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Been trying to make some pony animation via Illustrator and Flash. Got some really nice parts done in illustrator but when import them to flash I can't do a simple shape tween between 2 items. Each "leg" is saved as a different layer in Illustrator and when imported becoem their own layers in flash, I've tried copying them down to one layer, converting to symbols, converting to bitmaps, and then track bitmap but shape tween wont show up and i cant even get a alpha transparency option to show up with a motion or classic tween so i could do a fade transition to fake animation, anypony have any thoughts?
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I'm not sure what other board this could go on so I can answer some basics here. Illustrator sucks balls for bringing stuff into flash. If you are trying for shape tween it's even worse. When you bring something in from illustrator you need to select it and press CTRL+B to break it apart until it is pure shapes (pure shapes will have no blue select box around them). If you want to tween you need every single shape on it's own layer. This means every CLOSED shape. you can't have any more than one shape on a layer you want to shape tween (or it will screw up). Now, the other thing you can't have (this may have changed in recent versions) is shapes with an "open"outline. The leg symbols in your pic have an open outline, ie the outline doesn't cover the whole shape, there is a gap at the to pwhere the leg would connect to the body. When it comes to making your shape tween the gap will 'fill in' for the duration of the tween, then snap open again on the last keyframe. That's if the tween looks any good at all, because you'll have to use a lot of shape hints to get any sort of result.

so short answer:
1. make sure each shape is broken apart down to pure fills and lines (no symbols involved for shape tweens).
2. Every single shape in it's own layer (one tween per layer is the rule)
3.Good luck.
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thanks, I'll try that later. I tried to use bones before but count get bones to work on a single layer meaning I had to make 3 layers just for one leg

I did find a tutorial on making a animation in Illus itself and exporting as a SWF (then importing that and converting to a movie clip)

Still i'm happy with the final result, and that means making a seperate SWF for each leg, and for each color, so for a scene with just RD and TS (and Spike) that 10 separate leg files

still i managed to do this
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While you are getting results, it seems like you are taking a very long arduous route to make simple animations. I suggest checking out some basic tutorials about tweening in flash. You are adding far more steps than needed!!
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yeah I know, and i don't like that, i mean just to do a scene with Twilight, Dash, and Spike (the one i'm planning) would require 12 limb models (since i can't reasonably recolor the exported/imported swf) as opposed to 8 (4 for the ponies so each limb has a sightly different stride and 4 for the non pony spoke who would not be able to resonably share models with the ponies any way)
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Holy Molly that's what I was missing, Break Apart. Once i imported my 5 legs and used Break apaort on their individual layers i was able to Copy them to the same layer and make a shape tween...

Now i just need to find the button for shape hints!
>> No. 37348
depending on the flash version you are using shape hints are notoriously finicky. Tehre is no button, but you can right click on the stage when you are on the KEY FRAMES of the shape tween to add them, or go to Modify > Shape >

When I say finicky, I mean that I have had 4 point tweens that only work with shape hints if I place the shape hints in a certain order, evenif they are on the exact same points. Also they randomly will disappear from your keyframes and Show Hints sometimes does not bring them back, you have to ADD a hint then remove it again.

Welcome.. to the dark side of flash.
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Yup definitely seeing that, but since i had similar problems with the illustrator export i think i have a pretty good grasp of it.
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