it useful.

Definitely credit Desktop Ponies as the source of the original sprites since yours are still derivative works. You've updated the underlying style, which is a start. You could also try to expand on the existing animations (e.g. make a "walk" animation that can be used instead of "trot"). Another thing that would be good for a game would be to add additional directions to the sprites (e.g. up/down versions in addition to the provided left/right). Finally, you could make entirely new animations for things that don't make much sense in DP (e.g. a "jump" animation to clear obsticles or gain elevation).

Above all, don't take accusations of your sprites not being "different enough" overly seriously. Having 100% original artwork is wonderful, but the people capable of doing serious sprite work are too busy to make that a reality. Do your best to make as unique and complete of a set of sprites as possible, but don't but don't get hung up on trying to perfect just one piece of the whole. In the end, your project is more than just sprites.
>> No. 39059
Seriously, learn to read complete posts, they weren't supposed to be spirtes for this project, but the complete opposite.
>> No. 39062
Yeah, I already tried that. Learn to read posts. I wanted input about this matter from the actual team.

I do actually have my own animations. Most I have posted here before I started my own animations. There was a Twilight charging one from Boast Busters, A walking animation and Rainbow Dash mid-air rolling one from Dragonshy. I am also working on an up and down sprite as well.

Also, giving credit is a little sketchy for this. I didn't technically use anything. I took a screenshot from that online game "Adventures in Ponyville" and shrunk it down to sprite-size then I drew over with each pixel. The colors are different too. I originally used Desktop Ponies for it but I soon realized their colors are actually wrong so I went back and used the correct colors from the show. Fluttershy is the most noticeably different in this regard. Still, I'll make sure I give credit to "The Entire Desktop Pony Team" just to be safe.

I try to make my sprites as different as possible but there is only so much I can do. I've seen other games with sprites that look just like DP sprites but are slightly different but it's my game that seems to attract the haters.
>> No. 39068

Your game atracts the "haters" because you keep doing dumb things and fight with tooth and nail every time somepony points to one of the many, many mistakes you have been piling up.
For example, when you were told that using 2-D animations on a top view map was a bad idea, you just raged and raged, then praised yourself to shush away the critics and the only thing you agreed to change was the shadow you stuck under the ponies and then kept all the other mistakes untouched.
To put it blunt, nopony is paying attention to your project simply because nothing on it is worth of anypony's attention, the sprites are the average Desktop Ponies ripoff, the maps are crude MSPaint full of errors, the character huds you were so proud about were just resized screencaps and every time you ask -and receive- feedback, you immediately try to fight it back and then start fishing for better answers.
Without menctioning that right now, you are invading this thread to plug a completely different project and when you were called out on it, you immediately turned agressive and basically claimed you would do whatever you want no matter what.

You will never receive true comments or attention as long you fix the biggest problem on your project, aka Yourself.

Now please take back this discussion to your own thread. If everypony keep ignoring it, take a look at the way you have been treating people and hopefully you will understand why.
>> No. 39070
Uh huh, if you don't like it then stop stalking me. Your the one invading here. I'm actually part of the Desktop Pony team and I'm only asking for advice.
>> No. 39076
File 133842205009.jpg - (20.18KB , 341x324 )
is something the matter in here?
>> No. 39078

Besides of the guy who invaded this project to plug his own, took a smug stance, demanded a special treat and tried to label people as a "stalker" because didn't had the opinion he expected him to have and seems to believe that everypony is out to get him?

Other people who are also part of DP have created projects of their own, but they don't plug them here or demand a special treat simply because they are mature enough as to realize that's a very dumb thing to do, and I don't see why >>39070 should trample all over the rules of education and common sense to get a different treat for himself alone.
>> No. 39080
Plain and simple. This anon has been nothing but trouble. All I have done is ask for advice and constructive critisism and this guy keeps coming in to needlessly bash and argue. If he doesn't like me or my work, he needs to learn how to give real critisism or get out. I'm not going to listen to people who only knows how to say "You suck!" He tries blaming me when all I do is try to please the fans. He has pretty much destroyed my original topic. Plus, the second I go to another location for advice, this guy comes in out of nowhere and derails the topic. I only wanted a quick answer from people who know what they are talking about and then be off but this guy feels the need to interupt what was good critisism with his uneeded hate.
>> No. 39081
File 133842557513.jpg - (20.18KB , 341x324 )
If you would like criticism for your own project, maybe you should consider starting your own thread, super?

Anon, if he does that, will you give him some space, too?
>> No. 39082
I did make make my own thread. I made it months ago. However, ever since this guy showed up, there has been nothing but hate left and right. I actually left /collab/ because of this jerk. My game is hosted somewhere else now. I only came back to ask the Desktop Pony team about how to deal with people like him who claim I am stealing from them when I'm not. My question was completely in place. I didn't ask for opinions on my sprites, I wanted advice about my situation relating to this. The DP team has delt with thieves in the past and would know how do deal with this.
>> No. 39083

Are you really trying to imply that all the people who didn't liked your project are nothing but one person?

Look, you ask for criticism and that's exactly what you receive, but then you get overdefensive because people keeps telling you what's wrong in your project and you are only interested to hear them say what's "nice" on it. That's not how it works, and people tried to explain that to you over and over without any success.

Also, you always blow things out of proportion to cause revenge drama and shift your problems onto other people. As it was stated a long time ago in your tread, it's not /collab/'s problem or duty to improve your game, that's yours. But you don't want to, as you fight and resist against anything that could imply changes, and basically keep showing the same things over and over.

You only seem interested to get attention here. But you don't want to put any real effort on this project, you have no respect against the people who offered you a hand, and you try to pin your own problems onto other people. How exactly could you NOT expect people losing interest on your project and getting upset with you? Honestly, you cherrypick everything so you could have all the benefits but none of the responsabilities.

Mod, if you check supersaiyanmikito's project thread you will see by yourself the childish and stubborn way as he has been treating people since forever, and a quick check of the date and IPs of the comments posted there should be enough to destroy his claims that "a single jerk" is the only person saying bad things about him.
>> No. 39089
Can we get off this tangent and return back to Desktop Ponies? This is not the place to make accusations, tell stories, or air personal grievences. This is the place to contribute, get help, and otherwise discuss the Desktop Ponies program and its non-OC sprites.

If you've done all that, there's not much else I can suggest. You could expand on the number of non-character sprites to draw less attention to these particular ones, but the only real "solution" I can think of would be to fundamentally change the art style (e.g. 16-bit instead of 8-bit).
>> No. 39091

Changing the animation style to one that could fit the top-view style of the game would help a lot as well.
>> No. 39092
People are going to be reminded of this program as long as the sprites are the same size and about the same color/art style. The only way I can see to disassociate yourself from this project is change either the size of your sprites, the way they are colored as maybe have them be a bit darker or put more shadowing gradient on, or change the style around completely with either a more simple looking sprite or a lot more detailed.

Personally I don't see why you were getting so much grief over using desktop pony sprites. You were creating some nice custom sprites like the pushing block and others that are obviously not going to be in the program. I think most of the grief came from using a side view sprite on a top down map.

Maybe he could skew the view to look like a 3/4 view where the sprites would more easily fit in.
>> No. 39095
Stop causing problems

I say this discussion is now over and we return to what the thread is about- Desktop Ponies. This place sees too much fighting, which is usually caused by an anonymous. So all just get a long now.
>> No. 39099
File 133844334509.png - (60.93KB , 1131x707 , fluttershy_filly_vector__by_flare3-d4n616u.png )
I'm Ponyluver, and some of you may remember me as the theif who stole your art and made stupid animations. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry. Umm, please read this, if you have a minute.
>> No. 39101
We have a topic for thieves now. >>38844

Just so you know, nopony is going to believe you. You are probably the most infamous of the thieves to date. If your going to try to make it up by making sprites yourself. They better be dang good ones.
>> No. 39102
Okay! I'm making a sprite as I type. It's of Twinkleshine. And thanks so much for allowing me a second chance~
>> No. 39103
File 133844733680.gif - (2.51KB , 106x96 , stand_twinkle_left.gif )
Everypony, this is the stand sprite (pretty basic, no blink yet) of Twinkleshine/Twinkle
>> No. 39104
Uhhh... I suggest getting a better program. Aside from the white background the quality is also horrible. That looks like it was made in Paint. I do mine in GIMP but I suggest asking others what they use.
>> No. 39105
File 133845155528.png - (197.96KB , 795x447 , 133694616283.png )
Ummm. You need to change your color settings for your gif. It probably looked fine as you were making it but when you save the gif you need to make sure you update the colors. The easiest way is just increasing the allowed colors or I know in photoshop I just select 'selective' and that works for me usually. I know there's similar settings in other programs. What program are you using?

Anyway since I can see the basic lines still, critique. The mane looks like it gets way too thin right before it reaches the back hair curl. For the tail, it looks good starting off but then just kind of dies after the first roll. Also I believe you have the rolls on the wrong side. They are supposed to be on the inside with only the bottom roll facing outwards.

Also this >>39101 you are going to have to behave yourself to earn any trust back.
>> No. 39106
File 133845200440.png - (626B , 106x96 , stand_twinkle_left.png )
Umm, is this one better?
>> No. 39108
File 133845277287.png - (1.62KB , 106x96 , stand_twinkle_left.png )
Wow, I was totally off. Thanks for the tip! Is this one better?
>> No. 39116
What the hay is Ponyluver doing here?
Why is she even allowed to post here again?

She's a thief and a chronic liar, probably the most infamous of all. She backstabbed everypony's trust over and over, she keeps making the same old mistakes, she keeps spamming a post after the other and she hasn't learned jack after all the nghtmares and headaches she caused over and over again.

Seriously, why did you -even- returned if you already know that nopony here can trust you anymore and lots of people literally hates you to death?

You are not welcome here, ponyluver. Why can't you just accept that instead of always forcing your way in and always pretending you have done absolutely nothing wrong?

And don't say "I'm sorry, just give one more chance!" because everypony here gave you plenty of last chances and every time you used them all to stab veryone in the back and do whatever you wanted.

I'm going to assume you tried to returm because your name was added to the list of theives, right?
If I were you, I would go away right on this instant before your entry on the list gets updated with the new offenses and annoying things that you will eventually do.
>> No. 39120

>"I'm sorry, but I don't believe you're truly apologetic. You have done this many times before and each time you have done something to prove you weren't actually sorry."

There, was that so hard?
>> No. 39121

This is ponyluver we are talking about. Unless you spell it strong and clear to her, she will ignore everything and continue with her sobs and whines because "she did nothing wrong."

Take a look at the message she posted at DA, she even used quotes from the cartoon to justify herself so she could keep doing whatever she wants.
She just doesn't care. She doesn't care at all and will continue resisting and whinning for another chance over and over and then over again without caring at all about what others feel.
>> No. 39124
So what if no one trusts her? If she wants to make ponies for the project, let her. No skin off my bones.
>> No. 39125
File 133849423298.gif - (0.99KB , 106x96 , Moondancer.gif )

What's wrong with using quotes from the show? The quote wasn't even used in justifying her actions but was used as a mood lightener. I don't trust her right now either but if she's going to work on sprites and behave appropriately (which she has done so far this time around) she should be allowed to contribute. If she's matured enough to participate then let her. IF she starts acting up again we can boot her then.

Her hair still looks too thin and ratty in a few spots and the rolls were really elongated that they looked unnatural. I did a quick touch up of it. Also the cutie mark is usually seen with two stars on the bottom with one on top so I switched it around for you.
>> No. 39126
File 133849454647.png - (4.40KB , 148x152 , ajropehang.png )
Critiques before I get too far into this. Also single or double wide rope width?
>> No. 39127
Thank you for touching it up, I really suck on curls :/

And I understand if you all don't trust me, I wouldn't trust me either after what I've done.
But, I just love this project, you all rock, even the Anons I suppose.

Also, does anypony remember which frames in the trot animation have the mane/tail up/regular/and down?For the life of me I can't remember.Eternal thanks if somepony can tell me.

>> No. 39129
copy pasted from one of my earlier posts
Trot cycle tips

Usually you have at least 3 different manes a down, a normal, and an up.
The 1st, 5th, 8th, 9th, 13th 16th frames use normal.
The 2nd-4th, 10th-12th use down,
The 6th, 7th, 14th.15th use up.

The tail is the next thing to worry about. Most have the tail usually scrunch up during the animation.
1st,2nd, 8th-10th, 16th use the first tail,
then 3rd, 6th,7th, 11th,14th,15th use a slightly scrunched up version
then 4th,5th, 12th,13th use a slightly more scrunched up version.

Next you usually have two cutie marks. A regular and a skewed
1-4, 11-16 use the normal one
5-10 use the skewed one.
>> No. 39130

Just hanging around, A.J?

>And I understand if you all don't trust me, I wouldn't trust me either after what I've done

Then what are you doing here?
Seriously, how can you have the nerve to show your face here again when even yourself admit you should not be trusted?

It's because you want the attention. You love the attention so much that you would resort to anything so you could remain here no matter what others say, and as was menctioned before, you just don't care, you are the problem but rather than going away for the rest of your life, you expect everypony to adapt themselves to what you order them.

If you love the project so much, then please go away and never return. You are nothing but trouble, nopony can trust you anymore and your art is awful, to boot.
Not only you cause problems and spread mistrust, but you also expect people to hold your hand all the time, which means even MORE problems and wastes of time.

Once again, even yourself agree that you shouldn't be trusted anymore, so why do you think you can just trample everypony and then receive a different treat?

Mods, could you explain why this girl should be allowed to live outside of the rules so she could remain on a project where she is not welcome for reasons than even herself admits are valid?

Honestly, this makes no sense at all and if she is granted this special permission, then why it shouldn't be extended to everypony else?
Why it's granted only to her?

>> No. 39131
Following what StarStep said, I suggest porting your character to the trot animation first with a frozen mane and tail then go back after all the frames are put together and mess with the hair and cutie mark.
>> No. 39132
You need to shut up. So far you are only one looking for attention. Since she has returned she has broken no rules and is acting completely polite. If you believe she should be banned, good for you. As for us, we are busy.
>> No. 39136

I really like the idea. The hanging animations are some of my favorite. AJ does not have nearly enough cool stuff.

I have been practicing with GIMP a lot recently (I am the one who made the Tom with a heart), and if there is any animations that are needed, I would love to help out and do what I can.
>> No. 39137
File 133850118204.png - (43.04KB , 200x200 )
Y'all need to chill out some. If she wants to help out this project in a legit way, then she has that right. The only one who has a problem with this is you.

