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File 133523862419.jpg - (24.78KB , 400x300 , tumblr_m2wiwhJAQ71ru2exeo1_400[1].jpg )
37519 No. 37519
It. Is. Time.

Let us raise our hooves and voices, make a chorus out of an Aria, turn our faces to the shores of Season 3. This month, WE SING.

Submission Rules:

--Submit to my e-mail (Subject: This Day Aria), or links to files here. My e-mails (either works, just post here that you sent it, and to which one it was sent) are: [email protected] or [email protected]
--These should be either .WAV or a high-bitrate MP3 (320 is preferred, but 256 is fine).
--The files should be labeled <creditname>_partName (for example, mine could be called Bpendragon_Cadance.mp3).
----- For the part of Chrysalis please use "name_Changeling" for the main part and "name_reprise" for the reprisal.
--All levels of talent are welcome. Whether you're a great singer, an OK one, or just doing it for the hay of it, you're welcome to submit!
--Deadline is TBD. Though not till the end of May at a minimum.
(yes I just Copypasta'd the rules from "The Perfect Stallion" and edited them for my needs)

Reference Links:
Lyrics and reference vids:
Backing Music: (not perfect, but we'll cover out the echo, it's similar to what Toaster and I did back on "Find a Pet") :

I'll figure out something for the reprise on backing music. If we have some musician's out there, please, you are quite welcome to send me stuff.
Also: Album art, we need album art. My last attempt was, shall we say, lacking?
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>> No. 37524
I've been looking for an excuse to record this song.
Also, these are fun as shit, and I want to redeem myself for the horrible timing I had in Perfect Stallion.

I could probably do something for cover art, too.
>> No. 37527
I was just waiting for this to appear. I'm definately in.
>> No. 37536
Fuck yeah time to do this again!
>> No. 37557
Not sure if I'll have time for this one; I'll be busy moving my stuff into a new apartment (and building a recording studio to boot :) ). But if you need album art, just call. :)
>> No. 37584
I'm Calling. For what specifically, I'm not sure.
Don't worry, It'll likely be after I graduate in mid-June that I cut it off, I just realixed how much I have to do between now and then.
>> No. 37650
Youtube embed play button
  Could I make a request that we do the male version of the lyrics, as written by Victor Frost? Most of us who will be recording this are males, and I think it would sound better if we sang "No, I do not love the bride/For my heart is dead inside" instead of "No, I do not love the groom/In my heart there is no room". I'm not comfortable with singing as the opposite gender.
>> No. 37651
I tried embedding the YouTube video, but it didn't work. This is the video I'd like to use the lyrics of:
>> No. 37654
File 133544067183.png - (129.25KB , 470x438 , Twi_02_3.png )
Oh hell yes! A sing along to Aria? Count me in!
>> No. 37659
I'll send both Cadance and Changeling parts to your first address. Have already done a cover for fun , so I just divided it into Cadance and Changeling part .
>> No. 37660
Cool, I will certainly be submitting...
>> No. 37663
I found an instrumental version without the echo-y vocals
made by MandoPony
>> No. 37665
So I tried posting earlier, bu the server went down and the post didn't take, so here is an updated version of that which I hoped to post before biking out to school.

OP: If you want to, you can, though expect your voice to be cut out at that time considering we are using the show as the framework.

Continued Thoughts:
Why don't I just cut out all the male voices at those parts? Unless you really want to be in there.

OP: Got them, downloaded, listened to Cadance before hopping on the bike, sounds pretty decent.

no new thoughts there

One last thing, I'm going to get myself a new Tripcode later. Preferably with the string "DaGreat" somewhere in there, I just realized what the last three letters of mine are.... oops. I swear that this was not intentional. I'll post what I was using as a code in my first post with the new trip.

Sorry to anypony who may have seen that and gotten offended.
>> No. 37675
So do we just record the song in parts?
>> No. 37679
do we have to have the back ground music or would you rather I send you the sung part without the music? I can do it either way doesn't matter to me. I've been wanting to do a collaboration. =^.^=
>> No. 37680
Alright, count me in! I had a lot of fun on "The Perfect Stallion" and this is my favorite song from the finale, and maybe ever.
Will send in both parts ASAP.
>> No. 37683

Sent to the bpendragon one
>> No. 37687

Sans Background music if you please.

