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I'm looking for anypony capable of reading Japanese in order to translate a game/possibly get in touch with somepony making an MLP RPG.

Some video examples:

Full playlist here(account needed to view though):
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>> No. 36302

So basically you came here to fish for other people's help so you could go and tamper with other people's project without his permission?
>> No. 36307
Just for starters, the menu that's open in your screenshot reads:


Keep in mind, I'm only useful for reading katakana and hiragana ATM - I can't read most kanji (but then most of my knowledge of Japanese is self-taught... I'd probably be more fluent if I took classes). If I had the game script and proper context, I could probably use a combination of Google Translate and Denshi Jisho to make a reasonable translation.

Hoping you get this guy's blessing. It's nice to see Japanese bronies are getting in on the fangame act, and it'd be even nicer to give English-speaking fans a chance to play it.
>> No. 36312
OK, I guess I might have been too vague. And I posted anonymously, so that was stupid too.

I am looking for permission, as>>36303 said. However, I don't actually know Japanese, but this is clearly made in RPGMaker. I have a friend whom I worked with to translate and bring over a few Japanese RPGMaker fangames, however, said friend refuses to associate with anything pony related, which is why I came here looking for help/anypony interested. I don't have any skills myself save for editing an English script.
I guess I might have misunderstood the rules, so sorry about that.

>>36307 Thanks for that. And if I get an answer soon, I'll post back here.
>> No. 36314

Reported. This isn't a forum, folks.
>> No. 36345

Yeah, from the looks of the screenshot it's either VX or VX Ace.
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