And even if you had a point, your tone is downright insulting, seemingly purely for the sake of being insulting.
>> No. 39143
I've been lurking around these threads for some time now, and I've never had anything to actually contribute with, nor do I REALLY have anything now.
But you, anon(s), whoever you are, really needs to stop with the internet tough guy thing hiding behind anonymity. If you seriously have that much self-righteousness built up in you, you should typity-type a lil' name for yourself up in that box and show the ponynets who our masked avenger of the downtrodden is. Orrrrrrrr, inversely, stop being so dramatic.
Not to be a hypocrite, but doing what YOU'RE doing is neither CONstructive nor PROductive. YOU need to chill out and lets mods handle things. That's why THEY'RE mods and YOU'RE an anon. :/

tl;dr If you love this project enough to grant yourself the position of 'internet police', stop messying up the thread with drama and shenanigans. It's not your job and it's not helping anypony.

Now if y'all will excuse me, I have lurking to get back to.
>> No. 39159
File 133859901934.png - (83.18KB , 271x292 , frideric.png )
Greetings. I don't know if any of you are still taking requests, or if this request has been asked already (or, in the worst of cases, no one wants to accept it), but I'll ask anyway.

Can somepony please make Frederic Horseshoepin? The pony who played at the gala. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 39168
Hey anon's just leave Ponyluver alone and stop causing trouble. Mod has spoken to stop.
>> No. 39170
>Also single or double wide rope width?

Looks good. Double width.
>> No. 39196
No, nevermind that. I started spriting him on my own, to get some practice.
>> No. 39203
... DeathPony, I assume?
>> No. 39210
File 133876695726.gif - (21.88KB , 128x126 , chicken2_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
Yep it was me, I even derped a little and also I fixed some issues with the animation I always see after I posted it

Hiya, still not quite dead, kinda
So have a cuter and more playful version of Pinkie with her chicken.

The behavior with the displacement would be Behavior,"chicken2",0.12,10,2.4,0,"chicken2_pinkie_pie_right.gif","chicken2_pinkie_pie_left.gif",None,"","","",False,0,0


That's usually what you would get advised. To try and do it yourself. It's great that you're doing it on your own and it looks like more might follow.
>> No. 39223

Yes; since I had never done it before, I was afraid the piano was going to give me trouble (since the templates are easy to edit, anyway). Thanks to a few advices, I got that out of the way, but I do need help with something else. Since I'm planning to sprite the rest of the quartet, I want Frederic to trigger an interaction: let them all go to where he is and start playing with him, but when he commands them to. I tried adding it using the pony editor, (I already checked the "don't run randomly" box), and made the pony trot over to him first, then play once is next to him. I tried that with Octavia, but it doesn't work. Do I have to create this interactions.ini file? The Pinkie pie Folder doesn't have any as far as I could tell; or should I try editing the pony.ini file directly instead?
>> No. 39237
Oh, scratch that too, lol. I just created Octavia's behavior after Frederic's interaction, and the reason as to why Octavia randomly went to play with him, was because I had created yet another interaction for her. I redid everything, created the event only for Frederic, and now it works. I'll try to finish his sprites, as well as Harpo's and Beauty's and I'll have the entire quartet performing together.
>> No. 39245
neat, are you going to get them to play the pony pokie?
>> No. 39246
@DPG, hmm, would it be possible to include houses in the settings.ini to spawn them on startup? Or am I derping and it can be done already?
And I also had a random idea about cycling ponies. Can it be done that the houses would spawn preferably those ponies who would have interactions with those already on screen? For example if Photo Finish would be on the desktop her assistents would have a higher probability spawning than random ponies.
And another random idea would be if we make some more houses to have preset houses that would spawn ponies that would live in those, like Twii's library would spawn Twilight, Spike, their pets and parents, Suggercube Corner would spawn Pinkie, the Cake family, Gummy, Apple Acres the Apple family etc. I think that would be really neat for the screensaver mode to have a kind of interactive town
>> No. 39248
File 133880545758.gif - (23.33KB , 100x100 , Trottin\'-Cadance(Large).gif )
I was directed here by DeathPony, who apparently likes my pixel arts (For those interested, my DA: ) and asked for me to get them in on Desktop Ponies, specifically trotting young Cadance, and Pixel Rarity Kung Fu Kick of Death! So, here I am posting some ponies for you to add to the project.

Also, I do intend to be making pixels for a good long while, so expect a few more things from me in the future.
>> No. 39249
File 133880579325.gif - (18.38KB , 150x75 , KUNG-FU-KICK-OF-DEATH.gif )
And here's the other one DeathPony suggested, which will need some tweaking before it is thrown into the program. Just ask any changes you will need before it will be added, and it shall be done :D
>> No. 39256
I like that :)
>> No. 39298
I want to try a sprite now, because I've been thinking about it. But what can somepony recommend me to use for a base to do a character called Chaos Moon? I have three separate pictures of him, front view with no armor, and the other 2 being side views- Half armor and full armor [correct wing is the full armored and front view one]

Armored ones: and

I tend to start with no armor though. Yes, it is a male. Also I felt this thread was better for help and support then the OC thread
Ok, I also had a file to post up, but it wouldn't process it -no armor
>> No. 39306

This thread isn't for OC characters, it even says so the hoof post and thread's title.
Reported so a Mod could move your post to the OC thread.
>> No. 39309
Use the OC thread, please. If you'd actually read it, you'd find there are plenty of templates and tutorials and people are more than willing to help you out as long as you do the actual spriting, haha.

We can't actually move seperate posts. I wish we could, would make my life so much easier...
>> No. 39315
File 133888927228.gif - (2.22KB , 112x104 , applejack_sleep.gif )
Wow that just feels like a slap in the face. You admit to knowing about the OC thread and yet deem yourself too high and mighty to post in that lowly of a thread with your OC. Then instead of respecting the wishes of this thread you instead try to insert it here.

Ok double width it will be. Thanks.

You're back! Glad to see you making it back around here. Also really smooth animation.
>> No. 39332
First of all, I don't know anypony there, and I know people here. So I thought I would get better help here then there.

Secondly, that is just the first thing I want to do. Depending on how well it goes, I am going to try sprites for characters that people here haven't done yet. Things like Chrysalis, something that was worked on, but given up on.

So, I am going to try spriting, but I am starting with my own character to see how well I can do. What is the harm in that? None! There is no point in arguing about this. Though I am pretty sure there will be an anon either way-there is always an anon causing trouble in this thread.
>> No. 39352

Use the OC thread for that. No further discussion on the matter will be necessary. Thank you.
>> No. 39355
File 133897341046.gif - (21.65KB , 106x96 , shining_armored_trot_right.gif )
I'm new here. I can just post my sprites here, right? And you guys will just put it through your regular screening process?

Shining Armor, in full armor, trotting animation (file name calls him "shining_armored" to differentiate him from unarmored "shining_armor"). Unlike emeralddarkness' work, this is just a modified Royal Guard
>> No. 39356
File 133897353431.gif - (2.20KB , 102x102 , shining_armored_stand_right.gif )
And here's "Shining Armored" standing still
>> No. 39357
Not bad, few things I can see that you could work on.
the eye liner shouldn't go right around the eye.
and his fleet locks are both to bright and to dark.

have a look at about 7min into the ep, there a side on shot of him witch you can see his eyeliner and fleet-lock color.
take a color sample from his fleet locks and how the animators have done his eye liner.
>> No. 39366

>this is just a modified Royal Guard

I noticed it, especially since this guard looks nothing like Shining Armor.
The shape of the snout should be more square, the body should be "heavier" and the hooves should be more definited, without menctioning that the eyes are completely different.

Still, better than the average newcomer's edits, I'll give you that.
>> No. 39379
Well, somepony else is already helping me, I am just waiting a reply for them on DA

Fine don't help, though i was planning to use the same base with some edits to create Chrysalis
>> No. 39381
It's just that this thread isn't for discussing OC character sprites of any kind. Once you go for show characters, you're welcome.
>> No. 39386

You only came here to ignore the rules, defy the Mods, throw a marthyr act and behave like an absolute jerk anyways.
So yeah, good riddance.
>> No. 39390
I finished 1 frame, but needs a lot of fixing, if anypony wants to check it on the OC thread, go ahead. I still find it amazing how nasty people will get. Thought some of you were better then that.
I was going to take this into the OC thread once i got a good base- but since no one is going to help me and I am not patient enough at the moment to wait, so I started since I don't have any other time to work on it.
I am not defying the mods. And how the heck am I acting like a jerk? I am not the one going around trying to pick fights. This thread already sees too much of it so please stop.
>> No. 39392
I am done talking about the OC things now-if anypony tries to continue this, go ahead, it won't do you any good and only make you look bad for trying to pick fights.
>> No. 39505
File 133928079341.gif - (20.61KB , 236x250 , library.gif )
I made this with a program, pixelation of a pic I found through a search.

The houses feature is very good and needs additional houses so this is a sort of quick method.

BTW, could you add a house option to spawn any pony within randomly, use a menu, or return a random pony to house?
>> No. 39506
File 133928170938.gif - (20.99KB , 235x250 , library2.gif )
>> No. 39508

It's just a resized image, which doesn't fits with the sharp outlines of Desktop Ponies pixel art.

Nice intention, though ~ unlike you, most people just use DP's thread as their private soapbox or request army instead.
>> No. 39547
File 133938673315.png - (330.64KB , 2610x1400 , pony graph.png )
ok, so here's something i'm working on using desktop pony sprites (scaled down to 50%) that might be usable as a starting point for something that could eventually be part of the program. /runonsentence
most of these are just the sprites from the program or this thread with fixed, show accurate colors.
but in addition to that, there's some still image standing sprites i made for some characters that aren't in the program yet. i mostly did the ones with similar body shape to those already sprited, with my attempts at their manes, tails, cutie marks, and clothes. if anypony thinks any of them look good enough, feel free to animate it (i havent figured out how make gifs yet) or use some part of it in another sprite.
the square icons are for characters i havent gotten to making sprites for yet, mostly due to no already sprited body shape that fits them, or sometimes because i don't have a show accurate color key for them. some characters i havent even made the square icons for yet.
so, basically: some color correction, and my attempts at at some manes, tails, and clothes if anypony wants to use them.
>> No. 39550
File 133939030016.png - (39.92KB , 551x386 , LunaBlendTest.png )
Decided to try testing out some alpha blended Princess Luna. Didn't touch the original sprite, just added transparency to a couple of the colours used in the mane. You can see the difference on the right-facing sprites on the white/black backgrounds. Left-facing are not blended.

Stand in art, maybe? Might be nice to have a little variety in the interim.
>> No. 39552
Couple of questions:
Color fixes?
Now I can understand that for Blossemforth who was non-cannon then was canonised. But ponies don't change color?

If you've updated art on any of the sprites, how come you've never posted them hear?
I can't talk for everypony hear, but I wouldn't be annoyed if you were putting effort into making sprites and posting fixes hear.

And lastly, I would like to see your fixes but you haven't posted a way for us to see them, out side the graph.
A DL link to there PSD files or DA page with the images would be nice.
>> No. 39553

A DA link would be the best so the animations could be protected against thieves.
>> No. 39565
by "color fixing", i meant just going through the sprites and making sure they matched these color keys: , some of the colors of sprites in the program were slightly off, so i just fixed them.
that's the only real updating or fixing i've done, along with making single frames of standing sprites for most of the characters that i had both sprited bodies and color keys for.
i originally planned on just posting them all when i had finished, but since i've slowed down recently, i figured i would just post what i have so far, and see if anypony likes it.
all of the fixes i've done are just the color changes in that .png file. actually, pretty much all of what i've done is that .png and a second one where the same sprites are arranged differently, which i use as a workspace to make new sprites. no .psd, i've just been using MS paint since i havent learned how to use any more complex image editor yet, and due to the pixelized nature of the sprites, that's been enough so far. i havent made a DA account yet, since this is the first thing i've ever made that i could put on it, and it's mostly just me combining the art from this thread with those color keys. plus, it's still a work in progress.
>> No. 39569

Dude, that site is definitely NSFW and you shouldn't post links to it anymore.
>> No. 39572
oh... well, the color keys aren't NSFW, and nothing i've seen in that guy's gallery was NSFW
>> No. 39573
The actual link has no NSFW content and Furaffinity isn't a 100% NSFW site, so there's no problem.
>> No. 39579
Neat, will save these for future use.

I don't know about you or others hear, but I find PS the best program to use for making pixel ponies.

If you have and single frames in larger sizes then the graph can you post them?
>> No. 39580
nope, those are all the frames i've done so far. they're only half the normal sprite size, so just scaling up by 2 should return them to normal.
>> No. 39791
...nopony's posted here in a week...
the optimist in me thinks it's because everypony's busy expanding my static sprites into more animations, but that's probably wishful thinking.
>> No. 39813
haha no I'm trying to figure out whats corsed all my files i'v worked on in the last two weeks to become corrupt. :/

Also do you have each of the sprites in sperate files? or are they jsut stuck to the graph?
>> No. 39845
nope, just in the graph, and in another png where they're arranged differently, with some background colors besides white.
>> No. 39953
File 134029022930.gif - (21.72KB , 84x84 , horse-power-idle-right.gif )
Interesting graph. Might come in handy later.

Currently, computer problems are making it difficult for me to work on more ponies (or much else, really), but I still managed some sprites. No idea when I can finish those, but here's a sneak peak.

>> No. 39961
Can't stop giggling right now. Good job.
>> No. 39965
File 134032586575.jpg - (3.15KB , 106x120 , images-3.jpg )
This is so cool!
>> No. 39998
Hey guys a idea came up on the Thief board.

"DP artists to form a closed group on Deviantart, where the could feature all of their pixel art (Linked from their individual accounts) so everything could easily be found and linked to prove their ownership in case of thefts or DA mods being jerks and putting obstacles before dealing with theives."

I think something like this would be a good idea, for sites like DA were theft of our work is high, having a stronghold of sorts would at the lest gives us some power when reporting theft over there.
>> No. 40001
That is a really good idea, I would agree. The team should do that. But what if some don't have DA accounts?
>> No. 40008
I don't know, but regardless of what site we may use, the ones with out accounts will have to make them.

yes this will cores problems with pre-group sprites that aren't on the site, but at lest it gives us some security with new animations.
>> No. 40036
ok. NOW i have a deviantart. not much on there yet. here's the graph:
>> No. 40037

The Deviantart account thingy was only for the original Desktop Ponies artists, not just for any person wanting to jump on the bandwagon.
>> No. 40038
no bandwagon, just following the advice of >>39553

i have no idea if that would actually be enough to get into the group or not.
>> No. 40039

The DA group idea was suggested to the original artists working in Desktop Ponies (and no one else but them) could have all of their animations labeled and easily accesible in case they need to prove their rightful ownership in case of theft, which happens to them at an alarming rate.