Glad to have you!

Got it, haven't listened to it yet, bro has commandeered my headphones for the time being.
Just going to do Chrysalis? I'm fine with that, just checking.

New Trip! Not what I wanted, but after waiting for 5 hours for a tripcode generator to spew out a trip with the string I just chose a new one. My old one was #Bpen you can check that here:
>> No. 37702
File 133551282292.png - (475.46KB , 858x465 , Male version.png )
"OP: If you want to, you can, though expect your voice to be cut out at that time considering we are using the show as the framework. Why don't I just cut out all the male voices at those parts? Unless you really want to be in there."

The way you worded that wasn't very clear, but I think I understood you. I guess if I can't get us all to sing male-modified lyrics, then I'll just have to go with the flow and (*ugh*) pretend I'm a female/bride. I really don't like that.

Don't get me wrong - I love the song and its melody, and it would be a ton of fun to sing... with Victor Frost's lyrics.
>> No. 37705
Well I'll join in just for the fun of it. I recorded both Cadance and Chysalis parts together in one go as I sung it though, but I'll send in as Cadance.
>> No. 37707
Okay, I've sent mine in to the bpendragon email.
I'm singing as Cadance, but I'm able to do Chrysalis as well.
>> No. 37712
we just need a link for the reprisal to sing to.
>> No. 37714
File 133554454043.png - (325.63KB , 720x720 , 132649147278.png )
Here I come with Chrysalis and I've got no idea what I'm doing.
>> No. 37715
all right my two bits have been emailed to bpendragon's account
>> No. 37723
Here be my submission
>> No. 37724
I sent the files to your silverscroll mail address! :D
>> No. 37726
here is about what my submission will sound like with the two parts joined. I would also consider using Mandoponie's version for the main song, don't have to worry about the echo's
>> No. 37727
Sent both parts to the bpendragon gmail. Had a blast recording it - accelerandos and all!
>> No. 37749
Youtube embed play button

I'll be sending you these mp3's here in a little while to replace what I sent you earlier
>> No. 37756
let me try this again.....

sorry for so many posts... I've been doing a lot of work lately on this project for my contribution.
>> No. 37757
>> No. 37769
Yes and no.
We are using the lyrics as they are given in the show. That is my call.

Missed this post first time through, yes, I believe I shall use that. Though TBH The echoey BG vocals aren't all that noticeable unless you're trying to hear them.

Everypony else who has submitted: Not on my normal machine, so I cannot download or listen, I will as soon as I can.
>> No. 37781
When is this due?
>> No. 37797
I"m FINALLY gonna put something into this. Still kicking myself for missing the Perfect Stallion, so here goes! Sent it to bpendragon.
>> No. 37801
Not sure yet, though I know it won't be till the end of May at least.

You sure? Or are you going under a different name? I have nothing from your nick, I even checked spam filters...

Currently have submissions from :
Countpony (Chrysalis)
Flutterflame (Both +Reprise)
masonalcat (both)
Rainbow Crash (both)
Scriber (both)
Sky Spectrum (Cadance)

If you believe I have missed you, please let me know.
>> No. 37811
File 133576506225.png - (91.62KB , 600x600 , 133496031708.png )
I have sent some noise to bpendragon...
>> No. 37812
File 133576710615.png - (204.55KB , 942x1046 , lyra_by_abaddon41-d4ww5qe.png )
Errrr, sending failed for some reason... So I put it on Soundcloud and set bpendragon as the recipient.
>> No. 37824
Please Use "[email protected]" to send me your submissions. "[email protected]" is not properly receiving e-mails from new people.
Please re-send submissions there, or link to a soundcloud/mediafire/what-have-you here. I apologize for wasting your time with that e-mail. I just want everypony to be in on this.

