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  Somepony told me I should make a post here so people can have updates easily. I'm not used that much on using this board (or ponychan altogether, in fact), so if I should change something, tell me so.

Hello everpony !

Me and a group of friends are currently working on an animation project. Why ? It's going to be long months before the start of season 3, and we want to provide content for people to watch until then. Interlude aims at creating one 22-minutes mlp-like episode. We want to release it before the start of season 3, because after we'll be too busy watching ponies.

Things are going along quite well. We've finished the storyboard and semi-animatics, and are working on full animatics, soon backgrounds and characters rigging. You can see one of our semi-animatics on the embeded video. We also have a website at .
We have (mostly) finished auditions for the voice actors, and I have to say bronies have amazing voices ^^. I can't wait to hear how the different lines will sound like now.

I'm not exactly sure of what else I should put in this so, hm, if you have any question, I will gladly answer them ! I'll try to keep a weekly update of what happens.
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>> No. 37603


Can we donate to this project?
>> No. 37620
Let's see...what to say without picking on the obvious, like dark colored ponies...(Breeze Rider's color palette is ok, though)

Now about your storyboard video complete with sounds...

I would of personally added 2 more tricks(dynamic views, not 2D) before the pegasus crashed, but it depends how the story is explained, and how it would affect the pacing.
I would change Angel's tap sound effect to something's like somepony is knocking on wood.

The voice...first I couldn't understand anything I thought he was talking in Dutch, Polish or Russian.
Really good luck on finding good singing voices for the song.

Concern time...are you sure you have enough dedicated people to finish a 21-23 minute animation in Flash by July or August?
I always wondered why nopony ever tried some other program for animating Lauren's designs.

By the way...good luck on animating flying action sequences in Flash.
>> No. 37635
Not really. We might accept donations after we air the episode, to cover whatever expenses we had during the creation. When that will be done, we probably won't accept further donation, or fund other projects like our.

>More tricks
The problem is that this scene is supposed to be the intro, before the opening. It's more than a minute long already, while most mlp episode have a very short introduction.

>That accent is Ukrainian, in fact
The sound and voices you have hear in the semi-animatic aren't the final ones. The voice actor for breeze can access to a recording studio, but wanted to wait until we had all set up so he could do as much as possible in one run. But i admit the accent is there.

>The song
For the song, well, actually, it is already done. Mandopony ( sang it, and i can listen to it as we speak (actually, a rough version we used to synch the storyboard to the pace of the music).

>We require moar minerals.. i mean people
Now, for the part where omg it's a big project. Yeah. We aim to having everything done before 15th september. There is little chance we can do this for July (we probably will have the character rigging and backgrounds done by that time, and will have started working on the scenes).
Of course, we are always open to new people who want to join our crew ! (shameless recruiting, check!)
On a side note, we are also trying to set up something to share stuff between similar projects, like double rainboom, through the eyes of another pony, ... maybe it will help speed up thing.

> Flash was a choice 'by default'
The semi-animatic you can see wasn't made with flash, but sony vegas 10 pro. Sadly, further attempts to recreate a satisfying mlp experience wasn't conclusive. (read : it was horrible crap better left forsaken)
Besides, there are many talented flash animators among bronies. I'm not sure I could have find as many people for other programs.

I hope that answers all your questions :)

In other news, we have started building animated animatics, not just a series of static images. We're probably going to release the intro, at some point. I'll post it there when we do !
>> No. 39446
Hiya, everypony! Here, have an update for Project Interlude.

The voice acting is nearly complete; a couple of lines need to be redone.

We are currently building something that would look like a travail with parts of what we plan to reveal to everypony. We are currently progressing a bit more slowly than exepected, due to an animator leaving the team for professional reasons. A second scene is almost completed, and we are going to tackle one of the most lenghty and important ones after that.

Want to be a part of this fun, interactive, world-wide project? Good news everypony: we're still looking for help! Especially in the animation department. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Animator" (or something similar to that effect).
>> No. 40131
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  Hey ponies and humans alike,

Here comes another updates from Interlude studios !

What is new since the last time? We’ve uploaded our first trailer for the episode (see attached youtube video). We also made several updates on our website, including a brand new backgrounds section. These backgrounds are free-of-rights, so feel free to use them however you want !

The backgrounds and all the other news can still be found at :
>> No. 40272
This is looking awesome.
>> No. 42417
Hey everyone !

For those who missed it, we're going to air the episode in 2 hours and 45 minutes ! (at 3pm EST)

It will be on BronyTv ( and after the airing we will be answering questions and stuff !

The episode should then be uploaded on youtube after a while.
>> No. 42441
File 135020717761.png - (144.66KB , 697x1145 , 131262243443.png )
I saw your episode and thought it was really well done. You got all that done in a month and a half?
>> No. 42458
Not really.
The first post of this thread have been made in april, though most of the team was gathered during may.
>> No. 42469
File 135030311284.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
Oh so it took quite a bit longer? Still, I'm very impressed.
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