People or art not directly involved in Desktop Ponies are not meant to join, or at least not meant to use this thread to display them or talk about them.
>> No. 40043
yea, i know that. my graph probably wont even have a chance of getting in the group unless some part of it ends up actually used in the program. no chance at all if i hadnt also made a few new sprites. just posting what i've made in case anypony likes it enough to use it.
>> No. 40049
Iv set up the DA group, but I dont have your DA names.
>> No. 40068
Well, those I know of are
and I'm
>> No. 40078

Now THIS is what I call a smart and useful move.

Will you guys keep there a list of the current thieves (DA links and all) there to show immediate proof of their lies?
Hopefully, you guys would block them from posting there before making the list public (to avoid drama and mudfests from flankhurt thieves) and a clear announcement that only can contact you via private messages to explain themselves can be added so comunication between thieves and you guys still could happen.

An announcement that using Desktop Ponies bases or sprites to make ANY kind of profit (by chargin money or accepting "voluntary donations so I'm not charging lol" is illegal because of the non-profit clause added to each and every of your works (bases included) could be added too, so all of those parasites could stop making a profit at your guy's expenses.
>> No. 40079
Yes once its set up properly there will be list of known thieves witch will update and a copy of the non-profit clause thing (can't rember what its called off the top of my head).
>> No. 40080

Be especially wary of new DA members who could show too much interest to defend a certain thief in particular, or to try to claim that you guys "have no right at all" to say they can't receive money from their shitty commisions, as they can simply be dummy accounts made by the thieves to go around your block and defend themselves or simply revenge flaming.
In that case, you can simply copy their e-mail adress and put it on google, as that way you can easily get TONS of personal information and dummy accounts can be spotted and confirmed on a second.

This move of yours will cause a massive backslash on DA, but if you guys play your cards right and stay a step ahead of those idiots, you will eventually win. After all, right and justice are on your side.
>> No. 40081
I'm well awear of the possible backlash this will have, but if we want to do our best to prevent and catch theft we will have to endure it.
>> No. 40083
Stuff has been submitted. I had to upload my trotting sprites because I only uploaded my standing sprites originally so people could download.

Hopefully this will help stop the thieves. I already plastered a large warning on all my sprites about stealing and people still took them.
>> No. 40084
Thats the internet for you.

It sucks yes but hopefully this move will help combat some of the thief problem.
>> No. 40091
Okay, I just submitted some sprites, too. I hope I made no mistakes with the folders.
>> No. 40139
i've been thinking about it for a while, and i figured out an interesting idea for if there were a Changeling desktop pony. this isn't a request, and i certainly can't do it, but it is an interesting idea.

let's say you've got Desktop ponies open and you want to get a pony out, but you have too much running at the same time and for you all ponies are best pony. why not make a Changeling one that has a different character every few minuites? you choose the Changeling one and it's kinda walking around. then it changes into a different pony. maybe it just uses the different gifs. but then it changes again into another random pony. and back to Changeling, then somepony else. but basically, it could work if you make the changeling change.

However, this would require effort and skill, so it's only an idea at best.
>> No. 40143
I was thinking about making the "random pony" option a changeling, but that's an even better idea!
It could change identity every, idk, 15 seconds by taking walk animations from any random pony, then go back to normal. (does the program allow loading sprites from other pony folders as it is now?)
>> No. 40144
Oh-oh... looks like we're saging already...
>> No. 40153
As far as I know, no, but it does sound like a good idea.
>> No. 40157
The filenames you use in Pony.ini files are actually relative paths, so you can indeed reference files in other folders. For example, to use a trotcycle from another pony:

"trotcycle_somepony_left.gif" becomes

You can do this right now, and it will work, but just be aware you're bending the rules a little bit. Such a pony would almost certainly break on non-Windows ports, for one thing.
>> No. 40160
Since there are pony behavior groups now, could it use for a pony state an entire Pony.ini adding a "changing" behavior to each group?
>> No. 40161
I'm not familiar enough with it to know if you can group stuff that itself contains groups, but for everything else, yeah, that should work.
>> No. 40165
Oh, I didn't know that. Interesting.
>> No. 40166
File 134074467176.gif - (1.90KB , 130x98 , Cuddles.gif )
By the way are there any plans for "direction locking" (dictating if it should be left or right), especially for linked behaviors, otherwise this could look really weird? I supposed for behaviors that remain in one spot there could be simply one behavior for left and one for right but moving linked behaviors wouldn't work that way.
>> No. 40204
File 134082175069.gif - (48.57KB , 150x116 , Fluttercuddles_links_preview.gif )
Here is a package with the latest animations
Includes Flutterhuggle and the chicken from >>39210
>> No. 40251



>> No. 40276
looking for some C&C
>> No. 40295
File 134112388339.png - (174.33KB , 1980x1662 , SDnew.png )
i like to have my oc pixeled
>> No. 40297
Well, that won't happen unless you do it. The artists have their own projects and also two things:
1. This is not the OC-thread
2. This is not a spriting service. You can browse the website. It has some tutorials on how to make animations. Yours should be fairly easy since it's just a palette change
3. One extra thing, if you gonna make such a statement, you should at least use "please"
>> No. 40304
File 134114770038.gif - (27.27KB , 106x128 , bigmac-trot-right.gif )
Have a Big Mac. :)

And for those who might wonder why I keep making gifs without coding the ponies lately: I had some trouble with my computer a while ago and the one I'm using recently doesn't support the program. So yeah...
>> No. 40309
Wow, that's impressive!!
>> No. 40319
Bloody impressive. 0_o
>> No. 40366
File 134129328908.gif - (12.23KB , 150x150 , fred_piano_play.gif )
Fredrick Horseshopen
>> No. 40375
Looks great so far. I feel like the wrist area of the left hoof might be a little thick when he plays the low notes
>> No. 40394
File 134136647638.png - (582B , 62x80 , pianohorse.png )
FINALLY I COULD POST HERE AAAAURRGHHH (failed to process file, failed to process file, please try later auurrrghh)

Ahem. Hi guys, long time no see you all.
real life kept me away for a while, and then some weird board issued prevented me from posting, but now that things have calmed down here, I can start spriting more ponies again neigh.

This is a test of this guy's idle animation while I practice enough to recover my Mojo.
>> No. 40397
Nice I like that look better then my vertion.
>> No. 40409
Well, it's not much of an animation, with it being a png-file and everything. Also, no tail :p
But yeah, looks nice so far. :)
>> No. 40425
File 134143193039.gif - (13.61KB , 338x359 , sugarcube_corner.gif )
I like it. I think when he plays the piano you should have his hoof do down to show he is hitting the keys instead of just lowering the key with no downward movement of his hoof.

Huzzah. Glad to hear that ponychan is letting you post again.
>> No. 40430
Oh, nice :)
>> No. 40442
Will you add Queen Chrysalis
>> No. 40445

For the millionth time, this is not a request thread.
If you want something, your best option is doing it all by yourself instead of breaking rules and nagging people.

It even says so in the very same post you quoted.
>> No. 40464
File 134159234350.png - (24.38KB , 425x300 , error.png )
Accidentally got this after turning off the second screen while having DP.exe launched.
"Index was outside the bounds of the array, in ..., in ..."
>> No. 40497
Got another thief on our hooves. Seems they're like Hydra's heads - cut one down, two more spring up.
>> No. 40503
File 134170452550.jpg - (111.10KB , 803x377 , tstshw.jpg )
Nice! I've been working on my own version. I'll go back to it once I'm school-free, but I'd like some advice in the meantime.

Given that yours looks obviously so much better than mine, is there any way I can make the mane look better? I try to make it look more like the messy style I use for my drawn pictures, since I don't like neither of the mane styles I saw on the episode. Here's an example of an sketch of mine, a vector I'm working on and the sprite itself.
>> No. 40576
File 134185615131.jpg - (40.70KB , 840x423 , ponies.jpg )
i made a few ponies but im in no way an artist could some one help me please? heres what thay look like . please contact me at [email protected] thank you
>> No. 40579

What does it say here? >>40445

Seriously, what is clearly written and perfectly visible IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES?
>> No. 40595
File 134189391917.gif - (13.01KB , 144x96 , flutterS_gallop_left.gif )
>> No. 40598
File 134189426741.gif - (12.89KB , 144x96 , flutterS_gallop_right.gif )
>> No. 40599

Well, that looks absolutely amazicool. o_0

Will you also add a version with flapping wings in the future?
>> No. 40601
File 134189502952.png - (3.70KB , 204x248 , PonyvilleBuilding01_Big.png )
Half-n-Half made it. He's pressuring me back into this crap, so that's a maybe. We're working on a Rarity Gallop as well.

Here are some houses because Trixie's stage is worst stage and Sugarcube corner is currently single-wide pixels.
>> No. 40602
File 134189604440.png - (7.28KB , 402x416 , PonyvilleBuilding02_Big.png )
for house one:
[name,Section 8 Housing

and two:

>not transparent
>no door, use window instead
I'm so lazy.
>> No. 40639
File 134207576743.png - (3.91KB , 328x162 , lunaa.png )
Making flowing mane animation, not sure if folded or unfolded wings will look better?
>> No. 40654

Why not both?
>> No. 40660
File 134212251829.gif - (9.10KB , 200x50 , gif2.gif )
I just did a misc. animation of Dashie
And I decided to share it
>> No. 40667

Here I got more animations I wanted to share to contribuite on Dektop Ponies
>> No. 40669

¡Aguante Dashie, eres una masa! :)
>> No. 40693
>> No. 40696
DesktopPonyGuy hasnt posted in over a month... did something happen? anyone know if he's busy with something?
>> No. 40741
File 134239472324.gif - (10.82KB , 100x100 , gif5.gif )
I liked Twilight's flowing mane animation on the s3 first song
So I did this
>> No. 40742
neat, got any plans to do a full pony at somepoint?
>> No. 40747
I've already considered it, but I'm not sure if there's any other available pony
Can you suggest me one?
>> No. 40766
Beauty Brass
>> No. 40790
File 134249344356.gif - (16.02KB , 106x96 , Trotcycle_Left.gif )
Here's one pony I couldn't seem to find anywhere in the Desktop Ponies folder, Cloud Kicker.
I think I only did this so I could do her crazy derp face from "Griffon the Brush Off," which I'll make sometime this week maybe.
>> No. 40792
File 134249555063.png - (0.97MB , 1099x903 , BonBonSurprise.png )
I've been so busy I pretty much haven't touched the project at all. I don't see that improving any time soon either. Now taking volunteers for my replacement (I better know who you are though). :)

Here's a quick update anyway, though.

(I haven't read any of the other posts yet, just drive by updating...)

What's new in V1.42 TEST 2?:

-You can now save multiple profiles.
-Some profile names are special:
If you name a profile "autostart" then it will be loaded when you use the autostart option.
If you name a profile "screensaver" then it will load when the screensaver is used.
You can also use the command line: "autostart profilename" to load the 'profilename' profile.
-The save button on the main screen now saves all settings, instead of just the # of ponies.

Btw: Rooster. I got your message about the sourceforge site a while ago, not sure if you got my reply. I would need you to sign up for an account to give you access to anything.
>> No. 40793
Hey DTPG do you have a DA account?
>> No. 40794
If you do come say hi over hear
>> No. 40806
No reply ever made it to me :/ I made an account at

I'd be happy to take on some of the ongoing maintenance, plus it'd be nice to be able to roll some of the changes I've made into the full program.

Aside from the code, how can extra ponies be added? Last I remember I thought there was an issue with keeping them on sourceforge. Is your plan to pop in occasionally to do that, or would you need to allow somepony to update the full download package on the main site too?
>> No. 40809
Yay. We were worried about you. Glad to see you make it around again. Also Replace?! We'd just be holding the place down til you are able to make it back ;) I am happy if RoosterDragon wants to take over your position for the time being. I think allowing access to update the website is needed. Don't worry RoosterDragon we will help with getting art updates together for you so you can combine it with the program and post it on the main site.

Also lol at the BANANA profile. Anyway the copy button doesnt seem to be working properly for me. I press it and type in a new profile name but after clicking ok the profile is unselectable and isnt there if I close the program and reopen it again. Typing the name in the profile selector box and clicking save works for creating new ones though. Also if I just click delete it doesnt actually delete the profile unless you click save before touching anything else. Since the deleted profile pony selection was the one visible it will now overwrite the default's selection. This is easily worked around by going into the settings.ini itself and deleting it but just letting you know where the problem areas are.
>> No. 40822

What do you think?
>> No. 40825
She needs a .ini file so the program can run her.

For the most part I think she looks good.
There appears to be a few stray pixels in her tuba animation on her front legs.
She is teleporting thing when she goes from trot to the other animations.
>> No. 40837
Her body colors are way too non-contrasted. Try colordropping her shaded from a screenshot for a vector.
>> No. 40925
Ok, I've just updated it
Now it has the ini file
Try it out
>> No. 40976
Works now ^.^

Good to see you fix the pixels tho I still feel her coat could do with being a shade or so darker.
As I feel she's a little hard on the eyes.

Otherwise I think she looks good and runs fine ^.^
>> No. 40979
Thanks, and glad to hear that :)
>> No. 41064
File 134331691796.gif - (30.70KB , 98x84 , horse-power-yeah-right.gif )
Okay, some of you might have seen these already on my DeviantArt account, and finally, I'm releasing them for use in the program.

This pack includes Flim, Flam, Horse Power (aka Snowflake, Tiny, Roid Rage...), Rainbowshine and Wild Fire as new additions.

It also contains a graphically updated Season 2 Luna and an alternate Big Mac (which might have turned out a little bit too big, but better than too small, right?)

Download here:
>> No. 41066

Just... wow.

You guys never cease to amaze me.
>> No. 41068
Oh, one more thing:
The "Reset Counts" button used to set all ponies to 1. Now it sets them all to 0. Was this intentional? If so, what makes it different to the "0 all ponies" button?
>> No. 41070
Sorry, I think I've been a bit to hasty in uploading all those ponies. Here's an updated Horse Power (now with 20% more "YEAH!")

