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File 133341264961.png - (102.84KB , 720x320 , PPP3.png )
36324 No. 36324
Hi everypony!

I've just released a new game in my "Pony Platforming Project" series. I started a new thread for this one, as it's very different from the previous two. (Hope that's OK.)

Please give it a try and let me know what you think! As always, the url is:
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>> No. 36340
File 133344673403.png - (2.08MB , 1400x1600 , Trixie Epic Magic.png )
Really awesome game!

I looooove the story and the graphics and the ponies!

I also think it's great that this one's composed of entirely background characters too!

Just a few glitches:
When you try to buy Trixies milk for the third time in a row without dying (I think this is when it's happened, I've only gotten it once.) the game glitches and the little yes/no buy screen doesn't pop up, you're just stuck there in the store on the milk unable to go anywhere.

After you defeat the Ursa Minor it brings you back into the battle again and again, except this time the screen turns white and you can't see anything. (Might be because I fought it by spamming Clock Up.)

And two minor things, there's a little green square on the floor of the lower cave area, not sure exactly where, sorry I didn't take a screenie. And the landing on platforms is a bit weird, you can land a bit off them and still make it on.

Oh and, why does that table appear in front of the first Poison Joke

And Trixie is best pony!
>> No. 36341
I love that you're changing the games a little.
I loved the intro as well, especially Trixie's new artwork which looks way better.
(I actually managed to piss off Zecora, by constantly knocking. You were quite busy with the text screens.)

Colgate can be a little tricky with her toothbrush, I had to be extra careful because of how weak the tootbrush is and watch out not to hammer-head like I used to do with AJ.
The healing apples were a little scarce.
I missed being able to slam the owlbears into each other.

Not sure if the mystical-relaxing music is good for the game, it's good for the mood due to having next to no beats, but for my playing skills and keeping me focused...
Anyways keep the music. A options panel for sound effects and music would be nice though, I found the sound effects and voice too loud compared to the gentle music.

Now for the real problem which I hope wasn't made to increase the difficulty by using handicaps.
I can't seem to toggle the run mode on, and Minty Fresh/Colgate/Romana(whatever) already has a pretty low jump.
You seem to want me to first get the auto-recharge magic ability so I can use the Flash in order to increase my jump and speed capabilities.
>> No. 36343
Can you increase her attack range?
I managed to finally beat the Ursa Minor only by syncing when it jumped on me and I had to attack with the toothbrush diagonally.
The bear also doesn't back up when I need to and often can take 2 lifes in a row.
This was without the armor powerup.
>> No. 36347

>Oh and, why does that table appear in front of the first Poison Joke

99% sure it happened after you watched PNN. Notices what she does with the table when she's finished ;)
>> No. 36355
File 133349230887.png - (198.86KB , 786x1016 , Trixie Pose.png )
Oh of course, I thought it was something you were meant to jump on to avoid the poison joke... And I kept failing and becoming toothpaste...
>> No. 36357
>>36340 - Thanks for the helpful comments!

I've encountered that shop glitch a couple of times; it's not just limited to the milk, either. >.> I think it happens when you click while the items are still moving, but I haven't figured out how to completely fix it yet.

As a placeholder fix, you can now press "Q" to escape the shop if it gets stuck.

I'm impressed you were even able to Clock Up during the
boss fight ... he's so aggressive, he usually jumped on me before I could charge during testing. :)

If the little green square is what I think it is, that's not a bug, it's a feature. Examine it closely. ;)

>>36341 - Glad you're having fun!

Yeah, Colgate's intended to play quite differently to AJ... as a unicorn, she's less powerful and quick, but she can use her magic to compensate.

There shouldn't be any place in the game you can't get out of in SOME way, but yes, Clock Up makes it a lot easier and faster to get around. ;)

>>36355 - That's actually such a good idea, it's now in the game. :) Trixie's discarded news desk is now standonable, and allows for safe, toothpaste-free passage over the poison joke!

So, minor update to fix some of these problems:

- A couple of extra apple trees have been added.
- The "Q" key now acts as an emergency exit from Trixie's shop if she gets stuck.
- The first boss should no longer glitch out if beaten while Clocked Up.
- The first boss has been adjusted to be slightly easier. (He's still no pushover, though!)

I hope everypony's having fun. Thanks again for playing! There are a LOT of secrets this time around, so have fun. ;)
>> No. 36363
Great game, now for a little bug, if you charge clock up near Teixie's shop you'll get into the shop menu, and be stuck there.
>> No. 36366
File 133350379562.png - (230.19KB , 566x552 , 130.png )
The points multiplier does not seem to reset when Colgate is affected by poison joke.

On a related note, I'm Trixie's best customer.
>> No. 36379
Oooh, I assumed that was a feature, kinda like a "Good job, you're a tube of toothpaste but your still kickin' owlbear flank!" but now that you mention it you do get a crazy amount of money doing it...

Also another Ursa Minor glitch, when I entered the cave the game stopped, I could only move my brush and my magic power bar kept charging, but everything else was stuck.

Oh and you can enter the Ursa's cave by going left far enough too.
>> No. 36384
Colgatee!!!! You piss me off to no end.
Anyways just a little rant from a casual about tedious gameplay.

The giant reptiles and timber wolves have that temporal invincibility after taking a number of hits which makes it hard to fight one at close range without getting damaged.

Colgate having no run to increase my jump distance forces me to jump perfectly right off the edge of each cliff in order to make it. Sometimes I need to use the Clock Up like where I meet Derpy in order to get back up.

I was a tad bit disappointed when I didn't get to play asMinty.
>> No. 36386
File 133354654374.jpg - (16.45KB , 499x314 , 132603988496.jpg )
Can you let the player decide how much energy he/she uses for the time freezing ability?

It's hard to ''micro'' with Colgate, that's for sure.
I also often times found myself using all my magic on Colgate's spinning toothbrush range ability, due to accidentally setting it off.
>> No. 36387
There's a bug when you jump over the sign which says boss; If you jump and land towards the left, then only the background appears and you can't continue the game.

I also discovered that you can reach the Ursa Minor by jumping in the hole where you saved Minty.
>> No. 36389
The boss music starts in the boss room before the windigo/spirit horse makes it's entrance.

Am I suppose to not hear the owlbears's sound effects when they die? Same for Applejack's bucking?
>> No. 36393

Re: Multiplier

I'm kind of stealin' Marcusmaximus' thunder here, but I remember him telling me it was supposed to happen (and it's the "easiest" way, if you don't get pwnd, to afford the more expensive stuff at store)
>> No. 36407
>>36393 - It's all good - I don't feel particularily thunderstolen. :) Sorry for my slow response time, I've been busy working on animating [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION] for a certain other game. ;)

He's absolutely right, though - the poison joke counter is intentional. Your survivability is limited as toothpaste, and as you've no doubt noticed, your score is cut in half every time you die.

>>36389 - the Xmas special was written in kind of a rush, and due to my USB key dying I'd lost a lot of the code I'd used in the previous one. Some features went missing in the transition, notably the sound effects.

I'd like to fix it at some point, but as 'tis not the season now, it's fairly low priority. :)

One more minor update for Colgate. Some bugs have been fixed (probably some new ones added >.>), and, in order to conserve magic, you can now cancel Clock Up at any time by pressing Shift.

Oh, and there's an added treat after the credits that should hopefully add some replay value. Enjoy, and keep hunting for those secrets ;)
>> No. 36415
File 133358644482.png - (23.41KB , 826x506 , scarlet.png )
>and as you've no doubt noticed, your score is cut in half every time you die.

Can't say I had. This is, of course, completely a lie, but this really is my first playthrough since you added the summary screen, so I have that going for me at least. I guess I won't complain about easy bits, though.

Being able to cancel Clock Up is quite handy, too; thanks for that.
>> No. 36427

Cutie Mark system finally implemented

>> No. 36429
File 133360347897.jpg - (58.67KB , 819x502 , CMFirsttry.jpg )

Now I'm curious. How many CMs are there to be obtained in the game?, I see a couple at >>36415 that I didn't get...
>> No. 36433
File 133360706060.png - (476.12KB , 592x511 , 177.png )
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. I've got a few more that aren't in that first screenshot, either. (Note these aren't names, just descriptions of how to get them—I didn't screenshot each one, sorry.)

Captain Scarlet - Complete game without dying
Mega Man - complete the platforming section with the timed disappearing platforms
Tooth - Clean all five rock-teeth in the cave section.
Three red apples - Eat a large quantity of red apples.
Green apple - Eat a large quantity of green apples.
Crossed out scroll - Pester Zecora into saying something that doesn't rhyme.

I'm assuming your middle three are for not getting hit at all (which I can't do, not that good against the first boss yet), rescuing Minty?, and completing the game quickly?

Gonna be hard to get all of them in one game; in fact, if I'm right about your first one, it may be impossible.

Incidentally: What makes the whole Minty thing trigger, anyway? I rescued her in an early play-through, and haven't found her again.
>> No. 36434
File 133360782056.png - (281.02KB , 566x551 , 162.png )
Oh. Heh. Fairly wrong on two of those.

Starman - Don't take damage.
Three wrapped candies - Don't buy anything from Trixie.
Stopwatch - Don't use Clock Up.

Also, bug: dying in the cave, then going back out to the forest, results in none of the forest's level actually loading besides the poison joke. This leads to falling forever. As toothpaste.
>> No. 36435
File 133360869429.png - (435.78KB , 795x650 , 79.png )
Mm. I maaaay have been looking in the wrong spot. Possibly.

Silhouette of a horse - Die as a result of being turned to stone.
Sonic screwdriver - Have Doctor Whooves use the sonic screwdriver to save you.
Assorted mints - Rescue Minty.

Also, hm, ending 4. I haven't actually spotted ending 2, either...
>> No. 36439
File 133361918925.jpg - (159.09KB , 699x1141 , 1242353645784582.jpg )
I was expecting to fight some time anomaly creature where I get to fight the boss with unlimited Clock Up.

Or some secret ''forest master'' boss or getting to play as him.
>> No. 36441
By the way...
Is it possible to make it so you can hold Z in order to jump continuously? It's useful for jumping really fast when you touch the land.
>> No. 36443
Ending two is finding Derpy, but not Dr. Whooves, I believe.
>> No. 36447
File 133363463918.png - (109.32KB , 363x341 , 131281566850.png )
I have some feedback, mostly concerning the bosses and the controls...

#1: The throwing attack was awesome, but inconsistent to execute. Double-tapping is not a bad idea, but there's no way to tell when you're doing a double-tap. That's why the attack comes out at random times for me: I can't tell I'm doing a double-tap because the game isn't conveying to me that I'm doing that.

Comparison: In Kirby games, Kirby often has some sort of dash attack that's executed with double tap + attack, same as in your game. However, when you do a double tap, he always dashes. That way you can immediately realize what the timing for the double tap is.

I'm personally fine with there being no dashing, so maybe the motion needs to change, preferably something you won't get by accident as often.

#2: The bosses were really inconsistent, in multiple aspects. I'll go over it with the two bosses I've played against

Ursa Minor: First of all, right at the beginning there's just enough time to activate a fully-charged Clock Up. It's a special power so I assumed it would help against the boss, but it doesn't allow you to hurt it. You only get to hit the eye once, which cancels the Clock Up. Not really an inconsistency problem, but it is weird how useless your special power is against the first boss.

First inconsistency problem is the patterns of his attack. At the beginning of the fight we learn that he gets to roar, then attacks. If he attacks, you basically always get hit so you have to attack in that period. But afterwards, there have been plenty of times where mister bear gets to attack without having to do a roar.

I assume it was done to raise difficulty as the battle goes on, but it's not entirely fair to the player, because you're tossing what the player learned out the window. A better solution would be to lessen the time on the roar, leaving the player less time to react/attack.

Next up is how, even after having redone the first boss battle about 10 times, I still don't know what part of the bear I could be hurt by and which part not. The first thought is of course: you get hit so long as you touch any part of his body, which was the rule for every enemy up until that point.

Which made the battle extremely difficult, because of the range of the toothbrush. It was scary to jump in front of him even when he was in his reeling animation after getting hit in the eye: since the game beforehand told me that if I touched something, I got the damage.
Even now I'm not entirely sure, but I think it's the claws that hurt and not the rest of the body. But this conflicts with what the game has been telling me up until that point and there's nothing that tells me that I can touch him without getting hurt.

Obviously there doesn't have to be a text balloon telling me, but for example, making his fur see-through could already be a step towards telling the player: you can touch this boss, just don't touch the claws.

And about the claws: if the boss got on top of you with a jump, I usually got under his belly. Whenever I tried to run away after that, he would usually turn and hit me with the claws on his BACK leg, since his claws don't end up in the same spot when he turns. If that happens it's basically a death sentence with just 3 hearts.

Now on to the second boss, Ursa Major
Everything about this boss was telling me that this was a runaway boss... Not a confrontation. I feel like I found out through luck and well... I was running for like 5 minutes. Not exactly the result you had in mind.
So after dying once (I died a lot, sue me), I just tried stuff out, which didn't really feel right regarding the tense situation. I went after the eyes first (since that was the minor's weak spot) and somehow ended up in the mouth, which apparently meant I had to go there all along.
But nothing in the game tells me what I'm supposed to do. Again this should be fixed visually: why not have smelly, green breath come from his mouth when he roars? If there was something there, I didn't notice it, which should say enough really.

Main problem was that I didn't really have any idea what to do (until I got into the mouth) and I feel like I survived through pure dumb luck.

For the record, I'm not bashing this game, just trying to help out and hope this game or the next game will become even better!
>> No. 36451
Well, you want Ursa Major's teeth so aiming for the mouth shouldn't be too far fetched.
Now for the first one hitting you while turning, eah, that needs some fixing. There's no way you can run unless it wants.
>> No. 36458
Of course, it does make sense to jump inside the mouth if you want his teeth, but the game doesn't show you that that's the goal. Again, it shouldn't be shown explicitly but there should be a hint (especially because at first appearance, the whole fight is about running away)
>> No. 36459
Well, it doesn't show you that's the goal until after you're already in the mouth
(sorry for doublepost, time to sage)
>> No. 36463
you know what you're talking about. I pretty much agree with everything you suggested, especially the double-tapping attack. I found myself accidentally using it a lot.
Also, I thought the second boss was really creative, but yeah, it was hard to figure out what I was supposed to do besides just run...

Anypony else get the "died a lot" cutie mark? XD
>> No. 36465
Oh yeah, I found that green sock and picked it up, but i got no idea what to do with it :/
>> No. 36469
I got that mark too... Mostly because of the Ursa Minor. And yeah the Ursa Major boss battle was creative, music was epic too.

Gonna replay it and see what I can do this time...
>> No. 36481
File 133366240438.png - (523.79KB , 724x683 , jacketjack.png )
So after replaying it (now having bought all the items instead) here's some more thoughts

First of all a glitch: I went into the cave level, grinded some points and then tried to get back to the forest. Instead, all that loaded was the night sky and the music.

To me it seems like the game was really inspired by Castlevania, or perhaps just intentionally similiar. A lot of the enemies are similiar and even their placement is somewhat alike. First level of castlevania 1 has mindless zombies and jumping panthers which are kinda like the bears and timber wolves. The ones that really strike out are of course the Cockatrices and Skeleponies: very alike to Medusa Heads and... Skeletons from Castlevania 1, same patterns and attack methods. Heck, even the animation where Colgate gets hit looks like Simon's little jump backwards.

The main difference lies in that enemies aren't really that fearsome in this game. Most are easily avoidable or easy to defeat (only exception being the big dragon and maybe the timber wolves). As of such the game as a whole feels really easy despite the slow movement (which I like), hard platforming (which I like, a lot) and mega hard boss fight (okay I don't like that one). In fact, because the enemies aren't that strong, the difficult boss throws you off even more.

Right now the difficulty is mostly in the fact that it's hard to reach an enemy with your toothbrush. The forward attack doesn't go very far and doesn't feel like a fluid motion as a result. The up attack is fine since you usually jump while using it anyway. The down attack... is pretty much useless since it doesn't seem to go very far beyond ground level. It's main use seems to be trying to hit enemies on a lower platform, but try as you might you probably won't reach.

The game reminds me much more of Super Castlevania 4 than the first one, because there are more ways to attack and it's about frequent action + platforming. This is a good thing, but you should compare Colgate's toothbrush to Simon's whip, which is a very versatile weapon in Super Castlevania 4.

My idea would be to increase the range on the forward and down attacks. Another idea that might work to make the toothbrush more versatile is to give Colgate the ability to hit enemies with the toothbrush when she spins it around. With a relatively small hitbox (compared to the normal attacks with range increase) it would be a good defensive maneuver.
After that, make the enemies harder: give them more difficult patterns (Cockatrices are nothing compared to Medusa Heads), let them take more damage and put them in spots where they're really hard to reach.
Doing all that will definitely change the way the game is played, but I think it'll be more versatile, a little tougher but most of all: more fun!

I think the spinhit could be really broken (especially if the range isn't increased) right now which is why the enemies would need to be more difficult. You'll have to test it and try it out yourself first.

tl;dr: Game feels easy even though it isn't, look to Castlevania for (more) inspiration on how to make enemies harder and make Colgate's brush more effective.
>> No. 36482
Damn, Thirtyfour...have you been learning /show/'s ways of text walling?

Anyways you kinda broke your own logic a little.

>give Colgate the ability to hit enemies with the toothbrush when she spins it around. aren't referring about the ranged spin attack which takes up magic.
So like...when you smash the Up arrow key in order to make the toothbrush spin at Colgate's location.

>I think the spinhit could be really broken (especially if the range *isn't* increased) right now which is why the enemies would need to be more difficult.
>broken = overpowered/cheap.
>the enemies would need to be more difficult.
>if the range is *not* increased. (waaaat?)
>if the range *is* increased. (fixed it for you)
>> No. 36485
That was a pretty damn good secret.

Video related: Just replace Piccolo with Colgate.
>> No. 36508
File 133370897372.png - (258.36KB , 492x489 , lie.png )
The Hoof of the Text Wall has been passed on for 2000 years I just really like typing. Y'know, words...
>> No. 36511
File 133371813206.png - (28.00KB , 1009x612 , 1325345346457.png )
>> No. 36520
File 133372978622.png - (18.62KB , 810x486 , pppc.png )
Don't really know what to say

It was fun, that's for sure, but it did have a good amount of glitches too =/
>> No. 36545
I was getting a Castlevania vibe from it too
>> No. 36547
Very nice game! :D
>> No. 36554
File 133381080780.png - (97.14KB , 805x529 , colgate-platform.png )
Wow, this is a really great game with quite a few secrets to be found. I especially liked the improvements on the backstory and cutscenes. Nice work!

I have to agree with the other comments about the accidental brush throws though. It seems a different combination would be better (maybe down,up,X?).

Here are some bugs and errors I've noticed (many spoilers ahead)

Note: I'm late to the party and only played the current version with all the previous fixes. Also, none of these bugs were too distracting from the game.

If I just to the left of the shrine where the rainbow of light is (onto the rock), I die immediately.

There seems to be some clipping errors inside the cave, especially when clocked up. (See picture for a platform that I've fallen through many times, espcially right after obtaining the rainbow.)

If I clockd up on the platform containing the "boss" sign, I am teleported to the boss level (and not clocked up).

My hit area seems a bit too big a times (that is, its too easy to hit enemies). For example, if I aim up on below the second platform with owlbears (immediately to the right of Trixie), I can hit an owlbear that is above and behind me.

"single handedly" should be "single hoofedly" on Trixie's balloon (or is Lyra secretly in this game too?).

I couldn't get the "Silhouette of a horse" cutie mark stated here >>36435 despite having died in all four forms in that game.

I'm also unsure if triggering the extra conversation with Trixie, by buying every at once, is supposed to give me mark or not (but I didn't get one).

If I visit Trixie on the second platform rather than the top platform, the screen keeps shaking a bit after my visit (possibly because of where the platform is placed).

The combo counter seems to behave a bit strangely. Letting go of left and right resets the counter and falling on the ground resets the counter. This seems unusual since when I'm racing from one end of the ever-free forest to the cave in a single Clock Up, my counter gets reset at each of the two mounds. I feels like there should be separate counters for the brush and stomp attacks or my counter should always be 0 when on the ground (thus ruining the 64x on the two timber wolves at the end).

A minor issue is that if I visit both Doctor Hooves and Derpy as toothpaste, I get the conversation about Colgate asking where's Derpy (despite meeting her as toothpaste).

And if I jump into the boss level as toothpaste, I'm automatically turned back to normal Colgate (not technically a bug, I guess since it would otherwise be impossible to win).

Sometimes, my jump height temporarily is reduced when fighting the Ursa Minor for some reason.

I also get the following errors when running the game in browser or off of in the stand alone player. However, these issues may be due to me running the badly supported Linux version of flash player. (I'm running version for the stand alone player.)

When entering the boss level, before entering the Ursa Minor's cave, the game "freezes" (I see the level with no Colgate). I have to right click on the window and hit "play" to get to the boss (skipping the cutscene and introduction).

When the Ursa Minor is defeated, the screen turns white but the battle continues (and I can even die). Again, if I right click on the window and hit "play", I get to the Ursa Major battle, skipping the cutscene (but the boss' name appears this time).

If I leave to the cave, I get the same error Storm Vision described in >>36434 (hitting "play" in this case puts me back into the cave).

I should also note that none of these errors occur if I play locally so maybe its some kind of synchronization problem or race condition (but again, maybe its just the flash player acting up).
>> No. 36559
Why do you have to make the last boss so hard? It's really frustrating that I can't outrun him so he kills me so easily.
>> No. 36562

That's why it's called a "boss", you know.

Hint: if you -really- mean the -last- boss, don't outrun him. Get into his mouth instead
>> No. 36563
Sorry, I meant the first boss. I got confused by which boss was which.

But still, this game is far more difficult and frustrating than your other games.

I'm sorry if I sound rude, but this is just how I felt during the whole game.
>> No. 36564

It's frustrating at first, but once you learn the boss's rhythm, you can actually beat him no problems (>>36429 was my first try with the CM system in, but my.... what... 70th?, 80th?, try at the boss).

What I do is poke eye, trip him, and walk away while he's belly up, constantly attacking up while walking. When he recovers and does his jump, attack up lands on his eye instantly. Lather rinse repeat. Takes a bit of practice, but it's doable.
>> No. 36565

Well, that may be so, but the bosses in the other games weren't nearly as hard.

It was fun fighting them because they weren't too hard.

The bosses in this game are a totally different story.

And once again, I just want to say how bothersome it is that you can't run in this game but you can run in the other games.
>> No. 36579
First of all, great, super duper job. Witty, fun, challenging at times, so many little extras, so much flavor and atmosphere. The Poison Joke, amazing. It felt like silly Castlevania with a pony and a toothbrush. I could sit here and sing your praises all day, but instead I'm going to be a poop tell you all the little things that I think could have been better.

*The combat system was a little shallow. The brush spins when you switch directions and it's really cool, fun, interesting, and usefull, let the player do that more easily.
*The brush throw was unreliable or sometimes happened when I didn't mean it to.
*Sometimes enemies walked behind things they shouldn't have.
*Sometimes I'd want to jump extra high and I'd have to stand around waiting for my magic to recharge. This breaks flow. Adding a super jump that must be charged or something would help with this.
>> No. 36580
File 133384327939.png - (75.45KB , 1600x900 , spoiler.png )
So after trying to figure out all the secrets I got this CM. This one made me laugh so hard XD [?] To get it, save minty while transformed into toothpaste. [?]
>> No. 36584
File 133384561161.gif - (71.17KB , 720x720 , 131930159916.gif )
Just tested it, I played the first level and part of the second one, so this is by no means a full review, mainly my first thoughts.

The first thing I noticed was the absence of checkpoints, wich gets frustrating easily. This was especially true in the second level, wich is pretty big and easy to get lost in. Also, when it's necessary to go down, it's often hard to look and see where we're going. The camera should show where it's safe to land without having to crouch.

