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37273 No. 37273
Hey everypony! I've been working on this flash game since spring break and still working on it to make it even better. This is the first time posting on a forum, so if I did something wrong, please tell me.

This is mainly a solo project, but I'm going to be getting some help with other stuff such as sound effects. It's a pretty good game according to my tester feedback so check it out on my deviantart.

The drawing and animation seems basic, but that's made up for by the coding.
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>> No. 37295
File 133485981166.jpg - (100.24KB , 689x711 , explanation.jpg )
Hey there! First of all, don't worry about your thread, it's a fine thread. Heck if everypony made a thread like you did we'd be a lot better off.

Let's get to your game. I'll be blunt, it takes a while for it to get actually fun and challenging. In the beginning, there's not a whole lot happening, you just fly to the right and shoot parasprites.

Unfortunately this sort of gameplay isn't very fun on it's own: you need extra challenge and lots of fancy visuals to keep your player going.

Right now, the game doesn't feel any harder until about level 5, when the parasprites start weaving. That's when the game starts to get fun: we've learned something (go to the right, shoot parasprites for points) and now we apply what we learned to conquer a different challenge.

The game's design is really similiar to Robot Unicorn Attack. Give it a shot if you haven't played it:

Learn from this game. Think about what makes it fun and apply that to your own game!

Of course RUA is already completely finished and yours isn't, so I'll focus on gameplay a little more.

Compare the speed in RUA to the ones in your own game. In RUA, it steadily goes up as you go along, but in your game Rainbow Dash flies at a constant rate. Also, the amount of obstacles grows. It doesn't grow by a lot, but the speed increase makes it seem like the amount doubled.

Also look at other 2D space shooters for inspiration. Super R-Type is a great example and can be played here:
It is an emulated game, so you'll need Java to play it.

Just play the first level and you'll see what I mean. Super R-Type is great fun because of a couple of things:
1. There are different types of enemies.
2. There are different ways to deal with these enemies (charging and shooting normally).
3. There are obstacles to maneuver around.

Despite how slow it is, it's still a fun game... Outside of the whole "one hit you die and go back to the start of the level" thing. That part is awful.

The Trixie boss battle right now is probably the worst part of your game. It's really boring, which is sad after a really fun intro. What makes it boring is that Trixie takes a lot of hits to die, and I can't even tell I'm hitting her. If there wasn't a health bar, I'd have no way to tell if I was doing damage. If you make Trixie flash when she gets hit, we'll be able to tell we hit her.

On a technical note, the collision really seems off. Small projectile + small enemies is really awkward, but my projectiles actually pass through the parasprites on occasion (they definitely pass through the wings and even through their bodies, although I've only seen that once).

Oh yeah and the game definitely needs some sound effects. Again, check out Super R-Type: in that game, everything your ship does (except flying around) has a subtle sound effect to accompany it, which is just a lot more satisfying.

Sorry for the long read, I get a little excited when I talk about video games. Anyway, hope this helps you!
>> No. 37305
I somehow cannot shoot with my z-key... What does it mean?
>> No. 37309
Yeah, I had a feeling about the first levels and how they weren't too appealing at first. I think maybe I should also expand my variety of enemies to fight and perhaps make the parasprites weave in the beginning.

I'll admit, the Trixie boss definately needs work. I'm thinking of converting to one shot and it takes a chunk of health. That way, it goes back to the action faster.

I have a friend that's working on some sound effects, so they'll be in soon I hope.

Yeah, collisions do seem a bit awkward. Maybe I shouldn't focus so much on adding stuff and focus on polishing what I've already made.

I'll definately play those games you've provided and thanks for the feedback. Long reads are great because of their detail, and ever since I posted this game, I've been just waiting for some kind of outside feedback from somepony. All in all, I really needed this and I really appreciate it. Thanks!
>> No. 37310
You hold Z and spacebar for rapidfire.
>> No. 37666
Just updated the game to v1.5. Thirtyfour, I took your advice and made a lot of improvements. Collisions with parasprites are better, Trixie boss is improved greatly, and the background visuals are improved the most. Along with that, I also added Derpy in the mix of characters with her own dialogue when fighting Trixie. I also made the parasprites start weaving on level 2 instead of 1, more enemies to fight are currently in development, and I'm thinking of ways to up the challenge and extend the game further than just a high score. Sound effects are not in yet unfortunately, but they are being worked on. That, and music.
>> No. 37667
Whoops, I mean the parasprites start weaving on level 2 instead of 5. I derped :P
>> No. 37676
Can you add a checkpoint when you reach Trixie?
She now has a KO attack.