Also, a small graphical fix for Mrs. Cake.
>> No. 41072
Ok I was looking through this thread and trying to get a handle on all the art that has been added so that we can try adding it up so it's all in one place so DesktopPonyGuy or Rooster Dragon, whoever is responsible for updating the program now, can easily add them. I think some are missing due to the image server derp awhile ago but I think I named them all, if not let me know. If anyone has any missing images could you post them.
Shining Armour, Princess Cadance - emeralddarkness (did the server derp knock out the finished versions or were they never finished?)
Ponyville House, Sugarcube Corner - StarStep
Diamond Mint - StarStep, Starly
Derpy Conga - Radien; Should we make a seperate conga interaction for including derpy in there? I like having the conga action be able to happen when I just have the mane 6 instead of having to always have derpy in there too. Is there a way to have mane 6 be required but derpy optional for the interaction?
Filthy Rich - kjhf
redone pinkie swinging chicken - DeathPony
Teenage Cadance - Klopp
Kung Fu Rarity - Klopp
Sleeping AJ - StarStep
Horse Power - Botchan
Pinkie animations and flutterhug - DeathPony
Improved Big Mac - Botchan (Hmm looks a little bit too different to throw in the big mac work in progress sprites anonycat was working on. Maybe we can fiddle with them to match a single style so Big Mac can have more animations? What does everyone think.)
Fredrick Horseshoepin - vulcan539
Fluttershy Gallop - Anonymous
More ponyville houses - Anonymous
Misc. Filly dash animations - asluc96
Windy Mane Twilight - asluc96
Beauty Brass - asluc96
Flim and Flam - Botchan
RainbowShine - Botchan
Wild Fire - Botchan
Cloudchaser - Tyranico
Flitter - Tyranico (it looked like you had enough done to add them to the program but they can be held off if you wanted to add more animations to them)

Question. What are we designating the standard size for houses? I kind of went off the size of trixie's stage and used the single pixel model as well. I was going along the line of thinking that if you double the size of them they are the correct size compared to the ponies but we're just keeping them downsized so it wouldnt completely crowd people's desktops.

Oh also looking back on animations, I never thought of a good way to have the scales follow Steven Magnet so I just put them in his regular animations.
Also I thought I put my version of Discord up here to be added but I don't know what happened so here.
To make an interaction with twilight being discorded just add - Discorded,"Discord",0.05,160,{"Twilight Sparkle"},True,{"Discorded"},50 to the interaction file.

Where are we getting the sound bites for characters? Was that just someone here or is there a site where we can grab some to toss into the character files?
>> No. 41093
File 134341073452.png - (3.96KB , 204x248 , PonyvilleBuilding01_Big.png )
Galloping Fluttershy and both pony houses are by HalfnHalf. He's working on a flash game. Galloping Rarity is done but he's been miles away from a computer and I lost the password to the SVN.

Here are the transparent .png files. I finally got over my drunken rage after I had realized I had feathered edges on, and that the magic wand tool still exists.
>> No. 41094
File 134341085910.png - (7.70KB , 402x416 , PonyvilleBuilding02_Big.png )

both .ini files are here:

I think I'm going to go make ~500 animations of Minuette now.
>> No. 41109
There's a mistake here that's pretty common, considering the similar names. I was planning on making Cloud Kicker, not Cloudchaser or Flitter. Those ponies are even so popular, I'm surprised they haven't been done yet.

I would be happy to make them though, and I have a few days off in a row this week, so I could probably work on all three ponies.
>> No. 41126
I've already done Cloudchaser, Flitter, and Thunderlane and plan to do Rumble and Blossomforth next. I'm gonna be uploading the files with the MP3's and .ini's here after I get the MP3's the right volume.

There's Cloudchaser's file already.
>> No. 41127
>>41126 <--Flitter <--Thunderlane
>> No. 41128
>>41126 <--Flitter <--Thunderlane
>> No. 41131
Sorry about double post. It's acting up on me and showed it didn't even post the first one even after I left and came back.
>> No. 41137
Thanks for the heads up and the email. I knew someone must have done them, since Cloudchaser's unique mane made her quite popular, along with Flitter.

And I'm still working on Cloud Kicker, so I don't think she's ready for this art update.
>> No. 41158
File 134359460990.gif - (33.35KB , 166x156 , aj_gallop_jump.gif )
Is AJ going do to the hurdles for the Olympic games? Hopefully she brings back the gold. *cue mayor mares ears perking up*

Sorry I got mixed up on things.
Also take your time as we are happy to wait til she is perfect.

>> No. 41173
File 134364968854.gif - (20.99KB , 106x96 , Blossomforth_trot_left.gif )
I think I'm finished with Rumble (for now anyways) and am now working on Blossomforth. With me adding Rumble, I'm gonna add a behavior for Thunderlane where he sometimes follows Rumble, so I'll need to re-do Thunderlane's folder for the ini update.

In the meantime, here's my work on Blossomforth.
>> No. 41184
File 134367622031.gif - (47.78KB , 155x155 , princess_luna_season_2_idle_right.gif )
>> No. 41185
File 134367628796.gif - (47.81KB , 155x155 , princess_luna_season_2_idle_left.gif )
>> No. 41187
File 134367796513.gif - (32.95KB , 94x104 , princess_luna_season_1_idle_right-folded.gif )
>> No. 41188
File 134367802745.gif - (33.08KB , 94x104 , princess_luna_season_1_idle_left-folded.gif )
>> No. 41189
File 134367800403.gif - (37.01KB , 94x104 , princess_luna_season_1_idle_right-spread.gif )
>> No. 41190
File 134367812607.gif - (37.08KB , 94x104 , princess_luna_season_1_idle_left-spread.gif )
>> No. 41191
File 134368149990.gif - (9.90KB , 122x113 , princess_luna_season_1_fly_right.gif )
>> No. 41192
File 134368148709.gif - (9.92KB , 122x113 , princess_luna_season_1_fly_left.gif )
>> No. 41194
File 134368760207.gif - (68.41KB , 158x54 , princess_luna_season_1_sleep_right.gif )
>> No. 41195
File 134368771641.gif - (68.11KB , 158x54 , princess_luna_season_1_sleep_left.gif )
>> No. 41197
File 134369100760.gif - (113.47KB , 124x130 , princess_luna_sad_right.gif )
>> No. 41198
File 134369100225.gif - (113.97KB , 124x130 , princess_luna_sad_left.gif )
Posting these as I make them. S1 Luna just needs walking animation now.
>> No. 41201
Oh God, YES.
This project continues getting more and more awesome.
>> No. 41216
File 134380915900.gif - (3.22KB , 106x96 , Blossomforth_too_flexible_left.gif )
This one took a while, but I think it was worht it.
>> No. 41227
File 134390144947.gif - (22.71KB , 106x96 , Silverspeed_trot_left.gif )
Now currently working on Silverspeed.

Seems other than Snowflake or whatever his name is, I did alot of the new ponies that were given names in that one and only episode they were in so far.

Anyone interested can check my DA page at to see all my completed sprites for actual ponies or OC's I was requested to try.
>> No. 41228
hey just wondering, what ep did Silverspeed. appear in?

Anyways your work looks very good hope to see you carrying on with pixel animations.
>> No. 41234
Hurricane Fluttershy.

I'd love to see 'Serenity' but I know, no requests blah blah i deserve to be banned and all that.
>> No. 41235

And still you posted your request anyways.
Epic ween, brah.
>> No. 41242
File 134395806827.png - (38.35KB , 191x149 , Silverspeed_s02e22.png )
As they said, yes Hurricane Fluttershy. She had a very brief and hard to see scene if you're not looking for her, but Rainbow points her out verbally. "Stretch those gluts Flitter. Niiice flexability Cloudchaser. Aaaa little too much flexability Blossomforth. Somepony give Blossomforth a hoof. Let's see some faster trotting Thunderlane! Good pace Silverspeed.", and as she says that, Silverspeed flies by with her eyes closed, but there is a scene from a far pan shot from above that shows her with her eyes open near Thunderlane.
>> No. 41281
Somewhat off-topic but how far are you with Storm?

On another note, this will make a 3rd Blossomforth heheh. Oh I shall have so fun making interactions between the three of them.

Also, excellent job on your Thunderlane, Rumble Flitter and Cloudchaser DTPs.

Were these intended as replacements or just as mods?
>> No. 41283
My reply choice isn't working properly, but anyways, Storm still needs sleep, sit, and wings up which shouldn't take too long but I took a break on her so I could work on Silverspeed and get her ready for the Desktop ponies.

Third Blossomforth? What do you mean? Am I not the only one who worked on her? And which three do you plan to interact?

I plan to interact Rainbow as the starter with Flitter, Cloudchaser, Blossomforth, Thunderlane, and Silverspeed and have them line up doing that scene where they were do their warm-up excercises.

"Stretch those gluts Flitter. Niiice flexibility Cloudchaser. Aaaaa little too much flexibility Blossomforth. Some pony give Blossomforth a hoof. Let's see some faster trotting Thunderlane! Good pace Silverspeed."

And if possible get that in an MP3 format so we can hear the scene as well. That's why I decided to try and do Silverspeed and did Blossomforth tangled. I'm close to starting on the stretching poses of Flitter and Cloudchaser and Thunderlane panting and then it'll be ready to try the interaction, but I don't know how to do the interactions stuff yet.
>> No. 41296
I made a Blossomforth :)

I like yours better though.
>> No. 41298
File 134404340656.gif - (31.39KB , 236x216 , luna-cry.gif )
oh a few Blossomforths were made before that episode aired based on the toy. Plus I didn't even see musicplush's blossomforth yet so I think that makes 4 different versions of her. She's looking good so keep at it.

That Luna looks mad. Did you take that pose from Celestia's design in 'Lesson Zero'? Also for the luna sad I think she needs a few more transition frames to the standing up pose.
Guess that makes the redesigned luna I was working on a waste. Well here's the only custom pose I had for her so far if you want to work with it since I used your head and tail for the design.
>> No. 41303
Oh, we already have a Cadance? Yay, I just couldn't figure out how to make her head correctly.

But on the other hand, what other ponies need to be sprited?
>> No. 41304
File 134404830558.png - (774B , 48x48 , Starsong.png )
Scratch that, I'm working on this pony. I don't believe she has a cutie mark, but here's my reference:
>> No. 41306

This is the RD saying you needed, right? If there's anymore Hurricane Fluttershy voices you need, I can get them :)
>> No. 41324
Nope, I used the 2011 SDCC poster. :P She looks happy to me.

ALso, thank you for the pose. c:
>> No. 41351
File 134416224443.gif - (16.07KB , 106x96 , Silverspeed_good_pace_left.gif )
I have finished all my main objectives for this project at this point and would like to do more, but my trial is almost over. I'll have to figure out how to get Photoshop or figure out one of those other programs once my trial ends in 10 days.

I'll get more zip folders up for Rumble, Blossomforth, and Silverspeed up within a few days after a few tweaks, and I need to update Cloudchaser, Flitter, and Thunderlane since I have added their morning warmup sprites.

Now I need to figure out how to get them interacting with Rainbow and each other. Thunderlane may be a problem since his part needed broken into three parts linked together in the behavior window.

In the meantime, here's Silverspeed moving at a good pace.
>> No. 41357
Paint is good.
>> No. 41360
How about GIMP?

It's pretty decent. Paint is usually my first choice for making the base from scratch but I use GIMP as soon as I know what I want to happen.
>> No. 41363
For me, paint is out of the question. I need some sort of base to start with and an animation window alreaady in place. GIMP is the same. I tried GIMP, but couldn't figure it out one bit. I could do the basic altering, but couldn't tell if it was coming along well at all in the animation department.
>> No. 41364

Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop Pro are a good combo. You can work using layers, import the frames directly to the animation program, and if you get it from abandonware sites, you can download it legally for FREE.
>> No. 41365
I use Irfanview to extract frames from previous animations to use as a base and Paint to actually sprite them, to make the frames transparent, and UnFREEz to make actual gifs.
It's complicated, but it works fine for me, I don't need no fancy program to make sprites, Paint works perfectly, other programs complicate it.
>> No. 41367
Tried the PaintShopPro as suggested by Anonycat but it failed for me too. If I can't see the frames and animation window at the same time, I'll epically fail for sure. =/

I am trying to weigh my opions though; wait for tax season and just get Photoshop?, try and find an older version for cheaper at a store or something (if Photoshop is available offline, and I don't mean Elements or Lightroom), or see if I know anyone who already has photoshop and might let me use/have it.
>> No. 41368
I was just going to suggest trying to find someone who has an old copy who wouldnt mind giving it to you.
There are student/teacher versions available for cheaper that have the full functionality of the full price version. So if you are any of those or perhaps know any of those you may be in luck.
If you don't end up getting photoshop you can still do just fine without having the animation bar right down there. I tend to create groups that contain what I need for each frame. Then I can click on a group then the next to see how it would essentially look when animated. It may create some duplicate layers but it makes it easier for me since my photoshop version is too old to have the animation bar. I have to open up another program that came with the photoshop suite to do the animation part. It may take an animation or two to get used to not having it there but I'm sure you can do it if you end up going with another program.

For the interaction you are trying to create that shouldnt be too hard. You open up the interactions.ini then put something like so;
dash_motivation,"Rainbow Dash",0.1,200,{"Flitter","Cloud Chaser","Blossomforth","Thunderlane","Silverspeed"},False,{"motivation"},180

then have each pony have a behavior named 'motivation' where the ponies do whatever like stretch or in the case of dash talk.
>> No. 41369
Sounds somewhat simple enough with the interaction, but with Thunderlane nedding three behaviors, would it be as simple as having him start with the "motivation" that links to the pant then faster trotting behaviors?

And it should be no thing to add the MP3 for Rainbow's speech through the whole thing I guess. I was kinda also thinking to modify a trotting sprite of Rainbow to add the whistle and hat with a slower trot.

I was also thinking that when Tyranico finishes Cloudkicker, we can add her flying towards Blossomforth and landing for the "give Blossomforth a hoof part" and maybe have Derpy fly by at the top like she did during the scene. I'm just snowballing here a bit. Hehe.
>> No. 41374
File 134427422158.gif - (14.21KB , 120x96 , dashslowwalk.gif )
Yep you can have linked behaviors based off the first one that's activated by the interaction

Anyway here is a slow dash walk to start you off. She just needs the whistle and cap. Its based off the base supersaiyanmikito did with a couple modifications by me.
>> No. 41376
File 134428876605.gif - (16.52KB , 120x96 , coachdash.gif )
Ok I ended up adding a hat and whistle to her too.
>> No. 41380
File 134430697107.gif - (17.17KB , 120x96 , Rainbow_Dash_motivate_right.gif )
I just finished my version too. I used an image from the actually episode and came up with mine. I even did the eyes like she had them the most during the scene.
>> No. 41381
Whoops. Forgot to mention I slowed down the speed too so it looks like she's going slow enough to talk to the others she passes. Also, my whistle strap isn't quite noticeable on a white background, but it is there.
>> No. 41393
File 134441704596.png - (29.99KB , 583x293 , Training day.png )
Alright, so i came up with this as the interaction code:

training,"Rainbow Dash",0.15,300,{"Blossomforth","Cloudchaser","Flitter","Silverspeed","Thunderlane"},True,{"training"},60

but it may still need work, like as I was typing this, I might want to change the re-activation time and, and for some reason, even if one of the ones involved in the interaction is missing, the others still perform it, also I would like to try and get it where they actually line up to an extent similar to the show. Is there a way to get all involved in the interaction to take a starting position? I'd like to aim for something like the picture I did in paint of the scene.
>> No. 41394
File 134441737298.gif - (3.30KB , 106x96 , cloudchaser_stretch_right.gif )
Forgot I had Rumble in that picture. He's excluded from this interaction. I only had him in that picture since I made him and didn't want him to be left out. Also, as you can see in the uploaded file, I've re-worked Cloudchaser's stretching quite a bit. I've tried re-sizing everything except the head since everypony's head will always be the same size no matter what we do.
>> No. 41414
Haha, this is brilliant.
>> No. 41453
File 134458414834.gif - (3.22KB , 106x96 , cloudchaser_stretch_right.gif )
I'm thinking that I can probably do something similar to the conga start but trying to get them to take specific positions when they start. I plan to do another Rainbow Dash sprite where she blows her whistle and all the ones involved just use their normal flying sprite to get to their spot. Maybe I might even add an MP3 of the whistle to alert us that a scene is about to play on our screens.