Again, I am sorry.
>> No. 37826
I'm going to go out on a limb here and think the ponies you have listed so far are still good to go. Right?
>> No. 37830
I've got mine up on Mediafire, and I sang the original lyrics. But I think I'll still do a version for my YouTube channel of me singing Victor Frost's lyrics.
>> No. 37834
File 133582174572.png - (536.23KB , 774x1032 , shattered_glint_by_bamboodog-d4wwtol.png )
I think I sent something... Tell me if it fails.
>> No. 37840
omigosh ill send in both cadance and chrysalis's parts
>> No. 37841
Sent! :D
>> No. 37844
Got it
Can you set it so I can download it?
Got them. All, what, 8 of them?
Doesn't matter, I see what you did

Keep sending them, I wish for your data bits for me to devour!
>> No. 37845
File 133584659152.png - (29.72KB , 128x160 , spoiler.png )
Errr, not sure how, never used Soundcloud before. Do I need to buy premium for it to be downloaded? I've set it to public for now, if that helps any.
>> No. 37846
File 133584685070.jpg - (238.89KB , 1600x900 , rainbow_storm_by_senselesssquirrel-d4wokhz.jpg )
Also sent an e-mail to your other account but I don't think the attachment stayed. I'd rather not load it again as we have an internet usage cap. If I can't do soundcloud I'll re-attach it and send it to your other account. Saged for double post
>> No. 37848
File 133584751747.png - (99.48KB , 1440x900 , Screenshot at 2012-04-30 21:44:05.png )
There should be a small box that sets the downloadability...
Attached is a screenshot of my computer showing said box.
Click on the little pencil to edit, then down at the very bottom, where my mouse pointer is.
>> No. 37849
Mediafire is easier, if you ask me. (For situations like this, at least.) You get an account there, and you can share more than just MP3 files.
>> No. 37850
File 133585416696.png - (243.24KB , 830x464 , 830px-Cadance_and_Shining_Armor_promo_image.png )
Ah, there we go, fixed it.
>> No. 37942
Ok, I believe I have everything downloaded.

Time to start removing noise, adding a touch of reverb, etc.

Please keep sending those submissions in!
>> No. 38073
File 133629040173.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
I have just sent you my stuff to your campboys address. Keep up the good work.
>> No. 38074
File 133629094892.jpg - (91.32KB , 868x1086 , 132175392273.jpg )
>The melody in This Day Aria runs on an extremely strange scale of which either A) changes keys twice a measure, B) is based on a whole-step-half-step scale with a few exceptions, C) is an invention of the composer, or D) purely tonal

Yeah, this is gonna sound like shit.
>> No. 38117
dat E-mail Address... Got them. Will get back to you on sound. Dad has the air compressor out and is remolding the house after painting...
>> No. 38144
Yeah, I'm afraid there aren't that many people who can precisely hit all of the correct pitches in this song. I know I was able to, though! And based on your comment, I'm sure you were able to. (I mean, I was in choir for five years, and I play piano...)
>> No. 38316
so how far along is the project now, haven't seen an update in ages.
>> No. 38323
Can ye post a list, if possible, of all entries you've received, for confirmation for any paranoid submitters?
>> No. 38387
Ill record as soon as possible please dont go without me.
>> No. 38446
How bout a stage of "Oh cool, I have time to work on the collab" *check e-mail* Nope, physics homework just added... repeat ad infinitum

SOON. (not on a machine synced with my dropbox, and the school counts the dropbox website as network intensive)

At the short end you have 15 days, though I'm thinking of keeping it open till after my graduation party on the 23rd of June.
>> No. 38538
Looking forward to assisting with the song Good Sir~
Just need time to complete my final Assignments...
I hope you don't mind a squeeky and accented voice?
>> No. 38539
>> No. 38626
They see me bumpin'
>> No. 38660
Ok, I just got back from a surprise trip and lots of homework. I have submissions from the following people:
A Naughty Mouse
Rainbow Crash
Runbow Dash
Sky Spectrum

I do not have time to go into the depths of the file system and see who all has what parts recorded, if you need that leave me a message here or ping my e-mail(s) (both are working again) and let me know.