The combat system is fun, but some abilities may be a bit powerful. The time stop comes to mind. Enemy respawns can also be exploited for points. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it it worth mentioning.

I really liked the graphics and what I saw of the story. The humor was definitely there, and I was kept interesting in what was going to happen. The hidden characters, such as Trixie and Doctor Whooves were also great to see there, and a good motivation for exploration. One thing I would add would be collectibles. They're great at guiding the player through a level, and could potentially replace enemy kills for currency, limiting potential exploits.

Anyways, that's my early thoughts, I might play some more of it later, and will let you know if I see more stuff worth commenting on. Overall, great work.
>> No. 36585
File 133384586817.png - (218.45KB , 1600x900 , spoiler.png )
So i also found a way to get all these items.... and in trixie's shop one of the Items that are not ready at least a slot showed that i bought it. now i dont know if you can actually get these in the demo but after some heavy playing i could not figure out besides what i did. After the saint tooth is the jet pack that lets you dash in mid air but cost magic. now the Mirror icon, i have no idea what that is and i can not figure out how to use it lol. After that is the ancient icon tha you can find normally in the game but this one does nothing unless you find it in game. Finally the last one is a power up for clock up. It makes you faster in clock up (i think) and it also plays a pretty awesome song that I want to know what it is... Anyways i dont know if these items are meant to be gotten in this demo, but i couldn't figure out how to get them without doing what i did. Also the jet pack does not work in the caves but the music when you clock up does stay in there for the cave and if you can do it in the boss fight. To get the items you must press 1-8 on the Number keys. If this was not meant to be found i do apologize but at least i am reporting it.
>> No. 36586
Forgot to mention if you want to use the jet pack you need to press down and jump. anyways have fun and let me know if somepony figures out how to use the mirror looking item. As for now i am taking a break my eyes are tired from palying this for a couple of hours.
>> No. 36587
My concerns are pretty much the same as everypony elses: Platforming is weird, the Ursa Minor would damage me by getting up (Maybe it should've hopped away), Timberwolves are undodgable, and the controls to throw the toothbrush is weird (I'd waste my magic if I didn't want to use it and I couldn't throw it when I wanted to), not to mention clock up doesn't seem to be as useful as I'd hope.

On the bright side, the toothbrush can be a nice weapon, especially since you can aim and throw it. The story is great and I think I prefer the use of background ponies instead of the mane 6. Everything looks great and the voice actress really gave the game more personality. And the battle against the ursa major was a great use of 'clock up'.

Can't wait to see what is released next and I hope its pretty polished.
>> No. 36588
This game compelled me to make a post, I love the platforming projects that have been made and especially this one due to the various attacks you can perform!

Some of the glitches have already been mentioned, I ran into the blank screen one where if you tried to backtrack from the cave back to the forest.

For the Ursa Minor, it took me a few deaths, but I eventually found a pattern to poke, spin brush, run, poke as he lands, repeat. In my opinion, he needs a bit of delay when getting back up, or perhaps it would be nice if he were to not hurt you as he got up and move away first before becoming hittable and back.

Although I knew I needed to get the tooth from the Major, seeing how you beat the Minor, it's hard to think that you'd have to let yourself get eaten. There should be some kind of hint.

This is probably just me, but due to my computer having some fun time lagging once in a while, enemies and I can fall through the floor =S It doesn't happen as much compared to the last two at least, I kept falling into nowhere in the winter one!
>> No. 36589
File 133384815333.jpg - (117.31KB , 894x894 , yume_pinkie_by_csimadmax-d4lc2m7_png.jpg )
Hmm... it seems that if I try to walk out of the cave to go back to the first part of the Everfree, it drops me into some start-filled oblivion. I need that Energy Crystal. DX
And I always seem to get lost in the cave as well. But that's more of a sign of how bad I am at cave maze levels.
>> No. 36590
awesome game. trixie was a good addition too
>> No. 36591
The game is pretty awesome! I kept wishing I could actually run, but I get that it would lower the significance of clock-up somewhat.

However, I did encounter one really large bug. During the second boss fight, while moving right, the stage just...stopped. I mean, it kept scrolling, but platforms stopped. So I jumped off the edge, and the boss just wandered past me. Had to totally reset.
>> No. 36592
Colgate is my favorite pony <3
This game therefore is my favorite game <3
>> No. 36593
Where's Minty
>> No. 36596
when im at the ursa major, i cant jump, she wont respond to the jump key at all =/
>> No. 36597
very nice game, good old arcade things...
quite a few BG characters hiding around map too.
I don't know how I can defeat Ulsa minor though, i poke its nose then hit its tummy but it pounces on me before I can make escape..
>> No. 36598
How do you find Minty?
>> No. 36599
needed the new pinkie mysterey episode in there
>> No. 36600

You can find Minty by finding the green sock in the lower area of the cave level, and jumping into the pit to the right of it.
>> No. 36601
Okay, so played this quite a bit because I kept on dying.

So, here are my thoughts.

It tends to be annoying that I can't double-jump.

Another problem is the fact that sometimes my jump isn't enough to reach the other platform, and I fall to my death.

I can't reach the boss, because the game keeps freezes on me.

Too little check points!

It seems you have to Grind for points to even buy anything of Trixie's things. I just skipped that and went right.

Another problem is the fact that there are no invincible frames.

I also tend to cause her special move "Spinning Toothbrush of DOOM" to occur without me wanting to.

Another problem is that the hit detection is a bit off.

Sometimes when I jump on the enemy, I take damage and they don't. It's annoying when it happens.

The re spawning enemies are annoying. I get their purpose, but I died trying to get across the disappearing titles because I was forced to attack them or die.

Everything else I like, but it feels that there are some problems that add up to cause a lot of problems.
>> No. 36602
Youtube embed play button
  Is this what monsters do in their free time?

(Also the hitbox or whatever the edges of a background object is called on the platforms are ridiculously small.)
>> No. 36606
Not embedding? Whatever, I'll just link it:
>> No. 36607
File 133385442483.png - (125.74KB , 414x299 , sawcecrazy.png )
If the creators of this game are still here, I just want to tell you what a fantastic job you did! I love platforming, I know good platforming, THIS was a super fun platformer! The writing was hilarious the levels and bosses where challenging the animation was top notch, as a matter of fact if you had a pony name, that's what it would be, Top Notch! Seriously though! Loved it! Gonna play it some more! Hope you'll eventually create your epic, mega-masterpiece game!

>mfw when I saw a Colgate Game! XD
>> No. 36609
Your platforming reminds me of the Shaman King GBA games. I loved them too! Seriously, some people aren't good at platforming so they'll complain the game is hard, I was able to complete it though! XP Also, very intuitive controls, hold down look down, hold up look up! Love it!
>> No. 36611
one error that may or may not have been mentioned.
if you try to go back through the entrance of the cave to are taken to an area lacking everything but the nightsky background and outdoors background music (I tried attacking and jumping just incase the player and environment textures were invisible but it seems that there is literally nothing there), it is the outside
>> No. 36612
So I was playing right, I used clockup to mp up and brush a few rock-teeth, and i found the green blip ;D but i beat a lizard after a few skeletons and then used clockup, and it teleported me to the boss. WTF?
>> No. 36613
Having to use your mind and chosing the right skills for the boss fight (the actual fight) pays off much better for the player than if he had to use his ultimate ability and pwn everything.
I especially loved the secrets and the smart ways you have to reach them.
>> No. 36614
Guy who teleported to the boss, i went back and beat the ursa's, second ursa was much easier, got "never gives up" (because the first ursa caused me much grief) "master platformer" something, i forget what it was and "I didn't put those in my bag"
>> No. 36618
I would just like to point out that after talking to Doctor Whooves, Colgate says "What a strange person".
>> No. 36619
Hey, awesome game. Just wanted to point out a bug I found.

I transitioned from the first forest area to the cave after I got hit by the poison joke and turned into toothpaste. After I entered the cave, I turned around, exited back into what should have been the forest, but was instead blank sky. I was toothpaste the entire time for this.
>> No. 36620
File 133385737676.png - (88.14KB , 1079x640 , Capture.png )
I got stuck in the wall. The image might not be very helpful, but I was pretty far right in the cave jumping up on platform by a bunch of the skeleton ponies and I got stuck.
>> No. 36621
I'm really digging the awesome music. Though it would be nice if it could be muted or changed in volume so it can coexist with other stuff running.
>> No. 36623
File 133386008796.gif - (745.76KB , 500x281 , mlfw3878-155110_-_animated_blushing_cute_diabetes_fluttershy_jpeg.gif )
I could play this over and over again! epic game!
>> No. 36624
This game is so fun!! The dialogue is hilarious and I like all of the different things that can happen. Great story too. I like how different the gameplay is as Colgate versus as AJ in the earlier game. Please keep up the good work! Can't wait to play more!

Oh one more thing, Is there a way to download the game as a single .swf file?
>> No. 36625
I've found Minty and Derpy, but I'm having a hard time finding The Doctor. Can anypony help, please?
>> No. 36626
File 133386249962.png - (221.48KB , 998x796 , 1304677578432-(n1304765213436).png )
Ok, WTF... uh... why cant I do anything? I can click my way through the cutscene, but then... nothing!
>> No. 36628
I've had this same problem, only it seems to be with all of the pony games on! I've never had problems with flash before, 'til now...
>> No. 36629
File 133386405308.png - (10.52KB , 888x612 , V0Xud[1].png )
this happens every time I get to the ursa minor.

I can still die though, it just keeps happening when I continue.
>> No. 36630
File 133386518019.jpg - (390.03KB , 945x945 , bueno1332464421201.jpg )
This is seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed in my life. You don't understand the sheer awe I'm in right now. I just finished getting all of the endings and a good number of the cutie marks (I don't know what they all are).

>> No. 36632
Just so you know, I got the They Might Be Giants reference. Thumbs up for that (and the entire game).
>> No. 36633
Also, the long vertical section with skeleton enemies in it reminded me of a vertical section in the 2nd level of ActRaiser
>> No. 36636
File 133386918465.png - (19.11KB , 636x624 , handsom_rainbow_dash_by_cherry_bomb_alue-d3fuqcc.png )
This game is beautiful. And epic. Beautiful and epic.
>> No. 36637
File 133386927852.png - (39.48KB , 370x317 , 131872375335.png )
I switched to a different web browser and updated adobe. Worked like charm.
>> No. 36638
Use Clock-Out to make long jumps.

You can easily head-jump some of the critters on level 1 to grind easy cash for the items.

My two major issues right now with the game is the lack of checkpoints (mainly because I'm a Diablo-esque player in which I explore EVERYTHING) and the various bugs. I'll post what I find and how I encounter them soon.

It's about time best-pony got her own... anything. Besides the ask tumblrs.
>> No. 36640
blehhhh, if you're clocked up when entering the boss area, it freezes
>> No. 36643
For those who are having difficulty with the toothbrush's range, try this:

* Press X to attack, but just before the toothbrush actually moves forward, press up or down.

* If you press up, the toothbrush will swing in an arc below you, and with good timing it can reach farther down than if you just attack downward normally.

* If you press down (actually hold down), the toothbrush will swing in a wide arc above you. It's especially useful against those flying cockatrices.

* With good timing, both of those attacks can swing far enough to hit behind you.

It might take a bit of practice to find the right timing for maximum range, but it gives quite a bit more flexibility and control over your attacks. Plus, it's just fun and looks cool to swing your toothbrush around in circles, and it adds a little more skill to an already awesome game.

If this wasn't intentional, then I would love for this to be an actual feature (as opposed to getting fixed) as it's more practical and fun than just attacking normally.
>> No. 36646
oh man , that was sweet, even the ending. most fulfilling game i played since... months.
>> No. 36649
Pretty fun, but...

Double tapping. Forget it. Now. Replace it with something usable (like, holding down the key or something) because as it is, it's hard to tell whether it works or not.

I also think that "grab ledge" feature would be needed, as many jumps are way too precise.

But pretty fun though.
>> No. 36650
Brilliant game... once again :)

Just beaten it for the first time (and got ending #4).
Oh boy... so much to do.

Thanks for thinking of those with Z and Y switched on their keyboards.

For some reason C doesn't work during the final boss battle, though.
>> No. 36653
There is buggy part from it but if i right click and play again it works...It has buggy issues but at least there is a skip part where you can proceed than sticking to the background only thing with the ursula.(I fall down like its a cliff but didn't die)
>> No. 36655
Hey guys, really glad you're enjoying it.

My apologies to anypony whose game derps in the next couple of minutes - I'm uploading a patch that fixes some of the remaining issues (notably the bottomless pit in the final boss battle.)

I am REALLY happy and grateful for all the comments and suggestions, and will respond properly when I get the chance - right now I'm away for Easter weekend, and my internet time is limited. Sorry!
>> No. 36657
This is the greatest thing in the history of things. Smooth play control, awesome voice acting, hilarious story and character cameos. Please tell me there's a way to download it, I want this for my own!
>> No. 36658
>>36655 Hey, If you are still open to comments and suggestions.

How about a way to save your achievements and reply earned endings?

And maybe a small hint section to find hidden unearned cutie marks?

A cutie mark for earning all the other marks in the game would be epic!

Maybe even call it the
Cutie Mark Crusader (Cutie mark)

This game is insane! The good insane! But what's next? Sea-ponies!?
>> No. 36662
For some reason, the two times I have attempted to get to the boss room, the game just completely freezes. It loads a screen (one of the two times it looked like what was supposed to be the boss room), but neither Colgate nor the boss appears, and nothing happens.

On a side note, where is that music for the news segment from? I've heard it somewhere before, and I'm just curious where YOU got it.
>> No. 36668
Nevermind...the boss worked this time. I really enjoyed your ideas for the boss(es).

Still curious about that news segment music though (I know it's probably in the credits, but I missed the credits and now have to get back to multiple school projects T_T).
>> No. 36670
How do you get that compass cutie mark? That's one of the few on here I haven't gotten yet.
>> No. 36672

File -> Save Page As -> "Colgate.swf"

I suppose you could have the HTML instead but I like fullscreen poni.

Also, heya there PresentPerfect!
>> No. 36673
Did you patch this already?
Didn't happen to me on second playthrough.
>> No. 36674
It's "Archaeologist". At the beginning of the cave sequence, stop time and jump onto the heads of the flying cockatrices to reach a clifftop far to your upper left. (It's tricky, and will take multiple times.)
You'll get a bonus power-up and the cutie mark.
>> No. 36675
Just played this. Great fun, and barring a few minor annoyances, I didn't have a huge problem beating it.

I did notice that if you go left when you drop into the boss fight hole, you walk for quite a while, then walk into the graphic from the far right. Might wanna fix that.

I also felt that the magic was pretty costly until you had the recharger. It's horribly difficult to hit any of the charging enemies without at least one use of magic, given their long grace period after an injury. Apples helped but seemed pretty darn rare, especially in the caverns.

I beat both bosses in clock up, which probably wasn't an intentional possibility; nevertheless, having C.U. cancelled by hitting the Ursa Minor seemed illogical. Not sure whether that's worth changing.

As somepony else said, the second boss seemed like a runaway boss. I only ended up in the target location after jumping while clocked up and about to be stamped on. Makes you wonder what route I took to get up there...

Still, great work, as expected from Triple P. I look forward to more!
>> No. 36677

I tried it a few times and I can't figure it out. Can somepony make a YouTube video or something?
>> No. 36678
Never mind, I found the music for the news segment. For anypony who cares, it's "Election Campaign" on The Music Bakery's website. The version that appears in the game is an extremely short loop; the song goes off into some fun flute and strings if you care to check the full version out.
>> No. 36679
File 133391417032.png - (360.07KB , 632x330 , frustrated.png )
The controls aren't working for me. Colgate isn't moving at all. Does anypony have any idea what's going on?
>> No. 36680
You should do a Fluttershy game in the future
>> No. 36683
here are some improvements i think should be there:
-more attack types
-more attacks that use mana
-more variety of attacks, such as pressing the attack key while the brush is spinning does a different attack than after it finishes spinning
-tweak the sound to make it sound more natural
-tweak movement to be smooth, maybe add obtainable abilities like a double jump
>> No. 36684

Try clicking on the game's area of the page, then try the controls. Since it's flash, it stops reacting to input when you leave the window/click outside of it. Happened accidentally to me too a couple times.
>> No. 36687
File 133392312675.png - (380.93KB , 850x674 , embarrassed.png )
Ok. It wasn't working in Google Chrome, for some reason. It works fine in Firefox. Thanks!
>> No. 36688
File 133392418042.png - (72.57KB , 809x965 , spoiler.png )
To the people the people whose games freeze, for the moment, you can try to click the game window with the right mouse button and then choose "play" from that menu. Unfortunately, this may make you miss some cutscenes, but at least let you continue.

I've played a later version since my last post at >>36554 and it seems that a number of bugs were already fixed then (and in-game instructions added). But I haven't noticed any significant difference between that version and the third(?) version posted after >>36655 (and I'm quite sure they are all different since the swfs differ).

Half the time I'm still getting the error a few people described when exiting the cave back to the forest.

The post Ursa Minor bug seems to be fixed (so I get the cutscene afterward with no problem) but I now get an empty black screen when entering the boss stage (where I should walk to the right).

Is there a hard limit of 10 cutie marks in the report? I'm quite sure that in the top picture, I should get the maple leaf (although this is the old version) and in the bottom one, I should get the no rhyming one (because of the ending I'm sure I should) and the tooth for brushing all stones. Not that I should look forward to getting the Cutie Pox.

Again, these might have nothing to do with other errors reported here.
>> No. 36689
File 133392427637.gif - (858.27KB , 1691x1007 , spoiler.gif )
I spend way to much time on this... great game!
good characters, story, graphics, music and feeling
<- I hope, I have found all and the 4 endings
I don't know what triggers the different CMC...

some things I've noticed:
You can talk twice (multiple times?) to romana, but only the first time make sense
If you free Minty and go a second time in the pit you end up at the boss fight, maybe you should be teleported back to the sock position
If you freed Minty and go back to the entrance, some cockatrices fly behind the pillar in the background (not tested, if reproducible)
Sometimes I slipped between the platform and the next wall.. all the way down....
>> No. 36690
Come to think of it, I did earn some cutie mark as well that didn't show (IIRC I got, Never Give Up, Master Platformer, Me Got Kicked in the Head Backstage, Fu-Forget You Ah Can Eat All These Apples, Healthy Eater, Magically Delicious, I Didn't Put These in My Bag, Clockwise, and Minty Fresh Heroine. I should've also got No Poet's Society, Plot Device, and Dedicated Dentist.) You might want to fix that.
>> No. 36691
Sorry for the silly question, but how do you pause and unpause?
>> No. 36692
Press Space
>> No. 36693
What are all of the cutie marks anyway? I've gotten a lot over the course of a few playthroughs, but there's no indication of how many there are. Here's what I've found so far:

Never Give Up- Die X amount of times (I don't have the patience to test any of these numbers)
Captain Scarlet- Beat the game without dying
Invincible- Beat the game without getting hit
I Didn't Put These in My Bag- Beat the game without buying anything from Trixie
Clockwise- Beat the game without using Clock Up.
Healthy Eater- Eat X amount of red apples
Magically Delicious- Eat X amount of green apples
Fu- Forget You Ah Can Eat All These Apples- Eat X amount of total apples
No Poet's Society- Talk to Zecora about 5-6 times (until she yells at you)
Minty Fresh Heroine- Rescue Minty
Tube of Pure Awesome- Rescue Minty as a toothpaste tube
Plot Device- Talk to Doctor Whooves as a toothpaste tube
Master Platformer- Cross the vanishing platforms section.
Dedicated Dentist- Clean all 5 tooth-shaped rocks

and then the Archeologist one mentioned above. Are there any others?
>> No. 36694
Ack, I forgot one.

Me Got Kicked in the Head Backstage- Make contact with a cockatrice so that you fall into a pit as a stone.
>> No. 36695

Wait, I only listed 9. I forget what the 10th one was (it might've been Plot Device), but the point is, the display cap needs to be raised a bit if possible.
>> No. 36696
Ohai Numbers. :D And thanks!

To the creator, I would totally buy an executable too, because I know this isn't 100% finished.
>> No. 36698
Middle path, second hill, hop the steps to the top.
There should be a flat plateau that ends quickly.
A TARDIS will appear. I found out that Romona or the Doctor may appear, Romona about 1/4 of the time
>> No. 36701
Romana only appears after you've spoken with Doctor Whooves.
>> No. 36712
ending 1 colgate opens clinic expectantly
-complete the game without talking to either dr.hooves or derpy.

ending 2 minuette resume paradox
-complete the game without talking to dr.hooves but talk to derpy and read the letter.

ending 4 clinic destruction
- complete the game talking to DR hooves and either talking to derpy as toothpaste or not talking to derpy.

ending 3 dr hooves and derpy conversation
- complete the game after talking to DR hooves then talking to derpy and reading the letter, OR talk to derpy first and then talk to dr hooves.

modified ending
-bother zecora enough to make her not respond to your door knocks

modified ending
-save minty

Achievements (incomplete)

clockwise (picture of stopwatch) beat game without using clock up ability.

plot devide (picture of the sonic screwdriver) turn self into pony from toothpaste by dr.hooves.

I didn't put these in my bag (bon-bon's cutie mark) beat game withou buying anything from trixie

master platformer (megaman in jumping pose) encounter disapparing platorms? or either don't fall off a platform into your doom in the caves.

no poet society (scroll with cicle and line through it) talk to zecora enough to make her not respond to your door knocks.

never give up (blue maple leaf with white outline) Die a unknown (6 or more) times.

shrine of the ancient goddess (a compass-like object)
Find the secret shrine. (look in secrets to find out)


1. When entering the cave, there is a flock of cocktrices that will fly right to left.
If you activate your clock up ability just right you will be able to freeze them such that they will form a stairs to a secret area high up to the right.

When you talk to the shrine you get a short dialog screen, then you will get a powerful buff that will make mana a non-factor. (super fast mana regen)

2. When you encounter the green sock. fall into the nearest death-pit to your right. You won't die, you instead fall into a boss battle where you save minty.
>> No. 36714
You didn't explain where this shrine is. Is it in the secret area up to the right?
>> No. 36716
Never mind, I got it. Here's some things I've discovered that maybe you haven't:

-You can also get the 1st ending by talking to Doctor Whooves, then Derpy, and choosing not to read the letter.
-You can also get the 4th ending by talking to Derpy as a toothpaste tube (who will not recognize you and leave to find you), then Doctor Whooves
-There's been 16 achievements found so far, I listed pretty much every achievement except for the Archaelogist one above.
-If you go back to where Doctor Whooves is after talking to him, Metal Gear Colgate will appear from the TARDIS and claim to be from the future, then reveal herself to be Romana.
-Trixie gets all beady-eyed if you buy all of her stuff (not sure if you need to buy all of her items in one go or not).
-There are five ways to cure Poison Joke:
1. Die
2. Buy a carton of milk from Trixie (it only costs 150 points so it's very cheap).
3. Talk to Doctor Whooves
4. Rescue Minty (she dumps water or something on you to turn you back to normal)
5. Reach the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major's lair (the game isn't programmed to allow you to fight the Ursas as a toothpaste tube, and even if you did, they'd kick your flank into next Tuesday).
>> No. 36717
Never mind, I got it. Here's some things I've discovered that maybe you haven't:

-You can also get the 1st ending by talking to Doctor Whooves, then Derpy, and choosing not to read the letter.
-You can also get the 4th ending by talking to Derpy as a toothpaste tube (who will not recognize you and leave to find you), then Doctor Whooves
-There's been 16 achievements found so far, I listed pretty much every achievement except for the Archaelogist one above.
-If you go back to where Doctor Whooves is after talking to him, Metal Gear Colgate will appear from the TARDIS and claim to be from the future, then reveal herself to be Romana.
-Trixie gets all beady-eyed if you buy all of her stuff (not sure if you need to buy all of her items in one go or not).
-There are five ways to cure Poison Joke:
1. Die
2. Buy a carton of milk from Trixie (it only costs 150 points so it's very cheap).
3. Talk to Doctor Whooves
4. Rescue Minty (she dumps water or something on you to turn you back to normal)
5. Reach the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major's lair (the game isn't programmed to allow you to fight the Ursas as a toothpaste tube, and even if you did, they'd kick your flank into next Tuesday).
>> No. 36720
Gotta ask.

