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Hey everypony. I've lurked around here a little bit, but haven't made a ton of posts.

So for the last two months or so, I've been working on a 2.5D pony platformer with a buddy of mine. I ran into him at school, where I saw him building an astounding model of Canterlot in Maya/Mudbox. Once I volunteered my programming abilities in Unity, the idea to make a game was natural.

[For those of you who aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, a 2.5D game uses three-dimensional assets, but restricts movement to the X and Y axis like a traditional 2D sidescroller. Think New Super Mario Bros., LittleBigPlanet, or Sonic Generations]

I've put together the engine, and included the skeleton of the game; health, projectiles, weapon pickup, damage, triggeers, item pickup, moving platforms, sufficient 2D physics, etc. I even started to throw in some placeholder sound effects.

Unfortunately, due to him having to go to rehab for drug dependency, I've lost my artist this past week. I assumed the project would be on hiatus until his return, but he's informed my that he's going to be gone for a while; a lot longer than the 28 days I'd originally anticipated.

With his blessings, I've come here to ponychan looking for artists [3D and 2D] and musicians/composers/sound effect designers. He's handed over all of his completed assets, as well as those that are unfinished, which is great because otherwise the only "pony" thing about the game would be the fact that you play as an unanimated Rainbow Dash XD.

However, I'm not some "idea guy" that I imagine those who frequent this board loathe; I've already put the engine together; I'm not even seeking any more programmers right now [although depending on where the project ends up, I might need another eventually]. Basically at this point, I just need the artistic side of the community. If I were to keep working on the engine/programming side of things much longer, feature-creep would probably destroy the project, so I'm drawing the line; need to keep things simple.

Ironically, a lot of my buddies on the Pony-TF2 server I frequent have been insisting it's much easier to find artists than it is programmers; I hope so ;D.

I don't really know the best way to go about this; I've never worked on a project exclusively online before. However, I'm sure there are talented people in the community who'd like to get involved with this kind of project early on.

I would have announced this a few days ago, but I really wanted to make sure I was at a place where I was fully ready to take on other team members; after reviewing the proof of concept I've put together, I think I've reached that point.


-Composers/Sound Designer [responsible for making music for the game, creating sound effects and clipping up clips from the show].

-3D artist/animator [Unity is pretty flexible; whatever particular 3D program you use will probably be fine. Currently, I have some Blender assets and some Maya assets in the game, but 3DSMax works too, if that's what you fancy. I'm not familiar with any other 3D programs, so if you use something else, run it by me for compatibility].

-2D Concept Artist/Level Designer [probably the position that requires the least technical knowledge, though a rudimentary understanding of development concepts is appreciated].

I've been reading a lot about mod teams/indie devs and the DOs and DON'Ts. Ideally, the 3D artist will also animate, the 2D artists can help with design, etc. I'm trying to keep the team as small as possible, for obvious reasons. However, the most important thing is that the game gets somewhere, and if that requires dividing those jobs up into two positions, so be it.

I don't want to give too much of the development away publically just yet; it's a simple game, platforming and shooting. I'm aiming for three levels [Clousdale, Ponyville, Canterlot] to start.

The way I see it, the hard part is over. Now comes the fun part! Until debugging of course XD.

If you're interested in the project, shoot me an email at [email protected] Anypony who's interested should apply. You could also respond in this thread, but if you do so, please include your email so that I can contact you privately.

Include relevant works in your email if possible. Don't shy away if you don't think you're the best artist in the world; I'm certainly not the best programmer =D.

I would post screens, but most of my work is engine side, so it's not really that impressive unless you see it in motion. Anypony who applies is entitled to see the proof of concept before agreeing to join the project, obviously. I'm sure plenty of you have been burned on bullshit projects before; I certainly have.

Finally the mandatory "a little about myself" section:

I'm a 20 year old CompSci student who's workload is particularly light this semester. After that, I'll be on summer vacation where I'll be able to dedicate even more time to the project. Considering the amount of free time I have, it seems like now is a good time to get the wheels moving on this project.

Finally [in the wake of the EO disaster], anypony who contributes any assets to the final game will receive credit, regardless of whether or not they remained on the team through release. Anypony who contributes any assets retains ownership of those assets.

Expect no money, whatsoever. It's a fan game using copyrighted material; that should go without saying. We can't take donations either.

Well, I hope I included everything. If you have any questions, just ask em below and I'll answer them if I can.

Thanks for reading!
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I already got two emails, from voice actors.

Unfortunately, I don't think that there will be voice acting in the finished project.

Also, I'm tryna figure out this name/trip code stuff, so sorry if I screw it up.
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Bumping this for you. Unfortunately I can't offer any help but I can offer some advice for your thread: show off some of your work! You've already typed a lot, now show some stuff to back that up. This'll make it easier for people to know you're serious about making this game, plus it'll help artists to get to know the style a little bit.

Also, it's actually a lot easier to find programmers than it is to find artists. Artists are just often really busy with their own projects (especially 3D artists!), they usually only focus on one or two things.

Anyway, show us some stuff, let us know what you're up to and gather some attention. Don't forget to look around on /art/ threads as well!
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