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So I had an idea for an anthro pony Visual Novel. I posted this on the pony board on Funnyjunk and got a lot of positive feedback. Me and another brony pulled a team together with a musician and a handful of writers. All we need now are some artists.
Basically the VN is set in an alternate Equestria where crime is high and ponies live in fear.
Does anypony want to lend a hoof?
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Crashmaster, please keep in mind that most freeware projects never get finished, and many of them never even get off the ground. Does your team have the passion and dedication required to finish your story?

You didn't specify what software you're using. Ren'py and Novelty Maker are probably the most accessible options, and both are free.

If you need advice or feedback, make sure to ask on the Lemma Soft forums, or the Novelty Maker forums. Be sure to provide detailed information, and be willing to offer support.
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