Also, I can't move diagonally down-left.
>> No. 37677
I'll think about a checkpoint system. If you get caught in the line of shooting, you can still move up towards the safe spot. Then again, it does seem annoying to have to go through the levels again to get there. I'll see what I can do.

When it comes to going diagonal, well, these controls seem to be different for different keyboards. Back when it was spacebar to shoot, I couldn't go diagonal up-left while shooting, and I also couldn't move up and down when I was using rapid fire sometimes. I thought it was just a problem somewhere with the keyboard, so I changed the controls to fix the problem. I'm able to move everywhere even while shooting now, but it seems that keyboards like yours don't like the new system. Perhaps I should create an alternate control system to do it, or maybe make defining your own keys possible. That's an idea, defining your own keys. I might make that.
>> No. 37686
I really like this, it's super fun.

Your right though it would be good with some checkpoints. Maybe invincibility frame style? Anyways, good luck!
>> No. 37733
Ok, how about this. Now, this game is really a survival game about how high of a score and level you can make it, so that's why I'm debating about adding checkpoints. Then I came to a conclusion. I'll add checkpoints in increments of 5. You reach that level, you can always go up to that level in the future. For how many increments depends on how far the game is extended, and so far it's not very far extended.

Current Progress: Just last night I've added definable keys, and today I've almost perfected it. I'll work some checkpoints out, and I'll make Trixie a bit less harsh with that deadly new move of hers.
>> No. 37758
Pretty good, but how do you get back to the start page?
>> No. 37762
The only way to get back to the start menu currently is to restart the game. Don't worry about your unlocks and high scores though, those are saved. In the next update, I'll be making a pause menu as well to get back into the main menu.
>> No. 37842
Hey guys, I'm back with a 1.6 update. Better graphics, better UI, and a more predictable Trixie boss. Better UI includes defining your own keys, going back to the main menu through the new in-game pause menu, and it even has the level 5 checkpoint you guys were wanting. Enjoy!
>> No. 37866
The rainbow bottles still move even while you pause.
By the it possible to make an abillity where your rainbow trail kills anything that runs into it?

I'd suggest some curves for that rainbow...

Anyways I finally have proper control over my character, but how do I select Fluttershy? She's still locked even after I beat Trixie.
>> No. 37875
File 133589759951.png - (147.72KB , 366x364 , ooohh.png )
Man this game improved a lot since I last played it. Gameplay wise it's a lot more fun. I'll go over the stuff that I really like first, then we'll move on to some of the stuff that still needs some improvements.

1. I really like how it's a mix of space shooter + bullet hell, but with a points system instead.
2. The boss is challenging but not frustrating. Damaging her is a lot more intuitive, more logical. I'd say right now the boss is just about perfect.
3. I like how the game changes during the boss fight and that change goes through in the levels that come after. It's pretty clever and I wonder if it's fully intentional.

Lemme explain in detail. Before Trixie, the game gets progessively harder, but the focus is still mostly on shooting parasprites, not avoiding them. As you go on, you keep trying to shoot them even though the best option would be to avoid.
But the boss fight actually tells you: "sorry, no shooting, just avoid stuff - that's what matters!".

So everything up until the boss fight is like a tutorial level, a chance to try out the controls and get used to the flight pattern. After you passed Trixie, then the real game starts and you're prepared to avoid and shoot.

It puts the gamer in a different state of mind in a pretty clever way, conditioning them to focus on avoiding.

Now to move on to some things that I didn't like. There's two game design issues here and a couple of graphical and sound design issues.

1. I have no idea what my score is or what's adding score. Again, play Robot Unicorn Attack to see what I mean. Everytime you grab a fairy or dash into a star, you can see the amount of points you get. This goes all the way back to the NES days: hit a goomba, that's 100 points.

In a game where score matters, I'd like to know what my score is while playing. But looking means I have to take my eyes off the enemy, which I don't want. Robot Unicorn Attack has a grand solution: every 5000 points you get, a dolphin appears.

This is a small visual cue to tell the player: you just reached a certain milestone. That'd be great to do either for a certain amount of points or whenever you get to a new level.

Also the score is at the top center in RUA, as opposed to the right bottom corner in your game.

