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36722 No. 36722
Hello, I am Kir.
I'm working on a game right now but I need alot of help to get this done, and I mean ALOT of work.
I need many people to help me, and right now, I only have a person by the name of "RainbowCrash88" on youtube.
I need people like StoryBoard designers, Scriptors (Who understand how Game Maker's scripting interface works) and, Pixel Artist's.
This is a FreeWare game, So it's not going to be paid for, Although This is my main big project, I may end up shifting it down if School and such get unbareable to bounce around this project.
Please, if anypony can, Help me (If you have the time, ofcourse) ~Kir
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>> No. 36723
I forgot to add, This is an 8-bit game, I plan to have 9 different characters each with there own stories and Special Abilities. Right now I have this line of characters for said roles:
Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Trixie, Vinyl Scratch and, Princess Celestia
>> No. 36726
File 133397663028.jpg - (19.25KB , 640x360 , 254_large.jpg )
So basically you are just another of these guys who claims to "want to make a game" and then asks for people to do the coding, story, graphics and EVERYTHING for you? (But the game is still yours and despite being uncapable of doing anything, you are still the leader.)

On top of that, you even try to guiltrip everypony by claiming that if you don't get what you want, the project will be cancelled and it will be our fault somehow.

>> No. 36728
You'd also appear more trustworthy if you would make less grammatical mistakes. Or, for that matter, would know the names of the main cast.
>> No. 36729
Well, I didn't expect that much of a rude response, You don't have to help. I'm only asking if anypony has time on there hands. I know some stuff about the program, But whatever. ~Kir (May I add, I never stated I would cancel the project, shifting it down just means it moves from being my main project to my secondary and such)
>> No. 36730
Oh, and about he MainCast, I didn't mean to have that "-----MainCast-----" over it, That was in the Notepad that I made, I know that's not the main cast, Although a good portion of it is. ~Kir
>> No. 36737
>Well, I didn't expect that much of a rude response

Probably because your request was absurdely big ,picky and you even wanted it done very quick
Re-read it and you will realize you just came out from nowhere to ask a group of strangers to practically do all the work for you, without even trying to bond with the community.
>> No. 36741
Chill dude. No need to call him out on anything, it's not like he's harming anypony by asking for help.

Kir, a good way to generate some excitement in a project is to show off. A small demo, a design document, anything to show is a start. It let's people know you're serious.
>> No. 36747
File 133399816487.png - (173.01KB , 640x360 , 131090871623.png )
No... This time I gotta put him in the right.

He just came in and asked for story, artists and programmers, showing off zero work of his own or even mentioning that he's doing anything. On top of that, what he's actually asking for is absurd to even ask since Game Maker and 8-bit art is about the lowest-level of entry you can get.

It makes me doubt that the OP has done any work of his own or even attempted it.

What's worse, there are other projects that look MUCH more promising even without showing any work. And that's not even to mention the "Big Time" projects... It just makes me feel sad that people can really put so little effort into something.

We really need some sort of guideline thread for /collab/, so people will hopefully make better threads in the future.
>> No. 36748
Do you /actually/ have RainbowCrash88 agreeing to help? If yes, you obviously showed him your current progress so please post that here.

(i.e. you don't have him and there's no progress)
>> No. 36749
Heh, I'm not denying that. But being blunt and antagonistic won't fix the problem. Be useful and lend him some advice instead.

And a /collab/ guide would be a good idea.
>> No. 36750
I was talking with some people on bronyhaven, And I decided I'll work on a demo so I can atleast prove I have some kind of work, Because what I showed RainbowCrash88 was kind of rushed and wouldn't really show you guys anything of what I have, so I guess I'll work on Twilight's story and gameplay then Release that demo somewhere like DeviantArt. ~Kir
>> No. 36752
Thank you for pointing out what I forgot, I understand I should have uploaded proof but I was in extreme rush to get this post out and didn't think about such and such. I should point out that I'm not looking for this project to be done right now, and I definately don't want this project rushed as that will destroy any quality I have right now. I would answer to some of the other stuff, But I have to work on that demo. ~Kir
>> No. 36780
>And a /collab/ guide would be a good idea.