Name please?
>> No. 38662
I also now have FLUTTERPIEROXS' submissions
>> No. 38797
Ahh k thanks for the listing. Didn't see my name up there so here's the link again to my submission.
>> No. 38832
I sent in my cover of Chrysalis's parts to [email protected]! Although I accidentally sent it under (Sonic Flare Changeling&Reprise) instead of the requested subject. I'm sorry about that.
>> No. 38834
Did you get my submission? It's posted here in the thread, on soundcloud
>> No. 38838

Do you still accept submissions? I'm recording mine right now,
>> No. 38843

Here it is:

And this one's with music, in case you want to listen to it before you want to download (and because the music is masking my blunders)


I have a trumpet and a guitar lying around here (though I'm not as proficient with the guitar). If you want to, I could play a small part with it.
>> No. 38861
I sent the links to the bpendragon email
>> No. 38863
Its me again, I caught a cold and a sore throat so I was thinking whether the deadline is truly the end of this month?
>> No. 38892
File 133805979142.png - (199.33KB , 627x480 , Cadance is one crazy bitch.png )
Alrighty, here it is!
>> No. 38897
I just sent mine in to the campboys gmail.
>> No. 38904
I wasn't the first person to post for no reason.
I've been slowly warming up for a good recording of this, but I can't quite seem to nail it.
>> No. 38940
I did it! both parts are here on Soundcloud:
>> No. 38974
No I'm not finding it, resend?

Didn't come through... resend?


Ok, I'm going to accept submissions through the end of June, for 2 treasons:
1. Gives everypony time to record
2. School ends on the 14th, grandparents head south the 23rd (after coming up for graduation) and then I'm free til EverfreeNW.
>> No. 38989
The others were fine though? (I'm the anon above your post, forgot my name and trip)
>> No. 38992
File 133830894205.png - (199.18KB , 800x800 , hipthrust.png )
Have any role decisions been made yet out of curiosity? I'm definitely thinking of recording for cadence. I'm a countertenor
>> No. 39006
I just sent it again. I hope it worked this time.
>> No. 39320
Everypony who is submitted gets their singing in at least some capacity. Due to having a presentation later this afternoon and a final paper to write I have gotten very little done in the editing department. Fortunately starting nest Wednesday I should be free for hours on end.

Have files with your names attathed to them. I hope that's right.
I also have Files for BlueSleeves.
>> No. 39803
I totally need to do my part soon. How much longer do we have?
>> No. 39850
I just sent mine in to the Bpendragon email. :) This is exciting.
>> No. 40072
end of the month
>> No. 40225
If you have not received confirmation from me that I have your file, PLEASE e-mail me or post here.

I will be taking submissions here till midnight PDT the evening of June 30/July 31 At which point I will be getting to the nitty-gritty of the editing. I have some of the reverbs and noise-removals done.

Also ALBUM ART. Please.
>> No. 40230
File 134095236792.png - (201.25KB , 564x480 , Fluttershy_04_1.png )
Just need some confirmation as to whether or not you got mine.
In fact, could you please post an updated list of all the entries you've received? That would be a big help and wouldn't crowd up your inbox.
>> No. 40274
Holy crud, I totally forgot about this. I recorded my parts nearly a month ago, but for some reason didn't send them in.

I've sent my Cadance and Changeling tracks to the Campboys address, and I'd appreciate a confirmation that you received them. Worst-case I can post the Mediafire links here.

No Reprise recorded yet, but I'm not 100% sure I'll get a chance to record it before the deadline anyways, so don't wait up for me.
>> No. 40278
Will do as soon as I get to the computer that has the files. Mom set up her own Dropbox so I can't easily view the list here. (since whenever I log onto the Dropbox website everything on this machine derps WAY out.)
I DO believe I have yours. I'll double check that later today. You used a song set on SoundCloud right?
E-mail received. And a confirmation e-mail will be sent momentarily.
>> No. 40279
File 134108727198.png - (167.68KB , 770x700 , 116167 - artist tess derpy_hooves rain.png )
Here is my part. Totally put it off for too long, but I got it done! Yays! (Sent an email as well)

Thanks for doing all the hard work!
>> No. 40281
File 134109733620.png - (3.72MB , 1440x900 , thisdayariarecieved.png )
Image is a screen cap of the root folder for the project. If you believe that you sent me something that is not there, let me know. If you want to know what specifically I have of yours let me know. If you want to be known by something else... Well, you get the idea...

