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36797 No. 36797
Project: Dear Princess Celestia...

This is a comprehensive project to pull together letters from across the globe written by the community about what they have learned in life because of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The letters will be compiled into a book which will be featured in the Traveling Pony Museum and then presented to Lauren Faust as a thank you for all that she’s done and to show her how much we have all grown because of her.

Submissions :

Letters should be hand written.

Typed letters are very strongly discouraged and any who want to submit typed letters should contact [email protected]

Make it personal. Tell us your story and what MLP has done for you and how it has impacted your life. Have you made more friends, become more of an open and honest person? Write it down and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to draw ponies in the margins or send things with the letter.

Letters should start with Dear Princess Celestia...
and end with Your Faithful Student...
and signed with your pony persona name.

If you do not have a pony persona name then just use your real name or a nickname.

Please send all letters to :

Megan Youmans (Inky Notebook)
500 Circle Road
Stony Brook NY, 11790

Any questions please email [email protected]
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>> No. 36850
I love this idea! My handwriting is terrible but I'll totally do this! I'll have to think about what to write. When is the deadline?
>> No. 36856
Hey I changed it a bit...

You can type letters just try and make them personal.

Also the deadline was added as well.

June 1st
>> No. 37174
File 133471006316.jpg - (15.07KB , 382x350 , 132175441202.jpg )
How many letters have you received so far?

Do you read them yourself, btw?
>> No. 37195

a good handful and no i haven't read them yet but i will be only for content control and to make sure theres nothing harmful written
>> No. 37213
I'd like to do this but sending mail to the US is incredibly difficult for I guess I'll need to type it.

And I'm pretty sure other people might have the same problem. Maybe set up an email specifically for this?
>> No. 37247
Not only have I received many emailed letters, scanned hand written letters or typed, but I received 8 in the mail today including a 7 page letter about a man who had his life completely change for the better.

i have no words to express how I feel after reading these. My only hope is that people continue to send these in so that they can be presented to Lauren Faust because she is the one that honestly and truly needs to read these.
>> No. 37290
Is a letter written with my tablet in gimp acceptable?
>> No. 37352

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