Where the HECK is the Doctor? Can't find him at all.
>> No. 36724
So... I bought everything at Trixie's as a toothpaste, went into the cave as a toothpaste and fell to my death as a toothpaste. After respawning, I left the cave - and the intro's sky image loaded, with the UI but my character was nowhere to be found and I wasn't able to execute controls either.
>> No. 36725
Actually, no. It was the standard sky background.
>> No. 36727
File 133397684388.jpg - (215.60KB , 3840x1452 , teleport.jpg )
Here's a peculiar bug of some sort. See the image for the areas corresponding to the numbers. (I know, the backgrounds are not matched up. I should have taken an easier approach.)
Below the enterance of the cave at the apple tree (3), you can climb up to the left in clock up mode. Doing so and passing a point (1) will result in you teleporting up (2) and then dropping below from the air. If you've left the apples knocked onto the ground, they'll also teleport to the top (4).
>> No. 36734

right upper side of caves , he's of course in tardis.
>> No. 36735
That happens about 2/3 of the time you exit the cave. To fix it, right click and press "Play" and you'll end up back in the cave.
>> No. 36736
Arghhh am I the only one finding the first boss impossible!? (Obviously not since many of you are discussing the second boss lol). I must just be really bad at this game but I am finding it so ridiculously hard to defeat the first boss.

I concur with previous posts about making the double tap attack much more consistent, since I never really know when it is going to work :/
However I must congratulate you on a such a good game, I love platform games and this has loads of small touches that make it really interesting for fans of the show. Great Work :)
>> No. 36738

I had a lot of trouble with him, too. I eventually beat him with only half a heart left.
I just poke him in the eye, quickly do the double-tap attack, let him hit me (since avoiding him is impossible), poke him in the eye again and rinse and repeat.
>> No. 36742
There's a sort of luck element to it. What I do is poke him in the eye, throw the brush, and run like hell. If he turns around afterwards, you're safe, but if not he'll immediately jump closer and often times you get hit. It's not that hard, but it does take a bit of practice.
>> No. 36743
Obviously you got the Heart Armor from Trixie. I'd like to see you try and beat him without it. You'd get pwned after 2-3 hits. Maybe even after 1 if you're unlucky.
>> No. 36745

...But why would I do that?
And for that matter, why would you like to see me try that?
>> No. 36746
File 133399773920.jpg - (44.34KB , 532x532 , 47_rose_1469070a.jpg )
>> No. 36753
File 133400213860.png - (45.88KB , 804x484 , spoiler.png )
That image is going to be a handy reference.

I don't think there are any more than those listed in the image.

My guess is that you also got 10. From the collected images, it looks like there's an ordering on all Cutie Marks so that it always shows the first 10 (out of however many you've gotten). This would make me think that you got Plot Device, which comes before Minty Fresh Heroine.

I think its possible to get 13 Cutie Marks (which wouldn't even fit in the screen in the current layout).

Note that we can even tell the order for some of the mutually exclusive ones (like Archaeologist and Clockwise since Archaeologist is before Plot Device and Clockwise is after).

Its going to be much harder to know the order for Captain Scarlet/Invincible and the apple Cutie Marks though (anypony wants to eat many apples but never die a single time?).


Despite the number of playthroughs, I never went back to meet Romana before reading the last few comments.

I also found this fifth game over screen when I played again, which I though was hilarious.
>> No. 36754
Because using the Heart Armor is for n00bs.
>> No. 36756
File 133400302018.jpg - (17.00KB , 455x284 , meh_ro2950.jpg )

Well, aren't you clearly more superior than me, then.
>> No. 36761
Sorry, I didn't mean to be so insulting (I always have problems finding the right word for things a lot). What I mean is that it gives you a bigger feeling of accomplishment if you can do things without handicaps.
>> No. 36767
Excuse me, but would you ever consider putting your game on Newgrounds? You could also make the "cutie marks" function as Newgrounds achievements, which would be quite nice.
>> No. 36770
I've tried the colgate.swf, but it doesn't work allone, stops loading at 50%, so I've dig a bit deeper.
Here is a download link for the game.

Should be version 1.4 and maybe some files are missing, but I'm not the author, so I don't know...
If the author doesn't want a link, please say so and I'll put it down.
>> No. 36775
File 133402408770.png - (405.12KB , 3200x720 , spoiler.png )
Wow. You guys are awesome. But I'm sure you all knew that already. :)

I'm amazed with the thoroughness you guys have shown in picking the game apart, and finding both secrets that you were intended to find, and those that you weren't 'cause they're not done yet. :)

As you have already uncovered everything on it, I am honoured to present you with this gift, allowing you to more easily share your vast knowledge with newcomers. Use it well.

Once again, I'm away from home for the long weekend - my access to the internet and my other resources is less than usual, so I apologize if I'm less help than I would otherwise be. I'm driving home tomorrow, so hopefully I can do this a little better then.

In the meantime, I'll try and give some quick answers to some questions:

First, again, thanks so much to all of you for the encouragement, the criticisms, and the bug reports. It does my heart good to know people like what I've made... and it does the game good for me to know when things are horribly broken.

>>36770 - I actually want to make the whole thing available for download ASAP, but I was hoping to fix all the bugs and add some of the requested features first.

I would like to ask everypony to please wait until I put it up for download officially, but in the meantime, I can't stop anypony from downloading this version, I guess. (If it's the whole game, there should be 18 .swf files in there.)

Incidentally, the infamous "exiting the cave" bug seems to be entirely caused by loading lag, so playing locally should remove that entirely.

>>36767 - I'd considered putting the game on Newgrounds, but can't. It's made up of several SWF files, and also well above their five megabyte limit.

It IS up on several other flash game sites, though, who nicely wrote and asked me permission.

Regarding the cutie marks: I'll save you the trouble. There are (at present) 17 possible Cutie Marks to get. They are indeed always presented in the same order. And yes, the current twelve spaces is not enough, especially since the current version has a bug that it only uses ten of them.

More bugfixes, tweaks and so on to be added when I get home, eventually culminating in a massive 2.0 upgrade with some new content once I get everything figured out. (But I will have a downloadable of the current version before then.)

In the meantime, thanks for your patience, everypony, and I'm really glad you're (mostly) enjoying the game - and for those of you who aren't, I'll try to address your concerns in the next upgrade too.

Brushie Brushie~
>> No. 36776

The only thing I didn't like from this game is that I was initially afraid you might've ditched Applejack. Luckily, you haven't. =)
>> No. 36777
17 cutie marks? So there's still one left to find. I wonder what it could be. Also, I just figured this out, but in the Ursa Major battle, you can make him open his mouth back up by hitting his uvula (the drop shaped thingy hanging from his mouth in case you don't know biology that well).
>> No. 36778
One other thing I've been meaning to bring up, somepony on Equestria Daily claims there's a Debug Mode in the game, but doesn't know the exact combo ("it seemed to involve mashing shift, z, x, and something else").
>> No. 36785
For a quick, relaxed play through, I didn't have the patience to beat the game. The art, animation, dialogue, music, etc were all great, but after dying as much as I did, I preemptively ended it upon remembering that there was a boss to kill at the end.
I felt like I needed a lot more HP, or some check points here and there (specifically in the cave). Having to restart at the beginning of a level after a couple cheap hits felt a bit much - especially when you don't have a map or any form of guidance. If there was a way to get Trixie's items, I didn't catch it. All I saw was grinding on the monsters in her area (ugh) or backtracking (eww) and hope you don't die on the way there.
So yea, other than all that it seems great, it just needs some checkpoints and maybe not such a harsh point penalty for dying. I've never been one to play games as an exercise of patience or monotony.
>> No. 36789

Trixie is very close to the beginning. When you encounter the first poison joke, there's a series of small platforms that goes up. Follow those platforms and you'll eventually reach Trixie.


I just thought of one single thing I actually didn't like. Colgate walks a bit too slow. It sometimes makes it tedious to navigate through the levels -- especially parts you're revisiting.
>> No. 36790
Great game! :D Awesome indeed!
Just one thing that disturbed me, the throw brush attack. At times when I want to use it I end up just doing a normal attack and taking damage, in my opinion it would be better to set the hotkey to something else or allow for a slightly longer time between pushing the buttons.
>> No. 36791
Thanks for your help! I ended up defeating him with the help of Trixie's heart thing, which I hadn't realised was actually attainable. Phewww, I was beginning to think I would never get past him :)

Just completed it, and I have to say, I really loved it, as frustrating as it was (as I suppose most good games are), you have made a superb game here, and I can't wait for the downloadable version :) I also love the story you have made around Colgate :D
>> No. 36792
File 133407639134.png - (197.50KB , 945x945 , 132624677567.png )
Just finished this game!

Before trying it I thought it would be game with a pony in it just to have ponies in it, but could I be more wrong?

This game is one of the best flash games I've ever played, I'd say if it was longer it would've been on par with Cave Story and that's quite the feat.

This game is very very well made and must be played by everypony
>> No. 36793

You're welcome! ^^

> I also love the story you have made around Colgate :D
Though a good story, I saw the 'plot twist' coming from a mile away. =P
>> No. 36798
Just a glitch, haven't read the thread so not sure if it's been said but:

If you go into the first cave and right back out you end up in space, it's just black sky, then you fall off screen and nothing happens.
>> No. 36799

Yup. Been mentioned quite a few times. ^^
It's apparently a loading bug and not a glitch in the programming or anything. It's just slow to load and the character gets place in space before the level is fully loaded.
...At least, that's what I understood from it.
>> No. 36800
File 133408671812.png - (172.51KB , 1280x1024 , ibwokeit.png )
I stood on the highest platform by Trixie's blimp, then I jetpack'd over as much as I could to the right.

Where the hell am I?
>> No. 36801

Shortly after this screenshot, my character disappeared from the screen.
>> No. 36814
Sir you did an awesome job and awesome awesome awesomesauce. It was really really good. Very great game. Etc.. What I am trying to say is that it is a very good game I love you.
>> No. 36827
Let's see what I can repost so Marcus doesn't forget some suggestions(unless he already made a list for things to take into consideration)

About those different types of attacks...
And the jumping could be increased a little.

-Make Colgate a more dependable and less tedious character.
-Faster movement, a more reliable jump and attack.
(more attacks/spells that use mana?)
-The throwing toothbrush attack gets set off accidentally, try using a different key combo or just one hotkey like S,D,F,V.
-Same for the Clock Up, also a message telling you to not attempt to use it on the Ursa Minor would be good.
(Letting the player activate clock up without having to charge it all the way to the max?)
-A second way of buying items, inside the cave perhaps?
-The jetpack doesn't let you cancel it when you want in order to land where you desire.
-A damage location centered on the toothbrush, present at all times?
(Can you make it so the bones thrown by the skeleton ponies be destroyed by normal attacks?)
-Make it easier/faster to see what's below you.

I saw that you made the Timberwolves pounce way more often and faster in the last update.
By the can sometimes waste double the mana when trying to perform the Throwing Toothbrush attack.
You could just increase Colgate's jump and range attack in order to deal damage to enemies while bouncing on them.
The Ursa Minor could probably be outrun by the jetpack.
>> No. 36829
The platforms at the first boss should be shaded out a little so it doesn't give the feeling that you can jump on them(unless you're gonna do that in a later update)
>> No. 36841
How do you use the Jetpack?
>> No. 36846
Click 4 while playing the game.
>> No. 36847
No, sorry; press down and jump at the same time to use the Jetpack.
>> No. 36851
The game is not loading :'( from 0 goes all the way to 83at once and then stops right there and doesn't continue to load. :'(
>> No. 36861

Considering there's no way to obtain the "jetpack" normally (that I know of), I don't think asking for better support for it helps. Seems to me like a bit of leftover code/graphics Mark forgot to disable the input to.
>> No. 36863
I asked him that because he's gonna implement it in a later update from how much I know.

By the way...
Who here uses ZX and who uses XC?
>> No. 36866
I use ZX. Also, has anypony found that 17th cutie mark?
>> No. 36869
File 133417021421.png - (119.50KB , 805x490 , backstab.png )

Level map! Very nice.

> Incidentally, the infamous "exiting the cave" bug seems to be entirely caused by loading lag, so playing locally should remove that entirely.

I'm not sure if this is an attempt to fix this bug in one of the latest version, but I've notices that it loads


upon entering the Cave of Wisdom and I'm only guessing that 1stboss-01-prelude is to try to avoid the current error by loading earlier. But once you jump off the right cliff towards the boss, it loads


So it seems 1stboss-01-prelude is loaded again (rather than using the previously already loaded file).

If you are interested, I could try to take a look at it. Feel free to send Actionscript snippets to
MyUsername at derpymail dot org

And of course, I don't think we are in that much of a hurry to get things fixed since its still very playable.

>17 cutie marks? So there's still one left to find.
I believe the 17th cutie mark is
but I could be wrong. If I'm right, I think there's a bug preventing us from getting it.

There's another way to cure Poison Joke.
Go to Zecora's to have a soak.

But admittedly I cheated to find this.

I have to say, I disagree with every suggestion here except for the toothbrush throwing combination. This is unless the game is behaving significantly differently on your system (but it doesn't look like it).

Although a number of these changes would make the game easier and this installment is the hardest of the trio, I actually enjoyed the challenge in this one. I think you have plenty of resources at your disposal in this game if you just think about it a little bit.

And why wouldn't you use Clock Up against the Ursa Minor? I use it all the time. When I poke the Ursa in the eye while clocked up, I deal damage but the beast doesn't fall.

I agree with this suggestion though. I tried to jump on those for a while too.
>> No. 36871
How do you get that last Cutie Mark and why can't we get it?

Also, I should've figured you could go back to Zecora for a Poison Joke cure. Why did I not think of that?
>> No. 36875

It's actually what I thought of first. When I walked into the Poison Joke, curious of what would happen, I walked back to Zecora immediately.
>> No. 36878
It's so unfair! :'( i want to play too! but it is still not loading! WHYYYY! D: i was able to play the demo and holiday special just fine, but I can't play this one :'(.
>> No. 36879

Have you tried clearing your internet cache and then try again?
>> No. 36907
one thing I noticed... if you annoy Zecora to where she won't talk to you anymore, then get turned into toothpaste and go back to her, she turns you back into a pony, but then she doesn't close her door. She just stands there with the door open.
>> No. 36917
File 133424898500.png - (6.85KB , 399x332 , R - Le petit Rarity.png )
If you want some original music for this game now, hit me up. You've got my info.
>> No. 36926

I can't. I think there's a bug preventing us from getting it, but I could also be wrong about the 17th mark.
>> No. 36967
I hurt a big dragon and it's turn invisible (so not flashing invisible)
>> No. 36983
File 133434668783.png - (118.98KB , 842x517 , spoiler.png )
After rescuing Minty, when you go down into her cave thingy a second time, I got stuck in some weird... dark... place... thing. Help?
>> No. 36985
It's supposed to send you to the boss arena, but if you get stuck in an empty area, right click and press "Play".
>> No. 36987
Thank you!! :)
>> No. 37002
Looks like somepony is a fan of Kamen Rider Kabuto
>> No. 37049
(Minty fresh adventure)
oh god! i love the person who made this game!

there is few bugs i noticed, like in the boss (where the sign points down), the boss didn't appear and i could't move... i think i fell from the world
also i heard that if you come back from the cave, it might show pause menu thingy

thank you for making this game
thank you for using my favourite pony Colgate/Minuette in it :)
>> No. 37091
i thought i will earn some cutie mark for beating the game without losing any lives.

sadly , i lost ONE , and got no cutie mark ;_;
>> No. 37149
File 133468863386.jpg - (149.09KB , 1024x576 , pony_rangers___the_spirits_are_right_here_by_seanmirrsen-d4njubm.jpg )
Waiting, waiting waiting like a baws... for the 2.0 update.
Have an image.
>> No. 37252
File 133481727906.png - (0.96MB , 800x1600 , colgateposter.png )
D'oh! I thought I replied with answers to some of these a couple of days ago! Guess it got lost somehow. My bad.

Storm of answers incoming!

First off, and important: Version 2.0 is still awhile off (sorry, other responsibilities to take care of), but a new version is up that adds a few things.

Most significantly, THE GAME IS NOW DOWNLOADABLE! Sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make sure it was as bug-free as possible before taking this step.

The download version has higher-quality audio due to not having to stream, so enjoy!
(And please feel free to repost it everywhere to save my bandwidth. I was going to upload it to Mediafire, but it seems like the site has changed and now requires a login. What the..? :P)

Other tweaks in this version (other than the sound, the online one and the downloadable version are identical):

- A new item has been added to Trixie's shop.

- The area before the first boss now has a cave-in on the far left side, preventing the looping back-of-cave bug.

- The platforms in the first boss' area ARE now possible to stand on, although why you would want to is a mystery to me.

- An options menu has been added, that lets you adjust the quality and turn the music on or off. (In case you want to listen to Colgate's Quest while playing. ;)

- The first boss has been massively nerfed. I really didn't think he was that hard, but watching a few Lets Plays of my game on Youtube have really opened my eyes. The biggest change is that his jumping range has been decreased - he will now narrowly miss you if you're running away from him, as opposed to landing right on top of you.

Several other additions to the game that I've made over the past few days WERE directly because of comments and suggestions made in this thread, and I'm very sorry that my earlier response went missing so you weren't properly thanked.

In particular, those of you who pointed out that the second boss battle was unintuitive. Thanks for the heads-up!

Rather than make his mouth an obvious target (because I want what happens to be a horrifying surprise the first time somepony plays the game), I instead scattered rubble on the ground to force the player to climb the platforms. But I would never have thought if it if not for you guys.

The last cutie mark was indeed bugged. You were SUPPOSED to get it for being turned to stone while toothpaste, but due to a scripting error, you instead had to be turned to stone while toothpaste AND DIE that way, like the Stone Pony cutie mark. It's fixed now.

(Oh, BTW, speaking of the Stone Pony, props to the guy who got the reference. Brohoof!)

And last and definitely least, I've added a paypal thingy to the page in case anypony still wants to throw money at the screen. I actually started this game because of my own IRL wisdom tooth operation, with the hope that the ad clicks might pay the bill. (They didn't. Actually, due to the bandwidth use, it ended up costing me money. T-T)

But none of that matters as long as everypony is having fun. That's what's most important ... as long as I've entertained (and slightly frustrated) all you wonderful people, I consider the game a great success.

Oh, and for some direct responses:

>>37002 - Yes, somepony is. And I thought the idea of Colgate being able to Clock Up because of her cutie mark was funny. (And then realized it became ten times funnier with the actual sound effects. And just wait until version 2.0 comes out and you find out what the records in Trixie's shop do. XD)

>>36917 - Your music's in there already! Dozens of folks have been horribly crushed while listening to your epic boss theme. (And you were personally thanked for your awesome title music by one of the people recording a Lets Play on youtube.) Once again, thanks so much for everything you've done already, and I'll be honoured to use more of your music in future games. (Next up: the volcano!)

>>36861 - Yes, just in case there was any doubt, the jetpack was an early idea that has since been cut out. (It's still available via cheatcode in the forest area because it's fun to use there - but as a real item, in the cave, it just breaks everything.)

>>37049 - You're welcome. Thank you for the encouragement ... and your excellent taste in background ponies. Toothpaste pony forever!

>>37149 - Soon, I promise. And I'll do my best to make it worth the wait.

Whew, sorry for the wall of text, everypony! Peace out!
>> No. 37284
great updates, so these desks HAVE a purpose.

wow, just wow, because i realized it only today. sheesh.

Patricia Lulam... :D , cute. Double Jump makes sense with her toothbrush, at least it's not sammesault in the mid air like in thesemodern games , i dunno.. there should be a second trixie store in the caves so people won't have to backtrack, though it encourages to lazyness.
>> No. 37315
I'm guessing that many people here are savvy enough to use AdBlock or NoScript to block ads, so it's possible that people playing your game on your site don't see the ads.
>> No. 37356
The artbook and beta brush download dosn't seem to be working at the moment. keep getting a 404 not found message. have the zips not been uploaded yet?
>> No. 37357
>>37284 - Glad you enjoyed the updates, and noticed "how" she was doing the double-jump. :)

And you're right... I've noticed a lot of people in the various Youtube Lets Plays seem to forget about the shop, or can't be bothered to backtrack. Perhaps I should add the Cutie Mart back in after all ...

>>37315 - Well, they weren't the evil, popuppy, javascripty kind of ads, but yeah, I suppose that might still be a factor. (Also, I think a lot of people just linked straight to the .swf)

>>37356 - *HEADDESK* D'OH!

My bad. Scripting error - forgot that the filenames on my server are case-sensitive.

I just sent an e-mail with the correct links. Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> No. 37369
Are you gonna add a giant spider boss in the update?
Also any approximations on how long it'll take you to make update 2.0?
>> No. 37371
Love it, love it, love it. Before this game I had only the faintest idea of who Colgate was, but now I think she might be my favorite pony. xD

You're doing God's work, Mark. The community needs more games like this. I wish I could contribute in some way to future projects.
>> No. 37380
And to think, I may not have noticed a certain pony (Colgate) in the season finale if I didn't play this game.
>> No. 37560

You can always exit the cave, you know.
>> No. 37604
Nice game but I'm stuck on the change screen after the "boss" sign on the second level.I've tried again but I'm still stuck here. Is there another path to the boss or is it the only one?
>> No. 37623
You need to jump in a hole where a green thinghy is(it's supposedly a sock, not a lilypad).
You'll fight a mini-boss there to save Minty. After you saved Minty and you got sent back up, just jump in the hole again and it'll send you to the ursa minor.
>> No. 37748
If you plan on doing more platform areas where applejack has to jump mostly by using the double tap run option then can you make an On/Off switch for it? instead of the run getting turning off whenever you stop?
>> No. 37793
That doesn't work for me. Every time I leave the cave, I just get stuck on this blue background screen, and I have to start over. Is it just me?
>> No. 37815
I noticed that the cave music (Survival Escape) is the full song in the downloadable game, as opposed to a shortened version of the song in the online game. Very nice. ^_^
>> No. 37825
If you get stuck in the blue background, right click and hit "Play" and you'll end up back in the cave, then try again. Usually it'll work after the first few tries.
>> No. 37865
Are you gonna release the 2.0 update somewhere between 1-14 May?
I feel like searching your whole site just for the volcano level, but I did manage to find something you left behind in the other thread.
You should fix this version sometime...I had tons of fun bucking the enemies and apples straight up into the trees and the boss, as well as using rarity against it.
>> No. 38140
On the Crouch you have her back legs bending the wrong direction ^^ remember horses back legs fold forward when they laydown other then that I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME X.x
>> No. 38146
Kickflank music, amazing comedy, great voice acting, what's not to like?

>> No. 38247
Are you gonna make Colgate's normal attack have a longer range? Playing a weak melee character against timberwolves and giant dinoreptiles can become a problem if you run out of magic.
>> No. 38373
You should merge all your games into one and make it Like Kirby Superstars selection Menu :v
>> No. 38378
i love it !

i hope there is coming more :D
>> No. 38384
File 133702719169.png - (91.73KB , 800x582 , bridesmaids.png )
Hey guys, sorry for the long time without a progress update.
Still doing stuff, I promise!

The 2.0 update is coming very soon. It will add:

- The missing items to Trixie's shop
- Some of the features that people have asked for, and...
- another surprise feature that NOPONY asked for, but I assure you it's amazing. :)

Thanks so much to everypony who's playing the game, and EXTRA thanks to everypony who bought the artbook. You guys saved my neck (and my teeth!)

Answers to specific comments/questions:

>>37865 - I was hoping to, but I've gotten slowed down by some of the details. You'll still be seeing the new update VERY soon though, I promise!

And yes, I fully intend to return to Applejack's adventure (with the other Mane 6 for backup). I've got some big things planned for her. ;)

But first, Colgate gets to enjoy the spotlight a little longer...

