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So, let's see if this works. I built show-accurate eyes, but I am not the pony to complete the build 'cos I got too much else going on, so I'm giving my work out to other Flash users. Don't know if it's any use and if operating this model is too hard, you ain't the only one- it's awful complicated.

This is the Flash project file with all the features (including squints and stuff that isn't in the exported example) and includes the timeline for what's shown, with a hell of a lot of animation on irises, highlights, full blink cycles and animation of pupil size within the irises. I forgot to turn on the 'highlight quiver' for the example but it's there to be used- switch that part from 'single frame' to 'looping' to make that go. I was in a hurry and single-framed it- converted the tweens to frames and did those. To go for a different single-frame/loop thingy it needs to be a new tween...

One thing I found was that tweening ain't your friend with eyes- it all would have been better just pose-to-pose, but *shrug*
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