That brings me to the second point.
2. The HUD's confusing. The rainbow bar is in the middle bottom, so it makes me think that's the most important part. But isn't the health bar supposed to be the most important in a game where survival matters the most? For a while I actually thought the rainbow bar was my health bar.

Same thing with the score and level. Score matters in this game, after all. It'd be less of an issue if there were other visual cues to tell me what my score is, or what level I'm on.

It'd be an easy fix though. Move the health bar to the middle and make the score number and level number more obvious: now it's just black letters, boooring!
The HUD being on the bottom isn't that big of a deal, but you should know that most games have them at the top. Personally I think for a space shooter you'd rather have it on the bottom so I totally agree with that decision.

3. The power-ups
I have no idea what they do, which in the beginning would be fine.... If I knew when I could use them. I just tried out the game a second time and I think you need full rainbow bar for the "overdose" one and only a little bit for what I think is slowing down time? I was using Fluttershy at the time, I dunno if the characters have different special moves or not.

The overdose one is pretty clear after you've used it, but it's a complete waste if you use it before Trixie. A tip would be to 'unlock' the overdose, in the same way that you unlock Fluttershy. Alternatively, she can just tell you what it is.

Personally I'd seperate the power-ups from the Rainbow bar. You've obviously played Star Fox 64, so you know that the bombs are seperate items. You start with two, but you can gain more by shooting enemies.

Oh and the time slow really needs a visual cue. The overdose is pretty obvious, but one for the time slow would be nice.

And that brings us to the last issue.
4. Sound effects and music.
This is the biggest issue with the game by far, it's really gonna need some sound effects and music. I know it's not done yet, but it should be the next step.
Look at Super R-Type that I linked earlier, and Star Fox too. Super R-Type has a lot of really subtle sound effects with the shooting, charging, explosions, on their own they'd be boring and too soft. But since you're constantly shooting and there's constantly stuff exploding, they meld together really well.

And well, that's that. Hope this helps you out.
>> No. 37883
Oh, I see what happens here. I'll make a quick fix on that. It's one of the few bugs I didn't catch when it comes to going back to the main menu in-game. Restart the game and Fluttershy will be available.
>> No. 37885
Thanks Thirtyfour! It took me a while to get what you're saying about the game changing from shooting to avoiding to a combination, but I figured it out. Yes, the beginning levels were intended as a tutorial, but I didn't notice how the changes were coming together until you said it.

More advice? Awesome! I'll definately take it and make improvements based off them like before. Oh, and that slow-down power that Fluttershy uses is her stare. Each of the pegasi have a character specific move, but they can all overdose and use rapid fire. Fluttershy's visual cue for her stare is her eye shrinking and shaking while looking pissed off, but I suppose that's a bit too subtle to know when it starts and when it stops, so I'll improve that.

I see what you're saying mainly. I have to make it so the player doesn't have to hunt around for the information they need and put it at their fingertips for easy access. That way, the player can enjoy the game and play without getting confused or getting off track.
>> No. 37888
>I have to make it so the player doesn't have to hunt around for the information they need and put it at their fingertips for easy access. That way, the player can enjoy the game and play without getting confused or getting off track.

You got it.
>> No. 37913
File 133592546517.png - (95.01KB , 351x335 , 80.png )
Attempting to pick up a rainbow juice jug while using Derpy's special move effectively breaks the game: she gets stuck in the drinking animation and one can no longer fire (Spike's animation still goes, but no shot is produced), rapid-fire (but attempting to do so still consumes rainbow juice), move, pause, be injured (the mailbox effect is still active), score points (because the only way things die at that point is through mailboxing, which scores no points), or progress in level (because no points); it is possible to trigger the overdose effect (only once, obviously), and the background continues to progress.
>> No. 37928
Daaaaaaaang! I had no idea it would do that. Thanks for the bug report, I'll get to fixing it.
>> No. 37945
Everypony, I need some advice on the trails for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Derpy's is fine, but I need a better trail system for RD. This game is made from Flash with Actionscript 3.0, so if there's anypony out there that knows Actionscript, I could use some help.

The trail system works like this. I have a rainbow rectangle that is constantly emitted behind RD. The size and speed of the movieclip changes as you go left and right, and it is rotated when you go up and down. The FPS of the game is 30.