>>38140 - D'oh! I am not a horse expert ;) I'll try and fix that in 2.0.

>>37748 - Good question. I like the double-tap, but I know it gives some people trouble... I'll experiment with adding more control options in future games. (Maybe something like the Mario games, where you can hold down a button to run.)

>>37369 - Jon Peters, is that you?
Ahem. Not in THIS game, but oddly enough, there's another game I'm writing where that boss might fit right in...

And speaking of which ... I'd originally intended for the next game in the Pony Platforming Project series to go back to Applejack.

However, certain events in the actual cartoon have made it clear that Colgate (and a couple of her friends) have another story that needs to be told.

For now, let's just say... pic related.
>> No. 38452
File 133718783253.gif - (344.88KB , 640x360 , Apple_Bloom_-_Spin_me_right_round-.gif )
>- another surprise feature that NOPONY asked for, but I assure you it's amazing. :)
What is it?
Is it a new playable character? A new boss? a new location? a reference to the Story Of The Blanks? Do you play as Zecora?
>> No. 38494
I'm having a lot of performance issues on my Asus 1015B netbook with its AMD C50 processor, running Linux. Everything works perfectly except for the actual game, which slows down to an unplayable crawl event at the minimal quality setting.

Everything else - including the intro, etc - runs at fullspeed.
>> No. 38742
File 133787226450.jpg - (133.20KB , 1267x825 , spoiler.jpg )
I really like your game! Eagerly awaiting the new 2.0 update; keep being awesome, Marcus & team.

I'll go ahead and post some achievement and screenshot spoilers

Here's the Invincible achievement
>> No. 38743
File 133787240118.jpg - (136.26KB , 1271x829 , spoiler.jpg )
Captain Scarlet
>> No. 38745
File 133787246802.jpg - (133.20KB , 1275x805 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 38746
File 133787253033.png - (84.38KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Dedicated Dentist
>> No. 38747
File 133787265090.png - (119.41KB , 1280x985 , spoiler.png )
Master Platformer
>> No. 38748
File 133787272067.png - (118.07KB , 1280x985 , spoiler.png )
I Didn't Put These In My Bag
>> No. 38749
File 133787283235.png - (114.73KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Minty Fresh Heroine
>> No. 38750
File 133787288469.png - (115.79KB , 1280x980 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 38751
File 133787292543.png - (117.24KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
No Poet's Society
>> No. 38752
File 133787302022.png - (112.87KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Fu-Forget You Ah Can Eat All These Apples
>> No. 38753
File 133787307503.png - (110.87KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Healthy Eater
>> No. 38754
File 133787312581.png - (114.05KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Magically Delicious
>> No. 38757
File 133787330750.png - (111.56KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Plot Device
>> No. 38758
File 133787338690.png - (118.76KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Me Got Kicked In The Head Backstage
>> No. 38759
File 133787343685.png - (119.57KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Worst Day Ever
>> No. 38761
File 133787350670.png - (115.27KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Never Give Up
>> No. 38763
File 133787363991.png - (118.90KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Win the game
>> No. 38764
File 133787367771.png - (199.72KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Derpy Hooves
>> No. 38765
File 133787370993.png - (199.28KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Derpy offers you a letter
>> No. 38767
File 133787374960.png - (189.26KB , 1277x855 , spoiler.png )
Dr. Whooves
>> No. 38768
File 133787387453.png - (230.28KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Dues Ex Machina
>> No. 38769
File 133787391535.png - (167.34KB , 1277x835 , spoiler.png )
Minty Fresh
>> No. 38770
File 133787394688.png - (216.22KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 38771
File 133787399799.png - (203.32KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 38772
File 133787403831.png - (225.09KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Future You?
>> No. 38773
File 133787407266.png - (310.51KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Pinkie Pie
>> No. 38774
File 133787413097.png - (306.39KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Pinkie Pie not looking too happy
>> No. 38775
File 133787417645.png - (215.15KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Pinkie Pie breaking the 4th wall
>> No. 38776
File 133787423445.png - (228.56KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Yrmph Wllcmmm!
>> No. 38778
File 133787426847.png - (182.42KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Silly Derpy
>> No. 38779
File 133787430022.png - (218.72KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 38781
File 133787438310.png - (189.73KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Toothpaste & Derpy
>> No. 38782
File 133787441359.png - (231.85KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Toothpaste & Dr. Whooves
>> No. 38783
File 133787444475.png - (228.39KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Toothpaste & Zecora
>> No. 38784
File 133787449150.png - (300.16KB , 1280x982 , spoiler.png )
Minty Fresh in the background
>> No. 38785
File 133787454827.png - (98.19KB , 1271x885 , spoiler.png )
The game over as bear chow screen
>> No. 38786
File 133787458086.png - (130.05KB , 1280x985 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 38788
File 133787462587.png - (52.88KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Ending #1
>> No. 38789
File 133787464630.png - (55.62KB , 1280x984 , spoiler.png )
Ending #2
>> No. 38790
File 133787468556.png - (55.63KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Ending #3
>> No. 38791
File 133787475195.png - (56.34KB , 1280x983 , spoiler.png )
Ending #4
>> No. 38792
File 133787529220.png - (129.81KB , 1273x863 , spoiler.png )
And this is the last one featuring another silly Derpy

Thanks again to the devs for an awesome game. I played the game very slowly over the course of a month as a time killer (for some reason your website is not blocked at my workplace). Very entertaining to try to get those achievements!

Did I get them all?
>> No. 38809
File 133790941584.png - (271.11KB , 435x576 )
For future reference, you may want to ask first before dumping a ton of images on a thread.

S'just being polite is all. Somepony believed you were spamming the thread.
>> No. 38820
Sure thing PP
>> No. 38868
Why did some pictures get 404d ?
Notably the thread's starting image.
>> No. 38905
> If you'd like to say hi, ask for hints,
>or complain that Colgate doesn't jump high enough, this is your chance. ;))
Our problem is that her normal attack range is short as hell.
>> No. 38910
And kind of complicated to remember. I keep dying because I miscalculate distances and have to get closer, but then I forget how to make the brush attack in a certain way and get ambushed by monsters coming from other places plus the monster I was going for.

If it was just the complicated fighting or just the complicated jumping it would be more bearable, but the two combined are just too much. And then being sent back to the start of the level when I die? Noooo.
>> No. 39152
Hah, just finished this. Great fun!

I noticed that the cave does not save your score if you die. Well, that is okay, I realized pretty quick that if I didn't want to backtrace to Trixie I should just grind a bit in the forest and buy all the upgrades, but I wonder if that was the intent. (I mean, there could be a Trixie in trhe cave too maybe, plus I'm used to receiving upgrades later in the game, not at the very beginning.) Sure, the basic toothbrush attack is a bit short ranged, but I wouldn't call it unusable at all, plus there's jumping and ->->C for fights too, so it's fine. The basic move gets used in the boss fights and for the teeth in the cave too. So it's fine.

Really neat, enjoyable and professional game.
>> No. 39257
File 133881816227.jpg - (39.71KB , 496x475 , mlfw2604-Luna_saw_what_you_did_there.jpg )
So... are you ever going to release the 2.0 update? Not trying to be an ass, but it's been nearly 2 months since the 1.6 update and about 3 weeks now since you said 2.0 would be out "VERY soon". It'd be nice if you could actually keep us up-to-date on what's going on rather than going silent for extended periods at a time.
>> No. 39345
File 133896287011.png - (213.29KB , 660x480 , disgruntledminuette.png )
A fair question. My most sincere apologies.

I really thought I'd have it done by now - it was supposed to be finished by the end of May. But I'm waiting on some people to send me the things I need to complete it.

There's a certain extra feature in 2.0 that requires me to depend on other people's help...

But I don't want to leave everypony high and dry with NO sign of what's happening with the game, so here ... take a peek at the work in progress.
>> No. 39363
I think you'll end up having to get more people for the same character or the feature.
The Pony Kart team had to wait on a modeler 2months till they finally decided to get somepony else.
>> No. 39373
Yeah, this is going to sound horrible, but if June (or even half of June) passes by and you still receive nothing, ask other people.

It's not a professional project, or anything, but if people can't complete deadlines the project risks dying.

In fact, a fan project is even more susceptible to this because, since there isn't an economic incentive, the project depends on everypony in the team remaining interested in the project and with enough enthusiasm to keep going.

This kind of delay can end up snowballing into leaving the project unfinished, and that would be a shame.

(Off-topic: Oh, hey, I can enlarge the text box oh my gosh :D :D :D)
>> No. 39710
Thanks for the response as well as the test for 2.0. I do have to ask though: Can you add an option to turn the VA off during the cutscenes? I know adding it took a good deal of work, but I kinda enjoyed having to imagine the voices myself, if that makes any sense (I'm tired, so sorry if I'm not being very clear). I'm not asking them to be removed, just an option to turn them off.
>> No. 40092
> I like the double-tap, but I know it gives some people trouble... I'll experiment with adding more control options in future games. (Maybe something like the Mario games, where you can hold down a button to run.)

What about something like Smash Bros, or Touhou Hisoutensoku where if you hold the button and a direction down for a bit it charges, then executes.
>> No. 40294
A SQL game, where SCOOTALOO number one fan of rainbowDash wishes to fly better! And goes only epic quest with her friends, to get better flying so she could earn her cutie Mark! With unique switching system, he tested it out in the holiday special so it would be nice. Also I would like more than just one boss battle.
>> No. 40484
File 134166982089.jpg - (66.07KB , 900x956 , celestia_by_thetastymuffin-d4l7odh.jpg )
I know I'm being a broken record here, but ARE you going to finish 2.0? It's been over a month now without a word on what's become of it. If you're still waiting on that one person, then I'd recommend taking Maylene's advice and finding somepony else since they obviously don't give a crap about it. Still looking forwards to the update though, so can you please keep us updated on it at least every couple of weeks so we know that 2.0 isn't dead?
>> No. 40523
Right, sorry for the slow reply everyone! Here we go again.

Oops, sorry, didn't see this response - guess my browser was being silly. Yes, voices will be optional ... I'll add it to the options menu to turn them on or off.

Hmm. maybe - I'm trying a few things out.

That's a neat idea for a game, though if I did attempt it, I don't think it'll be for awhile - I already know what at least the next two games I'm doing are. (Though funnily enough, a couple of the things you ask for are going to be in the next game already...)

Next answer requires a big response, so I'll do it in a separate post.
>> No. 40524
File 134173405789.png - (99.46KB , 800x480 , #1colgate.png )
You're entitled to sound like a broken record - I've kept you waiting for a long time, and I'm very sorry.

I don't want to go into personal details about the person in question, so I'll just say that I've spoken to her and she has a good reason for the delay. I REALLY want to use her for the part in question, so I'm going to wait for her.

Also, I'd like to assure everyone, I've NOT just been doing nothing the whole time while waiting for voices to arrive; I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to upgrade a few things, which, although a gigantic hassle to program as they require dismantling huge sections of the game and rebuilding them from scratch, will probably be worth it.

Most notably, 2.0 will now have:
- Full voice acting, that you can turn on or off
- Checkpoints
- Customizable controls
- More cutie marks
- A bunch of extra ending stuff

Also, several things have changed under the hood - notably, the detection for the double-tap is different and should be a lot more reliable.

Also, while doing this, I'm simultaneously working on the development of the next game in the series.

So, yeah, sorry to worry you. I have NOT given up.
I'll try to post an update every couple days with something interesting to assure you the game's definitely not dead.

Sorry again to keep you waiting. I'll do my best to make it worth it.
>> No. 40539
I might sound a tad selfish and unrealistic here, but I was expecting a new area with a new boss for the 2.0 version.
So I'll just ask you which next game is gonna come first...the Applejack one or the Lyra,Twinkle,Colgate one?
And what should I expect from the second game/level?
>> No. 40560
File 134179041608.png - (168.82KB , 600x600 , SURPRISE!! Clubhouse.png )
Sweet! I'm happy to hear the 2.0 is still on the go ahead. I can't wait to see it finished and polished. I've still been enjoying the 1.6 and have been looking forward to the update.

You're making this game on your own time and letting everypony experience it for free so you're more than entitled to take the time you need to make sure you're satisfied with the finished product. Can't wait to see the end result.
>> No. 40617
Glad to see that 2.0 isn't dead. I do hope that you do actually keep us updated every now and again though. Anyways, looking forwards to it! :)

Also, Rainbow is most adorable pony. That is all.
>> No. 40622
Yeah, the extra level and content for 2.0 eventually evolved into an entirely new game (especially once the Royal Wedding episode aired, and gave me a great idea for another game starring Colgate.)

The next game released will be Minty Fresh Adventure 2.

Colgate and friends wake up at the bottom of a mineshaft with tattered bridesmaides dresses, a bouquet, and no memory of how they got there. Getting OUT will require fighting their way past a gauntlet of giant spiders, bats, and of course, changelings.

>>40560 & >>40617 -
Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep you posted!

For an update as to how the game's going: I just finished an elaborate animation sequence for one of the alternate endings.

Also, I'm rewriting the voice code to be in a separate file so you don't have to waste time downloading the voices if you don't want them ... and allowing me to release the game voiceless if I don't get all my missing lines.

As always, thanks for your patience.
>> No. 40729
File 134236487822.png - (544.06KB , 1280x720 , 1342364428496.png )
Are you gonna upgrade the graphics and animation for the past games?

Graphics - making the Ursa Minor & Major's outlines more glowy and improving the texture on their stars.
Animation - The Windigo's flames having a higher framerate and a longer loop.
>> No. 40775
Can you add a password system for easy access to the bosses after beating the game?
>> No. 40798

How do you play as Rarity
>> No. 40814
Press Shift.
>> No. 40818
Please take as much time as you need to finish making the game. I want to play the complete game as you envisioned, not a game that was prematurely released because of some arbitrary deadline or time limit that was imposed.

As long as you post every once in a while just to show that the project's moving forward, then it's all good. I'm as eager to play as everypony else here, but I believe that good things are worth waiting for. Looking forward to MFA2!
>> No. 40841
File 134266970557.png - (83.98KB , 800x480 , mintyfresh-map.png )
>>40729 -
I'm planning on updates to the earlier versions of the game (among other things, trying to make more compact versions so they can go on the Equestria Gaming arcade). There will be some graphical fixes (for instance, the oft-mentioned fact that ponies don't crouch that way), but don't expect glowing Ursas. The original test model for the Windigo had that effect, but it slows the game down ENORMOUSLY.

I agree the WIndigo could use a few more frames, though.

>>40775 -
Sure. I'm actually working out a save function, so people can continue the game between sessions - I'm sure it could also be used to unlock extra game features.

>>40818 -
Thanks very much for the encouragement, as always. Things are progressing well on both games.

Here's a peek at another new feature of 2.0...
>> No. 41041

Part of the fun in minty fresh adventure was finding the secrets. I hope the map doesn't show the location of those, cause that wouldn't be fun =P

Perhaps it should show the secret areas once you've found them; that would be kinda neat.
>> No. 41079
Great minds think alike, that's EXACTLY how the map works. (Even Trixie, who now sells it in her shop, comments that the map "may be just a TEENSY bit incomplete, but you can fill it in as you go along".)

Colgate scribbles the missing items on to the map as she discovers them, in a different colour.

Also, I'm pleased to report that both the checkpoints and the new save system are now 90% functional; a "continue" option on the main menu will allow you to pick up the game from where you left off, at the last checkpoint you touched, maintaining your items and score, which was one of the biggest complaints I've heard about the game.
>> No. 41102
Neat ^-^
Also, I've been wondering about a few technical things. Mostly general stuff, like how you design and program the levels, or how the engine works in general. I feel like I should ask a bit more detailed questions, but there's so much I'm curious about that any information would be appreciated =P

One thing I noticed is that the first part of minty fresh adventure is built fairly different from the other levels. It has a fixed height for ground, and blends much more in with the background.

though I guess the thing I wonder more about is how you handle entire level pieces. very many times when I've gone from the caves in MFA to the forest, I've ended up in a blank place or a glitched version of it...

And on a completely unrelated note, I just read through your webcomic, and I must say I'm quite impressed. It reminds me a ton of Dragon Half, which is a very good thing.
However, I am sad that cherrygame is down :<
>> No. 41121
File 134351663169.jpg - (40.63KB , 768x480 , Apocalypse_52cb4e_454118.jpg )
Tell us when you run out of ideas.
>> No. 41147
OK, since you ask nicely:

Minty Fresh Adventure is actually made up of several different flash files that load into one another with the "loadmovie()" command. This was necessary because otherwise, it becomes too large for Flash to handle, and causes a lot of crashes.

The "going back out into the forest" glitch is caused by this; sometimes the game tries to start before the forest area is properly loaded, resulting in the blank star screen. Hopefully the new version will fix this too.

The first area is different since it was the first one bit I programmed, and began as a test to see if I could do true parallax scrolling. It worked, but because it caused so many other problems, I stopped using it in all the other areas.

The bulk of the game works on the same basic system I've used since the original Pony Platforming Project. There are two huge symbols named Stage and Stage2, that scroll left and right in a loop, changing their contents to a different bit of the level every time they go offscreen.

The physics engine is actually fairly simple - Colgate's gravity is generated by a movement variable that tries to increase every frame.

In pseudocode:
yThrust = yThrust + 2
if (Colgate is touching the floor)
yThrust = 0
_y = _y + yThrust

Whether she's touching the floor or not is determined by a pixel-precise hitTest() aimed at her feet.

Sorry, that probably got a bit technical, but I hope it's the kind of insight you were looking for. TLDR; Actionscript 1.0 and a whole lot of hitTest and TellTarget.

I'm going to be doing a panel on flash programming at Otakuthon, and I'm SURE looking under the hood at Minty Fresh Adventure will factor into it. If it ends up being videotaped, I'll see if I can link it somewhere.

And thanks for reading Dragon Mango! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and it's awesome someone else remembers Dragon Half (which I loved, though my friends and I were all a bit miffed when it came out, as we too noticed it was VERY similar to our then-unpublished comic...)

Though I like to think that DM headed in a slightly different direction since then.

Oh, and thanks for the heads-up about the Cherry game; I've fixed the link.

Work on Colgate continues, major update coming soon. I really want to have it done before Otakuthon, so let's see how that works out...

Oh, and:
funnily enough, I'd actually considered having them as bosses in the original Platforming Project I was planning with Applejack, but a few other people have used them in a very similar way, so I decided against it.

Though Death Pony will pretty much HAVE to appear if I do indeed make "Cantervania". :)
>> No. 41163
It's sad about the filesize. in some ways it's weird too as I've seen many large-looking flash files before that were a single part, but I guess the hand drawn landscapes and characters is what makes this game really large =/

The entrance glitch is understandable too, given the circumstances. you could perhaps make the program loop a few empty black screens, to give it a bit longer time to load.

To be honest I don't really like the forest area ^-^l|l
It's a bit too flat for a platformer, and the blending in with the background is confusing at best. it's awesome that you got parallax working though :3

The two symbols trick is very nice too, and does make it easier on the engine ^-^
However, perhaps it would take less space if you merged the symbols, and used to instances of the same symbol instead?
Further more, using two instances means about 2.5 to 3 screens worth of content is loaded at any time(1.25 to 1.5 for each, to give the other time to change seamlessly. Changing this to 3 instances with .66 of the screen length each might be even better, since only 2 screens worth of content would be loaded at any time. This might reduce some potential lag(alternatively, having 3 instances might end up causing more lag than before. I don't actually know; just throwing ideas at the wall here =P)

The physics engine is fair too. I was asking because a lot of people tend to mess this up, using a messy manual code, or giving the player upwards speed for a period of time, and then changing it to downwards speed *shudders*
The thing that worries me about yours is the ever-increasing speed. With a big enough fall this could result in falling through the floor. You should consider adding some sort of terminal velocity if you haven't already(or just label it "fall damage" and move on :V)
Fun idea: You might also want to use a variable for the acceleration, in case you ever want to change it between levels("Bang, zoom, straight to the Moon!", anyone? =P)

I'm kind of confused you're using actionscript 1.0 though. Shouldn't 3.0 be better in about every way? (unless you just don't have the license, which I can understand)

Either way, I'm looking forward to the updates. The engine does seem to get even better with every update ^-^
Oh, and good luck at Otakuthon ;)

>> No. 41170
Yep, not to mention the music and sound effects. Flash just starts to choke a bit when I put it all in memory at once, so it's helpful to have it modular like this.

Also, believe it or not, it saves on bandwidth a bit - since it doesn't have to load too far beyond what the player actually sees.

I'm not too fond of the forest level either - it was an interesting experiment, and I'm glad I did it, but I won't do it that way again. I've got better ways of doing it for future levels.

As for the two symbol system, you misunderstand - they ARE two instances of the same symbol. The one on the right is always a frame ahead of the one on the left, thus creating the illusion of a continuous level (when one scrolls off the side, it goes either two frames forward or two frames back.)

In short, your idea is brilliant, but it's also pretty much what I'm doing already. Sorry for the confusion. :)

And yeah, I've had problems with the floor before. Once Colgate starts falling past a certain speed, she can go right through platforms. I try to avoid drops that large, but a couple did sneak into the final game.

There's a similar obstacle I'm facing for the "main" Pony Platforming Project, with Rainbow Dash, who is capable of reaching horizontal speeds so great that she clips inside, or indeed right THROUGH, walls. I ended up solving it by adding a second symbol, named "airbrakes", that is always in front of Dash at a distance equal to her xThrust variable. If THAT triggers a hitTest with the wall symbol, Dash's speed is adjusted so that on her next frame she will stop just short of the wall (and go into a "crash" animation), rather than clipping through it.

Once I have that properly debugged, I'll apply it to the universal falling state as well.

As for Actionscript 3: the game is designed entirely in Flash 5, so AS3 isn't an option. (Wouldn't use it anyway - the newer version of the language is a bit of a mess compared to the original, having taken out or crippled several key features.)

I've tried (and indeed, bought) later versions of Flash, but 5 is still my absolute favourite with its clean interface and lack of clutter, and the one I always use if I have a choice.

There IS actually a tiny bit of AS3 in the 2.0 version of the engine - done by using loadmovie(), I can run a little AS3 shell while the main game remains AS1. The game now uses shared objects to allow for loading and saving, something I couldn't have done in AS1. So, I guess Actionscript 3 isn't completely awful. :)

Hope that answers your question. And yep, I'm hoping that the next version of the engine will be even better. I try to learn from everyone's complaints in these threads. :)

Ugh, sorry for wall of technical text. My next update will be more interesting, I promise!
>> No. 41175
Good to know abut the symbol/instance thing. but I still find that it loads a bi too much. I just checked in the downloadable version, and the game works with about four screens wide content ant any time(I'm assuming the symbol is as wide as two screen-widths). To be honest, I'm actually quite surprised it doesn't lag a ton, given that it constantly performs hit detection with this much ground.

The way you're handling the acceleration is very smart as well. I assume the tough part is going to be finding the exact distance between the player and the wall/floor, so she stops right before it.

And of course, you're entitled to use any Actionscript you prefer =P

And sorry for this reply; I'm probably just boring people to death here XD

Hopefully we haven't scared any readers away with these long walls of text ^-^l|l
>> No. 41176
Cute game, but why is Jump not space as in most older platformers? A bit non-intuitive for me. Very fun, though! Keep up the good work!
>> No. 41181
Oh no, I'm happy to answer your questions - it's both interesting, and good practice for having to run a panel on Flash game programming. :)

The lag isn't TOO bad because the hitTest is only two pixels wide. It's not the scenery checking "is any part of me touching Colgate", it's Colgate checking "are either my front or back legs touching a solid part of _root.level.scene.wall or _root.level.scene2.wall?"

Apparently it's still pretty dreadful on older computers (or those people who are running it fullscreen), though.

Hi DSCA, how nice to see you here.

Funny that a lot of people seemed confused by Z and X - from my perspective, those are pretty standard controls. They were certainly the standard jump/attack buttons on PC platformers back in the DOS days, and still are on every Japanese doujin game I've played.