And another re-work on Cloudchaser's stretch as suggested by StarStep. I think this is the best I can do while keeping the head the same size as all the other Cloudchaser models I have. I did do comparisons and I think this should do just fine though.
>> No. 41539
File 134498603133.png - (90.56KB , 1074x419 , Untitled.png )
I think you have the U of her eyes wrong. It is upside down.
>> No. 41540
File 134499011452.png - (66.47KB , 286x220 , Cloudchaser excersice 2.png )
Nope. They're correct. I used the image I have uploaded to the left to even get the second frame of the sprite to look decent. The direction the "U" shaped eyes go usually depend on their mood or circumstances. A "U" that goes like this is for saddness or straining which is what Cloudchaser is doing since she's stretching and the upside-down "U" is for happiness mostly.
>> No. 41556
File 134510023954.gif - (1.09KB , 102x102 , shining_armor_stand_left.gif )
So about a month ago I made a Shining Armor sprite with armor on
Today I realized he also needs sprites without any armor
So I made them
His cutie mark looks like ass
Didn't change his fetlock colors though, which was a complaint last time
>> No. 41557
File 134510017960.gif - (17.17KB , 116x110 , shining_armor_trot_left.gif )
Trotting sprites
>> No. 41558
File 134510851821.gif - (95.30KB , 106x96 , Cherry_Berry_trot_right_blink.gif )
I can't wait till Shining Armor is completely finished. I'd like to have him on screen too. I do see some spots that need a little attention, but not much. I think the back legs hooves look a little too dark and the tail doesn't seem quite right, but I should look at a pic from the show to make sure about the tail remark.

Anyways, I've done Cherry Berry which was a re-color of Berry Punch for the most part, and I'd like to give complete credit to the spriter of Berry Punch, but alas, I'm not sure who did, so if anyone can tell me, I'll edit my DA posts with Cherry Berry to include that persons name instead of calling them Berry Punch's spriter.

I'm also working on Lemon Hearts right now followed by Twinkle Shine since they share the same model of each other.
>> No. 41561
TWINKLE. She's not the color of Twinkleshine. D:
>> No. 41570
File 134517578122.gif - (23.19KB , 106x96 , Lemon_Hearts_trot_right.gif )
I haven't made Twinkle Shine just yet. The one I posted was Cherry Berry. I'm almost done with the basic stuff for Lemon Hearts, and then I'll do Twinkle Shine. I was debating between Twinkle Shine or Lemon Hearts first, but I already had my references for Lemon Hearts already. Here's my Lemon Hearts current trotting sprite.
>> No. 41572
File 134519260645.gif - (197.27KB , 140x96 , Lemon_Hearts_sweeping_right.gif )
Just finished this sprite of Lemon Hearts and I think it turned out very well considering I've never done a magic effect until now.
>> No. 41628
File 134550914026.gif - (18.33KB , 110x100 , changeling-idle-right.gif )
My little changeling, my little changeling -
Haaa-haaa-haaa-haaaaa.... whoops, sorry. ;)

Now you too can have your very own changeling army invading your desktop. Download here:

It's still a bit basic, but I hope you enjoy anyway. :)
>> No. 41630
File 134552700226.gif - (17.30KB , 106x96 , Twinkleshine_trot_left.gif )
I'm not sure if I'm just gonna wait for new version releases or add stuff myself, but I will definately add a Changeling or two as long as Chrysalis is out too. I need to get back to uploading some of my folders again since I have updates for Cloudchaser, Flitter, and Thunderlane. I should also upload the ini behavior for Rainbow or something for the excercise scene. So much to do, so lazy to do it. lol

Anyways, Twinkleshine is almost ready too. here's her trot.
>> No. 41655
Awesome. does this have anything to do with my idea from forever ago?
>> No. 41659
I think it'd be a bit cooler if the brush would somehow fly around (//and make disorder on a desktop), instead of hovering on the one place. Don't remember if DP's engine can allow it, though, other than making it in the sprite itself.
>> No. 41660
Well, I'm still a rookie spriter and the broom was something new that still needs some cleaning up, so if it is possible, I wouldn't really know. Maybe as an effect instead of on the sprite itself it might be.
>> No. 41661
Yeah, pretty much :)
>> No. 41663
Also, finally found out an event causing oldknown (for me) bug. Ponies spawn after quite awhile after pressing "GIVE ME PONIES" button, so if you press it in the meantime the second, third, ++ time, program will spawn additional portions of chosen ponies. My record is six presses which gave me 18 ponies instead of 3. Also they were quite laggy, although it works fine if I, for example, simply put 18 as the number of Dashs'.
>> No. 41670
hey everypony I love everything about desktop ponies but I just want to throw some suggestions out here for you guys

first remove spike from the pets category as according to the new trading cards he isn't a pet (his card is a supporting character card rather than a pet card)

second I have some action ideas for opal
how about having the item balancing and bauble batting seen in art of the dress and having her swipe at sweetie belle? (I would do it but my spriting ability is sub-par and I never learned to animate :( )

third (and final) as there are now more complex group animations and a way for ponies to come and go it made me think how about an action set of the mane six using the elements on nightmare moon (and later discord if he gets added)
>> No. 41673
Discord is ready, but the update taht has him pre-installed is not, and for those element attacks, that sounds somewhat hard for pixel animations, but I'm sure some of our members could pull it off, but I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon.

As for Spike, I agree too, but he was put there more likely due to his side so it'd be easier to find him, especially since most tags are pony tags with the exception of untagged, non-pony, and pets, although he did call himself a pony in "Dragon Quest" so I was thinking of having fun and changing on my version him to be in the pony category. You can easily change tags afterall if you want. IE, Berry Punch was untagged but I put her in Mares and Earth ponies category.
>> No. 41675
Honestly, we need a "Background Pony" tag, I made one myself, but it never stays with updates.
Lightning Bolt is not a supporting pony she is BG! Trixie is supporting.
>> No. 41678
Well, technically all BG ponies are supporters since without them, there's no community the others can live in.

But in all seriousness, more tags would be nice. Not sure how many more, but perhaps a dragon tag would be nice too since those teenage dragons may be made at some point.
>> No. 41697
I just installed the 1.42 TEST2 version of Desktop Ponies. However, this seems to have messed up my screensaver. It used to load the default profile when it ran, but now it always loads only 1 random pony. I made sure my default profile was correctly saved, and it's the only profile I have, so why isn't it loading when my screensaver runs?
>> No. 41702
I never figured out the screensaver myself, but I did figure out that after you select the ponies you want, if you click save, it loads the ones you selected next time you open the program. Maybe the screensaver works the same way now.
>> No. 41718
Apparently, you need to make a profile called "screensaver" with the ponies you want. I never tried it myself, but if I understood DPG right, that's the profile the screensaver will use.
>> No. 41719
That didn't seem to work. Still only getting 1 random pony. Also, my profiles seems to sometimes reset to 0 of every pony at random. Sometimes my options get reset too. I turn sounds off, but sometimes they start playing again, and I go to check and all my options where back to default.
>> No. 41731
File 134608547058.gif - (1.88KB , 106x96 , Cloud_Kicker_Derp_Face.gif )

I think at this point she's pretty much done. Just gotta make the pony.ini file.
>> No. 41732
File 134609080276.png - (36.79KB , 173x206 , Cloud Kicker Tired.png )
Cloud Kicker is finally done! Took me forever, but here she is.
>> No. 41734

Wow! My reply to a message actually worked this time! Anyways, you can use deviantart to do that? Oh well. I guess I'm good with depositfiles. Yay for Cloudkicker! I was thinking of trying to include her in my excercise scenario by having her fly then land next to Blossomforth, but that scenario still need work before I commit to adding more.

Now, how many more pegasi do we need to have a "Hurricane Fluttershy" themed desktop? It'd take a while, but I think there are quite a few more that stand out that I/we could do.
>> No. 41746

My sides! :D
>> No. 41748
File 134613632789.gif - (18.73KB , 106x96 , seaswirl_horn1_right.gif )
I made a Sea Swirl a while back.Started with a Colgate edit, but added a spell-casting animation and somesuch. Haven't seen it make its way here yet, so here it is. :p
Sea Swirl:
>> No. 41762
I forgot... But what were we supposed to do when we find stolen sprites on dA? Where do we report it?
>> No. 41763

YAY! A Sea Swirl! I was thinking of doing Sea Swirl at some point myself, but obviously being busy makes it harder. So this is cool to see her.

There's a thread on the main collab page for reporting, but before anyone should assume they are stolen, it's always a good idea to check to see if they are on old information. I've encountered a few that were just not informed of the rule change since the time the bases could be used for commiissions.
>> No. 41767

They were posted 5 days ago, so I highly doubt it...
>> No. 41768

We may have already found them and taken care of it, but if you want, you can send me a note on DA with the link.

I've actually solved a few since becoming a main member without need of them to go public, but they were mostly on old information so it was easy enough, so I'll take a look either way.
>> No. 41769

Okay, note sent.
>> No. 41772
Link broken. :/
>> No. 41802
Sup guys?

I was talking to James about possible changes to the Desktop Ponies application and interface. He suggested I post it here.

As of version 1.41 there are no noticeable links to the Desktop Ponies website, or any mention of the Desktop Ponies group at all. I am of the opinion that such things would reduce the theft of art assets that he was talking about.

I also think the interface is a little cluttered and could be laid out in a clearer fashion. Making use of dropdown menus and smaller preview icons could make it slightly nicer to use.
Also the options menu is ugly, just sayin'.

James also mentioned that you didn't want any of that stuff done?
>> No. 41803

Desktop Ponies needs to get it's bugs fixed up before adding cosmetic changes to it's interfase. Nice menus and things like that aren't very useful if the program keeps crashing as usual, yunno.

And who is James? That's Desktop Ponies Guy's real name? o_0
>> No. 41805

Well, I don't know about real name, but it's the name he uses for his DeviantArt account. He's the 'founder' of the desktop-pony-team DA group and is apparently one of the head honchos of the team.

The program seems to run fine under Windows 7 for me.
Anyway, it's not as if I was asking them to do the changes, I'm fairly proficient at .NET languages and could probably do it.
I don't really know why I'm posting here. James, why am I posting here again?
>> No. 41806
No, it's vulcan539 I believe.

I didn't even know the team had a "head honcho", so to speak. Sure, he founded the group at DeviantArt, but that's about it as far as I know.

Most of us here are "just" spriters. If you want to talk about the program itself, DesktopPonyGuy is the one responsible for its creation and the one you might want to talk to (though he hasn't been very active here lately due to being busy).

Of course, since he made the source code available, I'm sure he wouldn't mind you tinkering with it.
>> No. 41807

Oh, it's a decentralised project is it?
That must make things tricky.
>> No. 41808
Hey Whatsapokemon
If you want to poke around and try her hoof at making the program look better, go ahead

Yeah it is decentralized. People just work on whatever they want to and throw it up here when they are done.

Oh since we are throwing around ideas for improvements for the program, a plus or minus button for the ponies instead of just the number box would be fantastic. I'm not saying get rid of the number box just it would be nice to have both so I can just click around to add ponies instead of having to use the keyboard.
>> No. 41824
Although DPG has been busy recently, I have been making code contributions for a while. I was also hoping to arrange access to the source repository but I assume there wasn't time to sort that.

I've been working on my own set of changes since the last release, and if you wanted to improve on the UI it might be worth combining all of that.

Given the fact there's also a bunch of new sprites that haven't made it into a release yet, maybe an "unofficial" release would be worthwhile so we can get all of those out there?

Would people be on board with that idea, at least until DPG resurfaces?

Decent time to post any little suggestions or bugfixes that would be worth adding, if so.
>> No. 41825
Oh here is what I have of the art update so far.
Things I know I am missing are:
Klopp's kung-fu rarity. Ponychan isn't letting me see the gif she posted.
fanofecetera's newest animations but I think she said she was going to make a massive update when she was done with them so I have just been leaving them be til that happens.
Derpy's conga animation. I like just having the mane 6 to be able to do that animation but maybe we can make a new interaction that includes derpy.
Princess Cadence walk. I finished what emeralddarkness had started of the Shining Armour walk but I don't remember if she ever did one for cadence or if it was just eaten with the picture server derps? I havent seen her around here in ages and she hasn't checked into her deviant art account either for me to ask.

Oh I am having trouble with my applejack hurdle animation. No matter what speed I put it at, the hurdle looks like it is vibrating back and forth. I had the hurdle move the same number of pixels for each frame it is shown in, so I am not sure why it looks like it is vibrating. If someone could help with that please. Also when Coop redid the rarity animations he got rid of the background outline color which I think adds more clearity to the animations so I went and put it back into all the different animations.
Let me know if I messed anything up with the art update

For bug fixes. The profile thing had a bunch of bugs which I talked about here
and for improvements the add or subtract pony buttons alongside the number boxes would be cool
>> No. 41826

Well, here's a hint, my real names Andrew. Soooo, yeah, I'm a guy, but online I realize if not said up front it can get confusing.

Now, about the updates I need to do to my animations, I can do that easily when I get the chance, but I need to know, should I make a folder with the other slight changes that go in random places like Rainbow's new behaviors of her coaching, her ini file with her MP3, and interactions, and the main folder interaction file? I already uploaded the Luna Season 2 changes I did so she has audio on our group on DA.
>> No. 41827
Oops. Sorry about that. I'll remember that next time.

I believe I did get your luna 2 sounds in there. As for making a folder for your updates, making a separate one for each character is usually easier that way you can have the pony.ini file in each one's own folder. Then just zip them all up that way you only have to do one upload and us one download. For the interactions.ini just take the one from my art update folder and add the line needed for the interaction down at the bottom.
>> No. 41828

Downloading now in order to do that. So I need to upload my Rainbow folder altogether? Was there any other changes to her other than mine? If I'm the only one who latered her, this'll be a bit easier. That means all I need to do is get the folders uploaded for the ones I made and Rainbow.

