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>My Little Remix: Music is War is a tag-style, team fighting game that Recorder Brony shall be developing with the help of many programmers, graphic artists and many more. It'll be based around some of the well known Brony Musicians here on Tumblr and many more other artists out there. We are open for positions for programmers, graphics artists, script writers, and other position that we might need.

>We have compiled a list of who shall be partaking in this game, sadly, we've limited it down to only 40 musicians, anymore and our team would be pull out our manes and tails and jumping off cliffs.

okay, what the fuck?
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>> No. 37083
Looks like a group of people daydreaming too hard IMO.
>> No. 37092
this has to be some kind of joke. some weird meta gag about how a good share of pony game projects are way too ambitious, hopelessly optimistic, completely unorganized, unplanned and terribly unrealistic piles of "we still need". this here is a perfect example on how NOT to tackle something like this, and I assume it was carefully crafted to be as ridiculous as possible to get a laugh out of people.

or it's actually a genuine try.
in that case... I guess if nothing else this "project" is bound to have one hell of a soundtrack
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