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Heya guys [read more for scenes in consideration];

I got through with reading Harpflank and Sweets, which is a pretty entertaining fic. I'm not sure why I took so long to pick it up. It's an absolutely fantastic read. Anyways, I want to animate a scene from the fic, or if possible, several, but only if people are willing.

I'm asking for a bit of help because I can draw, and that's about it. No real experience with flash or any other kind of animation software. And I'll also need help in drawing if I were to get anywhere at all in a reasonable amount of time while keeping quality in mind (my DA has been pretty dead for a month or so). Especially, if we're going to do frame-by-frames as I'd like.

So, if you're still reading this, I imagined that the animation style is going to be very dynamic and "lazy" and will be fully cel-shaded. As reference, look to TTGL or FLCL. Scenes will be very ridiculous, and hopefully, a lot of fun.

So anyways, comment if you have ideas or if you're interested in helping me out; I don't think that leadership will really be necessary. If anypony is interested, the names will share equal glory haha.

So, just to lay out jobs that need to be covered:
-Artists (background, color, figures, etc)
-VAs for Lyra, Bonbon, Trixie, Vinyl
-Any person with any amount of experience with flash or some other animation software.

Anyways, thanks for showing interest if you've read this far.

Just for starters, the scenes I originally wanted to do are scenes 8 + 9 in the link below:
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>> No. 36446
Do a couple of seconds of animatic.
>> No. 36477
Not cool enough >.>
>> No. 36487
Hey Tabby here, this looks like an interesting project. I'm interested but i'll have to see if this is plausible with my schedule. I animate and compose content but i'll have to see. I currently work with Team 5 So i'll get back with you with an answer as soon as I can.
>> No. 36489
Cool! I saw your gallery, and all I can say is that I'm impressed ^.^. I don't know much about flash, so if you are able to do this with me, I'm sure I'll be in good hands.
>> No. 36822
Eh, bumping to pry for interest.
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