I did have one thing I wanted to do, but I don't have the means. Some of the MP3's are not loud enough and I wanted to increase their volume but don't quite know how. I also wanted to rip a few MP3's for some others but never got around to it yet. I wanted to have Blossomforth's cough, maybe throw in one for Rumble, then for Lemon Hearts, she had two lines in the show. I wanted to grab those too.
>> No. 41829
If you download audacity (which is freeware) there is a normalize effect that usually gets things to the right level or you can try amplify if that doesnt work for you. It can also record the sounds off your computer. You may need to adjust your machines audio settings to be able to do that but it usually works so just play the scene and record then snip the parts into little bits for each character.

You don't need to upload the whole folder for rainbow dash. Just her new animations and the pony.ini Yes you are the only one to make changes for her so you should be good.
>> No. 41831
Okay, I'm getting things together right now by finding at least the speeches I want, then I'll work on getting the MP3's, but I wanted to mention while I was thinking of it, I've noticed there is a misplaced MP3 in the current version. In Roselucks folder, she has Lily's "The Horror! The Horror!" line. Rose never said that herself so I was wondering if that should be switched and placed in Lily's folder.

Also, when is the next update planned, cause if I have a friend come over this weekend, he can do the MP3's easily since he knows how to already. I'll try myself if he can't come over and though.
>> No. 41832
Youtube embed play button
The horror!
>> No. 41833

Oh. Guess she did it too.... I know Lily does it as well in the episode with Zecora.

Dasiy:"Look Rose!"
Rose:"The evil enchantress has cursed them all!"
Lily:"The horror, the horror!"

Guess the flower girls are just all drama queens then.
>> No. 41834
File 134648037570.png - (6.34KB , 300x150 , The_horror.png )
>Guess the flower girls are just all drama queens then.
Yep. That's why I love them. I hope daisy gets 'the horror! the horror' line next season to round out the flower trio.
>> No. 41835
About the hurdle animation: Have you considered separating the hurdle from the animation and making it an effect?
>> No. 41836

Maybe. The one thing I didn't like was in the episode with Cranky, Roses voice got changed to an older sounding lady when she had such a cute voice in season 1.

But, if I have trouble finding the clip or getting the volume to match the programs default volume, would anyone be able to help me if I make a list of the lines I need, which pony says it, and what episode it's from, and if so, to help even more, I can even see around what time they say it in the video?
>> No. 41837

Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of audacity. I had an issue with it not wanting to do MP3 unless I DLed something else, so I did and I got it going now. But if anyone would like to help if I do encounter something I can't do, then let me know so I can let you know if I need help.
>> No. 41846
File 134656434311.png - (204.59KB , 618x562 , Sunny_Rays.png )

There we go. This should work I think. The only thing I didn't get to do in this was get the interaction with the ones I did to where they line up neatly in one area but spaced apart. They just do it in random spots, but I don't know how to line them up how I want.

My next project is making Sunny Rays. Yes, it's because of the new toy, but I checked and she was in the show at least one time as seen in the uploaded picture.
>> No. 41847
File 134656700575.gif - (25.76KB , 106x96 , donutjoe-idle-right.gif )
He's still very basic, but here he is anyway.
>> No. 41849
Allright, I gave it a shot. It doesn't flow perfectly but it is better than the jittering I was getting earlier.

Added to update folder.
>> No. 41867
Yeah, about that art update... did you ever actually check if it works? There's so much stuff broken it isn't even funny.

Or maybe it just wasn't meant to be used with the program yet?

- Princess Cadence is a single gif without a pony.ini
- Princess Luna (Season 2)'s ini is a complete mess and even contains links to gifs and behaviors meant for Nightmare Moon for whatever reason (interestingly enough, it made me realize a small mistake I did in the original ini, too)
- Rainbow Dash is trying to load gifs that aren't there
- Shining Armour is also trying to load a nonexistent gif due to a spelling mistake (also, I think the name should be Shining Armor)

Am I really the first to notice this?
>> No. 41869
Also, more frequent congas? Why? Or was it always like this?

Also, a weird glitch for DPG (or whoever now takes care of coding): I started the program with 5 out of the Mane 6 (Rainbow Dash wouldn't load due to the ini error mentioned before and I didn't feel like fixing it), and despite lacking RD, Pinkie would still start the conga.
>> No. 41876
I was just throwing out what I had so far. I kind of trusted the stuff I downloaded and what I tested worked on mine. I think I will redownload 1.41 so that I have a fresh one to check that everything works and not just on mine where I know I modified and added some things. On that conga, sorry I thought I changed the timing back from what I had it at but I think it got rewritten with an older one accidentally.

As stated in a previous post I didn't know if a walking sprite of cadence was put out or not so I kept the standing there just in case which is why she doesnt have ini file yet either. I'll take her out since I haven't gotten any reply about it yet.
I downloaded the luna file so I kind of trusted it worked. Will check along with other ponies.
Dash I probably modified and forgot one I did. Like I said will redownload fresh 1.41 and test.
Will fix ini file. I always liked shining armour. The english spelling just seems to fit better than the american spelling since they were parodying England's big wedding.

Will let you know know when I get done fixing it.
>> No. 41877
I downloaded the art update just after you added Joe, and fixed the few misc errors with it. I'll merge whatever other changes you make once you're ready. I did a bunch of little changes of my own for things that were bugging me (like folders with funky names, and just making everything more consistent). I'm also doing some other things with it so don't worry too much about little errors.

I think the American spelling of Armour would be better, just as my opinion.

I've added plus/minus buttons. I think I'll aim for a test release at the end of the week just so there's a chance to iron out new bugs and stuff and then a proper one after that once any major problems are addressed. I might leave some of the profile bugs until then.

@Whatsapokemon: I've had to make some changes to the UI that aren't in the current release. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like the code.
>> No. 41887
Ok I fixed what I saw wrong. Like mistakes mentioned above and a few small things I saw or thought needed changing. So hopefully it is good to go for you.

Ok I wasn't sure what exactly was to be done with luna season 2. I just took it all out except for the new sound files since I didn't see anything different in those animations. Just let RoosterDragon know if there is anything that needs to be changed with her.

Sorry again for the little mistakes. I actually had some that I corrected in my desktop ponies folder but just forgot to replace it in the art update folder.
>> No. 41894
Thanks, the new version looks good so far :) At least it didn't give me any errors anymore (not counting Cadence, obviously)

I just made a few changes to Luna's ini:
>> No. 41896

Klopp's Kung-Fu Rarity is here:

Needs work in order to be Desktop Ponies ready, as Applejack flies offscreen and this would be set up as an interaction.
>> No. 41915
Hmmm. I guess I'll ask about this. When I went and altered my Berry Punch so she's not a freakin' drunkard, it said something about the bottle not working properly. While I hate the fandom of her being drunk, I figured I'd point it out.

Also, if anyone's interested in my non-drunk Berry Punch folder, still has the drunk sprites though, let me know cause I even gave her three non drunk lines that relate to scenes she was in in the show.
>> No. 41916
I'm working on a Berry Punch that only occasionally gets drunk (I'm not much of a fan of drunk BP, either), so yeah, if you have added something to her sober version I'm very interested. :)
>> No. 41917

That should be it for now. All I did was exchange drunk sprites, except sleeping, but I call the blush on the sleeping something else, like a happy dream of a stud stallion or something for fun. XD

The biggest change is I just referenced things that happened to her in the show that stood out. You'll see. And I was thinking of altering the wobbly drunk stand to her humming, but I gotta get to bed for work at 4pm and it's 7am already. If I do it, I'll upload the individual sprites tomorrow.
>> No. 41930
Alrighty, here's an initial unofficial release with a bunch of art and code updates.

- Collected art update collated by StarStep from: >>41825
- Reorganized folders and files for consistency (let me know your thoughts on that).
- Added support for semi-transparent colours.
- Added plus/minus buttons to ponies on the menu.
- A bunch of minor bugfixes and stuff.
- Almost supports Mac/Unix under mono (if 'Desktop Ponies.exe' crashes, try running 'C# Desktop Ponies.exe' instead, though that's not too stable either).

Please report any bugs you find, so I know what issues people are having problems with. I'll create a more stable release sometime in the future depending on what the problems are.

Stuff on the books:
- Fix profile saving problems.
- Fix Mac/Unix support.
- Add support for mirrored images to reduce load times and the number of images that must be redistributed.
- Whatever else comes up.

>> No. 41931
- Sounds can't be enabled in the options menu
- Trying to start the program with the regular Mane 6 left me with 5 fillies and 1 Gala Pinkie
- +/- buttons makes going through the ponies with "tab" really tedious...
- Can't save profiles anymore

Sorry to say, but just from the first impression, it's not very good and introduced more bugs than it presumably fixed.
>> No. 41932
Also, interactions are gone now?
>> No. 41935
not sure if you guys are aware but is gone...
and the page is for sale?!
>> No. 41936
Ok cant run it so I picked my ponys set to launch and got the following messages

Warning: pony Twilight sparkle
(C:userskitsunedesktopdesktop_ponies_v1.41.24Desktop Ponies v1.41.2.4Poniestwilight Sparkle (filly)) does not have requrired behavior 'discorded' as specified in interaction Discorded Interaction is disabled for this pony.

Error Launching ponies...Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at VbDesktopPonies.main.PonyLoader_DoWork(Object sender,DoWorkEventArgs e) in _________________________________DEsktopPonies VB Desktop PoniesMain.vb:Line 1573
>> No. 41937
Wow for a first impression that's downright awful. My apologies, those are kinda lame on my part.

I've put together a quick patch which should address those issues. Hopefully this fares better, though there are still rough edges.

Drag onto the previous release and overwrite when prompted.

Patch download:
>> No. 41939
The patch should fix that, try it and let me know.
>> No. 41940
Okay, it loads the correct ponies now, sounds are back and being able to use tab again is great, too. There are still some bugs, though:

- Still doesn't save profiles (this time without an error message, even)
- Effects won't show
- Ponies keep repeating animations over and over
- Word balloons won't show
- Hovering over a pony will get it stuck in mouseover animation, even when the cursor is moved away. Also, if the pony has got sound files, they'll be played constantly. The pony will only snap out of it when pointing the cursor at another pony
- Sprites will occasionally show at twice their size

So yeah, still needs work. ^^;
>> No. 41942
derpy is having severe issues her coding is messed up and she keeps freezing up and just playing her standing animation (can be fixed by switching sleeping on/off)

(aj and twililight also freeze but they seem to be able to un-stick on their own twi also seems to only freeze while teleporting)

the conga animation has a re-sizing error when a pony is waiting to join the line they show as 4x

when options are put on sounds one pony at a time the pony just says her/his lines one after the other till you mouse over a different one
>> No. 41943
File 134722541840.png - (145.63KB , 1186x832 , error.png )
just got an error message so big that I just took a screenshot of it
>> No. 41945
Also, the editor...

- Clicking somewhere on the editor window makes the preview pony hide behind it
- Apparently, many of the animations get stuck because the program will read a duration of (for example) 3.15 as 315 seconds
- Loading Twilight in the editor, some behaviors will not be shown at first (they appeared after a while, but I'm talking multiple minutes here, which is just wierd)
>> No. 41952
Alright I'll get on those, should keep me busy for a while :)

I'm still happy to hear about further errors or small suggestions people have.

If anypony was interested in just the art update, you can always copy the updated folders onto an older version of DP that works.
>> No. 41954
just a heads up apparently got attacked by some guy claiming to be part of anon
ether way its effecting all customers sites including desktop ponies (i assume as there are godaddy ads on the site)
>> No. 41963
Just to mention something.

Sounds are disabled for Windows XP which uses DirectX 9.

Apparently the unofficial release doesn't cover 9.
>> No. 41964

Same Anon, nevermind, didn't notice the patch.
>> No. 41985
I don't know if anyone else know this yet but Desktop Ponies is "parked" by GoDaddy for some odd reason. Could DesktopPonyGuy check this out?
>> No. 41989
the website is down and i can't get the char creator so can you put up a download link?
>> No. 41996
Wow. It's been a little while, huh? I go away for a number of months, and the site goes MIA, and DesktopPonyGuy seems to be elsewhere.

When I swung by before the DTP site went away, I downloaded the lastest version and saw that a pair of new animations were added to Rarity's folder. I also saw that they had some color and animation/pixel issues, so I went in and fixed them. I also updated the ini file so that the Fashion Show animation was centered with the other animations. Here's the zip file with the updated stuff...

If anyone spots something I missed in Conga and Fashion Show, let me know and I'll fix it.
>> No. 42198
They just gave me some gifs, now what to do?
>> No. 42222

Are you talking about the Desktop Ponies program, or the Rarity fixes I posted?
>> No. 42241
Hey, I'm trying to get Desktop Ponies set up for the first time, but I really don't know what I'm doing. I downloaded Desktop Ponies v1.42 TEST , but it's giving me an error saying I'm missing some files.

Do I have to download a separate pony pack somewhere, or do I have to download each pony individually, and if so how and where?

And how do I set it up as a screensaver (as I originally downloaded it for)?
>> No. 42243
The test versions assume you have all the files already, they're only meant to test future versions of the program.

Grab the v1.41 release from this post:
It has everything ready to go.

For a screensaver, I believe you run 'Desktop Ponies.scr' and you can setup some options there. (If that file doesn't exist, make a copy of the .exe and just change the extension to .scr).

I have never actually tried it, so I'm guessing on that bit :P


I am still working on bugfixes for an unofficial release, by the way, but my time is pretty limited right now.
>> No. 42309
File 134970433532.png - (45.05KB , 486x412 , screen4.png )
I got this random error after finding out that I needed .NET 4.0 for regular DP, and right now I'm a little too busy with school projects to get that. Anyone willing to fix? (Also, I'm working on some animations of my own for when this is fixed)
>> No. 42321
File 134974873857.gif - (1.22KB , 106x96 , stand_oppp_right.gif )
Okay, so I've been working on a version on Berry Punch that only gets drunk from time to time (I'm not a big fan of drunk Berry Punch), and finally, here it is:

I also took the liberty to comment out some of the more outrageous quotes (or those who were simply way too long). They are still in the ini file though, so if you want to restore them, you can.
>> No. 42336
New unofficial release!

- Fixed* the slew of bugs collected in >>41952.
- Alternate program 'C# Desktop Ponies.exe' should run without Gtk installed (>>42309).

- Rarity conga/fashion show fixes from The Coop.
- Less drunk Berry Punch from Bot-chan.

- Filtering ponies should be faster on the main screen.
- Menu will remain responsive during loading, and now shows more accurate progress.
- Custom profiles are now stored on a per-profile basis in the Profiles folder. The 'default' profile is built in and may not be changed.
- Now runs passably under Mono on Mac/Unix systems.

