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Hi! A few other bronies and I are making an anthro style MLP visual novel set in an alternate Equestria, where everypony but the mane 6 is like a Discorded version of themselves. The mane 6 escape the crazy, crime filled Ponyville and come across Vinyl Scratch and Octavia holed up in a house. There they learn that music is the one thing that can prevent ponies from turning evil.
So basically we are looking for some more writers and an artist or two. If you are interested, e-mail me!
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And completely forgot my email.
[email protected]
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I like the idea
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This post is full of win.

What will the artstyle be like?
Similar to these:

Or totally different?

Also don't be discouraged by posts like:
Good luck! xD
>> No. 37548
I'd love to help. Save for my skills totally lacking in the "art" and "writing" departments. Good luck all the same!
>> No. 37554
Are you planning on having any voice actors?
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