Still, a lot of people seem uncomfortable with those controls (I hear a lot of folks, presumably either left-handed people or WOW players, saying it should have been WASD). So I'm adding a custom controls option to the 2.0 update.
>> No. 41202
File 134371426531.png - (53.43KB , 600x600 , skobeloff cervid.png )
Yeaaah, I just ended up falling into blue heaven (cf. because of the the-level-didn't-load-in-time bug. I'd suggest at _least_ adding a test to see if Colgate is more than, say, 1000 Colgate-heights below the zero mark, and if so, putting up a special "GAM% _V#R" screen (that, preferably, doesn't count against Captain Scarlet).

(I'd rather say 'put her at ground level with zero thrust', but in general, safely defining 'ground level' is tricky. For example, there is at least one location in the Cave which is an open pit with no walkable surface above -- and what if the level still hasn't loaded for some reason?)

>It's not the scenery checking "is any part of me touching Colgate", it's Colgate checking "are either my front or back legs touching a solid part of _root.level.scene.wall or _root.level.scene2.wall?"

... I have no experience with Flash programming specifically, but I strongly suspect that if you reverse the arguments to that test -- that is, if you ask the scenery if it's touching Colgate's legs -- it will take exactly the same amount of time to execute.

Regardless, a couple of concrete suggestions:

1.) To make it faster (assuming that executing a small bit of ActionScript is not several times as expensive as doing a hit-test, and assuming that hit-test times scale linearly with respect to either area or boundary-length): divide each room up into subregions 0,1,2,3...n-1 which start and end at known x-coordinates (with just a little bit of overlap for safety). Then only test against two subregions: Colgate's current subregion, according to her x-coordinate, and the subregion either to her left or right (whichever she's nearest to (if she's not at one end)). This will cut down on the number of shapes you have to test against. (In the forest area, of course, you're better off always testing against the one large floor-level surface which goes from the start to the end as a special case; but there are so many fiddly bits in the cave that dicing it up should help significantly.)

... you may be doing something like that already but have abstracted it out for explanation purposes; I can't tell.

2.) To fix the physics entirely: don't test 2D collisions; test *3D* collisions -- two space dimensions and one time dimension. If Colgates' hooves' path through time intersects the platform's path through time, there's a collision. In practice, since the platforms largely don't move, you just need to 2D-collide the platform with the 'smear' that you would see if Colgate's hooves were rendered with motion blur: draw a parallelogram between the starting and ending position of each line segment that forms the bounding box of Colgate's hooves, and hit-test *that* with the platform-bounds. This will be at least four times as computationally intensive as a framewise hit-test, though, so if the hit-test is really the major bottleneck it _will_ have to be sped up somehow. The above might suffice.

(If I were implementing this from scratch, I wouldn't do anything like this; but I wouldn't advise you change the physics *that* fundamentally -- it would require a level redesign, since there are several jumps which effectively require hit-test physics to make!)

Sage for skobeloff cervid.
>> No. 41213
I don't think that's gonna work. While falling, Colgate can still attack(which produces the attacking sound). However, during blue heaven Colgate's attacking sound cannot be heard, which leads me to believe that she isn't being loaded at all(or the attack sound isn't being loaded, but somehow I find that less likely)
Also, left clicking and pressing "back" twice will successfully load the forest, except from Zecora's hut.

And I don't think that a defined ground level would be beneficent(nor realistic :V), and I think the way Mark is doing it is better, as soon as the thing he mentioned is implemented.

As for the hit detection, it depends on how it's handled. If it first finds out the location of the player's hooves, and cross-examines them with every pixel of _root.level.scene.wall, then yes, it would take about the same amount of time as the inverse. However, if it uses the players hooves as an index, and only checks if those specific pixels of _root.level.scene.wall are solid or not, it would take significantly less time. However, I don't actually know which one it is. On one hand, the former sounds a bit more likely from a programing perspective, but on the other, there is too little lag in the game for that to be true...
Depends on how _root.level.scene.wall is set up I guess. If it uses rectangles it's definitely the former(and would explain the lack of massive lag), but if it uses bitmap it could be the latter.

As for your 2), that's essentially what he's currently working on; Making an object that is located in the spots the player should cross during the next frame.
>> No. 41214
I hate to say it, but flash actually supports local shared objects in as 2 too.

Still, I can't recommend using as 2 for anything. It's obsolete and a pain to work with.

And I severely doubt that you'd be using AS 1, that language just sucked.
>> No. 41215
Thanks for the suggestions and discussion, guys. This is very interesting.

I think the soundlessness during Blue Heaven is due to an early attempt in the code to AVOID the error - there's a delay in there to try and give the scene time to load, but instead it just ends up not loading Colgate at all.

I tried fixing it a different way in 2.0, and it seems to be fully functional now - though I guess time will tell once the completed version of 2.0 goes public. :)

As for the hit detection, there are two different kinds: the one for the scenery IS pixel precise (which allows me to create slopes and hills - I used it a lot in the Christmas level). It's still fast because I only check two points per frame - the bottoms of Colgate's feet - and it's a simple true/false check, "is there anything there or not".

The size or detail of the entire object makes no difference, as I'm only checking two pixels, so there is little lag.

There's a second, rectangle-based hit check for Colgate colliding with enemies, but that's programmed quite differently.

Nope, it's true. Minty Fresh Adventure (and all the other Pony Platforming Project games) are written entirely in AS1.

(Though I'm gradually working a bit of AS3 in there for the aforementioned Shared Object functionality, I can't convert the whole engine over as it would break the game, due to all the functions they took out / crippled.)
>> No. 41410
Can you add some screen to set controls?

Being able to set a button instead of double tap would be welcome.
>> No. 41461
Waiting, waiting, waiting...
For the new game
OP surely will deliver.
>after 2 months
Any minute now...
>> No. 41465
File 134469274642.png - (0.98MB , 1800x4400 , crazy_twilight_sparkle_door_knob_hanger_by_thorinair-d4w53s4.png )
Clock is ticking, Twi.



>> No. 41496
Minty Fresh Adventure is fabulous!
Double jump via brushy is so much better then air jumping! Brushy is also great in general.
Would love to see a Minty Fresh Adventure 2. After the first is done of course. >.>

Wish you could find a way to make money (without having problems with hasbro). I really wish you could hire a team & sell this on android! It just too good to not have the largest audience possible.
>> No. 41529
File 134496134934.png - (190.20KB , 854x470 , 1335025128228.png )
It's the broken record again, asking about how 2.0's coming along. Any idea about the release date, or what issues you're currently facing? Still looking forwards to it, btw.
>> No. 41601
I'll just play some Madness while waiting for this.
>> No. 41664

my name is Christian and i live in austria.
my english is´nt realy good, so sorry for some typos...

I had play the game with colgate and it´s relly nice and supper animated.

One time, as colgate was talking with zecora, she is not go back in her house, and the backside of the letter, what derpy give colgate in the cave, is for me to short to see.

when is 2.0 able to downlode?


i write it in german...

mit freundlichen grüßen,

ps.: have you an idear for a game wiht raindow dash or derpy?
>> No. 41841
File 134652770301.jpg - (29.69KB , 500x416 , funny-pictures-sir-calm-the-fuck-down.jpg )
The Broken Record has once again returned! I have to ask - is 2.0 dead now? Your last response was just over a month ago and we still have no idea on if or when 2.0 will be released. Are you still having troubles with that VA?
>> No. 41854
File 134658078893.png - (120.63KB , 800x480 , colgate-boom.png )
Not abandoned, still working on it. Sorry for the wait, just got over a nasty bout of illness. It should be ready VERY soon, but I'm not naming dates in case anything else goes horribly wrong.

Things are shaping up nicely, though. Lots of last-minute bugs appearing as I try to put everything together, but I'm squashing them as fast as they appear.

Hang in there just a little bit longer. Sorry for the endless waiting. (And at least I HAVE been working on other stuff concurrently, so your wait for the next game should be ... less.)
>> No. 41925
File 134713379560.png - (204.60KB , 800x1733 , platformcollision.png )
Hmm...haven't been here in a while. Progress seems steady though, which is very good. Although I came here to say this.

Platform collisions
Yes, please listen to this anonymous poster
Since platforming is the main mechanic of the game, I think it might be worth the time to stop and think of how to do this. That is, come up with a solution that never fails (regardless of velocity). In think point 2.) from >>41202 is a good solution. Although instead of the parallelogram, you could just draw the two bounding lines (the same way that you are now testing two pixels rather than the entire hoof).

Loading movies
I'd have to say the same thing about the loading problem (its worthing thinking over). Again, I don't think you want a solution that only works sometimes (and just increase the chances of it working) and I think that one that works permanantly isn't so hard to write (although you might have to use AS3 rather than AS1, but only to glue the levels together).

In that case, I think an event listener would work. This way, the code for starting the level would only trigger after the level has fully loaded. The event in this case is

Here's an example (AS3 style pseudo-code rather than real code though and probably contains other things that are a bad habit in the language).

var loader = new Loader();
loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, finishedLoading);
loader.load(new URLRequest(filename));

public static function finishedLoading (ev:Event) {

instead of

var loader = new Loader();
loader.load(new URLRequest(filename));
for (i in 0...10000000) {}
//That should be enough time...

(I'm using

I guess if you don't have event listeners you could do something like

while (true) {
if (//Try to check some property of the loaded movie){

I think Flash just silently drops errors when referenced objects are still uninitialised (but that's probably AS3-speak, I can't even find an AS1 (only) tutorial).

>The original test model for the Windigo had that effect, but it slows the game down ENORMOUSLY.
Oh and thanks for not putting in the game slowing graphics effects.
>> No. 41927
File 134713527370.png - (340.31KB , 2000x2377 , dashie_hug_time__by_chubble_munch-d58mgez.png )
Is that... 1.9? :D Anywhere it can be downloaded?
>> No. 41934
Nice update.

It's kinda broken in firefox. When using clock up (with record for 20% cooler/explosions/michael bay mode purchased) at the beginning of the cave (to get the gold power statue), the game lags incredibly, and colgate flies straight through walls/floor to her death.

running in opera fixed it.

latest firefox and flash plugin installed.
>> No. 41959
File 134739306701.jpg - (39.71KB , 496x475 , mlfw2604-Luna_saw_what_you_did_there.jpg )
1.95 already? :D 2.0 must really be around the corner. Are there going to be downloads available when 2.0 is released, like there was for 1.6? Thanks again.
>> No. 41967
- When using funny classic record, yakety sax no longer plays, but the laugh track is still there.

- When bouncing on the 3rd timberpup (the one under trixie's dirigible shop) sometimes you get a really high bounce, enough to take you nearly as high as the dirigible.
>> No. 41968
- A cockatrice went behind the background about 1 or 2 screens to the right of the first tooth (the one under the entrance). the background it can go behind is a pillar of rock.

- In the second boss fight, the boss can also go behind a background rock pillar, near the start of the battle.

- When you pause and view the map (assuming you own it), you can still use arrows keys to move.

- When using the option to turn music off, it sometimes doesn't stay off, playing music when you die, then no music again if you die again.
>> No. 41970
File 134749937081.png - (72.34KB , 477x484 , PMMM_SKSS_30_cr2.png )
I'm still down with making more music for you if you want.
>> No. 41982
-The voices sometimes still manage to play, even though you shut them off.
-The Ursa Minor lands right on you at the start of the fight, he also doesn't back off when knocking him down. It's difficulty is now the same as in the old version.
-You can't jump on the platforms while fighting the Ursa, but you can before it. The platforms can be used for slightly dodging it's claws, which are the only things that can deal damage.
>> No. 41990
Thanks for the heads-up. This kind of thing is why it's still just 1.95 and not 2.0.

Which voices specifically were still playing? I've added a routine that's supposed to stop them loading if voices are off, but clearly it doesn't always apply.

As for the Ursa, yeah - it backpedaled to an earlier version to fix the loading problem. Wasn't aware it had broke the platforms too, I'll put those back in (and I guess, reduce his jumping power a bit too ... though he's already massively weaker than he originally was. Poor guy, he keeps getting nerfed every update.)

Were you playing with the music turned off? That SHOULD silence the Classic Records as well.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm aware of the background effect (and there's not much I can do about it), but the other two are serious problems and I'll sort them out.

Thanks for the suggestions.

They're not all feasible - particularily the platforms, as you can't do collision detection that precise in Flash (it's either hit detect bounding box vs bounding box, or precise hit detection versus a single pixel.)

But the loading solution is a great idea in principle, and I've applied something similar to the boss stages (essentially, a blank frame at the beginning that keeps the movie doing nothing unless the stage is 100% loaded and isn't inside an object named "buffer".)

Thanks! I'm always grateful for your help.

Thanks for the heads up. I've addressed that in the newest update (changed the way the Clock Up animation works, hopefully causing less lag). Classic Record #1 also used to jump the frame rate, which caused all kinds of problems - it's fixed now.

Yes, it will be downloadable - either when 2.0 comes out, or possibly when 1.95 is fully debugged, and then I'll release a downloader for that with a patch for 2.0 when its ready.

Thanks for all the encouragement as always!
>> No. 42001
Is the Comedy Genius cutie mark even obtainable yet in 1.95? I'm at my wits end trying to get it. Are we waiting until 2.0 to come out? If not tips would be appreciated.
>> No. 42002
Yes, all the new cutie marks are obtainable.

Hint: To be a comedy genius, you need to suffer for your art, and be willing to look foolish.

Perhaps if you somehow managed to die at a time you were supposed to be invincible... while wacky music was playing in the background...

Hope that helps!
>> No. 42004
File 134777232801.jpg - (136.40KB , 670x549 , spoiler.jpg )
game cool !!
>> No. 42006
What's the ''Beta Brushie'' ? It's description says it's more powerful. Was there an older version before you released the game back in April 3Th ?
>> No. 42007
Will Colgate be more powerful in the next game? Atm her tootbrush's short range and lack of speed, forces me to use her two magic abilities like a broken record so I don't get hit. Also any info on how each character will differ from one another in the next game?
>> No. 42008
I see that you put the save function in, and all the achievements in one screen.

But you forgot one thing, which a lot of people think it's useless.
The option of disabling specifc power ups. More specifically the Anti-Curse tooth, which will keep people from getting some achievements. And also the music records.
>> No. 42023
File 134782407066.png - (134.15KB , 725x870 , linesegmentintersection.png )
(Let me see if I can fix this post's formatting.)

> They're not all feasible - particularly the platforms, as you can't do collision detection that precise in Flash (it's either hit detect bounding box vs bounding box, or precise hit detection versus a single pixel.)

Oh dear. I hadn't realised flash used bounding box hit test, although I should have suspected it. Incidentally, this also explains why I can hit enemies with the empty space behind my brush when aiming upwards.

Well, that "Some other way" could always work but it needs a bit of work to add. But maybe its worth trying the next time you create an entire level from scratch. (It would still be annoying since you'd basically create the same level twice.)

Let me say a bit more about what I mean by that method. You'd store platforms Colgate can fall through as an array lower-platforms of line segments (for a suitable representation of these lines, using their endpoints for example).

Then you won't check anything pixel-wise at all. Instead, you would check if the segment
(x,y) to (x+xThrust,y+yThrust) intersects any segment in lower-platforms by checking them one by one.

Horizontal line segments
If segments in lower-platforms are all horizontal (say it goes from (left,height) to (right,height)), this is easy. (If you already see it, just skip this next bit.)

1. If height isn't even between y and y+yThrust, they do not intersect.
2. Otherwise, find the point on the line described by (x,y)+t*(xThrust,yThrust) with y-coordinate height. To get y + t*yThrust = height, we need t = (height - y)/yThrust so this point is

(x + ((height - y)/yThrust)*xThrust, height)

and the segments intersect if this point's x-coordinate x + ((height - y)/yThrust)*xThrust is between left and right (and the segments don't intersect if it isn't).

General line segments
If the platform segments in lower-platforms are not all horizontal (if you have slopes) then its a bit trickier. But still not that hard to do. Here's a trick to do that (you can also find the point where lines (that you get by extending both segments) intersect and check if that point is between the endpoints of both segment just like when one segment was horizontal):

I also drew a picture of this and added it to this post.

Pixel checking
There is another way that is (probably) easier to implement. I don't really want to suggest this though because I think its a bad idea in the long run (and part of the point of bringing this whole thing up is so that hopefully you will choose to do something that "always" works).

You could check if some of the intermediate points (pixels) intersect the platforms (now stored only as images again).

(I'm going to use vector notation to avoid cluttering things here. I'll write position for (x,y) and thrust[i] for [i](xThrust,yThrust).)

For example, you can check the midpoint position + (1/2)*thrust. This gives you a better chance of not missing the platform. You can check a few more points, like the middle of the start and the midpoint (this would be position + (1/4)*thrust) and the middle of the midpoint and the final point (this would be position + (3/4)*thrust).

But you can really just check any point on the line segment position + t*thrust (t varies between 0 and 1) to improve accuracy. One way is to pick regular intervals like halves and quarters so you'd test all the points

position + (i/n)*thrust

against platforms where i varies from 0 to n.

In some sense, that's more or less how you could draw a line (so its not that different from drawing a line and testing collision between that line and the platforms).

I should probably have put this first. I've never made a platforming game (but did implement some of these elsewhere) so I can't really vouch for them in "action".

Game slowdown
Oh and the game slowed down a bit for me in this version (probably because of the added objects) so Colgate falls through many more platforms now.

> But the loading solution is a great idea in principle, and I've applied something similar to the boss stages (essentially, a blank frame at the beginning that keeps the movie doing nothing unless the stage is 100% loaded and isn't inside an object named "buffer".)

Oh, nice. I noticed the new loading screen (and haven't had trouble since). I don't know enough about how Flash executes code with respect to frames to know if this is a fail-safe solution (but it should be if it works the way you think it does). I feel like I should also say something here about having code closer to "what you mean" (rather than "how to get there") for larger projects but then again, this post is already long enough and this loading solution is (hopefully) separate from the rest of the code.

Reloading movies
As for another "bug", I think your program is loading the same movies multiple times (I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but its still there). This is possibly costing you quite a bit of bandwidth as well (which is why you might want to look at this when you'll have time).

This bug is most noticeable when I finish the game and am brought back to the loading screen (normally (in other games) it should load instantly since it is loaded already).

One way to fix this is to have a variable for each movie (or just an array or dictionary of movies). And then just reuse the same (instance) of the already loaded movie. I mean, you do have a way to "reset" a movieclip, right? (Otherwise, this might be a bit more tedious.)

Actually, this way, you could also fully load all movies at the start and just refer to the corresponding variable where you would normally load a movie. Although this could end up costing you more bandwidth for players who did not get very far. Another way would be to check if a movie is already loaded (say, the variable is null) and only load the movie if it isn't (otherwise, it uses the existing instance).

I can confirm that I can get all but one of the new cutie marks in 1.95 (and I'm pretty sure of what I have to do to get the last one). I'm assuming the old ones haven't changed.

>The option of disabling specific power ups.

I agree that this is usually overlooked, but disagree that it should be changed in this particular game. Its short enough that it can be replayed (without buying the option) and can make some achievements more of a challenge (because you also have to finish the earlier levels without that power up).
>> No. 42027
Correction, it isn't built in.

Other things that aren't built in: sequenced audio playback, 3d cameras, particle effect engines, ponies, actionscript 3 compilers, pattern matching algorithms, magic, pathfinding algorithms, toothbrushes, software synths and friendship.

Doesn't mean that people haven't done it with Flash. In fact, every single thing in that list has been done.
>> No. 42028
Very interesting ... gonna respond to this post seperately, as there's a lot of other stuff I need to answer that people won't want to have to wade through programming discussion to get to.

Long story short, it would be unfeasible to implement most of this in the original Minty Fresh Adventure without rebuilding the entire game from the ground up. But I'll definitely put some of this to use in the sequel.

In particular, the idea of simulating the line collision check is brilliant, and can indeed be accomplished in actionscript 1 with a simple "for" loop with no appreciable slowdown.

So with any luck, MFA2 will be smoother and have more precise hit-detection. Thanks very much for the idea.

Your alternate method of loading is an excellent suggestion, too, and I've put it to the test already - the latest update of the game, which has the endings fully voiced at last, uses this method to load the voiced endings, and it works like a charm. Much appreciated.

Fair enough, I stand correctly. I should have said, can't be done NATIVELY in Flash... but as you rightly point out, if you're stubborn enough, it's possible to do anything you want in Flash.

Heck, the producers of FiM prove it all the time. :)
>> No. 42029
The Beta Brushie was the toothbrush Colgate had in a very early, pre-release version of the game; as opposed to the cartoon toothbrush she uses in the finished one, it was a photograph of a real toothbrush.

(Some observant folks may have noticed that the toothbrush she has on the title screen, and in the intro cutscene, doesn't look like the one in the game - that's the Beta Brushie.)

The Beta Brushie is larger than the regular toothbrush, and has a much bigger and less precise hitbox (you can hit things that would appear to be too far away, or that are actually far above or below the brush), which is why it was changed in the finished game.

All of this is subject to change as I try to balance the new game, but at present:

Colgate's abilities in MFA2 will be slightly different from the original. Her toothbrush's range for normal attacks has increased a bit, and Clock Up activates instantly rather than requiring charge time. She's also acquired a healing spell (due to her medical training).

Lyra is the short-range fighter, fighting with her bare hands - er, hooves. Her abilities include a "magic hand" that allows her to move platforms around and swat enemies away, as well as the ability to play magical songs which affect the game in various ways (think Ocarina of Time).

Twinkleshine is the long-range character, with a chargeable laser attack. She also has several helpful spells, including one that lets you "scout" an area before proceeding, and a flash that blinds/stuns all nearby enemies.

Interesting observation. I DID start to work on something like that in the original version of the game, but ended up taking it out as it made things very complicated.

The Cutie Mark save is seperate from the main save - even if you start a new game from scratch, it does remember your cutie marks. So through multiple playthroughs, you can get all of them, even the mutually exclusive ones (like never dying and dying a lot). You'd also need to start a new game anyway to get some of the ones that are impossible to do in a checkpoint save, like Kicking It Old School and Rushie Brushie.

Hope that helps!
>> No. 42039
File 134791162626.png - (66.51KB , 827x501 , spoiler.png )
Add to that list
double buffering
and better garbage collection

>I can confirm that I can get all but one of the new cutie marks in 1.95 (and I'm pretty sure of what I have to do to get the last one).
Oops, I was actually missing two last time. I ended up doing much more than necessary to get Poison Joker.

> gonna respond to this post seperately, as there's a lot of other stuff I need to answer that people won't want to have to wade through programming discussion to get to.
Ah, good point. Feel free to move the discussion to a separate thread if you'd like (although it might get low traffic).

MFA2 sounds very interesting!
>> No. 42041
sorry for semi-hijacking the thread, but I just had to point out that I absolutely love that(the general theorem for intersecting lines, that is); why don't they teach this stuff in school? =P

There are even a few tricks you could do to make it even more effective, like using a chain of points for the main ground(where the endpoint of one line acts like the startpoint of the next), or perhaps splitting the array into several ones, so that it doesn't check for all of the lines, only the close by ones(depending for example on your x position)

There are a few things one should be aware about though, such as making it possible for (some of) the lines to be intersected from one side but not another(for platforms you can jump up on from below), lines that go on and off(for the disappearing/reappearing platforms), and probably some other stuff I can't think of right now =P
>> No. 42043
Pretty sure that the player is supposed to double buffer on it's own.

Please tell me that you aren't seriously going to recode the entire game and still insist on using an obsolete language.

Also, I suspect that you don't get that there is a difference between as 1 and as 2. I hate both, but as 2 is at least bearable.

Finally, I don't think that line intersection requires any loops at all. At least not for an individual check. Of course you need a loop if you need to check multiple possible intersecting lines.
>> No. 42060
Congratulations on your complete set! :)

And I'm glad you're looking forward to the sequel. I'll do my best to meet expectations!

Yes, the game is still built from the ground up in Macromedia Flash 5, with Actionscript 1. It's what I'm used to using, and I'd rather make the best possible game with the tools I'm most expert with.

