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File 133408043617.jpg - (65.92KB , 655x699 , 132623006995.jpg )
36795 No. 36795
I'm working on a Linux distribution called "Twili Linux". It's made from scratch, basing on an experimental C library. Want to join us? Answer those simple questions!

Have you used Gentoo Linux?
Can you program C or Perl well?
Do you have no life outside of the internet?
Can you get your way around compiling software properly?
Is going through problems because of using non-standard software no problem for you?

If you answered "yes" to at least four of those five, I want you! If you don't, we still need artists and betatesters.

Also that pic is my face after wasting my entire easter break getting it to work. Yes, we have a working version of it complete with our own package manager (because there weren't enough yet)
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>> No. 37278
File 133484429681.png - (1.56MB , 1024x1024 , sepia.png )
I've used C for making games and Perl for text substitution. I have not used Gentoo but I've used a lot of other distros ^_^ (Debian, Crunchbang, Fedora, Tinycore, Liberte Linux, Puppy Linux...). I can compile software. Am I able to help?
>> No. 37279
OMG! I was literally just thinking about making one of these the other day! I know C and I'm pretty good with linux! Right now I'm testing the pre-release of ubuntu 12.04, but I really want in on a ponylinux! I was thinking what all software could be included standard with a distribution and decided that it needed to revolve around Saturday mornings, but I couldn't decide what all that means. lol! But do want to help! I'm working my way through reading 2 linux books right now and have my eye on another.
>> No. 37280
We have a designer for icons already.

Email me at asiekierka "at" gmail "dot" com.

We're writing a FAQ for that on our currently empty wiki -

Also, Sabotage Linux's CURRENT link is
>> No. 37282
There's also a pretty good Qt version if that's more up your alley:

Additionally, the Python code can be made to run with WxWidgets (which in theory can use X11's vanilla Motif toolkit if need be), but that particular backend isn't as polished as the GTK one...
>> No. 37287
You don't need to know anything in order to be a betatester right?
>> No. 37288
I have a suggestion for the project.
for a graphical user interface
black background and menus and text should default in twilight's colors, white purple mauve pink indigo
make it look similar to LCARS but include windows, tabs, a start menu, and a menu bar both at the top and bottom of the screen. icons should be gifs. and a wallpaper ability similar to windows seven.
>> No. 37289
I like that Idea.
I'm not great at programming except Ruby so Unfortunately I'm not useful to you since all my art skills are more for drawing anime people and I can't draw ponies well.
>> No. 37292
Well, I'm studying Informatics/CS at the moment so I currently have these to give:
-Nope. Haven't used Gentoo, but I've used Ubuntu (Yeah I know it might not count much ._.) and soon going to meddle with Minix.
-C? Yes. Perl? Not at the moment.
-Uhhh... partially.
-Is what I try to do. And if I don't, I should be.
-Tough, but I guess one can catch the trick sooner or later.

Definitely interested, due to my studies and striving to learn more about it.
>> No. 37293
QT is FAR too bloated.

You have to know more than you think.

We don't have a working GUI yet!

See us at our IRC channel?
>> No. 37294
File 133485906191.png - (81.86KB , 280x200 , Sorry+_3c2f3f8be6018b36932034f7cc79c4f0.png )
why not rainbow dash
>> No. 37296
A Rainbow Dash distro would have to be FAST! and we cannot promise that at the current stage.

Though it will probably be.
>> No. 37297
I can't help, but I would try this out if you get an iso build going at some point. (virtual machines and all)

Although I'd love to see Lua getting incorporated somehow, say GUI scripting or something.
>> No. 37301
it would be simple enough to make different color themes with my idea for a GUI >>37288
there could be a theme for each pony.

I like that icon, looks very nice.
good example of a static icon.
How would animated icons look?
or icons that animate when you click on them.
>> No. 37303
File 133486684844.png - (121.55KB , 590x361 , IconPack1.png )

As the designer, gotta tel you the icons will be static and look like this. And tell you all this won't be a Ubunpony, and is miles away from the stable release. We still have a long road to go, and not everything you want can be implemented: the developer team is just made of developers, not people who can cast miracles.
>> No. 37304
I'm interested. My answers:
-I successfully installed Gentoo in a virtual machine just a few weeks ago.
-I can program in C, though I haven't done anything major with it yet.
-I have school (studying CS). Other than that, I have approximately no life outside of the Internet.
-That just involves the traditional ./configure and make most of the time, right?
-Generally not a problem.
>> No. 37306
File 133487002991.png - (132.19KB , 781x532 , Anjie_BronyCon_OC.png )
If you happen to still need one, I'm an artist, I love Twi, and I'm fond of Linux.
I don't know if I'm the kind of artist you're looking for but I have some work on my DA;
>> No. 37308
what do you need to know in order to betatest?
>> No. 37316
File 133488237847.jpg - (36.84KB , 718x612 , challenge-accepted.jpg )
Still need developers ?

- I've never used Gentoo, but I've been rather busy with ArchLinux and FreeBSD. If any OS can convince me to switch, it will certainly have to be a pony OS.
- I can program using C and I love it. I don't do Perl (but I can write shell scripts, does that count ?).
- Pretty much yeah.
- I would hope so.
- Not at all.

Also, Qt isn't fat. It's just big boned. Alright ?
>> No. 37322
From my calculations, about 40% of the time. 30% is CFLAGS="-D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure && make && make install, 20% is replacing things like sys/fcntl.h with fcntl.h and termio.h with termios.h (that's how the standards should work) or adding missing includes, 10% is hacks and patchery.

