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I have been working on an MLP card game for QUITE a while. Much longer than any other MLP card game actually. I have come a long way with mental planning, and I have a nice portion of the rules laid out, I need a few bronies/pony fans to help with design, play-testing, and development.

An Alpha Version Rulebook can be found here

Current card list can be found here

Beta Card Design

Note: Names of card types >Are not final< I have some changes done, but not included in the current published manual.

***If you can help in any way improve these names, please do.***

*The Current card names,*

* Commander
* Legionary
* Support
* Accessory
* Spell
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>> No. 36394
Get a grammarnazi and a nitpicker. It's crucial to have one if you make a card-game.
The first card: Celestia. It has a spelling error.

I do not have the time to actually read the rules or get into the cards, but I might do that later.
>> No. 36430
File 133360469748.png - (1.39MB , 993x1841 , it__s_time_for_some_chaos_by_twilightsquare-d4i8f2w.png )
Subtitle: Pony pet
Ability: When played on 2nd turn proceeding Pinkie Pie, Pinkie Pie gains a balloon giving +1/+1 to all cards in players pool for each equipment the opponent is using.
>> No. 36431
Gummy- continued
Cost: 2
>> No. 36493
Wow; I totally love the design of these cards! Going to read the rules now.
>> No. 36497
I am enjoying the mechanics, though I have a few questions:

1) Rarity's ability - Round up or down?

2) Support cards - Only 2 support cards on the field per player?

3) Friendship points (2 for harmony, 1 for chaos per turn) seems to be very in favour of harmony if that is your only income. Am I missing something here that balances the two?
>> No. 36569
i am totally useless at the moment for any help with this... but i can at least give this thread a mighty needed bump.
>> No. 36667
The grammar/word choice on Twilights card is inconsistent with the rest of them.

Just a heads up.
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