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So, not sure whether the right place.
This fandom has put forward a lot of art. And I mean the broad meaning, music, drawing, plushies, etc.
one thing coming to my mind when i listen to the numerous dance tracks is dancing of course. My research had no proper outcome.
But I heard "some people even did a dance" or similar. And Youtube has a video with somepony shuffling to Rarity likes straws.

I'm not a great dancer myself, yet I really like to watch people do it. Especially ABDC I enjoyed.
In the long term a thing along lines of a "brony dance crew" would blast my soul. And despite them cheesifying and dramaqueening everything, this would fit into the ABDC neatly.

Any thoughts on that? Would you like to witness something like bronies being creative together in dancing? Since my googlfu had no merits, any good idea on where to find such things if there are?
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>> No. 37648
I am in love with this idea. I tried creating a few pony inspired dance moves but only a few looked allright. With a dance crew that gives you lots more room for creativity and to get the pony inspired look that I would love to see.

I suggest that we come up with some choreographed moves to do first.
Then we can come up with a routine.

Now how would this crew get together?
This is the hard part. It would be awesome it we found a bunch of people all in certain radius who could get together to perform this but I fear that maybe difficult to find. If not then maybe we could assign parts to different people which they could then practice and perhaps get a few friends to help out with the parts that need more than 1 person. Then we could meet together at a con like Everfree Northwest or Brony con and perform it there.

While that last part may not come to fruition I'd at least love to hear some ideas about pony inspired dance moves.
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File 133737966548.gif - (188.57KB , 426x389 , tanz.gif )
Weeeell, apart from me being a Eurofriend so prolly having no softer time actually trying to gather fans who'd make another step in the thing I still got mixed feelings about, i.e. brony sub-culture...
I did a bit research and, based off the majority of "brony music", I find styles like shuffling/jerking with less gliding or jumpstyle with smoother and less intense moves to may be able to catch the vibe quite well. Grosso modo perception but better than nothing.
What were the moves you created like?
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File 133745616120.png - (169.33KB , 413x413 , I\'m_Liking_This_Idea-(n1309917639647).png )
But can contribute nothing to it. :(
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File 133761164775.gif - (1.95MB , 172x165 , tanz.gif )
a bump at least, dur.
I... actually wouldn't have thought I could neither.
But I bet there is something you can contribute if you're willing.
>> No. 38624
File 133762040402.png - (4.00KB , 209x233 , 133094692772.png )
I can't dance and I'm not from the US.

>> No. 38628
While I don't remember the moves I came up with back then, I'm sure I can rediscover or come up with a few new ones. Let me find a video camera and I will throw something together.

I'm wondering if anypony can think of some group moves that might resemble something from the show.

Like a sonic rainboom move would be awesome. What I'm thinking for it right now is have person A run towards where the group is assembled. Person B crouches down for person A to leap off their back and do a jump where they arch out and land in a roll and spring up and do a dash pose. Meanwhile the remaining group around the leap point flail their arms out as person A jumps then they jump back into a sitting butt slide outwards from the take off point. Sorry for lack of dancing vocab. Was more interested in learning how to do moves instead of their names.

Anyway for those non dancers who want to contribute, go watch some abdc or other dance videos and try to think of ways that the moves you see could be translated into something pony.
>> No. 38685
File 133772948513.gif - (162.32KB , 300x168 , tamma.gif )
yup. I can't really picture it. ^^°
Please do as Starstep says, interested folks.
Go watch ponies dancing, pony movements, analyze, compare to human movement and so forth. Any help welcome.

Doing more research right now.
Shuffling styles, House Dance, DnB Step seem to also fit.
As I never been that much of a dancer, but said to have somewhat potential, i'll try figure out basic steps and how they resemlbe and how to have them pony.
>> No. 39316
File 133889096306.png - (92.55KB , 296x296 , noi.png )
Albeit slowly, I'm progressing.
Working on ways to actually imitate the 3 (correct me if there are more) paces, like including typical gallop ba-DUM steps.
>> No. 42429
File 135016086002.gif - (3.05MB , 500x281 , tanz3.gif )
been a while, but I think I might be onto something.

when i got plenty time again, I'll see what i can to about typing it out and making videos about it.
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