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Not sure if this is the right place to put this, feel free to move if needed.

I'm looking for an artist who would be able to illustrate a Tumblr blog based around the adventures of my three ocs. Dosen't need to be super good, or even colored. Just quick sketches will suffice. Skype name is pushmipullu, contact me there if you're interested.
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What would you be doing then? Telling them what to draw? The whole point is the artist. I'm pretty certain all (almost all?) are done by one person. Or as a group where they chose to answer one and draw the response.

Really, the ideas are pretty easy once you get a lot of questions flowing in: you just pick the best ones you think you can use.

I'd suggest you just try to draw, no matter how bad it turns out.
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I interested in drawing hit me up a [email protected]
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