New Features!
- Princess Luna has been customised with translucent colours (alpha blending must be enabled in options).
- Pressing a key on the menu scrolls to the pony whose name starts with that letter.

* Some are not proper fixes, the pony editor in particular does not play nice with the new internals, but things are hopefully a bit better than before. If the pony disappears behind the editor, check your taskbar to see if you can bring it in front again as a workaround until it's properly fixed.

>> No. 42338
The animation durations still don't work correctly. Neither does speed if it's not an integer.

Sorry to say, but it still needs work.
>> No. 42339
Profiles still don't work, either (at least they don't load anything).

Are you sure this version fixed any of the earlier bugs at all? Maybe you uploaded the wrong files.

Also, while I like the alpha transparency, Luna's mane looks wrong (and uses the outdated version anyway).
>> No. 42350
File 134990297997.gif - (46.78KB , 138x108 , gustave-idle-right.gif )
I found my old Gilda files, which I celebrated by making a Gustave. Get him here:
>> No. 42351
I was confused for a while, because that's working on my machine. I think it might be a rather gratuitous hack I found regarding non-English locales. I've fixed up the worst of it and I am pretty confident that should restore a working profile and pony editor.

Here's a quick patch. Also recommended for people with their machines running in English, as it fixes a separate error with the profiles.

If you don't like the translucency, you can always disable it in the options. Alternatively, run 'C# Desktop Ponies.exe' and hit the 'Gif Alpha' button. It's a bit rough, but you can edit the translucency settings per image from there.

(God I hope I've almost quashed all the random bugs that keep popping up every time I dare to change something...)
>> No. 42352
Okay, the problems for pony speed and animations seem to be gone now. Profiles now work, too - somewhat, but more about this later. Also, thanks for telling me how to edit those transparencies. Didn't know that before. :)

However, there are still issues:

Animations will often not start at the beginning, but during a seemingly random frame. Also, the ponies seem to be jumping around a lot, as if their image centers weren't recognized properly.

Not being able to edit the default profile comes with it's own problems, since it's always the first profile that's loaded by default (might want to change it so the program remembers the last profile used).

It's especially annoying because changing the profile in the pony selection screen will not automatically change the options, too. So, to change the options to a saved setting, you have to -first- load a profile, then -second- open the options screen, and then -third- hit the load button there. Every single time you start the program.

Also, the effects don't work. Try a pony with many effects at once, like Spitfire or Carrot Top. For some reason, the animations will all be synchronized (the same, strangely enough, is true for ponies in an interaction, if the Mane 6 conga is anything to go by). This might have something to do with the animations not starting properly at their first frame mentioned earlier.

I guess that's it, for now.
>> No. 42354
Oh, one more thing: Why does the program now use the folder names for the ponies instead of the names specified in the ini?
>> No. 42356
Also, here's the up-to-date Luna again (with transparency this time)
>> No. 42383
File 135004769218.gif - (4.95KB , 106x126 , cup1_pinkie_pie_left.gif )
This Pinkie Pie image in WIP was just sooooo cute and I was disappointed to find it wasn't included in the DP files. So here is is resized and retimed. If you want it I'll do an animation for the right side. Then, eventually, I'll upload the zip file to 4shared as that's the only upload site I have access to. I don't know if anypony still wants this but it was just soooooo cute!
>> No. 42384
File 135005229186.gif - (24.10KB , 106x126 , balloon_pinkiepie_left.gif )
And here's one I made myself. Another big downside is that there's not an animation of Pinkie blowing up a balloon like in the MLP intro. So I made one myself. (I was thinking she might do that for the theme singing interaction as well)
>> No. 42402
File 135012003511.gif - (22.03KB , 100x100 , Sky_Popper_trot_wing_right.gif )
Well, while I'm all for this one seeing as my OC is all about balloons, it definately needs work. The puffy chest seems to puff a bit too big then the sudden super flattness that even droops down below the normal curve looks weird. And the balloon looks too square, especially at the lower right. A good WiP though if anything.

And I know this isn't the OC thread, but there's the Desktop style for my OC I was talking about right there. Her name's Sky Popper.
>> No. 42407
Thanks. Will fix.
I may also do "Discorded" animations for the rest of the Mane Six. I noticed only Twilight has one.
>> No. 42408
File 135013468225.gif - (24.09KB , 106x126 , balloon_pinkiepie_left.gif )
Is this better?
>> No. 42409
oh that mous tache. Love it.

Dear celestia that belly. Her chest would not expand and decompress like that. yeah follow fanofetcetra's advice.
If you want a starting point I have these which need work and I'm not sure I will ever get back to them. make sure to change fluttershy's eyes as I tried to make them look more bitchy but I over did it a bit.
>> No. 42411
When is the next official unofficial release? I'm looking to patch up those animations StarStep gave me and I hope I have time to do it.
>> No. 42413
As soon as RoosterDragon is done fixing the bugs I keep bringing up, I guess. Poor guy :P
>> No. 42437
Quite a bit. I still feel the inhale looks like she has some sort of swollen infection, but the exhale is definately better. If anything on the exhale, slow it down a little to match the balloons size increase. As for the inhale, I'd trim the front off by about one pixel and then smooth it down to where it curves with her neck the whole way down to her belly so it looks like it's her chest huffing and not just the neck. As for the balloon, better, but with balloons, a rounder shape is what we're after, so try adding some pixels in the middle of the flat parts to try and give it a curve. It's definately getting there though.
>> No. 42447
It's right now! You've always got time though, once people are happy with animations somepony will usually collect them all together and I'll throw them in with the next version, whenever that happens to be.

Thanks for the detailed report. I believe I fixed all of those.

The names in the ini file are used for speech bubbles. The folder names are used internally as a unique ID (since folder names must be unique). I show the folder names on the menu because I think that's more useful than having just the character's name, but I could change that if people don't like it.

Anyway another patch download below for people.
>> No. 42448
File 135024562106.png - (106.98KB , 956x694 , error.png )
Okay, using the folder names as IDs makes sense then, I guess. I just wasn't used to it.

Most of the earlier errors seem to be gone now, which is definitely good. Profiles seem to work without a hitch now, which is a great improvement. :) There are still some bugs left though:

First, the error message I included with the post. This happened after starting the program, starting a few ponies, going back to the menu, going to the editor and then trying to select a pony. Directly going to the editor after starting the program and then selecting a pony works fine, though.

Then, the ponies still jump around a bit, because image centers are not recognized. It's especially evident in the editor, where all image centers are set to 0,0 no matter what they are set to in the ini.

Also, DPG's version had a feature that automatically centered image centers at runtime if they were left at 0,0.

Another thing with the editor: if you change a thing and then exit the editor, it will ask you twice if you really don't want to save your changes.

Pinkie Pie once started the conga interaction without Fluttershy being present. This probably happens with other interactions, too

Taking control of ponies doesn't work, either (more precisely, Player 2's controls give very strange results while Player 1's don't work at all).

If you change the ponies' size in the options, effects aren't scaled.

I'm very sorry that all my replies to you come across as being so negative. This last version was a definite improvement though, and I hope my constant bug reports won't discourage you from working on it. :)
>> No. 42461

I can hear her neck breaking from here...
>> No. 42470
The fix is in progress. Trying to get the belly to expand as well so it looks like her chest is expanding and not her neck.
>> No. 42489
File 135037760801.gif - (18.97KB , 106x108 , nmn_ss_demo.gif )
I made a separate Sea Swirl for Nightmare Night.
I think if all the NMN costumes could be set to automatically be used if your PC clock date is October 31st would be great!
>> No. 42490
Can't wait to see the next one. And I thought of this earlier, but if you need a reference to make the balloon look better, there is that animation with Pinkie where she's flying with some and then there's Gummy bouncing on one. Also, I like how you do end it, but I was just thinking, if it's more like the shows that you're going for, wouldn't blowing it until it pops be more like the opening? Cause let's face it, we know that's what happened in the opening. Full screen then suddenly gone? B2P for sure. But like I said, just a suggestion there is all.
>> No. 42493
Wow! This is really good. Would like to see more NMN ones as well. Some I can see as being quite easy, but others painfully hard.
>> No. 42496
File 135040348580.png - (669B , 74x84 , docturner.png )
I have FINALLY managed to get back to spriting again. Wheee.

Right now I'm making a more cartoon-accurate Time Turner/Doctor, and after I finish him I will complete Frederic von Horseshoepin and Harpo as well.

With some luck (and if my job doesn't gets nightmarish again) I will also add animations of Derpy and Time Turner riding Segways just because.
>> No. 42498

Welcome to the herd, by the way.
>> No. 42502
No no, bug reports are awesome. Keep them coming.

Interactions was a new one, seems like they've always worked that way. I put in a check that requires all targets to be present, but it could be possible "all" was intended to mean "all targets that can be found" (so Pinkie will Conga with whoever is around) as opposed to "all targets must exist" (so Pinkie won't conga unless all Mane 6 are present).

Other problems should also be fixed.


I could make behaviours with "NMN" in the name 5x more likely or something...
>> No. 42507
File 135042922672.png - (210.51KB , 748x1796 , errors.png )
You know, you might be right about this. And now that I think about it, some interactions might even rely on this (though I'm not sure about that). Maybe, instead of changing the way "all" works, maybe you could leave it like that (so it still means all available targets) and add an "everyone" (as in only start this interaction if everyone is present)? Just a suggestion.

I'm glad you aren't fed up with the bug reports yet. Of course, you know what that means, right?

Time for yet another bug report. :p

I noticed that, sometimes, ponies wouldn't move when they should (they appear to be walking in place). This is relatively rare (but still often enough to be noticeable), and seems to be completely random, so yeah...

The option of ponies always being on top of other windows doesn't work.

Errors by faulty interactions (like those between filly Celestia and filly Luna) result in many repeat error messages.

Speaking of error messages: the option to show interaction errors was not checked in the option screen, so I shouldn't even have gotten any error messages concerning these at all.

(The interaction errors themselves seem to be caused by a simple mistake that linked the interactions to the wrong version of filly Celestia, so that's not the programs fault at least. I really wonder how long this one went unnoticed.)

Also, even more fun with error messages (see attached image). They all end with the program crashing (well, except for the resized ponies, obviously. That's purely cosmetic)

Phew. I think that's it for now. On the plus side, all of the older bugs seem to be fixed, so, great job! :)
>> No. 42508
Oh, one more thing: In the right-click-menu, you can select both Player 1 and Player 2 to control of the pony (although only Player 1 can control the pony if both are selected).
That's a pretty minor thing, but I think selecting one player should automatically unselect the other one.
>> No. 42514
File 135044589422.gif - (15.61KB , 106x96 , tentrot.gif )
Modified Doctor (trotting)
>> No. 42515
File 135044592887.gif - (1.53KB , 106x96 , tenblink.gif )
Modified Doctor (idling)
>> No. 42561
I haven't had the time to finish any animations, but I'll get back to it today after my online classes.
>> No. 42575
You are supposed to get multiple messages (one per interaction that doesn't load). I have fixed the option that prevents them from popping up though.

Other problems are fixed apart from characters walking in place. It's hard to nail down. I've tried something that should hopefully make it happen less often, but it might not be fixed proper.

I have changed interactions so you can now choose the way interaction with multiple targets is handled.

Full set of files below:
>> No. 42576
File 135102185342.png - (30.00KB , 518x268 , error1.png )
Yes, one error message per interaction would have been okay. 3 or 4 per interaction were definitely too much.

I don't know what you changed about the interactions, but the editor doesn't like it. It gives me error messages whenever I load a pony with interactions (see picture). They work alright in the main program, though.

But other than that, it's definitely the most solid release thus far. Great work! :)
>> No. 42588
File 135109087633.png - (95.08KB , 953x409 , OSX_mono_glibsharpglue-2_error.png )

Sorry for my english in advance.

I praise you and community with Desktop Ponies, each build with improvements and additions for sure. :)

However, I have difficulty with executing Desktop Ponies under Mac OS X 10.8 with MonoFramework MRE Alpha 2.11.4 build installed, and same issue happens with latest stable version 2.10.x build. Application initialises with pony selector dialogue box and when I finish selecting any pony I want to have displayed, clicking START causes error to appear with mention of glibsharpglue-2 in error dialogue box. I have made certain I am installing MonoFramework correctly so I am not certain which is causing this error to appear. Hopefully there is simple fix for this cause of issue.

Wonderful progress so far, keep up the good work! :)
>> No. 42596
Doh! Fixed.

This seems to be an issue with how Mono installs itself.

I've included a script named "RunOnMac" which hopefully should let it run correctly. Run it from the command line with "bash RunOnMac".

I don't have a Mac to test on, and the solution I got is just what the internet says will fix it, so I'm crossing my fingers here. Let me know if it works.

Anyway, patch files:
>> No. 42597
File 135127618447.png - (148.83KB , 1024x768 , error report.png )
Nice it's shaping up to be pretty good. I like how the ponies farther down the screen are now in front instead of it going by name. Also I never thanked you for putting in the plus minus buttons so thanks. One thing is that when I try random ponies, it always picks the same ponies. Even when I close the program or go to a different profile.

Also the houses dont seem to be working. I've had them running for awhile and I have yet to see a pony pop out or go in. I even changed the settings so they would take less time and still nothing. Also you can go and edit a house once but when you try to go into the edit menu again for either that house or a different house the program pops up with an error than closes when you press ok. Also is there a way to have the houses always be behind the ponies? I want to have it look like ponyville on the screen but having more than 1 house on the screen right now means you cant see very many ponies or you have to hide them up top where you cant see much of the house itself.
>> No. 42603
File 135129245074.png - (771.90KB , 1366x768 , RunOnMac_Progress.png )

I can confirm the bash script "RunOnMac" works, however I had to change the file permission with chmod and set to 755 for bash script to execute, after that the applications is able to display ponies on desktop.

Frame rate is great, though some odd issues exist with ponies (rainbow dash and fluttershy) on desktop, hoping screenshot of my desktop will help with issue. I have tried different ponies with same result, and in screenshot both fluttershy and rainbow dash roam my desktop, the greyish box where rainbow dash resides is due to flickering, perhaps it has something to do with mono's redraw method? And drop shadows are added when they shouldn't be, sometimes leaving silhouette/outlines or drop shadow of pony that follow the pony within the same window frame of selected pony, if that makes any sense.

Also I can help provide more feedback to you for Desktop Ponies running with mono on OS X if I can somehow be helpful with providing feedback. :)
>> No. 42638
Think I fixed it. I liked the idea of houses always being at the back, so now they are.

Yeah any feedback you can give would be great. I've made some changes which might (or might not) fix the flickering. If not, can you please describe the flickering in more detail (is it constant, or only when the ponies move, or when the image changes, or random?).

