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36397 No. 36397
What program does everypony use to make 2D games? I wanna try to create a game using the basic Desktop Ponies with some custom sprites.
I can't seem to find anything remotely helpful... so far, everything has been pretty much useless... is there a certain program I haven't discovered yet?

Maybe we could make a custom program, just for our little bit-ty ponies?
Pic unrelated.
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>> No. 36399
> Good
> Engine

You can only pick one.
>> No. 36400
Make your own.

SDL + D/C/C++ is a good choice

If your new to programming python and pygame(SDL) are good

Desktop ponies though? I don't know how to do that, I know the original applet is written in javascript (or something to do with java) You could just use windows API, good luck with that though. (I dev on linux so don't ask me.)
>> No. 36401
come to think of it, wxwidgets or GTK may be a better choice than SDL.

sage because I just bumped.
>> No. 36402
I have no clue about any of the choices. I have little experience, and impatient when it comes to learning. But I'm great at storyboards and quest lines, not to mention sprites. The only problem I have is finding an engine that is a simple to understand, while still being powerful enough to create decent games. All I really need is collision resources, map generation abilities, and the ability to create cutscenes and menus. That's about it, really. I've never programmed... well, anything.
So I honestly have no clue where to look. I've tried some programs, but most don't install correctly or work in the manner I require.
>> No. 36403
So you are saying you want to create a game with the desktop pony sprites with a few custom animations of your own thrown in? Well I used gamemaker to create a few simple 2d games. It's not bad if you don't want to learn all the intricacies of coding plus they have a forum where you can find examples and help with almost any type of 2d game you are trying to create. I know flash is another one people use to create some simple games. To make a more complex one you are going to have to get into coding as mentioned above.

a little off topic but you don't need to alert that you saged your post everytime you do especially when the thread is already at the top of the board. Collab doesnt move that fast so adding a sage doesnt do anything when it is already at the top spot.
>> No. 36405
Flash. All the way.

The new versions are a bit overcomplicated, but Flash 5 is a TERRIFIC game development environment, especially for folks like me who think more like artists than programmers. It's very forgiving.

You can get it at oldversion. The learning curve might be a bit steep, but I'm sure there are lots of people who'd be happy to help you learn (myself included.)
>> No. 36406
Sprites? I'm looking for a spriter. Anywho, I would be glad to build you this engine, it wouldn't be as cross-platform as java, (If it is programmed in Python it will be). So, if you outline what it needs to do, i'll do it (probably in wxWidgets (wxPython) if you care).

Also, if I program this, would you mind on making me some sprites, or help with story, we (the dev team) already have 1 writers and some people (3) to work on dialouge.?
>> No. 36408
File 133358137688.jpg - (58.10KB , 640x480 , that_really_rustled_my_jimmies.jpg )
>Flash 5
>400$ IDE and dev tools
>Not open source
>Limited scripting environment

Python is better. It is free, it has a great community, and is almost easier than psuedo-code. Please explain why Flash is better.
>> No. 36409
I meant
>> No. 36411
I can help with what you need, but I work best under the bit line (used to do Mario/Link/Samus original animations for my friend a while back. Don't do it anymore, 'cause I switched to pony X3)
Anyway, it's going to be a bit like... Castlevania, I guess, 2D side scroller with Roleplaying elements. So I guess the ability to define damage, health, and a few script effects... and to create a map, as well. I can do scenery and mobs, along with animations, so all that's really needed is an engine that could run this.
It's probably too much work to ask of one pony, because I want to implement a lot of elements seen in games today. I don't want to put this kind of project on you-it's a lot of work, that I'll probably have to do myself. But I'll help you either way, to the best of my abilities. ^-^
If you want, you can add me on Steam. My name is Saria, and you can tell it's me by the Green Pony. cx
We'll discuss it there if you want.
>> No. 36412
>>36408 - Sorry, didn't mean to, er, rustle any jimmies. o.O'

I never said anything against Python, just that Flash 5 is what I use, and I've found it really good to write games in. Just trying to be helpful.

(And the trial version is free. Actually, I don't think they even let you buy Flash 5 anymore.)

Best of luck to you anyway, OP, whatever you decide to try making your game with!
>> No. 36414
The trail version is free because it is a trial verson. I checked the dev tools, still 400$.
>> No. 36870
Flash is no good for doing a sprite-based game. It can't even import bitmaps and display them at 1:1 precision, much less keep them that way when they're in motion.
>> No. 36872
Very wrong. Take a look at many of the games developed using flashpunk or flixel... They're all sprite based.

I could also be wrong, but i believe there are free alternatives to flash development. FlashDevelop (IDE) and flex are both free iirc.
>> No. 36877
As far as simple goes, Construct 2 is probably the easiest to learn and use. I believe it's free, too.
>> No. 36882
I picked up Gamemaker 8 and within a couple hours, I had a decent little platforming game. It's fast and and easy to learn, but there are a couple cons. First, collision detecting for platformers is a little complicated (fixed by downloading an engine). Second, to get past the 80's you need to use the Game Maker Language, which is easy to learn, but you have to buy the program to do so.

Hope I helped.
>> No. 36908
Beats of Rage
>> No. 36909

You don't have to buy GM8 to use the scripting language. Only some rarely used functions are in the Pro version and they aren't needed for rough game creation.

I used GM5 (at the time) to learn coding for myself so I could learn C++ like you're supposed to.
>> No. 36953
>C++ like you're supposed to
D is a much better alternative, for imperative, unless you want to embedded scripting languages like Lua, python, and ruby. But then you would just use the appropriate bindings.
>> No. 36977
I say that you should not go for a flash version older than CS 4. CS 3 was a major game changer you see.

It introduced ActionScript 3. It is a major overhaul of the previous "evolved" mess where stuff had been bolted on and ducktaped on into resembling a halfway tolerable programing language.

It is much easier to develop in AS 3, the event api is unified, the useless underscores are gone, typesafety actually works, the vm is much faster, you get the power of classes for real, it is the only way to play with cool new features and you get error messages.

If you had to chose between getting a proper error message stating the exact detected error and stuff "working" for some unspecified definition of "work" that likely doesn't agree with your definition, what would you chose?

Sure, it still has it's share of flaws, but it is largely a very good language with a very good rendering engine to back it up.
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