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No. 37376
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  So it's been a while since I posted the progress(got distracted for a month), for those who missed it first time round, this is my casual game.

Ponyarium started as a simple screen to generate Ponies on that would involve houses and trees -

Then came the random color generating and random name combos of embarrassment -

All this came to a close with the Trees and goin to buck commands, thought the final build has shops to generate money by selling apples -
The download link via Deviantart, with controls in the description -

After making it, rather than carrying on I moved on to making it isometric and better code paths. -
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>> No. 37377
On my list of things to do

More crops, possibily livestock (Working on chickens)
More Houses (Reinstate the random decorations on placement)
Shops and merchants.
Pony accessories (Or reinstate the old ones updated)
Visits from famous Ponies (Add a town square with unique bonus)
Male Ponies(Rebuild in new style) and more hair/tails.
Skill bars to charge up for the non workers to lead to bonus abilities.
Seasons (Rain was disabled while I worked away from home, maybe reworked as slowdown possible)

And more names! (14 starters and 14 enders at present)

Happy to hear comments, suggestions and hopes.
>> No. 37381
This is looking really really strong. I can see lots of potential here!

Main question: I'm unsure as to the general goal of it (simPonyville? Make money? Last as long as possible without the apple economy and needs of the ponies collapsing?). What is it?

The acutal engine is looking awesome (as in it's making sense) and are you going to upgrade the art yourself or find an artist to do it? It could benefit from some rich vibrant tilesets!

General feeling is that it's awesome progress.
>> No. 37385

The original idea was a single screen with the tipping point being the lack of room versus management.

I think that will be the same but maybe 2 modes, Harsh seasons (I like the idea of it collapsing cause you haven't stored enough food ;D) and a scoring tame version. I wanted to add 2 other screens(4 at the moment - Train,Town, Farm and Merchants) Clouds and castle, with the goal of getting an alicorn, guards etc and just expand. But first I'll make it stable and hopefully balanced.

At the moment I'm doing it all myself, because I was a little concerned with people borrowing from the amazing work out there and I'd start getting distracted by who's owed credit for something that is just for fun. So if I use my own for now, problem solved.

But saying that, if I can work out how, I'd love to make it so you could load your own items, but again I have a real problem with going of tangent with ideas.

I've avoided music and sound effects but I think once the engine is done it'll be a good time to open it up to collaboration.

Build 1 took 3 weeks of my spare time, 2 has been spread over a month of me doing little to it.
>> No. 37388
I was also wondering about how you're going to motivate the player to keep playing.

Every game has some sort of goal, a reason to play. Check out old Sim games: SimCity has achievements ("become the best city, here's a ranking") and challenges ("rebuild the city after it was torn down by Bowser"). The Sims, your Sims have dreams they want to work towards. In Harvest Moon you need to make money, etc etc.

Anyway, good job, nice to see more awesome threads pop up lately.
>> No. 37389
File 133504665624.png - (93.98KB , 1040x806 , PonyariumChickens.png )

Yeah, though my drive was always to build more and more! lol

Well hopefully with the individual stats and random names you'll grow attached to your Ponies. Another plan (Yup another) was to have households, have them 3 stage life, with foals (Think of schools and genes influencing stats, etc!)

Also just for fun, the pic, suddenly Chickens!
>> No. 37657
File 133544424740.png - (110.96KB , 1034x796 , Ponyarium5.png )
Well I've added the basic templates for all the construction menus. Stone path templates added in, will work on smooth neighboring.

A new menu root has been added for Research buildings, which will be clicked on for research Trees, when assign a Pony research team (Lap coats ;D ?). So far I foresee Fashion, Magic, Farm/Food.

Going to work on more time commands, like work days and tiredness, so that stats matter a little more than just speed of harvesting.
>> No. 37717
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  Latest visual evidence!
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