Top Right blanked for privacy reasons
>> No. 40282
Twenty-one people, huh?
>> No. 40284

Hold your tits, here I come.
Shit, I spent some time on this. WHY
>> No. 40287
Sending to bpendragon.silverscroll.
After over 2 months.
>> No. 40361
Do you have a Livestream? You could broadcast your editing. That can be fun when you're bored with this kind of task.
>> No. 40363
Yes, sort of. But I don't have the bandwidth for it I don't think, maybe insanely late at night, but that won't do because I don't have a computer at those times.

(just tested 3.5 Mbps on a network where no one else is using and all the neighbors are out of town)
>> No. 40440
I notice you have my folder labeled as Simul. In the video, I'd like to be credited as the name I put on the files.
>> No. 40472

Ok, I probably won't post here till I have the finished product so if you want updates, I recommend following my tumblr and my fan Twitter account, links below. I'll be posting on them about progress and shortfalls and all that fun stuff.

>> No. 40473
Lose the 's' in the https of the tumblr link... sorry, I write my URLs from memory and forget that not all sites are https compliant.
>> No. 41455
What's the latest news on this? Nothing's been said for over a month.
>> No. 41469
File 134473172778.jpg - (138.03KB , 1600x1600 , 131184174447-lyra_excited.jpg )
Please do tell!
>> No. 41471
I've been slowly plodding along. Keyword: Slowly. It would be a minor miracle for it to be done by the end of the month. Complete and total Celestial Intervention for it to be finished by Everfree NW. Both are because of the aforementioned Everfree, and my mom limiting computer time. I'd say mid-September is a reasonable goal at this point, considering that I'm also searching for a job.
Remember you can always follow the Twitter and Tumblr from the previous post, they are more likely to give updates than you are to see here.
As it is, I'm headed to Audacity now.
>> No. 41639
Stoked for mid-september then!
>> No. 41724
I keep finding ways of improving my microphone record quality, and then when I go back to my recording for this project it sounds terrible in comparison. It's kind of bittersweet.
>> No. 41749
Hey, I was at Everfree Northwest!
>> No. 41840
I know. I was running A/V for one of the panels you asked a question in.

That said, I'm working on everything, I just need a hiatus for a couple days so the sunburn on my ears goes away and I can use the headphones again. But progress is being made!
>> No. 42003
I GIVE UP!!! Not really, but you'll have to bear with me. Computer time is being limited by my mother, a job search, and just life in general.

If anypony would like to help, please send me an e-mail or a message on Tumblr or Twitter (I check them more often than I check here), I would really appreciate it.

I'm in over my head and things aren't looking good in the near future. Otherwise I'm just hanging a release date of "Eventually, and hopefully soon" I really honestly apologize.

On a lighter note, I talked with Daniel Ingram at Everfree NW, and he really loves hearing these things. He ctually asked me to post it to his Facebook when it is complete.
>> No. 42168
Why is the last post only from May 28th? I thought we had more recent replies than that!
>> No. 42169
>>42168 Oh, huh. My browser wasn't showing me the entire thread for some reason. False alarm.
>> No. 42171
I am just happy knowing it will be complete eventually. Is the help you need related to producing? I have a friend who might be able to help.
>> No. 42257
I know this is super late, but since it's not done, are you still accepting singers ;-;? I love this song and can't believe I missed it... so many months ago xD
>> No. 42840
Any update on this? Did you get anyone to help you yet?
>> No. 42878
I'm insanely sorry guys, but even with the amazing help I've been getting from Simul, I'm just unable to do this. I'm burnt out like you wouldn't believe.

I've already chatted with Simul (we know each other IRL) and he's going to continue to work on it slowly. I also have all the data files if you want them, or you can e-mail me and I can add you to the shared Dropbox folder.
Please use this e-mail for contact: [email protected]

I'm truly, deeply, sorry that I cannot finish this that I started, I will not start another of these for at least one year from today. If I attempt to, please remind me of this post and what can happen.
>> No. 42932
I know I'm a tad late on this, but we really should get this up and going again. I've been waiting for this collab for quite a while, but never realized it was on here. Lets push to the finish!
>> No. 43710
I know it's hard to finish somethings some times, but you just have to keep moving forward. when it stops being fun, you might need to take a step back and ask yourself why. I really hope you can finish this project, but if it never get finished, we will understand.
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