This. Lots of headaches could be avoided if /collab/ had a guideline for requests, like for example:

(Example of a GOOD request)
"Hey guys, I'm making a game. This is what I have completed so far, but I need help to finish what's left. Can you help me or at least tell me how can I finish what's left? Thanks."

(Example of a BAD request)
"Hey guys, I'm making a game, but I don't know how to program, create graphics or sounds. So this is the list of things I need, and I want them done... now.
Oh and you must be extra nice to me or I will sic the Mods on you, tata."

... something like this. Yes, the bad example is a bit over the top, but lately I've seen too many requests worded like that and honestly, it's already getting annoying.
>> No. 36782
I'll make a rough draft of a /collab/ guide somewhere today. I'll have you guys take a looksie first before taking it to /meta/ so we can get it stickied.
>> No. 36783
I find this the perfect time to ask, what is the outcome if I created all the substance to a game besides graphics, music, and code? I have a journal that is almost completely full of levels, storyline, abilities, mechanics, and various other things.

If I was to say that I have all that, what is the likely hood that I could get a group together and do it? Is it always a search for code and graphics?
>> No. 36784

That is no substance at all. It's easy to come up with ideas and frankly that is the fun part, doesn't take much effort to do it, Without coding or art experience you won't know what is reasonably achieveable either.

Coding is not hard (as in you don't need a maths degree) nor is it an art (requiring born talent); anypony can learn to do it quite fast, especially with Game Maker as in the OP. If one is truly dedicated to a project they should learn coding and produce a prototype from their ideas, with placeholder graphics, to get people interested.
>> No. 36786
duly noted, thanks for the heads up Solar.
>> No. 36788
>produce a prototype from their ideas, with placeholder graphics

Keep on mind that most of time, using the word "placeholder" here equals to stepping on a landmine, same goes for people who uses Desktop Ponies sprites.

The first case is because too many people try to cut as many corners possible to get something done as fast as possible and then they sit and do nothing but repost the unfinished thing over and over while either being all smug and pretentious or simply they mumble something like "you can't say anything bad to me because this is just a placeholder, now post here and say nice things about me"

The second case is because Desktop Ponies have been used and abused so many times by lazy people that now just seeing them on a game or project is a solid warning that everything else is going to be poorly and cheaply done.
>> No. 36802
Placeholder graphics definitely have a place in the development process, though. Although if you want to show off your work for the first time it's best to have your screenshots/video's be as complete as possible.

Afterwards when you've established a following (this will take a long while), people will show interest in the development process eventually.
>> No. 36811
File 133410068519.gif - (4.16KB , 156x156 , TwilightStrongMagic.gif )
Using Desktop Ponies isn't always bad. I found if you at least try to make new animations using the DP art style, people respect you a little more.
>see pic
Besides, making the sprites can be VERY long and VERY tedious. It's just better to spend that time working on the code. In Scattered Chaos, there are simply too many NPCs and one-of-a-kind characters and I have to use DP. The new characters just just the style. In one of my other games, I've been working on a single character for over a year because I absolutely CANNOT get his sprite looking good and a lot of his actions are based on his animations so I can't use placeholders.
>> No. 36826
>Using Desktop Ponies isn't always bad. I found if you at least try to make new animations using the DP art style, people respect you a little more.

The problem is, the typical person doesn't even bothers to edit or expand the Desktop Ponies sprites and the average "game" that features them is basically a collection of premade things (and MS-Paint shapes) slapped together without much sense.
>> No. 36835
I haven't looked at the desktop ponies in a while, but wouldn't the solution to that be to start a collab at expanding the mane 6 into having move sets and such?

Garsh, I think it might be more beneficial to come up with a better way to collaborate on pony projects then to try and start another one.
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