Challenge accepted? Go for it! See us in our IRC channel!

I'm quite interested, your work looks great! Send me an email at asiekierka "at" gmail "dot" com so i can email you when we need you!
>> No. 37339

Allright, well that's good to know. it EphemeralBlue that is designing your icons? Or SpikeSlashRarity? Because it was those two inspired me to start making ponified icons, and the former always wanted to work on a pony OS.
>> No. 37341

Nope, just me, anonpony.
>> No. 37345
Haven't used Gentoo at all before, however use Ubuntu on a daily basis and can strongly answer yes to the rest. I program in mainly C++, but that only means that C would be easier for me to use.

Only issues are dedication and experience. I have plenty of things to do that take up my time and have not even started coding an operating system before (I have a basic knowledge of MASM). I've always wanted to try and can try to contribute whenever I can if you'd like.
>> No. 37383
Lol, we arent making an OS from scratch, just a linux distro from scratch
>> No. 37420
I understand. I never said you were, I simply said you were coding an operating system. Never specified if it were from scratch or not.
>> No. 37655
I have always dreamed of seeing this. Ponified Linux. I've googled for many hours to find something like this, but to no avail. I have very limited programming skills, and none that would benefit this project, but I'm really rooting for this project. If there's a public download link sometime, when there's a solid build, I'll test it out.

Can't wait to see what this becomes!
>> No. 37656
I don't think I can fit the word "project" into that post any more. :|

I frequently use Linux distros, Ubuntu (derp), all the *buntus, Linux Mint, minor SUSE knowledge, and I attempted to install Gentoo, but failed miserably. And I couldn't get to install a graphical interface onto Arch. Luckily I was using an old laptop. Somewhat familiar with a couple of the BSD systems, though.

Good luck!
>> No. 37814
Why not just make this a theme for KDE or something?
>> No. 37851
File 133585529152.jpg - (0.97MB , 1176x10656 , trixie_vs__colgate_by_evil_dec0y-d4wgs30.jpg )
Ooooh! That sounds cool and I want to get involved! However my knowledge of Linux is limited to: 1. It lives inside your computer 2. Penguins?

Sooooo can I be a beta tester or would I need to be slightly less incompetent?
>> No. 38814

It turns out using an experimental C library with is not good for your health.

I'm open for ideas.
>> No. 38823
From what I remember reading, is notorious for not getting along with things. Plus there are too many "standards" for it to comply to.

Why not abandon the X window system for something a little friendlier? And no, I have no helpful examples. I'm not a Linux person. : /
>> No. 38825
File 133797353040.png - (9.39KB , 162x135 , Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 3_17_26 PM.png )
Like this?
Actually I just put the cursor very close
>> No. 39709
Is there a betatestable .iso yet? If so, if you could email it to [email protected], I would be grateful.
>> No. 40722
Here's a crazy idea, why not use glibc?
>> No. 40723
Give us something to play with!
>> No. 40728
I'm trying out a MAME distribution of Puppy.
Go find a Linux distribution you like on Distrowatch and then customize it to your liking.
>> No. 40733
>> No. 40734
File 134238207693.png - (216.11KB , 626x501 , linux.png )
Works fine
>> No. 40759
FOLLOWED>>> Why not set up a Twitter or G+ or what not for us others who would love to watch the growth? :) I am a Linux user and lover and more than willing to give anything a try. Can't say I'm an avid programmer of sorts, most of my works are mainly web development so I'm pretty much out of the picture on that :p

Anyways, again... METHOD FOR GROWTH WATCH ~ make it happen
>> No. 40774
File 134246489357.png - (446.24KB , 999x720 , 134215001610.png )
Why not make something usable first?
>> No. 40834
I thought I'd share this quote from a Microsoft user I know.
>they [Linux distributions] are only for people that feel they want to reprogram their operating system (for whatever reason they would want to) Linux, being open source, is way to easy to hack into and screw up for normal users. Plus there is almost no uniformity because it is open source therefore making it even harder to make programs for. Look at the other unix os - Mac - only used by graphic designers and hipsters that want to pay thousands more for a brand name. Linux is to easy to break to become "the future"

I think I died a little.
>> No. 40856
File 134271841846.jpg - (27.00KB , 471x308 , torvalds_finger.jpg )
Please give him this message
>> No. 41148
Could it come with SBCL by default?
>> No. 41487
I wanna help beta test it! email to me when you have a beta version available!
>> No. 41488
File 134478664920.png - (110.93KB , 310x476 , portal.png )
I don't think OP reads this anymore.
>> No. 41845
So anymore news on Twilinux?
>> No. 42211
I'm still gonna watch it.
>> No. 42259
File 134936540560.jpg - (64.52KB , 720x960 , 61991_4318486051594_992431626_n.jpg )
I recently got a thumb drive from Caterpillar at a career fair, so I rubbed off the name, transplanted a higher capacity drive, and etched Fluttershy into it.

I'm installing Debian on it as I type this, and I'll be transforming it into a Fluttershy themed distribution.
>> No. 42778
Guys! Guys! OP is back!

I'd like you to meet with me on GTalk ([email protected], just add me) and discuss whether I should try doing this one more time.


Help me. TeamSpeak also works ->
>> No. 46783
It probably would have been easier to base it off of arch Linux, but hey, I would love to beta test it, as long as it runs well on virtualbox, and I will even see about uploading a video to YouTube.
>> No. 46784
Sorry for the double post. Had a bit of a 'droid' glitch v

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