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I was thinking about doing a fairly simple /collab/. One that I think I could do by myself, but would probably be better with others.

A straightforward, simple "Choose Your Own Adventure" game. Not sure at the moment if just straightforward text, text w/accompanying music, or something more like a standard visual novel would be the best approach.

I'm not sure if I really want to organize it all, so for now I'll just sort of let this sit here and get some initial feedback on what it might/if it is even a good idea.
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>> No. 37445
sounds cool maybe a choose your own charater funtion will be cool. so you can get a different experience with different ponies
>> No. 37489
If you let other writers participate (COUGH me COUGH), you could make it longer and more diverse.
>> No. 37490
I don't know what you're considering using for this as a program, but this sounds interesting.

in terms of ideas that work, if you haven't tried any of the stories on, I'd highly recommend looking. The "create your own character" feel of those is amazing.(Choice of the dragon is my favorite)
>> No. 37494
I already started a project a lot like this. I'm coding it in java and I already have a lot of ideas planned out for it. I begun coding for it and things like that, I am primarily working on the engine and many of its function it'll be using. If you are interested in learning more, contacting me about it or keeping up with my progress and its development or are interested in contributing, see my tumblr:

To the OP if you are interested in merging your effort with mine we could develop the game together.

Contact me on Tumblr though, I am not a regular user here and a friend told me about this thread because he thought it was related to me, but seeing as we having similar interests maybe we can pump an awesome game out together?
>> No. 37495
Here is a copy pasta description of my game from a chat in an IRC... (Also found on my tumblr.)

<Pnoy> It is a text based interactive fanfiction game. Basically the game is mean’t to simulate Equestria through a story that you make choices throughout, however this isn’t the extent of the game. You are a character in the world and you can manipulate things, interact with other characters(Most if not all canon characters will be included), visit other locations, complete missions/quests/tasks, all the while managing your relationships with the mane 6 in an epic adventure to save Equestria. The game will even feature randomly generated events.

I am unsure of the completion date, as I get closer to finishing the game I should get a better Idea of when it is done and how close I am to finishing it, I will post all updates here.
>> No. 37515
Hey Pnoy, I tried sending you something via tumblr (congrats, you forced me to make an account). Let's talk it up (I am Yuuki_F).

Derpy Mooves, come on as well.
>> No. 37647
(Remembers to check back finally)

Wait, where can I contact you? I can't write any programs*, but I can write story if you want.

*I mean, if you want a game of hi-lo written in BASIC, I could write that, but
>> No. 37678

Hey, replied to your fimfic message.

I suppose I should say here what I said there...I don't see why a new engine has to be made? After all, stuff like Ren'py seems to already do a lot of what needs to be done.
>> No. 37689
(lol long time no see derpy mooves) although it may not seem like it, I am all right at animating and i think this sounds like a fun idea, but i do need somepony to help me with drawing animation models,
and voice actors
>> No. 37691
Are you looking for anypony to fill male roles?
>> No. 37692
>> No. 37698
I had assumed that you were the OP.
>> No. 37710

I am OP.

Contact info:

Either send me/Derpy Mooves mail on fimfics
Use this post
My email (totally not a throwaway junk mail account >_> <_<) is [email protected]


That's pretty dam cool, but we don't even have any idea of potential plots or scenes yet, let alone where potential cut-scenes (if that's what you are thinking?) could fit in.
>> No. 37736
well if you need me just email me
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