I do know that Actionscript 2 is different. I've used all three, and I prefer 1. I don't want to bore people by discussing it, let's just agree that we have different opinions and neither of us likes AS2. :)
>> No. 42061
Apologies for continuing this hijack (or semi-hijack as Sind puts it :D), especially since I didn't fully respond to >>42028 yet (I mostly just want to say that I'm glad to help). Let me just quickly answer to the last two posts and then go.

> why don't they teach this stuff in school?
Yeah, it'd be nice if they did! But actually, I think most school programs consists of a somewhat random mixed bag of subjects (not even necessarily the "easiest" subjects to teach). Probably so that everyone gets more or less the same education. But in the context of "all" knowledge, it looks random (but I also think it is very hard to pick and choose and design such programs).

> a few tricks you could do to make it even more effective
You are right and its very good that you think about these things. I was trying not to overwhelm. It is probably not obvious from my posts but I tried to (only) speak about the two points where I thought changes could yield the greatest benefit (for player experience and time saving) compared to the conceptual leaps and changes in implementation needed. (Although platform collisions became a bit more complicated.)

Basically, assume I was writing my posts to maximize the amount of time Marcusmaximus gets to spend on other things like story and animation (whether I'm successful is an entire different issue) rather than, say, debugging.

I also know empirically that you can check collision against all segments. I've had a game (non-platforming) where segment intersections was done every frame (I think it was against hundreds of segments). Its in another language but also runs smoothly on much weaker hardware (so I think segment intersection isn't significant compared to other operations).

> making it possible for (some of) the lines to be intersected from one side but not another
Actually, my initial suggestion is to have all lines only be affected in one direction (briefly mentioned in >>41925 and I named the array lower-platforms as opposed to, say, upper-platforms to suggest this). That's because all platforms in this game are "thick" (although it would even work if it isn't by just putting a segment in multiple arrays).

> Please tell me that you aren't seriously going to recode the entire game and still insist on using an obsolete language.
I'm not convinced that having Marcusmaximus learn AS2 at this point is the best approach (I also don't know what are the differences between AS1 and AS2). Especially since (at least according to Wikipedia), Flash 5 doesn't support it so a separate compiler would have to be used. (I'm guessing you are thinking of using mxmlc.) I also think that the original intention was to only recode the collision detection part.

> Of course you need a loop if you need to check multiple possible intersecting lines.
My interpretation of that post is that the for loop is used to check against all segments.
>> No. 42062
Uhm, both as 1 and as 2 are obsolete. The correct language to use is as 3. It has things like proper classes, properties and it is the only language that gets new cool features.

Like optimized type locked vectors, hardware accelerated 3d rendering and all that fun.

Flash 5 is so obsolete that it isn't even funny. I even question if it has as 2, an already obsolete language. It is that old.

As for saving time on debugging, as 3 is a major improvement there. Not only is the compiler stricter so that it will catch all sorts of errors the older compilers couldn't catch. But the runtime actually provides runtime errors instead of just pretending that nothing bad happened and moving on.
>> No. 42065
>Basically, assume I was writing my posts to maximize the amount of time Marcusmaximus gets to spend on other
>things like story and animation (whether I'm successful is an entire different issue) rather than, say, debugging.

Very much appreciated. Thanks.

>Flash 5 is so obsolete that it isn't even funny. I even question if it has as 2, an already obsolete language.

It doesn't. That's been mentioned several times.

Just because it's old doesn't mean it's obsolete - the .swfs it creates are still completely functional in modern web browsers, and newer versions of Flash recognize it and support it. It still does exactly what it was intended to do.

AS3 isn't the "correct" choice, it's simply what you personally prefer. Which is fine, but please stop trying to force it on me. I HAVE tried it, and I don't like it. It requires a completely different style of programming than AS1, and I don't work well that way.

I get the impression you're a programmer rather than an artist or animator, and that's why you'd rather have a strict, C style structure. But I much prefer the unstructured simplicity of AS1.
>> No. 42067
It is not obsolete because it is old. It is obsolete because it has been replaced by something better (at least according to most people).

Also, programing is still programming. AS 3 isn't too different once you "get it". Timeline code and code you put on instances is just moved to classes. You stop coding to instances and start coding to symbols. Because 99.9 % of all code is about symbols and not specific instances of symbols.

It is about thinking about the objects in the program. And you are already doing it.

And yes, of course I am a programmer. And strictness doesn't mean it can't be simple. Strictness is about not tolerating sloppy work. It is about catching mistakes that would be uncaught and lead to trouble. It is about choosing to err on the safe side, to assume that unlikely things are mistakes while still allowing the unlikely approaches.

Having to declare properties is a chore. But it allows you to catch lame typos, idiotic mistakes with regards to using the wrong object.

If you get an error, be happy. Because the computer caught something that shouldn't be done. The more the computer knows about your program, the better. The earlier a mistake is caught the cheaper it is to fix.
>> No. 42070
Nope, it's not obsolete, because people are still using it. For example, I'm using it to write pony games, and will soon post a new one that I made using it.
As a programmer, you must see how it's more logical for me to work with a platform I'm comfortable with and can do everything I want, rather than have to learn what's basically an entirely new language and wrestle with it for every function.

AS3 has a lot of wonderful features, I'm glad you like it so much, but I'm not comfortable with it, and I just want to make the best game possible.
Feel free to use whatever you want to write your own games, but please stop telling me to change how I write mine. And please stop this argument here, as I'm afraid this is just going to turn into "yes it is / no it isn't", and I'd rather people used this thread to talk about the game.

And I'm really, truly sorry if I'm coming across as rude. I don't mean to be, but I'm finding it impossible to get my point across otherwise. Sorry.
>> No. 42071
Dude, you aren't rude. RealismFactors comes across like that to all the projects :) Here is an equivalent conversation. Imagine you have a perfectly good bicycle and getting from A to B quite happily, then someone says

"you should get a car because of all the benefits. It can go faster and it has aircon and heaps of storage and can seat 5 people" Then you say, "but I don't want a car and I can't afford one, and I don't have a license. But I'm still getting everything I want done and going everywhere I want to go. I don't want to seat 5 people and I have no need for the extra storage. If I was working with you and you needed me to get a car I would, but I am fine with my bike."

"Yes, but I'm saying it's better and you should get one for you."

"But I just said why I don't need one"

"No you aren't listening to how much better a car is."


etc etc.
>> No. 42072

Dude, just ignore him. He always pesters other people's projects and no matter how many times they ask him to stop being a pain he keeps doing it as if nitpicking and upsetting people were his full-time job. And given how much free time he seems to have on his hands, it probably IS his full-time job.
On top of that, he always act offended whenever people doesn't obey him or dare to question his useless suggestions.

Several times people asked him to go and try adding his own suggestions onto a project and he always backpedaled claiming he had no idea of how, he was just throwing ideas and it was other people's responsability to change everything to make his wonderful ideas work.


This man speaks with wisdom. Listen to him, because unlike RealismFactors, Monkeyjay gets great things done and because of that he's highly respected here and outside of here as well.
>> No. 42075
I don't get offended. I correct mistakes.

My criteria said nothing about people still using it.

And not being comfortable with something is a weak argument. And reality tends to force you out of your comfort zone.
>> No. 42090
>I don't get offended. I correct mistakes.

Mistakes according to YOU. Also, people isn't confortable with you, because as they have told you countless times, all what you do is criticrize for the sake of "correcting" others and shove your own ideas down their throats.

Every time people ask you to stop pestering them you simply ignore them or use parasprite logic to make yourself look as the only intelligent people around, while everyone else is just dumb and ignorant.

If you are so clever, then why you have never done anything on your own to put that cleverness to good use? I vaguely remember you getting involved with a project months ago, but that thing went nowhere and all what you had to show was nothing but your habitual walls of text.
>> No. 42095
File 134809659108.jpg - (30.25KB , 326x350 , 12423545436344.jpg )
Is there a way to download the music from all the games?

I suggest you take your own advice and don't chat with him.
>> No. 42107
The shop doesn't seem to be working as I can't buy items, not matter what I do and how much money I have, and I can't even exit the shop. I have to refresh the page every time.
Otherwise great and creative game!
>> No. 42116
The voices seem to be playing a bit in the beginning even if they are disabled. More specifically Trixie.
Is there no way for you to make an On/Off switch in the same code line, instead of doing them in separate files?

So far there seems to be two separate codes.
One plays the dialogue files.
And one remembers if the dialogue option is turned off, so it can stop any current dialogue playing.
>> No. 42117
Try hitting X again after the text disappears for whatever you select, that's how I got it to work
>> No. 42118
Can we get a way to view our CMs without having to play the game.

Also can settings be saved along with other save data.
>> No. 42158
Keep working, don't give up. I can't wait to play Minty Fresh Adventure 2.
>> No. 42209
It's been a while since I've played this game, glad to know you've given it some updates. The voice acting is actually pretty good, most of the characters sound pretty close to the way they sound on the show, so props on that. Also, loving the new powerups and other stuff. I'm having problems finding some of the new Cutie Marks, though, namely Rushie Brushie, Poison Jokester, and Cutie Mark Crusader (although I suspect that last one is just a Cutie Mark for getting all of the Cutie Marks, so I'm not worried about that one just yet). The other two I've tried a bunch of things, but I still can't figure them out. Any tips for those two?

Anyway, this game's looking better and better every time you update it, and I can't wait for MFA2, sounds like it's going to be even more fun (I can't wait to play as Lyra, that's going to be amusing).
>> No. 42220
I'm too lazy to run through the thread. after I had talked to derpy as toothpaste, I went directly to doctor whooves. but COLGATE popped out of the tardis and said she was Colgate from the future. She mentions a portal and angels of destruction before revealing that she's actually Romana and was just messing with Colgate. She leaves and Colgate says "It's like having an evil twin. With a time machine." and the game goes on. Anyone?
>> No. 42224
>>42158 - Thanks, I'm hard at work, both at MFA2 and a few last licks of paint for the long-awaited 2.0. (Fixing bugs, adding the missing voices, SUBTRACTING the voices for those who don't want 'em, and a couple of extra surprises for the final version.)

Thanks very much! Well, sounding like the characters isn't that hard, given that a lot of the characters in this game don't actually talk in the show (although we were pleasantly surprised when Colgate spoke in the wedding episode and sounded fairly similar to her game voice. :)

But yeah, I'm really happy with the voices in general, and glad you enjoy them too.

Regarding the missing cutie marks - the names are supposed to be hints, but I admit they're rather vague.

"Rushie Brushie", as it implies, requires you to be fast - really fast. Specifically, you have to reach the boss room in under four minutes.

It doesn't matter how long you take to beat the boss, you just have to get there. (And it doesn't count if you click play to skip ahead, or load from a checkpoint. You have to get there within four minutes of starting a new game.)

As for the Poison Jokester... it has something to do with the post immediately below you, oddly enough ...

Good job finding her! A couple of other people have seen her (you can see other people's remarks if you ctrl-F "Romana"), but a lot of people miss her.

As with all encounters in the game, it'll go slightly differently if you happen to be toothpaste at the time, hint hint. ;)

Hope that helps! Final update coming soon!
>> No. 42225
That's just the point though, I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW I DID IT

All i remember was that when I went to see the doctor She popped out and said it's a lot less funny if I'm toothpaste. I changed back and went on from there.

Any help on recreating it? Pretty please?
>> No. 42226
Oh, sure! Sorry, I thought you knew, since you describe exactly how to get Romana in your first post. It's simpler than you think. :)

After seeing the scene with Dr. Whooves, leave the area and then come back.

("The area" in question varies from version to version. In the original game, you had to go several screen lengths away... as of 1.95, just walking back to the save point is far enough.)

Romana only appears once, unless you were toothpaste when you spoke to her. (The save game DOES record that you've seen her, by the way - so she shouldn't appear if you continue from a save game where you've already spoken to her.)

Earlier versions of the game let you talk to her repeatedly (a bug).

I hope that helps!
>> No. 42228
So pressing "Play" to skip to the boss works for Invincible, but not Rushie Brushie? Okay, whatever, not that I'm complaining. I went back and got Rushie Brushie, but then when I replayed the game, I lost it somehow (and just that one, I have all of the other Cutie Marks I earned from previous playthroughs). I'll get it again and see if I can get it back, but you might want to look into this.
>> No. 42230
All right, I got all the Cutie Marks, but still, it's odd that I actually lost one after a playthrough.
>> No. 42232
Strange! I actually never ran into Whooves, I only ran into Romana and it counted it as whooves. I know because I ended up getting the fourth ending without ever talking to the doctor... well, I'm sure it's just some kind of rare bug, because it hasn't happened again yet. I also found Romana again, thanks Marcus! ^-^
>> No. 42236
...And I lost Rushie Brushie and Cutie Mark Crusader again. Definitely a bug.
>> No. 42240
Do you check the other thread, too?
>> No. 42445
2 week checkup. I should do 1 week checkups.
How's MFA2 coming along?
>> No. 42531
Wow, loving the upgraded version. Looking forward to the next.
>> No. 42562
Anyone else notice that there's a patch of Poison Joke in the cave that doesn't turn you into toothpaste or anything? Is that on purpose or is it a glitch?
>> No. 42591
Hey,Marc. Can I ask what do you work as, and what's your income?
>> No. 42722
File 135216474021.png - (1.38MB , 1920x1080 , badass_celestia_wallpaper_by_delta105-d4sjq1w.png )
Um, 'ello? You still there? It's gotten kinda quiet here. Any news on 2.0 and future projects?
>> No. 42734
I've been following this project for some time now and this always happens. Just be patient, i'm sure he will post something soon.
>> No. 42735
I have been too. It's just that one has to ask about 2.0's progress at least once a month or else he goes completely quiet about it.
>> No. 42785
I've played A Minty Fresh Adventure to death. I've gotten every Cutie Mark there is.... except for two. (I'm not counting CMC!)

1: Rushie Brushie.
2: Something.... Something that has comedy in it. I forget. Anyways, could I get some help with the second one? Just gimme an E-Mail at [email protected] please!
>> No. 42804
I haven't read the entirety of this page (so this may have already been brought up), but when I click on the screen to skip the story before the main menu, when I start to play, it just blinks a button labelled "save" for a frame or two, then just displays the main menu background. I recommend fixing that.
>> No. 42806
I derped. It's when you don't use the "How to Play" menu at least once. Once I go there, it works fine, but it fails without it.

Also, I spawned, fell through the ground without moving a pixel, fell through some poison joke, and fell off screen. Da hay?

And yet another thing, can anyone make a compilation on all the secrets in the game (how to get all the cutie marks, and the Doctor and Derpy and the likes of them)? It'd help out the people like me that simply can't find them/figure them out.
>> No. 42841
File 135322610350.jpg - (251.31KB , 750x600 , rarity__s_tears_by_laurenmagpie-d4sz8lu.jpg )
Um, hello? Are you still alive, Marcusmaximus?
>> No. 42851
Youtube embed play button
  rainbowdash is fast. Trilite is magical, relaty is creative, applejack is strong, pinky pie is funny,
flutter shy is kind, c, celestia is beautiful,
luna is on the moon.
>> No. 42852
File 135331120263.png - (165.38KB , 808x527 , MFA2-itexists.png )
Just to reassure everyone - yes, I AM still alive. It's been a huge flurry of activity the past month or so trying to get all my ducks (ponies?) in a row, but things are finally starting to fall into place.

Assuming all goes according to plan, the long awaited 2.0 update to Minty Fresh Adventure will hit sometime this week. This should fix any remaining bugs, add a couple of fun new surprises, and finally have a downloadable version of the complete game.

Shortly after, I'll be making a new thread for Minty Fresh Adventure 2, which is taking shape and very nearly ready to go public.

For those of you who want a look at what I've been slaving away at for the past few months, I will be a guest on the Brony Show on Monday the 26th of November, showing off the new game.

As always, sorry to worry everyone.
>> No. 42859
YAY! I'm not insane and talking to meself! Oh, and you're alive too. XD

Anyways, looking forwards to it.
>> No. 42862
If you gonna make a Rainbow-Dash level, then please give her a high accuracy range attack such as lightning bolts coming out of her hooves or wings. And some other abillities.
Otherwise she would be just melee Applejack with wings.

Also are there any options for increasing the screen size?
>> No. 42940
Whew, sorry, guys - trying to get MFA2 test ready to show on Monday night has been more work than expected. So we're still not quite at the big 2.0.

There's still an update, though - I've decided to label it 1.99 - that finally has full voice and is relatively bug-free. (And one ending has been slightly tweaked to be a lot more entertaining, after someone described it as "boring". Heh heh heh...)

Downloadable version going up within the next hour.
Sorry to always keep you waiting.

RD doesn't have projectiles - that's more a unicorn thing - but she does play very differently from AJ. Think of her as a flying Sonic The Hedgehog (the GBA version) with much better acceleration, and you've got a pretty good idea.

Hope to see some of you at the Brony Show Monday night!
>> No. 42946
This game of yours is really awesome! I also really like Colgate's voice. Actually I just like everpony's voice...
>> No. 42948
I just got around to seeing the demo on The Brony Show. The game is a lot more expansive than I thought it would be. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see Lyra's magic hand ability, but aside from that, I liked what I saw.


I'd love to see that down the line. Rainbow Dash with Sonic gameplay would be the most awesome thing ever.
>> No. 42974
Seriously now, don't wait after the voice actors. You can add them later.
>> No. 42983
File 135441479639.jpg - (1.24MB , 808x535 , I am Error.jpg )
So, here's a little story about this:
I was playing, trying (and failing) to get all of the achievements, so I thought that I might try to get an insanely high score. I went back to the forest, and used Clock Up with the Orb and Goddess upgrades. I ran around in this state, constantly killing the enemies and replenishing with green apples for a long time (Long enough that the goofy background music stopped looping), and paused the game near Zecora's house for a while because I had to leave. When I came back, the screen was dark except for the HUD and Colgate. I unpaused, walked to the right for a second, and just as I saw the background again, I started falling in "hops", like I was going down some stairs. Then.... This happened.
I resetted and continued, and everything looks in order. Well, Almost in order. I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid or something, but I THINK Colgate looks a little bit different, with a red saddle and a blue toothbrush. I went into the cave, and I had no more bag, but the same brush.
So, What do you think? Did I keep up to my reputation of somehow always screwing up somebody's game, my reputation of being oblivious, or did I actually find something helpful?
>> No. 42986
Good advice. I guess I can wait for full voice to patch in later. I just really want the new game to be as good as possible.

Wow, that's really interesting!

I presume it happened because you actually stayed in Clock Up so long that the music ran out of loops... there's probably a bug at the end of the music file that doesn't restart properly, but misdirects the command to some other part of the game instead.

The saddle is the Rocket Saddle, a hidden item that was dummied out of Trixie's shop due to being incredibly buggy - and the different brush sounds like the Beta Brushie.

So thanks! You did indeed discover a very interesting bug. (Just one I never thought people would find, because I never thought anyone would stay in Clock Up for such a ridiculously long time! ... Shows what I know!)
>> No. 42987
How do you get the Beta Brushie and other goodies?
>> No. 42990
File 135445650788.jpg - (3.70MB , 808x1599 , I am not good at this.jpg )
So, I just did a little "Field research", and found out that the looping probably has nothing to do with it.
As of now, if I go out of Clock Up at the area with the first tree and first few enemies, the screen will be black, and if I don't go left to Zecora's house, I'll probably fall.
If I can, I'll see if I can get a recording or something of this up.
>> No. 42991
I have a quick question about Minty Fresh Adventure 2. I was watching the brony show when you showed a demo of it and I heard you mention that each of the 3 characters will have different stats including health and defense depending on level, items, and who it is. Now in previous games were you had multiple characters available to be used they all shared one health meter. By the sounds of what you said the 3 playable characters will all have their own health bar. My question is should one of your characters die will it give you a game over or will it force you to switch to another pony and there will be an item you can buy to revive any fallen allies.
>> No. 43012
Will you make a public popular commentsite or hold a contest where you try to find good ideas for the next games?
>> No. 43020
File 135464418361.png - (97.60KB , 1010x791 , spoiler.png )
amo de mais ponys
>> No. 43050
Will you fix the Xmas game?
>> No. 43084
File 135510926879.png - (54.60KB , 500x500 , colgate smile.png )

Hey! I downloaded to 1.99v and played through it a couple times. I haven't run into any problems as of yet bar one. If you play through with voices switched off, they'll suddenly switch back on again as soon as you reach the boss stage. It's not a huge deal as I think most players normally leave the voices on anyway (myself included) but it's just something I noticed.
>> No. 43143
The Beta Brushie comes with the artbook download.
Not sure what other goodies you're talking about...

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's a side effect of
the weird way the forest scrolls. Sadly, that means there's no very easy way for me to fix it, but I'll see if I can cobble together a solution. Thanks!

Seperate life bars. If one of your ponies dies, you go back to the last door you entered, and that pony is unusable. There's no item to restore "dead" ponies, but as soon as you touch a save point, they come back.

Well, that's kinda what these threads are for. :) I do take note of all the comments and suggestions, though for the most part the games are pretty planned out already.

"Fix" how? I managed to get the boss music working properly again, but are there other problems?

Thanks for letting me know. There's clearly a couple more bugs I have to sort out before I can finally call it "2.0". (Not to mention one more, hopefully fun, content update!)

Hope that helps, sorry I took awhile to reply. Working hard trying to get MFA2 ready to release.

Should be soon!
>> No. 43145
>Xmas game
*How about the SFX and some missing owlbears at the end of the ice lake and behind the trees? And a higher framerate for the Windigo's flames.
*Also not really a problem, but the hard wind stage is a pain to cross with AJ because of how you get knocked back and 1 hit equals death, that's why everyone skips with Rudolph.

>2.0 update for MFA1
*The blue bear uses cheap tactics like jumping on you at the start. He also jumps/sits on you and refuses to get off. Also you can't jump on the platformers which would be really good for dodging his leaps.
*Btw can you make it so the giant purple ursa doesn't eat you until some time has passed? Most of the time you get eaten in about 7 seconds.
*And can you give a better indication for the big reptile's health? Most people think they are invincible, because of needing to hit them 10 times with the normal brush. And weirdly also because of their invincibility flickering.
>> No. 43162
How about a boss level where Twilight has to learn/absorb Nightmare Moon's spells and use them against her?
>> No. 43184
Is v1.99 compatiable with the beta brush .swf file.

I have the file in the Data folder but don't see an option for it within the game.
>> No. 43185
Hate to break it to you, but Nightmare Moon is done for.
>> No. 43228
i hate this game because i can not win the boss bit
>> No. 43230
in order to unlock the "comedy genius" achievement, you must first purchase the "comedy disc thing" that modifies your "clock up" and then you die.
>> No. 43257
Not only that but you have to have the laugh track playing at the time of death as far as I can tell
>> No. 43264
The laugh track automatically plays when you fall. Nothing more needs to be done besides getting the music and falling.
>> No. 43328
File 135634967813.jpg - (409.19KB , 900x654 , turbo_tastic_by_shoely-d5lix1y.jpg )
So...MFA2 is ''Coming Soon'' next month, or after you grow a beard as big as Gandalf?
>> No. 43346
So i finshed playing around with the Demo you released today, and man does it play fluidly. I didnt get any hick ups or anything like and i put the settings on high and in all areas. The new magic systems is a lot easier to use than in the first game and i can see why you went with this systems for the magic since all the ponies have multiple spells. I did find a bugs where i could jump out of the map and things like that but nothing i wasnt expecting since it was a demo, All the characters seem like they are going to be fun to use (so far my favorite is lyra, that may be cause of some favoritism though >.>) and i can't wait for the full game to come out.
>> No. 43371
One thing I noticed about the MFA2 demo. Normally, an icy slope will slowly send the pony sliding downward. However, if you open the menu while on the slope, she stays put but will still be accelerating, so that when you exit the menu, she'll go flying across the screen.
>> No. 43375
How does and unlock the achievement "check and double check"?
At first I assumed that you have to touch all checkpoints at least once, but when that didn't work I did all "doable" thing in the game (cleaned tooth statues, interected with megan shrine, talked to Dr.hooves, derpy, and Romona, saved minty, annoyed zecora to the point of non-communication, watched all of trixie's newscasts) but even then, I still can't seem to get it!

