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So here’s how this happened. A while back, I got Civilization V, and I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a pony mod for this game?” So, I started looking for one, but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to make one myself! ...And then I promptly forgot about that for a while. Then, earlier today, I remembered it again and started brainstorming. Now, I want to work on this, but I don’t have a whole lot of ideas. I have some, of course, but I don’t know how good they are or how balanced they’d be. I’d like to bounce my ideas off you! If there are any Civ V players in the audience, or if there aren’t, tell me what you think!

Obviously, the largest change the mod will make is adding a new civilization to the game: the Equestrian Empire (Equestria), ruled by Princess Celestia! Here’s the flavor text for it:

“Blessings upon you, Her Highness Princess Celestia, regent of the sun! Thousands of years ago, alongside your sister, Luna, you united the scattered remnants of the three once-great pony tribes into a mighty coalition of mutual cooperation. With little more than your citizens’ willingness to work together, your empire has stood strong against such powerful foes as Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the legions of Tartarus itself. Even to this day, the land of Equestria remains an idyllic land where the ideals of harmony and friendship are law.
“Oh wise Celestia, your little ponies look to you to bring Equestria once again into a golden age of friendship and magic! Will you bring harmony to the lands once more, Celestia? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?”

Now, every civilization has a special advantage, a unique unit that only they can train, and a unique building only they can build. For the Equestrian Empire, those are, in order:

The Fire of Friendship: For every City-State Alliance you maintain, you earn +1 Happiness.
Royal Guard: [Statistics to be determined.] Unit does not require Horses and ignores terrain cost, unlike the Knight which it replaces.
Weather Factory: Gives the same Production bonus as a Factory. In addition, increases Food Yield of Farm tiles worked by this city by 1. [Cannot have a Weather Factory and a Spaceship Factory in the same city.]

That’s Part One of my plan. But there’s another civilization that will be added to the game, too: the Disharmonic Empire (Discordia), ruled by Discord! Here’s its flavor text:

“Hail the almighty Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony! Sprung from the loins of the king of Tartarus and cast out of the kingdom you should have rightfully ruled, you wandered the lands for years until encountering the peaceful land of Equestria. In a matter of weeks, you had single-handedly conquered the peaceful nation, turning its fertile land into a playground where the laws of reality did not apply. You were ultimately defeated by the nation’s rightful rulers, the Royal Pony Sisters Celestia and Luna, and imprisoned in stone. Only once, well over a millenium later, did you escape to reclaim your kingdom, if only for no more than a few days.
“Mighty Discord, the world is your oyster once more! It eagerly awaits the day that you plunge your foes into mayhem and madness. Your people call for anarchy, Discord! Will you answer that call? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?”

Again, advantage, unit, building:

My Game, My Rules: Friendly units in your territory ignore terrain cost. OR, Enemy units in your territory treat Rough Ground as though it were Open and vice versa. [I may end up using one or both of these. I can’t decide.]
Sons of Chaos: [Stats to be determined.]
[I have no ideas for Discord’s Unique Building. Not even a name.]

Oh, and here's something else you can help with! In Civilization V, there are 5 kinds of special "Great Person" units: Great Artists, Great Engineers, Great Merchants, Great Scientists and Great Generals. These units are named for historical figures, like Pablo Picasso, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, Albert Einstein and Sun Tzu, respectively. We need Great Ponies! I encourage you to brainstorm!

So, let me know what you think, everypony. I invite you to discuss these ideas, and suggest some of your own! Thanks for your time and your help!
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>> No. 37399
I remember you from >>35559 :)

A Great General could be Commander Hurricane. A Great Scientist? Maybe Starswirl The Bearded. Not sure on the other 3 though.
>> No. 37754
i don't see a problem in using modern ponys for your great people or even the man six
Great Artist=Photo Finish Sapphire Shoes Rarity
Great Engineer = Flim and Flam Pinkie Pie (she had that weird bike Thing)
Great Merchant= Applejack (sry Kinda Stuck here)
Great Scientists= Trixe Twilight etc (pretty much magic is their science)
Great Generals= Shining Armor (other then that i don't know any named people in the military you can us)
of course you could always make up your own to
Great Scientist= Tempest (the Pegasus that first discovered they could manipulate the weather)
no much is out there on equestria's history (naturally) so you pretty much have a blank slate to do with as ya please and have fun with (which is the most important thing) hope i have been of help
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