What I'm looking for is a trail system where every color of the rainbow connects and moves constantly to the left as RD is flying. Any ideas for a more fluid trail?
>> No. 37959
File 133607030423.png - (176.57KB , 557x490 , 19.png )
Similar thing happens if I try to trigger Derpy's special while she's in the middle of her getting hit animation.
>> No. 37971
Store the Y position of RD each frame in a Vector.
Then use the drawing API to draw a shape.

I tried doing it myself, but it is too late for me to think straight and debug my mess.
>> No. 37978
Hmmm, Vectors and drawing by code. I'll have to learn more about it, but I think I know what you're saying. And it sounds genius! Thanks for the tip!
>> No. 37982
Here, knock yourself out with my mess.
>> No. 37987
The next thing you would have to bring this up to would be to add power ups, and a bigger area of damage attack.

And some more complex enemies.
>> No. 38004
Agreed. After I'm done with my current tweaks in progress (e.g. Trails and better notifications for the player's convenience). I will start to develop new levels. By that I mean a new scenery, new enemies, a new boss, and another fun upgrade. When that time comes, the game type will be changing from a survival shooter to a shooter with a purpose. Fight bosses in each level to the final boss and beat the game. Each level will contain a new upgrade that will help the player through. These are my ideas though, it's not quite there yet, but once I get all the kinks out currently, I'm sure things are gonna start to get interesting.
>> No. 38034
File 133623044777.png - (34.85KB , 724x347 , Trail picture.png )
This. Is. Great! Check out this picture for a sneak peak on the new trail system that'll be in the next update!

@RealismFactor: I checked out that mess that you sent, but I ended up figuring out my own code to create this. Despite that, it was a fine mess, and I learned a few things by messing around with it. Thanks for your help man, I'll put you on the credits section of the game once I release this next update.
>> No. 38053
Thanks. Please credit me as "henke37".
>> No. 38056
Done and done.
>> No. 38134
Alright! Latest update to 1.65 has been released. New graphics, animations, notifications, and best of all, new trails! All known bugs on Derpy have been zapped. She should be safe to play now.
>> No. 38150
In case you guys were wondering. The next update will depend on how buggy this current version is. If it's not too buggy, then I think it's about time to expand the game. I'm thinking of an area of dragons like where Spike went during Dragon Quest. And after watching the season finale, I knew that I have to add those changelings somehow. I'm getting some ideas and I think this new area will be probably more enjoyable than the first. What kind of areas do you guys think will be good?
>> No. 38171
File 133642365590.png - (191.12KB , 640x360 , explanation.png )
It'd be great if there were enemies relevant to bosses and bosses being first smaller 'villains' from the series before moving on to the big ones.

Maybe something like a bossfight with Gilda and griffins as powerful enemies? Or something completely out of the blue like the Flim Flam Brothers, now in the Wicked Wonderful Winger 1?

As long as it's inspired by the show anything could work.
>> No. 38177
You know, I did think about the Flim Flam Brothers as a boss, but I totally forgot about Gilda. Lemme brainstorm a bit and find a concrete plan for this.....Huh, I'm already getting ideas.
>> No. 38228
Wow, this new update is gonna take a while because it's gonna be BIG. I'm in progress of creating two big things here. A new area to access which will make the game 2x longer with new everything. That'll take the longest. I've also wondered. What if I made a custom pony system? Where you can create your own OC as a pegasus and play as it. It's already in development and I've already gone through the hard part which is learning to assign colors and such. I think that would be a fun feature for the players.
>> No. 38229
File 133660939616.png - (119.48KB , 1200x800 , I just don\'t know what went wrong.png )
Dunno if this is a bug or a feature request, but it might not be a bad idea to limit how much Derpy can overheal from muffins. ;)
>> No. 38232
File 133661160285.png - (83.13KB , 1201x801 , disregard cannonball, acquire muffin.png )
... also, attempting to trigger Derpy's special while she's busy eating the previous muffin results in the same lock-up bug I've noted previously.
>> No. 38243
That's hilarious! I completely forgot about adding a maximum health limit. And damn! I thought I took care of that whole lock up bug. Don't worry, I'll fix it. This next update will bring some fixes, some better graphics, and a custom pony creator beta.
>> No. 38339
File 133695112521.png - (260.80KB , 1280x800 , OCCreator.png )
Ok, development update.

I have a working pony creator. All I need now is to make it playable, and to create some hairs, tails, and some accessories. Check the pic to see its development so far.

