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File 133459751916.png - (534.68KB , 1200x1600 , TownHallPreview.png )
37089 No. 37089
There are pony models available for everypony, but no background models, so I'll just go ahead and model Ponyville. This isn't being made for any group or project in particular, it will be a public download for everypony.

I'll post WIP updates here and at my Deviantart page, because I want to hear your opinions and make Ponyville the way you want them, not the way I want them.

I'm using these maps as reference, not dead accurate but one of the best out there. Oh, and ignore the triangulated wireframe. It's fixed, and it's unprofessional to model triangles in place of rectangles.
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>> No. 37241
File 133480410957.jpg - (68.45KB , 806x503 , preview.jpg )
Here's a bit more progress, including bridges and some incomplete buildings seen in the distance.
>> No. 37250
That is very generous of you, and I hope that your models become very helpful for anypony in need of something just like this.
>> No. 37403
File 133505929978.jpg - (53.99KB , 790x512 , preview.jpg )
>>37250 Thank you!

Here are two buildings commonly seen next to each other. I'm done building the models, but I think I'll build more houses before I switch over to texturing them.
>> No. 37471
File 133516002521.png - (58.09KB , 190x195 , Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 11_52_52 PM.png )
I'm pretty excited to see how this shapes up. I was tracking Hawf's koth_Ponyville until it died.

What formats are you going to be using? I would love to see these converted for use in source games.
>> No. 37602
File 133534690028.png - (155.27KB , 1024x1024 , Town Hall.png )
I'm going to be releasing a .OBJ download soon, with a proper material to keep the original UVs and perhaps some .FBX or other formats if it's requested a lot. I'm not exactly sure what people want!

And I wasn't sure when to start providing downloads for any of these, but I think if would be best to at least put up a download for the Town Hall while I work on the others. Here's a preview of the packed texture: it needs to be as easy to work with as possible, I originally had about 20 textures on this one building!
>> No. 37614
Maybe these could help?

Got them from the guy who made , since he joined our ponykart team for a while and gave us them

he had to leave again due to real life stuff I think

we're probably not gonna end up using them so somepony might as well
>> No. 37618
These are good; some aren't finished, but that's expected from somepony who had to leave. I'm sorry to hear Ponykart's lost one of it's modelers. Thanks for showing me these!

Although I can't say I'll use them, maybe because I've already modeled half of those buildings, but also because of the polycount difference: The normal buildings are about the same, but special buildings like Town Hall have about 6 times more polycount, perhaps a delicate balance between animation and game quality.

But if that's too much for games like Pony Kart, maybe I should rethink that...
>> No. 37630
File 133539426489.jpg - (26.67KB , 346x452 , fkcuwp.jpg )
>> No. 37637
He didn't make them for us initially anyway, so it's no loss for us really

What's the polycont on the town hall? The barn in sweet apple acres has about 1-2k I think, though it's also much more rectangular
>> No. 37639
I wish to keep track of this, but where IS your dA?
>> No. 37642
>> No. 37643
It's 3000 almost spot-on, although half of it is due to each fencerail being a model rather than it being a flat texture. So it can easily be 1500 without major changes.

Thanks for linking my DA, I'll post a spinning animation as soon as I figure out how to have the flags play their animation during render: it adds a nice lively effect to have the flags wave in the wind.
>> No. 37653
that's a pretty reasonable poly count for something that would likely be very central
>> No. 37701
That's good to hear!

Anyways, I'm taking my time to assign texture space properly, rather than compressing every single-colored part into a small square on the texture. Otherwise, it's just too hard to work with.
>> No. 37961
File 133607576819.png - (11.89KB , 512x128 , Town Hall Download.png )

Here's a download for Town Hall, before I put it up on Deviantart with a turntable preview.

There's one problem though, the texture for the flags isn't transparent by default: Setting Mono Channel Output to Alpha fixes this, but may vary on your program.
>> No. 37993
File 133616118296.png - (7.38KB , 256x128 , _FBX Download.png )

And here's the same download with a .FBX as well as .OBJ, as per request.
>> No. 38008
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