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I don't know how many of you are elegan/tg/entlemen, but I've had the concept for a pretty simple MLP RPG floating around in my head for a bit now. A game like Dungeons & Dragons, for those that don't do Pen&Paper games.
Save for the magic system, it would be fairly simple; with the intent of being indepth enough for older gentlecolts to enjoy; but simple enough for the 'target' age to play as well.

I'm wondering if there's any interest in this.
I will likely finish it one day, regardless, but if there is some interest in the base then I will focus more time on it.

I'm also willing to answer any questions you may have.
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To give you something to consider (and this thread more than a boring OP), I'll throw down some basics of the concept.
(with terrible pacing and presentation, just for you)

Your character's defining points are
- Attributes (Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, and Personality)
- Skills (Specific things, like carpentry, or Athletics)
- Talent (Your Mark, and what it means)
- Flaw (No pony is perfect)
Some derived attributes are Health, Awareness, Speed, and Capacity.
Excluding magic, that's just about it.
Earth Ponies get +1 to any 1 Attribute and +2 to any one skill.
Unicorns get a light telekinesis, and an extra die for magic rolls.
Pegusususesuses can fly & touch clouds

The short version of the mechanics is: You declare what you want to do, and you an the Storyteller (GM/DM/Whatever) agree on what the most applicable Attribute & Skill you have are. The Skill determines how many dice you get to roll, and the Attribute determines what the dice need to land on to count.

Somepony wants to jump over a wide hole in the floor. Long jumps are a feat of Athletics, and depend on your leg Strength. So, if this pony is Strength 2 (average) and has the Athletics skill at 2 (mildly experienced) this is what they would do:
You roll a number of dice to the skill, so in this case they get 2 dice.
The dice need to land on a number equal to, or higher than 10 - the attribute.
SO (10-2=8) either of those dice landing on an 8 or higher, means the pony makes it over the hole.
If the pony gets no 8s, but gets close (like a 6 or 7), the Storyteller may have them make it, but only half-way; now hanging by their hooves.
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File 133467934267.jpg - (77.06KB , 1438x810 , 1334476638536.jpg )
Name: Pinakina Diane Pie
Gender: Female, Age: ??, Height 4ft, Weight ???lbs
Talent: Parties
Flaw: Social Obsession

STR: 2
TOU: 1
AGI: 2
INT: 1
PER: 5
Health:8, Speed 6, Awareness 5, (I'll skip capacities for now)
(Earth Pony, So +1 Personality & +2 Preform Song & Dance)

Skills: Song&Dance 5, Cooking 2, Carpentry 1.
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So it's basically like D&D with ponies? I haven't played anything like it although I have witnessed a game of (what I think was called) Pathfinder.

Do you have some sort of example of a character sheet one could fill in? An image of one would be nice.

I bet there's definitely interest and it'd be easy to just use an already established ruleset and just fill the rest in with some sort of pony campaign.
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