As you see in the picture, you have a coat color, eye color, and hair color. These are all defined with a color spectrum. Along with that, you also get to upload your own cutie mark. I will also try my best to make the trail editable as well. Yes, the preview that you see in the creator is my OC, and my plan for this is to make yours possible as well.

Now I'm going to switch gears and work on the game expansion. Cloudsdale. Yes, Cloudsdale. This new area is planned to have new enemies, new obstacles, and a new way of playing such as racing with pegasi in the game.

So there's a lot of stuff that I'm planning to add. If anypony would like to contribute to drawing on either the new area Cloudsdale or the OC Pony Creator hairs, tails, and accessories. Then lets get in touch and talk ponies!

Drawings for the OC Pony Creator can be either stock or fan-made.
>> No. 38348
Keep it up! You are a great example of how one can be working mostly solo but still listen to people's feedback openly and with a good attitude :)

Plus you seem to be working really hard on it and it shows.
>> No. 38376
Awww. Thanks!
>> No. 38416
File 133712623740.png - (264.89KB , 1280x800 , OCCreator2.png )
Alright! Coding for the OC Creator is complete. Now it just needs more drawings! This creator will come first in this next update, and Cloudsdale will come in the one after. Doing things one BIG thing at a time. For the hairs, tails, and stuff, I'll just be making stock stuff that I see from the show. Watch some episodes, pull some references, draw from the references or my imagination, and there we go. I'll start off with a few things, but I can almost guarantee that more that will be added.

Anyways, color assignments are complete, and OC is almost done. Next hardest part is putting it inside the game, and I totally forgot about what to do as special attack.

Suggestions anypony? OC is not just mine, it's gonna be yours as well.
>> No. 38509
File 133737982910.png - (92.53KB , 1200x698 , OCFlight.png )
More development update on the OC Creator.

OC's now in the air with flying colors (literally). As you can see from the pic, all 6 trail colors are definable in the creator. All that's left now is a special attack and some more drawing, then I can finally update this game once again.
>> No. 38541
File 133744760633.png - (103.32KB , 1199x698 , OCCreator semi-final.png )
Oh man, It's almost done, just added some hairs, tails, and accessories, and I think it's almost ready for deployment! I can't wait to finally push this out!
>> No. 38572
File 133747985495.png - (25.81KB , 373x254 , previewPic.png )
Update to 1.9, OC is now live on my DeviantArt! Customize hair, tail, trail, gender, accessories, and colors from a color spectrum to make your own OC in the game to play as!

Types of hairs, tails, and accessories will grow as updates come along, so if you want a certain hairstyle or whatnot in the game, post a request in reply.

Character Data is all saved, so you can always come back and play with your created character. (Note: Pressing the Reset button in the starting menu does not erase character data, instead the delete button in character selection does.)

It all seemed overwhelming thinking about making OC, I had a tough time thinking about how I was going to bring it through. I mainly created OC because it was a challenge, and I wanted to learn about uploading stuff and using it within flash. So really, this project has a lot of purposes. For my flash education, for fun, for legacy, and for bronies.

Enjoy OC everypony! Now to focus on Cloudsdale. Brohoof! /)(\
>> No. 38594
So now that OC is done, I'm going to start focusing on making Cloudsdale. Every new area from here on out will have 10 levels and then you advance on to the next area. For example, you'll go to Cloudsdale when you reach level 10 on the first area. You'll go back to level 1, but now you face the new stuff that the new area has to offer.

Cloudsdale is not totally concrete with the new enemies yet. Like what Thirtyfour said earlier, I'll start making Griffons to fight, and probably make Gilda a boss that will put fighting and racing together.

Racing is something I've been working on while working on OC. Dodge obstacles, and catch rainbow rings to gain speed and beat your opponent. This is planned to be introduced by the time Cloudsdale is reached.

So that's my plan so far. For now you can play as OC and play around with the creator to fill in the time. In the meantime, keep up the support everypony! School's almost out for me, so I'll have a lot more time on my hands to work in the Summer.
>> No. 38642
Update 1.91 now live with some UI updates to the OC Creator and trails how have definable opacity.