Do you have to do this all in 1 play-session done without loading a save file?

Am I just wrong?
>> No. 43405
D'oh! Hadn't realized it, but you're right - it's missing from the most recent build of the game. I'll create an updated version of the downloadable that fixes this, and have it up as soon as possible.

A winning strategy is to just keep running away from him, and, when he leaps at you, jump (DON'T TURN AROUND - keep running away as you jump), and press attack. The back of your toothbrush should poke him in the eye.

Then, when he's staggering, face him, and use the spin brush/throw attack. Then start running again. If you use this strategy, you can beat him without taking a single hit.

"Coming soon" as in within the next month, with any luck. It's nearing completion, but there's a lot of stuff I want to fine-tune and make sure it's as bug-free and fun as possible. And there are always parts that could use a bit more sprucing up.

I'm not giving a concrete date, though, as that just adds stress and slows things down.

>>43346, >>43371
Glad to hear you liked the demo so far. And thanks SO much for the bug reports, that helps a LOT. The "falling outside of the walls" has now been fixed, I think.

The ice/slide bug is a very interesting one - it happens because the slippery routine didn't have a flag to check if the game was paused. This is exactly the sort of thing I want to fix before the game's official release, so thanks!

(I'll probably keep updating the demo with new features as I complete them, for 1. bug testing purposes, and 2. so people can know exactly how to play as their favourite pony by the time the game comes out.)

You had it right the first time - touch every checkpoint in the game in one playthrough. (There is one in the forest, and four in the cave.)

Dying doesn't prevent getting this cutie mark, but if you load a saved game it resets the counter.

I hope that helps!
>> No. 43427
File 135704132455.jpg - (65.24KB , 570x420 , Zoe Trent Littlest Pet Shop.jpg )
>You will never unhear her crappy talking voice.
Why couldn't her singing voice be the same one for when she talks, why god, why ;_;?
>> No. 43429
I noticed that were there are the icy slopes that if you hit space it will toggle between icy and spring, this happens with all 3 ponies
>> No. 43454
could you add a control change option my down key is dead
wasd+jkl would be a nice option

yhea apperently somepart of the combonation of not dealing any jump damadge finishing the ursa major while clocked up and not eating a single app.... does the game intentionaly crash if you cause a paradox?

also shrine of megan crashes the game as well
on the downloaded version
>> No. 43533
So i recently began to mess around with some games that i had with cheat engine and messed around with tons of values from different games. Then i saw i had Minty fresh adventure on my pc so i was like ok lets see what i can do. I first tried messing around with the hp values so i began to search for them. Needless to say it wasn't as easy as i thought. Since i didn't have any numerical numbers to go by i couldn't find the values. So i seached with a value of 3 since thats your starting health, took a hit looked for 2 and so on loosing and gaining health to try and find it. I was not successful at all. After trying different combinations of values like 6, 30, 60 (none were successful) i tried a different approach to find the values. Ultimately i did find one value that changed when ever i lost health or gained health. The odd thing was the values i was getting were weird. Normally when i ever i searched for values in any other games, lives and health would be a number like 3 or 20. Stuff that would eventually go down to 0 making then easy to find. When i found the values for Colgate the HP value was 352 at 3 hearts or full health. at 2 hearts the number was 292 and at 1 heart it was 233 (also wanted to note there are numbers that would be in between these if you had the armor upgrade the lowest was 200 at half of heart). These values were weird for me but I don't know much of programming or anything of that sort. Now I thought these numbers were the HP values but every time i would try and modify them nothing would happen. Sometimes the health bar would flicker to full when i set the value to freeze at 352 but would go back to normal. I then decided to see what writes to this value and see what the value writes too and well... That's when i began to break the game. After freezing certain things to try and freeze the values the game went crazy on me. I had random dialog playing through random cut scenes with tons of different music playing at random. Graphics and sprites were also crazy and the game would crash most of the time. The easiest way to explain it is saying a graphic gremlin was in my game XD. Honestly i laughing so hard on the way i broke the game. But time and time again different approaches i could not mess around with the hp values. i also wanted to mess around with the magic bar but i gave up on that since i couldn't even figure out the HP bar. So in the end after 4 hours of messing around i got nothing accomplished but it sure as hell was fun trying to figure it out, I am curiousness though why the hp values were set to such weird numbers (that is if those are even right)
>> No. 43537
It's Flash dude, cheat engine is designed for compiled native code. Use an appropriate debugger.
>> No. 43541
Oh, that explains a lot XD
>> No. 43589
Are you ever going to release the game as open source?
>> No. 43622
I love my little pony.
>> No. 43627
It's Flash, which kind of makes it open source if you know how to get the data from a .swf. I don't really know all too much about Flash though, so I can't help you do too much, but as long as you know Flash, you'll be fine.
>> No. 43818
Are you still working on 2.0, or have you moved on completely to MFA2?
>> No. 43819
File 135953059067.jpg - (43.02KB , 586x419 , 21423634634734.jpg )
>> No. 43830
XD Surprisingly spot on, I must say. :P
>> No. 43835
File 135960986697.jpg - (8.54KB , 225x225 , pinkie-smile.jpg )
Just had to say I loved this game.
Darn well done and enjoyed the cutscenes and humour immensely. It made me go all <<
>> No. 43863
File 135970070776.png - (241.35KB , 797x479 , colgate-charge.png )
Thanks very much, really happy you liked it.
I hope the next one will be as good!

Working on both. I'm trying to import some of the improved mechanics from MFA2 into 2.0 (notably the customizable buttons). Other than that, what mainly remains to be done on 2.0 involves an extra cutscene.

Sorry for the wait. Making games is hard. (And I'm aware I'm not very good at the communication end of things.)

I do plan on sharing the source .fla's, though I'm hoping to work out all the bugs first. (Also, be warned: the source files are pretty huge at this point...)

Fun stuff. It sounds like you'd probably found the bit of memory where Flash stored the graphic data (ie, "the life bar should be 250 pixels wide" or whatever).

Games are fun to play around with. :)

Sorry to worry everyone with my slow progress and infrequent posts. I AM still working on things. Updates soon, with any luck!
>> No. 43958
File 136012902870.png - (10.81KB , 180x223 , 180px-Predacon_symbol.png )
Thank you very much for making this game. I have had a lot of fun playing it, and during my first play though I helped me forget all about the pain in my feet and compromised mobility.

Thanks again. :)
>> No. 43972
A moderate complaint (but since it only concerns a very small minority it's actually minor/negligible).

NOTE: all complaints-glitches were from version 1.99 downloadable version.

There is currently no way to reliably get the "invincible" and the "tube of pure awesome" achievements in one play-through (nearly impossible I've concluded), due to how the jailor's seemingly (and probably) random behaviors, and his speed when preparing his axe for a swing.

One would assume that the best way of defeating this boss relying solely on stomp damage would be to hop on his head and then hop off rinse repeat (I suggest this due to it seeming to make for better gameplay compared to my imaginary alternatives), but in only 1(?) situation is it possible to escape his "axe range" after his hitstun, and if he "selects" an certain action, he can always get you back.
I'll give you some examples of how there is almost no way to get out of "axe range" after jumping on him.

1. You proceed to stomp on his head while he has prepared his axe for a swing, you then stomp on him and intend to escape range by going back in front of him, but he then imminently swings his axe again, you will then get hit my his axe.
2. One has jumped on his head as described in 1 and has the same escape plan, but this time he decides to idle, and since his axe is so far in front of him, you cannot avoid the axe from the elevation given from jumping on him. (although, occasionally when he does swing his axe while you are falling back to the front of him you will not get hurt by the axe oddly, I don't know why though)
3. One jumps on his head and attempt to "ride" over him, but then he preps his axe between his staggers, and you get hit.
4. One tries to stomp on his tail, from the tops of the pillars, but as you descend, he preps his axe, hitting you.

Although there are some scenarios where you can completely control the outcome if your skilled enough.

1. One can stomp on his tail as he is recovering from an axe swing and then escape behind him.
But there are 2 things that make getting in this situation unreliable, and 2 things that makes this require abnormally good timing.

--you can glitch the AI into facing the wall by standing on a pillar, but if you are in a position that requires that he go under you, he "calls the shots" with his axe entirely due to how fast he can prepare it. (you can't react to it)
--you can stomp on his tail from one of the pillars, but I suspect that the axe occupys enough space above him, and his recovery is sufficiently quick that there is no sufficient "riskless time frame" between the times of him recovering from his axe swing, and him being able to preform another axe swing.
In other words, you cannot jump onto his tail from the opening that he creates from his axe swing without him being able to preform another axe swing
In other words, he can "saturate" the space so well above himself in that area that he can never permit an opening where you can safely damage him.
--The opening from the "jump from pillar" method is quite small, and when the AI is glitched into the wall, (from standing on a pillar) the distance you must be at in order to "deter" him from turning around is large enough to deny you an easy way close the distance and jump on his tail without permitting him from turning around, even if you jump on his tail, the momentum from closing the distance seems sufficient that to dodge a "turn around" is abnormally difficult.

Oddly, one of the most reliable ways of defeat this boss using exclusively jump attacks is to repeatedly stomp on him regardless if you are taking damage, dealing most of your damage while invulnerable, but this method feels "tasteless" and without the optimizing finesse that skill would bring.

Some of my suggestions would be to exploit the "hit and run" approach to the boss, specifically, I suggest that any combination of your choosing of these changes/nerfs be implemented

1. AI more predictable or consistent
A. implement a "universal delay" lasting for about 1 second at the end of these actions, swinging his axe, turning around, and walking forward so that he cannot "spam" any of these actions in rapid sequence.
B. Implement "hard timer" delay between axe swings so that openings generated by his axe preps can be safely exploited, or that he can be "ridden over"
C. Implement a delay between axe swings and being stomped on
D. Implement a "universal delay" extension of about 0.7 seconds when you stomp on him which can accumulate to 2 seconds. (so you can get away after stomping on him)
E. Implement a "hard delay" of 1.5 seconds whenever you stomp on the boss that becomes available for use by the player whenever the boss preforms the actions prevented. The actions prevented are: walking forward, swinging axe, turning around.

2. change/slow some of the animations
A. Multiply the "speed" of the "prepare axe" animation by 0.5 or less (so that it is possible to safely "ride" the boss)
B. Multiply the "speed" of the "turn around" animation by 0.5 or less.

3. change the shape/size of the axe or the posture/size of the boss.
A. Change the head of the axe so that it is shorter. (so that you can get back in front of him)
B. Change the pole of the axe so that it is shorter. (so that you can get back in front of him)
C. Change the way he swings his axe so that it covers less "airspace"

4. Change the "physics" or environment of the battle
A. Make it so that one can do a "extended jump" when one stomps on his head (so that you can escape axe range after his stagger)
B. Add jump-pads around the arena so that it is possible to easily get behind him.

I believe the best solution is if you apply suggestions 1A, and 1D or 1E.
But if your lazy, I think suggestion 4A could work alone. (But try and combine it with
1E or 1D)

Additionally there is 1 minor glitch, and 1 moderate glitch

1. There is a "glitch room" that exists to the left the lizard boss which is accessible by jumping left from the second leftmost? pillar. One can easily get stuck in this "room"
but one can get out if they have the double jump tome, and are under the affects of "clock up"

2. The achievement "check and double check" has not unlocked for me.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 7th, 2013 17:32

>> No. 43986
Also, it might be worthwhile to decrease the bosses health, or to increase his vulnerability to stomps.
>> No. 44063
>> No. 44068
Does Lyra know any tunes other than Winter Wrap-up? (And if not, will she someday?)
>> No. 44192
The game is designed with multiple playthroughs in mind (having several different endings), so you shouldn't expect to be able to get all the cutie marks in a single playthrough. (In fact, several of them are mutually exclusive - for instance, one requires you to touch no save points, while another requires you to touch all of them.)

Still, you do have a point in that it's VERY hard to defeat the guard as toothpaste, and in fact largely comes down to luck. In my playtests, I generally bought the Heart Armour - with that, it's fairly certain you'll kill him before he kills you, although you'll take a lot of damage.

You're right, though, it would improve the game a lot if there were a more reliable way to beat him as toothpaste. I'm currently thinking of removing the hitbox from the axe on its upswing, so that he can't hit you when he's preparing to swing - allowing you time to get out of the way, or to interrupt it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do to implement them. There is still one more major update I really want to do before I can call MFA1 really "done".

At present, she only knows Winter Wrap Up.

The full game should have five different songs, that you learn from various places as you go through the game.

I might do a patch to the demo to include some of the extra stuff, but I don't want to ruin too many of the surprises for when the full game goes up (which should be soon, I hope.)

Hope that helps!
>> No. 44197
>> No. 44200
File 136166963580.png - (410.04KB , 695x695 , cute_luna_by_ocelot60-d5bri35.png )
Marc, me boy, you do realize that your idea of soon is the same as Valve's, right? XD
>> No. 44202
File 136168743642.png - (157.44KB , 800x480 , hohohohoho.png )
Argh, that cuts like a knife. :)
I'm honestly not TRYING to operate on Valve time, the game's just a lot more complicated than I initially expected.

I'll do my best to make it worth the wait!
>> No. 44227
Didn't you just have to work on 50% of the monsters to complete the game? What happened that it takes you all this time?
>> No. 44235
I love that picture that you posted there. Twinkle shine looks soo annoyed XD
>> No. 44258
File 136214667248.jpg - (40.95KB , 400x400 , 28864075.jpg )
Only 5 weeks left to go, people, until the official 1-year anniversary of the announcement for MFA's 2.0 update! As Marcusmaximus the Adorable continues to work tirelessly on getting this update out to the public and totally not sitting there eating pizza the entire time, I say that we throw a party in honor of his tremendous success. Maybe, if we're lucky and offer him moar pizza / virgins, he'll even finish it before MFA2! HURRAY!!! :P (I couldn't resist being a smartass, Marc. Sarcasm aside, I genuinely wish you the best on MFA2)
>> No. 44362
as vrea sa joc jocul cu applejac cu iarna
>> No. 44372
>> No. 44458
'Ello Marc me boy. It's your very loving broken record here. You still alive? If so, any news on 2.0?
>> No. 44490
File 136382563498.jpg - (106.52KB , 1024x768 , Team Fortress 2-03-16-2013 19-27-01.jpg )
hello i love to poop and this game
>> No. 44513
What's going on with Minty? You ran into a bunch of unfixable bugs, you ran out of ideas and time, you don't like how the game is shaping up? Wtfs going on. How complicated you making that level up system and the enemies+bosses?
>> No. 44516
I still think you should have spent 2-3 months-each making a short level, instead of going overcore with it.
>> No. 44544
Pretty darn complicated, though actually, what's really bashing my head in is all the graphics involved, especially for things like the cutscenes.

It'll hopefully be worth it in the end.

In the meantime...

You are SO right.

In fact, in part because of your comment, I went ahead and did something I'd been thinking about doing for awhile now. It's not Minty Fresh 2 (or 2.0), but ... hopefully it'll tide you over.

>> No. 44549
>> No. 44550
SO I tried out your newest game and my god.. that was hilarious. It was adorable and comical to no end. Over all it was totally worth it for that, would like to see more of Minty fresh adventure 2 though but wait i shall.
>> No. 44551
Very fun, but the telekinesis controls are so broken that any level involving boxes is near unbeatable. I got stuck at the 15 sec level with box stacking at the end. It just isn't possible to quirk out the broken box physics correctly and reach the goal within the allocated time.

Also, add passwords. Having to replay the entire game to get back to where you left is not fun.
>> No. 44552
File 136499699663.png - (49.93KB , 820x500 , spoiler.png )
So far I got half of the marks.
I can guess what the far 2 on the right are.. but that Clock up one has me stumped..(I'm guessing it's a secret or a mark for getting 5/6.)

Kindness to Animals:
Just leave the sheep alone(Jumping on them does not harm them.)

Nick of time:
Beat the level when the clock hits 00:00:00

Split Second:
Beat a level in one second
I think the level with the first gravity switch is the easiest one to do that one in.

I might do a video walk-through of this if I have time from school... Wait it's 9:52 ALREADY!? OH NO I'M GOING TO BE TAAARDY!

Last edited at Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013 06:52

>> No. 44553

Not impossible. I did it, but it's a royal pain.
>> No. 44556
Could you quickly add the following? Press down to fall faster.
Would help a lot with the character control.
>> No. 44557
File 136502462323.png - (9.75KB , 813x492 , TRULY Perfectly on time.png )
The very first level is the easiest to get the "Split Second" Cutie Mark on. Just hold right and jump as soon as it starts and you'll land at the door. I would know, cause this is my end result screen from my last playthrough :P
>> No. 44558
What sucks is that if you want a time that good, the "Nick of Time" Mark becomes un-attainable unless you purposefully slow down and wreck your score.
>> No. 44560
Oh, and clock up you get for completing the game in under 3:45. The guy who made it (Marcus, right? *freshoffthenoobtrain.jpg*) couldn't get a time faster than 3:45.
>> No. 44562
File 136502929111.png - (11.32KB , 811x496 , Purely on time.png )
Turns out that I was completely wrong about the half a second thing, I managed to shave another 2 seconds off of my record.

Also, here's a Cutie Mark that might be a good idea:

"Well at least you're consistent: You completed a level in the same amount of time 3 times in a row, spare a tenth of a second or so."

I find myself often getting exactly "6.03" seconds remaining on the third level and I thought of this.

Another thing, when I got to the hidden stage for the first time, I flipped the switch, the switch kind of ended up placing me in a wall, and then flash crashed. Idk what causes that, but it might be something you want to look into. The Ursa Minor fight in MFA has something similar where the game lags down to 1-2 fps for the first time I fight him, but doesn't lag if I die and restart. I wanted to try for the invincible mark, captain scarlet at least, but that bug is making it impossible. I'm just wondering if the two are related in anyway.
>> No. 44563
holy crap 3:45? I don't think I could be that fast.
Also that walk-through I said earlier is going to be later than I excepted. Sorry about that.


Yea, you're right, somehow I missed that...
>> No. 44564
File 136503133733.png - (204.42KB , 815x485 , Max Jump Height Example.png )
There are certain places where if you jump up to them, it's at the apex of your jump so that when you touch the platform you can immediately jump again. Here's a few examples.
>> No. 44565
File 136503157308.png - (127.56KB , 814x494 , Max Jump Height Example B.png )
Note that the blue line represents the edge of where you can land in each scenario. I'm just trying to give you an idea of the size of her jump is. If you ever have a scenario where you have to jump and keep jumping, look for blocks of this exact height. Jumping and falling is a waste of time, so if you can master the blocks that are like this (Which there are a lot of), you can shave a ton of time off your score.
>> No. 44566
File 136503170503.png - (101.91KB , 811x494 , Max Jump Height Example C.png )
What is especially time saving are places like this, where you can chain this together and get through as if it were one big jump. If you use this trick, the third level here should take just under 6 seconds.
>> No. 44567
File 136503414809.png - (9.65KB , 815x493 , 1 second away.png )
So it's obvious I love this guys game by now, right? MFA I haven't really done much praise of in this thread, but rest assured I still love that game. (Infinite Clock Up FTW, never getting that clockwise cheive though :T) But anyway, I've figured something out after playing "Minuette Vs. Tardiness"
Without a doubt, if I hadn't made two minor errors in this run, I could have clipped off one final second, I believe the absolute fastest you can complete this game in is around 3:20
>> No. 44568
i love pony
>> No. 44569
It might as well be impossible if there is no reliable way of doing it and it requires extreme amounts of luck. There is no room for luck in a game like this.
>> No. 44570
The telekinesis controls aren't broken, you have to not have any other button pressed while you press x to pick something up. So just stop moving for a split second to pick up a block, or flip a switch
>> No. 44573
That is the problem. You don't have time to stop in this game. And it is annoying even if you had the time.

And then there is the broken box physics. Good luck trying to stack the boxes even without the timelimit.
>> No. 44574
When I said split second, I meant as long as there is a single instant where you are not pressing a key and Minuette is touching the ground, you can use telekinesis on something. And stacking them is easy. you just throw it to the right while still on the platform. The box follows a fixed path, and if you throw it while on the furthest right bit of the platform it spawns on you can get the box up every time.
>> No. 44577
I never once managed to throw a box. Not even by accident.

Also, perhaps it is time for a new thread, this one seems to be autosaging...
>> No. 44580
So I noticed...It's also a bit of a hassle to scroll down, even with the scroll bar because it has to go through so much. At any rate, once you've picked up a box, you need to just hold right and then press 'x' again and it will be thrown in the direction you were holding the key in.
>> No. 44583
Are you racist for Unicorns or something? How come Colgate, Lyra, Twinkle and Rarity can't run?
>> No. 44584
Colgate doesn't need to run, she can stop time and go anywhere in less than a second, Lyra is a musician, so she doesn't need to run, she plays music while walking around and makes money from it, Twinkle is Twinkle, and Rarity is a lady and would never stoop to running anywhere unless her life depended on it.

Also, Minuette is a unicorn, she can run crazy fast. The others just choose not to for the most part. Too much strain on their dainty pony hooooooooooves.
>> No. 44593
Oh my goodness, I just played through PPP IV and loved every second of it. Absolutely fantastic.
>> No. 44606
>> No. 44611
me en canata
>> No. 44613
The Catherine reference made me laugh my fucking ass off.
>> No. 44627
How much would you say MFA2 is completed atm? like...90% but with the rest of the 10% being incredibly hard to finish?
>> No. 44641
File 136602503490.jpg - (10.66KB , 300x269 , 1.jpg )
jndbnujhed nkdjfiuef4r7heuithrjrhgurhhtgrhjghirfbherj3uy89ew
>> No. 44657
So, where is the hidden stage?
>> No. 44683
You have to have done a pretty much perfect run, having not died and not gotten tardy and you will get the secret stage. I think you might have the ability to die once, but if you lose too much time from dying you don't get it.
>> No. 44688
the first one happened to me too
second, it's not a square and if you fall of that platform you won't die and you'll earn a cutiemark more
the table is trixie's table from PNN news
>> No. 44689
the first one happened to me too
second, it's not a square and if you fall of that platform you won't die and you'll earn a cutiemark more
the table is trixie's table from PNN news
>> No. 44691
File 136630794902.png - (1.89MB , 1280x1719 , exile_by_c_cain-d4q03x0.png )
Hello, Mr. Marcusmaximus! It's me again, here to ask once again about 2.0. So... how's 2.0? :P
>> No. 44693
File 136630869346.jpg - (22.50KB , 302x167 , derpi.jpg )
hola soy veruska vivo en venezuela y es lo mejor . :D
>> No. 44706
>> No. 44711
Yeah, that's not gonna happen with the broken box physics.
>> No. 44712
So i saw you added in a Level creator / Editor which i thought was really cool to use. I also remember you mentioning in a video that you wanted to add a level creator for minty fresh adventure 2. Is it going to be similar to this one?
>> No. 44713
How do I remove things in the editor?
>> No. 44715
Speaking of the level editor, there seems to be an odd glitch in most of the custom levels that auto-kills Minuette as soon as the level begins. (Same thing happened when I tried MAKING a custom level, so...just thought I'd throw that out there.
>> No. 44723
Hi all! As always, sorry for the wait.

Glad to see (most) people enjoyed Minuette's little adventure. And are still playing it, I guess, since you noticed the level editor!

Sorry it's a bit clunky, but Flash really wasn't designed to do this sort of thing, and it's my first time trying to code something of the sort. Still, I think it came out pretty well considering. (Yes, I'd very much like to add an undo and other such friendly features if I can figure out how.)

Regarding Minty Fresh Adventure 2 and the long awaited 2.0 update:
Yes, still working on them, no, I can't say for sure when they'll be done. Hopefully, in both cases, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the extra content and think they were worth the wait.

