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Alright I'll try and keep this short and sweet since i tend to ramble on often.I scored a nice Applejack cutie mark decal from my g/f that i intend to put on my red Audi A3. I had talked to her about it for a while and was going back and forth as to whether settle for a Big Macintosh one or Applejack (since shes my favorite).

For obvious reasons I was siding towards a Big Mac cutie mark decal since my car is red and what not. However, she gave me an awesome idea for the Applejack one that basically made my decision. I was going to buy a European license plate for the front grill, just some generic one with random letters, until she told me i should use it to name my car AudiJack. (friggin love this idea) I'd get to use the cutie mark I really wanted, AND get a cool flank name/license plate for the car. The only problem i have now is that my car is red, the same red as the cutie mark.

So my question to you guys is this, would any of you Bronies be knowledgeable with getting a good estimate on how much it would cost to repaint my car applejack color? Or would it be more worthwhile to get a car wrap in the color?

I want to see if this would be feasible at all.
Second post will contain my car.
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car :) i imagine putting the decal in that rear passenger window instead of on the body of the car.
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