I'm in the middle of perfecting the racing for Cloudsdale, so far so good.
>> No. 38655
Typo. *Trails now have definable opacity.
>> No. 38684
Just fixed some bugs with the OC Creator Cutie Mark Uploader, and fixed a graphics problem with Fluttershy on the Trixie boss. Her head was decapitated! It's ok though, I reattached it.
>> No. 38798
File 133789041617.png - (100.91KB , 1079x718 , RacePreview.png )
Here's a little development update.

Building a racing system seems to be going well. I just need to balance a few things there and that part'll be finished. This boss will be an introduction to Cloudsdale. As you can see, there's a race progress bar, race stats, and things that'll affect your speed. Rainbow rings increase speed, and storm clouds lower it.

So all I have for Cloudsdale as far as ideas go is new scenery, some new enemies, and a new boss that will utilize the new thing the area gives. Cloudsdale's new thing would be racing.
>> No. 38873
Man, out of all the things to vector, Cloudsdale has to be the hardest! Curves all over the place, but once it's done, I think visuals for this area will be ready! After this, Griffons to fight, and innocent pegasi to dodge and possibly to avoid shooting for more challenge.
>> No. 38875
File 133805529936.png - (465.24KB , 668x613 , lets get even more dangerous.png )
Don't forget about sound effects and music. Seriously, they'll add a lot to your game. Some people consider sound to be 60% of the experience and although I don't agree with that specific number, sound is very important for the players' experience.

If you add sound and the next level, why not send an email to EqD and Equestria Gaming? That'll get your game a little bit of exposition and most importantly - more players.

I haven't used it myself, but I saw another user post this in a different /collab/ thread:
It's a handy tool to make quick-and-dirty sound effects. Make some, put them in your game and you'll see how important sound effects are.
>> No. 38893
Yes, sound is definately a necessity. Problem is that I don't know how to make sound effects and music. I have somepony working on it, but it seems that I may have to just learn how to do it myself. Thanks for the link by the way, I'll probably get my sounds from there. As for music. I think I'll have to learn how to do that part myself.

Long time ago, I did send EQD an email about the game. They said "neat, to the queue!", but I've never seen it posted on. Just today I've found out about Equestria gaming and I'll probably show it to them, but I agree, I need some sounds...
>> No. 38894
File 133806228195.png - (201.22KB , 900x1073 , 131110522635.png )
You're gonna want a lot more of a reaction than just "neat". EqD gets a lot of stuff submitted to it, so if you want it posted, it has to be, well, awesome.

There's also stuff like for which you'll have to register. Get an easy to use, free program for sound editing like Audacity.

As for music, you can always use music that was already made by different artists, so long as you ask permission and the song is actually good for the game. Luckily enough, that's easy to test: just play the song and the game at the same time. Most fanmade music isn't that good for games, but you might find a golden egg. Just be sure to ask permission before actually putting it in the game.

Equestria Gaming isn't that large, but hey, getting more players is never a waste.
>> No. 38909
Just tried hat sfxr app and put some sounds into the game. Now my focus is switched. Sounds and music should of been put in a long, LONG, time ago.

Very well, next update, this game is gonna give your speakers something to talk about!
>> No. 39093
Geez. Three days without a development update and it feels like an eternity!

Well, things are running a bit slow actually, but I'm starting to get back up to speed.

Making music is something that I've wanted to learn and now learning. Which means later on, this game will have some original music. I'm not sure when that'll be, so I'm going to check out and add some music that's already made.

Sound effects are coming in and they sound pretty decent so far. Again, working toward original stuff, but I'll use what can be put in to fill in the time.

I'm almost done making the transition to Cloudsdale, which is a race with Hoops (One of the Cloudsdale jocks). There'll be a dialogue just like in the Trixie Boss, and you'll have a checkpoint before getting there.

Report Summary

Music: 10% Ready
Sound FX: 50% Ready
Cloudsdale: 70% (For next update) 30% (Overall)
>> No. 39324
Development Update:

Griffons are currently in the drawing stages, once that's done, Cloudsdale will be ready for release. Like the first area, Cloudsdale will have stuff added to it as development goes.

Sound effects are going well and I'm still checking around for music. I have some songs, but I'll need to see how well they fit in the game. If all goes well, and I get permissions, then I can update the game again.
>> No. 39364
Keep the music on/off option, I wanna play to some 8-bit themes.
>> No. 39437
Not to worry, Robin. Music on/off is here to stay as well as the sound on/off.
>> No. 39592
Well guys, the wait is starting to see an end. Lots of hard work that's been going on this last month will be shown to everypony in just a matter of time.

