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You all may or may not have heard of this pretty good HiE fic by a guy who goes by the name of CardsLafter oh who am I kidding you've probably read the thing. Anyway, DaAfroMan has decided to animate TtEoAP, and Cards and Omnipony have agreed to be the lead scriptwriter and music director, respectively. Unfortunately, DaAfroMan is currently our only animator, and we don't exactly have many people in other departments either. That's where you come in.

We need voice actors, animators, storyboarders, what have you. Want to help, but not sure what you can do? We can assign you to an overall assistant position and you can help wherever you want to. Once you've figured out what you're good at, you can be reassigned to the group of your choice.

You can check out the project forum and sign up here:

Got a question? Feel free to ask on the project forum.
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>> No. 36502
Hmmm me and Team 5's co-founder are interested in this project. We are currently scheduled packed but just thought I would say i'm defiantly interested and might get the team to audition for this prestigious project! Here is a link if you want to look at our gallery and such
>> No. 36503
We wouldn't require you to work on the whole thing (it'd be the equivalent of a one-season TV show, barring a plot tumor in the fic), so just go ahead and audition whenever you have time.
>> No. 36686
I'm just gonna go ahead and bump this because needing people is still a thing.
>> No. 36700
I would love to audition for this, what are you looking for in the candidates? Should they read lines from it, or something that they feel shows off their best vocal quality? I checked the forum and didn't notice this question.
>> No. 36703
Sure, go and find some lines from the fic for the character you'd like to audition for and use those for the audition.

Really, though, you'd want to ask Pyrotigre, as he's in charge of that.
>> No. 36758
Thanks for the reply, just wasn't sure of how to go about it. I'll check the forum for how to get in touch with him.
>> No. 36899
Not to seem like an attention horse, but this still needs people desperately :/
>> No. 36906
Hello there all! I am actually a light dissapointed by the lack of response to this thread thus far to be honest, so let me put into perspective why exactly signing up for this project should interest you. :)

1: This is the first ever fan based studio quality animation made by ANY fandom to my knowledge (I have yet to be proven wrong on that). Sure, Fan animations and videos otherwise have been made before, yes. But not in full 'as you would expect to see on TV' quality and length. This, as you might imagine, is HUGE. Not only would this project put your name among at top in the bronies, regardless of your actual position in the project, but it would mark bronies as the unrivaled #1 fan base of all time. Chances are it'll even receive a mention on some news channels. It's quite a big deal!

2: Though I would like to keep a deadline for releases, I am not expecting anypony to work more than they are able to. The bonus of doing more for the project though, is that you will be given the ability to have your own ponysona in the series as a background character. I don't know about you, but if I wasn't heading this project, I would certainly want to be a part of it if only for that.

3: Free cookies. Yeah. You heard me. You even get some milk for them if you like. :P
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File 133671546551.png - (11.33KB , 500x334 , 131458183217.png )
are their already a story board i would like to join in
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