I'm not so sure about the drop shadow, that might be Mac being a bit unhelpful and sticking a shadow on even though the window is supposed to have no chrome. Can't be sure at this point.

>> No. 42639
Nice. It's all looking good to me. Unless someone else sees something it seems like its good to be v1.42
>> No. 42642

I uploaded video of my desktop with screen capture feature of quicktime, shows most recent test build of desktop ponies in action with which I have tried to explain, assuming the link I gave above will work with video download as an option if video cannot be viewed from web browser directly, m4v format because of only available option to save as.
But if for a reason there is no possibility of viewing video, then perhaps I can say that in a sense, when image changes, it is also constant with every image change.
But still, the link to video should explain more clearly, hopefully with video being viewable.
>> No. 42653
File 135180557550.gif - (91.08KB , 232x135 , tardis_enter.gif )
I really like your modifications, nicely done! I have a suggestion/request--as long as you're working on Doctor Whooves, could you maybe modify and incorporate some other gifs? Someone from the (now disbanded) WindowPonies project created some that allow the Doctor to enter/exit the TARDIS and make it vanish and reappear at different parts of the screen. I would use the files and change the .ini myself, except I'm not very tech-savvy, I have no idea what I'm doing, and every time I tried I accomplished nothing and just got frustrated.

Really, this question should be considered open to anyone, not just you.

Here's a link to the file with the extra gifs, made by Ryouki:
>> No. 42665
A whole video? That's pretty damned helpful!

I've made some changes which ought to do *something*. I'm hoping the grey flicker will be gone. The drop shadow will still be there, but I'm hoping it won't get out of sync as badly.

Couple of other minor fixes for Mac/Unix. Windows users need not worry much:
>> No. 42678

I'm glad my video proved useful, and I can confirm the grey box flickering is gone now, though the drop shadow issue I'm certain will vanish eventually. :)

I will be sure to report any new findings and issues that arise from using desktop ponies.

And I should have properly introduced myself, I am RadiateZoom by the way. :)

Still, desktop ponies is great application which I give lots of praise for, and there is bound to be similar fix for drop shadow issue like for myszha's qt-ponies application at . I understand there must be vast differences in codebases as .net/mono and qt must handle coding in different ways, and I will continue to research what I can find for if there is any equivalent code for hiding/removing drop shadows in mono for mac, but I feel there still is hope somewhere. :)
>> No. 42689
Yeah, Qt has a flag specifically to disable drop shadows on Mac, pretty convenient.

However the program uses Gtk, and it provides no such flag sadly.

I have hacked together some code which I hope will call some native methods and remove the shadow. But since I can't test it there's a 99% chance it will die horribly one way or another.

Hopefully you can run it and report whatever error is bound to happen :)
(Just run Desktop Ponies as normal, don't worry that it's not in the download.)
>> No. 42695
File 135205587656.png - (740.07KB , 1366x768 , OSX_Shadow_Report1.png )

I'm afraid the drop shadows still persists in screenshot I upload. :(
Also I have recorded some text from Terminal window if this will help in any way.
(I used indicators for terminal window messages because I'm not sure if there is any sort of bbcode/tagging system in place.)

[Terminal Window Text Begin]
2012-11-04 13:30:05.610 mono[30957:500f] unlockFocus called too many times. Called on <GdkQuartzView: 0xc4de470>.

(Desktop Ponies:30957): Gtk-WARNING **: Can't set a parent on a toplevel widget

Drop shadow version check. IsMacOSX=False OSVersion=
Won't try and disable drop shadow.
[Terminal Window Text End]

I still feel it may be related to how the mono framework itself handles apps on different platforms, seeing as my OS wasn't properly identified and the False statement "IsMacOSX=False" being issued as a result, but I could be wrong.

Still was worth a try and I really appreciate the effort you put into Desktop Ponies thus far. :)
>> No. 42696
I'll just ignore checking the OS and have it try anyway (as the console reported, because the OS check failed it didn't even try and disable the shadow).

Try running this and give me any interesting console output. A screenshot is fine, no need to type it all out. :)
>> No. 42698
File 135206550131.png - (774.57KB , 1366x768 , OSX_Shadow_Report2.png )

An updated screenshot with drop shadows still persisting, hopefully screenshot will uncover any useful output from terminal window.
>> No. 42701
Another version. Same deal. It'll probably take a few goes but hopefully I'll get somewhere eventually.
>> No. 42705

Unfornately, application crashes upon loading after having clicked "give me ponies" button, and the messages inside terminal is rather long, I can post the terminal messages from terminal window into a docx file for you, uploaded to skydrive.

And a video demonstrating the crash if it helps, also on skydrive.

I'm certain there will be a fix somewhere or if issue is generally related to Mono/.Net/Gtk itself. Hopefully I am good helper so far. :)
>> No. 42709
File 135210012594.gif - (51.11KB , 94x122 , chrysalis-idle-right.gif )
We have changelings. Now we also have their queen.

Enjoy :)
>> No. 42720
The occasional crash is to be expected when I have to guess at the code needed. :)

I think I'm getting closer though, give this one a try.

Oh boy, this is awesome.
>> No. 42721

I am still experiencing crashing, so I will submit new crash log to report from terminal.

(I'm actually in the process of migrating away from skydrive, so any previous skydrive links I posted I can repost from dropbox. Just wanted to note about this in advance, just in case.) :)

Still, pretty close, MacOSX now has true statement, almost there!. :)
>> No. 42728
No worries if the old links go down, I don't need them.

I am optimistic for this version. Guess we'll find out.
>> No. 42729
File 135223053559.png - (728.52KB , 1366x768 , OSX_Success_Shadows_Gone.png )

Success! Drop Shadows are now gone! :)
And screenshot I attached, though probably not nescessary now, but still wanted to share.
>> No. 42731
Hmm, I found something weird: In the pony editor, I tried to change the "link to" option for Berry Punch's "sitting2" behavior. Validation works, but when I tried to save it, it gave me this error message:

Unable to save pony! Details:
Index was outside the bounds of the array.

I don't know if this is the only pony with this problem. Others, the program saved just fine.

Also, the buttons ("link to" option again) are somewhat unresponsive and will often open the menu only after the second or third click.
>> No. 42750
I have a problem selecting some ponies when I right-click one I have out and use the drop-down menu. If I pick a pony that interacts with an object, a bunch of replicas of the object will show up all over my screen. It also happens if a pony comes out of a house--Zecora just emerged and I now have about a hundred poison joke plants all over the place. It's nothing major, because I don't have the problem when I just choose ponies from the main menu, but I thought I'd mention it. I'm running Windows 7, and I think I have the latest patch for the program.
>> No. 42751
Oh wow. Never noticed that before, but it happens here, too. (Windows 7)

Seeing Spitfire fill the screen with smoke is oddly mesmerizing...
>> No. 42754
File 135244248024.png - (232.28KB , 1366x768 , changeling.png )
Same anon here. If you like Spitfire's smoke, you should try a changeling.
>> No. 42760

Fixed the error. It was having problems with the blank lines in the file, but it won't any more (side note: all comments will get moved to the top of the file when saving, just be aware).

The multiple clicks to open a drop-down in a grid isn't something I can do much about sadly. That's just how they work. (1 click to focus the row, then one on the arrow (2 click) Or one on the box which merges with the arrow, and then one more to actually get the drop-down (3 clicks))

I'm having trouble recreating this, can you give me an idiots guide with a step-by-step?
>> No. 42762
Ok then.

So this is how the glitch works for me: I start a few ponies, then use the right click menu to add ponies with effects (like Carrot Top, Spitfire or a Changeling). Usually, they will come with a bunch of effects already scattered around the screen, and additional effects will stay on much longer than they should.

Houses don't seem to work for me (they appear but won't add/remove ponies) so I don't know what happens there.
>> No. 42763
Hmm still no luck.

I was working on some fixes to some issues with timekeeping, maybe that accidentally fixed it before I even knew about it?

Have a full release so we're all on the same page, and let me know what is still going wrong.
>> No. 42764
File 135250305578.png - (54.25KB , 499x667 , house-error.png )
Oh, look at that. The glitch is gone. Nice. :)

Okay, something more about the houses:
- I added Trixie's stage. Nothing happened.
- I edited Trixie's stage to add/remove a pony every 5 seconds. Nothing happened.
- Went back to the main menu. Started the ponies again. Added Trixie's stage again. Went to its edit-menu. Value of "cycle timer" was back at 300 seconds. ???
- Exited the program to look at Trixie's stage's ini. Value is 5 seconds (as it should be). I guess the program doesn't read the values correctly.
- Started the program again. Added Trixie's stage again. Tried to access the editing menu and got this error message (see picture). After closing the message, the program stops working.

So yeah... ^^;
>> No. 42765

I discovered new error that randomly occurs when any number of ponies roam my desktop for any number of minutes, the output from terminal window if it will help as that is only place where error is shown. This error randomly appears and crashes application, even on relaunch after waiting 3 to 5 minutes while ponies roam my desktop.

This is the output.

(Desktop Ponies:1937): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_cairo_region: assertion `region != NULL' failed
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at CsDesktopPonies.SpriteManagement.GtkSpriteInterface+GraphicsWindow.OnConfigureEvent (Gdk.EventConfigure evnt) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at Gtk.Widget.configureevent_cb (IntPtr widget, IntPtr evnt) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
>> No. 42779
Should be fixed again. My bad.

This appears to be down to the program being a bit less stable on Mac/Unix in general. I'll do what I can but I can't guarantee anything. Keep up with the patches and see if it improves.
>> No. 42780
Eh, the houses seem to work now. Still, when I edit a house, save the changes and try to open it again later, it gives me the same error message as before. Deleting the minspawn, maxspawn and bias lines in the ini makes it work again, so there seems to be a problem with those values.

Also, the newest version gives an "unknown publisher" warning when starting the program.
>> No. 42781
File 135266559921.png - (0.99MB , 1366x768 , OSX_Window_on_top.png )

Crashes are gone, application is stable once again!
Though there is one minor annoyance when I set checkbox for ponies to show above or behind opened windows, but that box setting has no effect and ponies remain hidden behind regardless of checkbox setting, but their secondary effects/animations however still show above window when they are behind window. This screenshot shows just that and I have checkbox checked to show them above all windows, but they remain hidden behind instead.

Perhaps this is just a Mono/.Net/Gtk related issue or because of native way that OS X handles window priority? I am not certain at this point because VLC mac has option for "float on top", but again this could just probably be Mono related.

Just thought I'd point out that minor annoyance though, reporting any new findings that I can find. :)
>> No. 42817
File 135300982172.gif - (34.70KB , 120x106 , cadence-trot-right.gif )
Added walking sprites to emeralddarkness's Cadence. Now she can finally stroll leisurely through your desktop. :)
>> No. 42818
File 135301220200.png - (130.38KB , 897x590 , cherryberry.png )
I did this. Is it any good?
>> No. 42820
Honestly? It's just a recolored Berry Punch with a cutiemark that doesn't really look anything like in the picture (not to mention that it uses single pixels instead of double pixels). Sorry, but I don't know what else to say about it.
>> No. 42821
Can't be sure on this one, as I can't recreate it. I'm betting it's a locale issue again. I've fixed up a few things but you'll have to let me know.

Whilst I was at it I revamped the house options form a bit.

I've had this problem too. Try unticking and reticking the box, that fixes it for me.
I don't know why the initial set of ponies doesn't respect the setting.


>> No. 42823
I still get an "unknown publisher" warning, but the houses now work correctly for me. :)

Another bug: the mini-games don't work (the program gives an error message after the pony selection and then crashes).
Also, when taking control of the ponies, their movement is often very strange.

Also, just because I didn't mention it before: I like the little changes you did with the layout. :)
>> No. 42824

>Took another person's hard work
>Recolored it and added his own "copyright" BS on it.
> Wants to join the team

Is this guy serious?
>> No. 42826
File 135303338947.png - (1.31MB , 1366x768 , OSX_Profile_creation_error.png )

I have tried your suggestion, but issue persists, and there is no possibility of returning to the desktop ponies options screen/menu once the initial ponies have loaded onto desktop as right-clicking a pony does nothing and cannot be dragged around even though they know how and when to avoid my mac cursor. Additionally, clicking the "mono" menu in the mac menu bar does nothing, and right-clicking it's app icon only present the standard mac's dock options of pinning and showing all windows. Also when trying to create any custom profile and saving a new profile presents error box, followed by crashing. A screenshot of my action of pressing the Copy button to create new profile results in this error. But again, I am unable to find a way to return to Options after ponies have loaded onto my desktop, could perhaps be a mono/gtk limitation?
>> No. 42832
File 135307770856.jpg - (105.10KB , 400x345 , 19789999.jpg )
>Copyright Dogostar
>> No. 42853
Besides, I've already done a Cherry Berry taht will be in the program that uses the right pixelation style, and I do not take credit for any of it since I know it's a recolor. I even asked permission first and was given the go ahead since I am part of the team and that most BG's are just recolors anyways.
>> No. 42858

I remember you guys saying at your DA group that you don't accept recolors or minimal edits of someone else's work as "new" submissions from people wanting to join the team.
>> No. 42860
Yeah. So?
>> No. 42864
Still not sure about publisher. Did you do something different lately? Anything that might cause Windows to be a bit edgy, running the program from a different folder or downloading it differently or anything?

Games are still pretty broke, but at least they don't crash now.

I've made some changes which I hope will make right-click work again. Just in case I've provided a small menu with a couple of buttons on so you get back to the menu either way.

If right-click still isn't working, give me the console output, I have some extra output in there about it.

Profiles may also be fixed, again, you'll have to test.

>> No. 42865
No, nothing of the sort. And the old versions up to revision 14 still work fine without that warning.
>> No. 42868

Wow. Aggressive much?
>> No. 42870
No, just curious. But please, tell me which one of these two words offended you.
>> No. 42873

"Yeah, So?" sounds both patronizing and dimmissive, Bot-Chan.
As if you didn't cared at all about that person's opinion and even tried to make him/her look dumb for asking.
>> No. 42874

Profile saving works correctly now. :)

Though there is odd issue with context menu from which the button dialogue box provides as context menu doesn't function and stays floating above all windows. The second button does successfully return me to the pony selection window which I can change options, but upon new selection or without changing anything, application crashes.

I've provided videos to show these issues in action, hopefully the terminal window in the video can show the output you require:

And as shown in these two videos, sometimes that two button dialogue box will appear on it's own, other times I am unable to make it appear.

And the setting for having ponies above windows, ponies still do not recognise the checkbox I have set to have them appear above windows, perhaps (assuming these two are related) this is somehow related to this?
Gtk-WARNING **: Can't set a parent on a toplevel widget

But at least profile saving works now. :)
>> No. 42876
Huh, interesting. And here I thought it was just a request for further elaboration.