There's just a couple more big things that I'm making with OC, and then the rest is just debugging.

OC is gonna have a new special move, in fact, it'll have three different moves to choose from that do something different. Whether if it eliminates all, supports you, or affects the enemies.

I'm also creating a type of dialogue for OC. Currently, OC is locked out of boss battles. I've decided that OC will have decisions on the dialogue. Whether if it's positive, negative, or neutral. Talking neutral will make things go normal. However, talking positive or negative can change certain things. It could give more, or it could give less, it all depends on the decision and knowing the character you're talking to.

Other than those plans. What I've got so far is a lot. I have all the details in my DA journal, but the biggest thing is that you get a new way of attacking. Which is charging attacks. This is why I have to replace OC's special move now, because that special move is gonna be for charging.

Anyways, I've been creating and debugging to the point where it's about to be ready for release.
>> No. 39796
Whew! 2.0 has been released finally! Come check it out, lots of new things have been added and a lot of stuff has been updated! Sounds and music have been added as well. I got the essential sounds, the rest of them will come a bit later. I have a job coming up very soon, so I want to release now before development gets slow. Because of so much stuff, I'm sure there's bugs all over the place. I haven't seen very many currently, but I'm going to keep searching. For now, enjoy this. OC has the most cool stuff. Including saving data on to the hard drive, being able to be a unicorn, and the biggest one, decision based dialogue for the Trixie Boss. Hoops race will come soon for OC. Anyways, give it a try now. I could definately use some advice on the racing because I've never made a racing game type.
>> No. 39889
Ok, so now that I've got a job going, development will be slowed down a bit, but it won't be stopped. I've taken advantage of the free time I had to create 2.0, and I'll still have time during the weekends.

Anyways, any opinions about 2.0 so far? Besides the shortage of sound effects. Any bugs to be seen? Any ideas for OC? Any suggestions about the Hoops race? Because I'm sure that's not even close to perfect. Any anything?
>> No. 39944
File 134024263342.png - (355.03KB , 1804x1036 , NAUGHTYBUG.png )
My beta tester was trying out the game to find bugs and look what he found! A combination of bugs that made this hilarious and awkward image. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me when it comes to debugging the game.
>> No. 40280
Progress seems to be running a bit slow these days, but I'm gonna try to get some debugging and sound work done by the end of this weekend.

It seems like there aren't as many bugs around as I thought there would be, so that won't be too hard to accomplish. What I really want to do is make the racing part of the game a bit more exciting. I'll try to find some ideas for that, but I'm definitely open to some suggestions.

See you guys in the next update!
>> No. 41359
Hey there /Collab/! I'm back after a vacation from this project and now I'm right back on my hooves!

These couple months I've been working on some other projects that have popped up for me, so I had to set this project aside for a while, now I'm back with my 1,000th view on my DA. Very nice, so here's my next update. On to 2.1. Bugs zapped, some graphics enhanced, animations on mainly the griffons and the rainbow bar are enhanced, and a few more sound effects to injure the silence. When I make the rest of the sound effects, the silence will no longer be injured, it will be killed.

Added secondary hair colors to OC, kinda beta-ish, but will probably be enhanced down the line. New OC features mean different ByteArray save files and new saves mean a new set of loading functions which makes the old saves unusable, BUT I've added a version confirmation screen where you can use the old loading system to bring in your old save. Compatibility at its finest! These new ByteArrays will have version info written in them so the new loading system can automatically detect what set of functions to perform. Since this isn't on the old saves, you'll have to tell the game that you're uploading an old save file.

Go on and check things out and see what you think, and please for the love of Discord, somepony please give an opinion on the racing system. I need to improve it, but I just have no idea what it needs. Longer distance? Less harsh hazards? More hazards? Anything at all will be helpful.
>> No. 41933
Hi again! Well it's been a month and 2.2 has been released. Give it a go, there's been a lot of visual improvements and game performance optimizations.

Bugs have been zapped, graphics and animations have been optimized and improved, and OC's cutie mark management has been perfected (as far as I know). Next up is to complete the sound bank, but tell me what you think of the new stuff.
>> No. 42292
Hey guys! 2.5 has been released featuring a whole new GUI. Every menu has been trashed and rebuilt as the New Eye.

Along with that, players now get a two second cool-off time after getting hit to get out of trouble. Should make Trixie more fair.
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