As for completeness: it's hard to say, as MFA2's size keeps increasing.
The game kind of turned itself inside out.
It'll make sense when you play it, I promise. :)

I will start a new thread soon, hopefully with some new content, as this one's autosaging now. Thanks so much for playing my silly little games, guys.
>> No. 44728
It seems fun editing new levels, but there are three questions I need answered because I manage to beat my level, but upon applying the code to play custom games, the level is crunched up, and it tends to lag, too. So here are my questions

1) My level is large, but I might have made the level too large. What is the maximum length I can achieve on the x,y coordenants, or the number of block spaces?

2) My level is extremely lagging, possibly because there are too many objects in the world. Is there a maximum amount of space that objects can occupy without causing a lag?

3) My level needs beyond 60 seconds, at which going beyond that, it shows the minutes. When the second timer approaches zero, while there is still a minute extra, the timer expands just like if your timer is about to run out, but the timer continues. Can the timer go beyond 60 seconds, and does it contribute to glitches and lags?

Last edited at Mon, Apr 22nd, 2013 19:06

>> No. 44729
Neither was any other programing language that games are made in. Don't blame the tool.

As for lag, are you using that grid to quickly find the objects that could possibly be interacting? Such an optimization would allow for nearly infinity large levels due to minimizing the number of collision tests needed.
>> No. 44778
Sorry my English was not well the first time

I know it's not the tool's fault. I enjoy making levels, but upon finishing my level, I start replaying it by using the code that it gave me, and replayed it, and the world got squeezed blocking passages and making it impossible.

I got mixed up using the words objects for stuff like crates, sheeps, piston, etc. I wanted to say the blocks used for walls and floors. I did not use any objects for my level, just blocks, a bit of disappearing, and spikes, and nothing more. I calculated my world to be about 9000+ to the right on the x-axis and 4000+ below on the y-axis. Right now I am experimenting on the max length on what this tool will allow for a full functioning level
>> No. 44780
I tried MULTIPLE times, but I can't get the "Check and Double-Check" cutie mark. I got the checkpoint 1 in the forest and all 4 in the cave every time. Clearly there is something wrong with it. I've got all the other cutie marks already. I might try again later to get it on my first play-through. Maybe something glitched as I was playing it over and over?

Of course, I still enjoyed the game and thank you for all the hard work you put into it. It has provided hours and hours of enjoyment so far.
>> No. 44798
File 136732967916.jpg - (35.96KB , 480x480 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 44800
File 136733353569.png - (45.63KB , 796x239 , PPP.png )
Is Applejack ever coming back?
>> No. 44822
>> No. 44829
>> No. 44831
File 136759614785.png - (36.34KB , 1385x337 , wat happened.png )
>> No. 44886
File 136838366861.jpg - (1.31MB , 792x2376 , 1368368751504.jpg )
>> No. 44907

I just tried it again, this time using the online web page and it worked. I got the cutie mark.

Edit: Yep, it doesn't work it either the bat or htm version of the download. I just tested htm and was using the bat before.

Last edited at Tue, May 14th, 2013 23:50

>> No. 44908

... That is one seriously messed up comic. xD
>> No. 44945
Sooo... any news on the year-old 2.0 update? I still haven't forgotten it, Marc. You haven't forgotten it, have you?

That annoying guy who keeps popping in at least once a month to remind you of the 2.0 update. :p
>> No. 44956
File 136908159837.png - (358.66KB , 1411x688 , Volcano level.png )
This has been up for a while but nobody asked about it.

Hey Mark Sprague, can you give us some information on what this was suppose to be?
>> No. 44967
Colgate's toothbrush could be just as fun as Applejack's bucking if the tootbrush had some weight and a screen long range.
Like a flail weapon or a chain weapon. Weird how nobody tries to make mods for this game.
Jetpack, Mirror, Meghan's statue.
So what did the mirror do? nobody figured it out.

Last edited at Wed, May 22nd, 2013 11:37

>> No. 44968
Don't mind me. Just posting some great Nes games.

Plus this one genesis music piece.
>> No. 44969
I'm having the same problem as someone else on this thread had. How do you get "Check and Double-Check" on the downloaded copy of the game. I've activated all five of the check-points several times, but it didn't work. [Even if it can be done on the online copy, I still want it on the downloaded copy.]
>> No. 44970
This is a suggestion for dealing with future games.
You know as well as I do that Hasbro is never going to officially refer to the character who appears in the series as Colgate Palmolive, as Colgate, Palmolive, and Colgate-Palmolive are registered trademarks of Colgate-Palmolive. Even if they were to make some deal, like allowing the likeness of the character to appear with toothpaste, they still won't give her that name. No point in putting something on the show they might have to take out later. They already got burned on that with Derpy [which I still think was overkill - if Derpy is offensive, then so is Goofy]. So, what do you do with the game if at some point they refer to this likeness of the character as Minuette onscreen (they already have a non-crystal figure of her named Minuette, it's available at Toy WIz). My solution to that possible problem: Her full name is Minuette Colgate Palmolive, but she opted to use her middle name, a practice that many have followed if they don't like their first name or, in this case, don't want to be confused with someone else [like the transport clone of William Thomas Riker]. (The only problem is how will her receptionist react if she were to learn that she and her boss have the same name.)

Small addendum: when work continues on Always the Bridesmaid, don't forget about this small detail. Lyra Heartstrings, Minuette/Colgate, and Twinkleshine do apparently make it out of the cave before the episode ends, because they are at the post-wedding party. Rarity pushes through them to get to Cadance's bouquet. Minuette/Colgate is visibly upset. Another small detail from that episode that could be mentioned in the game is that just before Twilight and Cadance encounter the bridesmaids, "Lyra" and "Minuette" are clearly seen in the wedding hall. Was Romana possibly at the wedding and is there another Lyra lookalike (she does seem to get around. She apparently lives both in Canterlot and Ponyville.)?

Last edited at Thu, May 23rd, 2013 03:05

>> No. 44975
I'd love an interview with you if you don't mind, though I suggest not answering all of these in one go, saving the answers in a notepad would be best.

How many rooms does MFA2 have right now?
How many bosses & types of enemies do you have planned?
Do you have any secrets to share, your average work flow and unused or future ideas?
Are you thinking of adding any scripted events? ex: time limits, last stands, death walls-lava/ice surges, bosses chasing you.
Which was the hardest part? e.g. to make the designs and animations or coming up with interesting abilites for the monsters?
Are you gonna add more D&D creatures like a Beholder?
What kinda challenges do you have in stock for the level up system? does each challenge differ from character?
Can you say what makes you keep adding stuff to colgate's second game?

What else do you work on besides Dragon Mango, Fluffy ponies and Platforming Project?
I see most of your inspiration is taken from anime and popular games like Castlevania, but do you think you can increase your sources of inspiration?
What paid jobs did you have in the past and present?
What are some of your dreams and goals?
What you think of the hipster indie game makers which try as hard as possible to be 2deep4u artistic?
How often do you browse 4chan and which boards?

When is Applejack in Castlevania gonna come true?
Do you have an idea why the progress seemed to slow down on Fighting is magic after February 2012?
Which characters are gonna be next as playable ponies/others? Is it back to Applejack+1 extra like her previous games?
Will you try breaking the stereotype of Rainbow Dash always having to play like Sonic?
Will pegasi fly with 3 key combo like Rudolph or easier and more unique?
Is it easy to add Applejack&others in multiple games or you need to add their damage value for each monster that they haven't faced yet?
How would you design the horses of the apocalypse, gameplay wise? can you give examples?

Last edited at Thu, May 23rd, 2013 14:17

>> No. 44976
Minty Fresh Adventure 2.0 (not to be confused with MFA2) IS still being worked on. Sorry for the wait. I've been more prioritizing MFA2 as I think more people are waiting for that, but I WILL release 2.0.

(Possibly sooner than I thought, since apparently there's still at least one critical bug in v1.99 I need to fix, judging by the comments below!)

Interesting, this may be a bug in the downloadable version. Sorry for the inconvenience. I guess this is another reason I need to hurry and get 2.0 out...

Applejack will be the main character in the next game I make, the details of which I shall share soon.

The Volcano Theme was intended for a level for the original game I planned to design (the Applejack game). Although the stage remains unfinished due to the loss of the original code, a test version of it still exists.

A level very much like this one WILL likely appear in the Applejack game, but to satisfy your curiosity:

And hey, while I'm at it, here's another AJ level that never got past the concept stage (but will doubtless appear in a future game.) It's just an endless loop, but at the time I was really happy with it as a concept.

I do actually plan to release the source files for my games once I get them something approaching organized, so hopefully we'll see some fun mods then.
>> No. 44977
Don't want to give away too many spoilers, but the reason for the bridesmaids' being at the wedding while they were in the caves will be explained in the story. (And yes, their appearance at the end to fight with Rarity for the bouquet has not been forgotten...)

As for Colgate's name, that's not really a big deal to me. She already had dozens of names even before Minuette came along. And as far as I'm concerned, all those other names are equally valid - they're the names of other, identical-looking ponies like Romana! That's why you'll sometimes see a crowd scene with seven Colgates.

But as for the idea of a Colgate look alike called Minuette ... well, you'll have to play the game and see how that plays out. :)

Great set of questions. I shall answer them when I have time (I've saved them to a text document as suggested.)

In other news: this weekend I'm at Anime North, manning the Dragon Mango booth as usual. My lovely wife Karen will also be there (she voiced Colgate, Minuette, Zecora and Minty in my games, and was AJ in Fighting is Magic). So, if anyone wants to come by and say hello and/or demand I release my games faster, please feel free!

And after this crazy weekend is done, I'll finally start a new thread...
>> No. 44981
These two threads are getting quite the posts lately.
>> No. 44982
BTW: The last name you chose for Megan (seen in the ticker on the Always the Bridesmaid Xmas Preview Thing). Did Megan Williams come from somewhere, or did you come up with it? [I've only seen the on screen G1 material (both TV specials, the movie, and both TV series) and one children's book. I've never read the G1 comics. I didn't even know they existed until recently. Also, I don't know how many people have played the Always the Bridesmaid Xmas Preview Thing yet or if anyone still needs to find the statue in Minty Fresh Adventure, that's why I've blacked most of this out.]

Also, my previous post (>>44970), My intention was to suggest a contingency plan, nothing more. What if, at some point, someone on the show walks by her and says something like "Hey, Minuette. I haven't seen you since the wedding"? Then claiming that the name of the bridesmaid was Colgate would no longer be valid in the shows' canon. Though, more than likely that will never happen. Don't get my wrong, though; I like the story you've created. These games preoccupy my thoughts a little too much. I wish that something could be added at some point so that after completing the game I could get to the cut scenes and alternate endings on demand. My favorite ending for Minty Fresh Adventure is #4. Assuming that was the real ending, how long did it take her to rebuild?
>> No. 44983
Man you creeping even me out.
Though the on-demand cutscenes almost like the Owlbear boss would be good.
But they're cutscenes so you can view them on youtube, no need for interaction.
>> No. 44984
Supposedly one of Lyra's song combos - down down right down up up x z.
-The rocket horseshoe must have also been a great testing tool to check if you can fall through platforms, it used to do that in the other games if you fell from very high points. Though I must ask, do you have a special browser game where you test all the physics?
-How will the demonhell dog Cerberus work? You implied he wanders around. When you do meet him will you get transported to one room(same room everytime) to battle him? or there'll be variations for where you can fight him?
-Also... ''holy toothpaste'' to deal more damage to ghosts? what forms will the ghosts take? also what abilities/mechanics do they have?
-What accessories will Lyra and Twinkle get? Boxing gloves and horn ring, respectively?


Last edited at Fri, May 24th, 2013 12:41

>> No. 44987
Heeeyy guys!! who remembers this gem?

Also here's the songs from the Minuette game.

"Time Reflected In Your Eyes" by Kukeiha Club
originally from Tokimeki Memorial

"Kyoufu no Ashiato" by Arisawa Takanori
originally from Digimon Adventure

"Bt. Version 5" by Masashi Hamauzu
originally from Unlimited SaGa

"Warning" by Atsushi Kitajo
originally from Trauma Center

"Long Way" and "Zone Time" by Shoji Meguro
originally from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
>> No. 45004
File 136960678669.png - (167.03KB , 1024x640 , moondancer_g4_by_alicorncrystal-d5my67r.png )
Probably gonna end up maining TwinkleShine for her long range and 6 directional attack.
Btw will Moondancer get a cameo?
>> No. 45005
File 136960684334.jpg - (109.31KB , 900x655 , moondancer_g4_collab_w_spirit_by_lionheartcartoon-d4rb1wd.jpg )
>> No. 45008
File 136960751129.jpg - (312.61KB , 800x800 , 330445__UNOPT__safe_lyra_pixiv_colgate_twinkleshine_513b50877f123bef170001ef.jpg )
>> No. 45042
File 136994774660.png - (257.49KB , 809x528 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 45053
Got some Changeling screencaps?
>> No. 45076
Just a few things to add to the "to do" list (after work on Always the Bridesmaid is finished).

I would like to see a game where you can play as any of the three "Minuettes" in the games so for: Colgate, Minuette, and Romana. (You can tell Colgate and Romana apart by the presence or absence of a toothbrush) I'm not sure what story you could come up with where the three would be venturing together, but you might be able to come up with something interesting.

Also, being able to turn off the music to use one's own music is fine, but it doesn't bring up music on cue. I don't know what's possible when creating Flash games, but could something be added to the options section of Minty Fresh Adventure, and future games that would allow to program to call up an .mp3 or .wav file on one's computer instead of the music included with the game for specific things. [Forest, Cave, Clock-Up, Clock-Up 2, etc.] Don't get me wrong. I like the music you've chosen. (I've found some of it and play it in my car sometimes.) But I would like other music in the game as well. [Personally, I would like one of the Clock-Ups to use Weird Al Yankovic's "Cavity Search". It's a parody of U2's "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me". The parody is told from the perspective of a dental patient with quite a few oral hygiene problems. It would fit perfectly into a game featuring a dentist as the main character, such as Colgate.]

And it would be nice if some of elements of the the games (cuts scenes, voice clips, etc.) available for download to watch or listen to separate from the game. I want to have some of them on my mp3 player to listen to in my car (when no one else is in there of course) (and maybe replace some of the sounds on Microsoft Money, I've been using audio clips of Derpy from "The Last Round-Up"). I really enjoy Trixie's advertising as you pass under her shop, as well as her PNN reports, the "payback time" insert at the end of the game, and of course Ending #4. I'm sure you have the original files where the voices were recorded and you could put them somewhere for download. To avoid spoilers, you add something that requires someone to perhaps answer a question about the game before the file will download (it would be best if done as multiple choice, as typos could kick out a correct answer to a question or perhaps questions requiring one word answers).

No hurry, I'm just getting my thoughts out of things I want to see, and I gives an idea of how the games have affected me. I play them whenever I get bored. Someday, I might get all of the achievements if I can figure them all out. I have only three left: Invincible and Rushie Brushie are nearly impossible and Check and Double-Check doesn't seem to work. I don't count Cutie Mark Crusader, since that's supposed to be "all of the above". Which brings up something else to add, allow people to see their Cutie Mark data before they start the game so they know what they haven't completed yet. They may forget by the next time they play.
>> No. 45116
i love pony platforming project apple jack minute and minty is girling
>> No. 45130
How much progress has been made on the content of the game, compared to the technical aspects of Flash? That is to say...if you had Superman as a programmer, would you have released MFA2 earlier in December 2012?
>> No. 45197
File 137164300725.png - (16.97KB , 120x120 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 45223

You seen this concept before?
>> No. 45275
Any news on the 2.0 update?

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 13:53

>> No. 45296
Well you have to jump on titchy platforms in the cave. When you find the first adult lizardman go under just go diagonal left-down until you come to disappearing platforms. Jump them and if you come to a flat-out place with a long walk, then you got to him. If not, then goddamit I made a mistake.
>> No. 45306
File 137292218789.png - (144.79KB , 1200x300 , MFA_Stage_2_(cave)_map.png )
A normal person uses a map.
>> No. 45357
Thanks for creating it. I really enjoyed it. How can i kick you a few bucks?
>> No. 45405
ya know this game is pretty elaborate multiple endings easter eggs and all i could see a game like this being put on like a game system like x-box live, wii eshop or 3ds eshop id buy it
>> No. 45420
File 137399346610.jpg - (26.39KB , 375x363 , 959291-jack_black_school_of_rock.jpg )
Gimme a sign!! Give me a sign to show me you're alive and kicking.
>> No. 45467
'Ello? You still around, Marcusmaximus? Anything new on the 2.0 update?
>> No. 45592
Wow, it's been a while. Can't help but wonder if Marc finally gave up on the 2.0 update. Hope not, but he is more than entitled to if he wishes.
>> No. 45598
File 137675467114.jpg - (107.11KB , 1024x768 , blooming-flowers-648-2.jpg )
How long does it take for MFA2 to bloom?
>> No. 45611
File 137690557910.jpg - (40.98KB , 291x400 , 13334445553234.jpg )
C'MON MAN!!! I'm so desperate i would give my kidney for MFA2 to release next month.
I'm dying here. What do you want, man?
>> No. 45678
Could you put up a second preview for MFA2?
>> No. 45692
To be honest it was amazing I mean I'd play a full length game like this if there were more power ups and bosses etc. But as flash games go this was amazing also when you knock on Zecora's door I <3 Colgate's attitude and all. This game has made my fave pony Colgate sadly her and Minuette are technically the same pony I think they should really be different. I like Colgate much better thinking of doing an anthro Colgate cosplay though she may be kinda well endowed. Schadenfreude
>> No. 45739
How's the game going?
>> No. 45746
File 137928510089.gif - (142.58KB , 90x100 , mintysprite.gif )
Right! I'm here! Sorry for the wait (as usual!)

Haven't forgotten about 2.0. It's coming very soon.
It contains general bugfixes, a new ending (bringing us to five total)...
and because a couple of people have asked for this (and I'm not sure if they were kidding): a certain other pony is now playable, with her own separate story.

Minty Fresh Adventure 2 is on track to hopefully meet it's original intended release date - just a year later than intended. (Ouch!) A new playable demo will be coming out in the next couple of days.

As usual, sorry to keep you in constant suspense!
>> No. 45751
It's good to hear your voice again and knowing you still working on it. We really miss you. Gotta hand it to ya, your games, in my opinion, are the best flash games I have ever played in my life. Thank you for making such great games.
>> No. 45782
File 137975203167.jpg - (60.67KB , 400x400 , 13190902.jpg )

"It's coming very soon."

I don't really understand why, but a sudden sense of deja vu just came over me. >XD

Glad to see that you're still around though. I wish you luck on both projects and am looking forwards to seeing MFA1 finally finished! :)

Last edited at Sat, Sep 21st, 2013 01:29

>> No. 45784
>> No. 45811
>> No. 45838
How about Colgate or Minty riding on the timberwolves? and the wolves can also have a green flamethrower from their mouth.
>> No. 45839
File 138162489735.png - (197.39KB , 507x454 , jawsome!.png )
MFA 2 is definitely on my get hyped for list. I really hope it'll get finished soon.

We've lost way too many projects underway already.
>> No. 45868
File 138307820784.png - (420.53KB , 1280x720 , Zap_apple_meteor_shower_S2E12.png )
After mfa2 is done, will the series go back to short games like Minuette and AJ's levels or slightly bigger like minty1?
Also could the next game involve zapples and zapple trees?
>> No. 45869
File 138307827915.png - (320.85KB , 830x467 , 830px-Zap_apple_aurora_rainbow_S2E12.png )
>> No. 45870
File 138307834863.jpg - (184.81KB , 1746x1239 , 89d9d788bb972a2d7f4341290690c861.jpg )
>> No. 45917
[email protected]
>> No. 45966
File 138674989785.png - (339.88KB , 1000x350 , Luna.png )
Um, Marc? You there Marc? You didn't go out and die on us, did you Marc?
>> No. 46004
File 138754162309.jpg - (70.26KB , 800x600 , 800px-Woods_on_Fire.jpg )
How about giving Applejack some fire magic? Setting apples on fire, setting barrels on fire.
The fire would spread between owlbears and would spread between the trees.

It would be a really fun feature, especially if there's also a power up for being immune to fire.
>> No. 46015
Here's an idea for an attempt at 2D/3D exploration level design.
You can go in the background about 2,3 times till you get too small, then you switch to a different area. You can switch routes and stages anywhere, you don't have to really be situated somewhere specific in order for it to work, thus getting rid of the labyrinth structure.
>> No. 46071
I suggest a talented level & gameplay designer for the next series of games, perhaps game modders.

For Colgate in Mfa1&2 she could use some air control, example; she could ride her toothbrush like a surf board or a mini ship.
>> No. 46140
A few questions. What would your game team be composed of and what role would you fit in?
Would you still be working in the flash engine or you'll be using something else?
>> No. 46218
By any chance do you still have Minty Vs Tardiness version 1.0 because I can never seem to get 2 achievements, the split-second and clock up. I think the 1.1 version calculates the time wrong and I can never get below 5 minutes on a perfect run.
>> No. 46435
I didn't like this for many reasons...

When I got on a platform it didn't land just fell to the ground..

Also the boss it kinda bad... I couldn't stun it with normal attack...I had to use a special attack...
>> No. 46466
>> No. 46562
Anymore demos for MFA2 or you waiting for the completed version?
>> No. 46599
You could have a different bullete monster attack you later in the game, and have the gameplay play out differently. Perhaps take some inspiration from DigDug by allowing the ponies to dig(or follow the landshark's tunnels) and have lava surges kill the bullete.
>> No. 46622
File 139698364790.png - (455.14KB , 1025x769 , Behind dragon invisible Twinkleshine.png )
First of all, I killed myself by searching for the switch button, and hitting q, and then I came back with an invisible pony and the game locking me out, so I had to restart.

Secondly, I never recovered lost health. Is there any way to restore health without Colgate's Heal spell?

Lastly, I turned invisible again vs. the Dragon, and you can see in the file attached to this post, that got behind the dragon.

Overall, the game looks to be shaping up to be really fun. Lyra's double dragon fighting style gave me a laugh in the last fight, but her special attacks and Twinkle Shine's directional shooting are great improvements on the game. I liked "Guiding Light's" ability to give me info on monsters.

Edit: Oh yeah, when I got stuck like that, I hit q to try and take damage to retry the fight, but after I was dropped to 1 Heart, the "q" key started damaging the dragon, so I won that way. That might've been a special thing coded in on purpose for the fight. (I didn't turn invisible by hitting q that time...if its what turned me invisible the first time, that is)

Last edited at Tue, Apr 8th, 2014 12:04

>> No. 46648
Colgate was a terrible character to play as. Twinkle and Lyra don't look all the better, what precautions have you taken for them in MFA 2?
>> No. 46916
fbjznys ,uelr;;lçmmofx nyèu(u,jilçrl;uk_ikfy;ilçèlfy;ylf,ukk,xfukuu,x h,kd,xh ,uk_kdu,xh ,uk,xhf,tkk,t-kr,dt,ur-;çmt!ùy*è
>> No. 47183
>> No. 47222
File 141357645085.png - (115.08KB , 720x720 , spoiler.png )
I'll ask one thing about the game , why appears that time machine ?
>> No. 47224
>> No. 47238
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 47239
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 47284
>> No. 47318
File 141689558481.jpg - (111.81KB , 800x1000 , mlp_celestia_human_version_by_kreoss-d396orv.jpg )
So it's been nearly a year since my last post here, and I want to ask again, well after the OP likely cares at this point: Are you ever going to finish the 2.0 patch for MFA1?
>> No. 47356
>> No. 47370
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 47483
>> No. 47521
I'm Hungarian.
>> No. 47564
File 142800146889.png - (58.18KB , 809x508 , cuties.png )
I got all the cutie marks but when i got the "tube of pure awesomeness"i lost the "invenvible" cutie mark (se same happend when i tried to get that cutie mark back,but this time,i lost the tube one) i dont know if is a glitch or i have to get the cutie marks in the same gameplay
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