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File 133546318852.png - (1.15MB , 680x525 , 41918 - The_Beatles fluttershy parody pinkie_pie rainbow_dash the_ponies twilight_sparkle.png )
37668 No. 37668
Do you want a chance to be on a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of subscribers?
Would you like to collaborate with amazing musician SoGreatAndPowerful?

Hello fillies and gentlecolts! I am Osoth, from the band The Beatlebronies. Our work is listed here:

We are recording a version of Across the Universe about what everypony has learned from our favorite ponies' adventures! Here is what we would like you to do:

1: Record yourself singing these words to the tune of the chorus of Across the Universe with no backing music and no effects on your voice:

Dear Princess Celestia, Oh...
(Jai Guru Deva, Ohm...)
Nothing will change what I've learned
(Nothing's gonna change my world, continue for next lines)
Nothing will change what we've learned
Nothing will change what I've learned
Nothing will change what we've learned

2: Make sure your recording is of high quality and has at least two seconds of silence before and after your lines.

3: Send the music file to [email protected] with your name you'd like to be known by and a link to your other works, and I will get back to you within a day about whether or not you made the cut.

When we release this song we will have a GoogleDoc that we will link from our video, which means its guaranteed that thousands and thousands of people will see your name! Share your love for ponies and make some music.
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>> No. 37681
This sounds like a fun project! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
>> No. 37682
Daily bump
>> No. 37706
>> No. 37725
Daily bump

Come on guys, we got a couple already.
>> No. 37728
Could we perhaps have a reference recording of the lines? I don't know whether to pronounce Celestia as
"Celest-ya" or "Celest-ee-ya" in the context of the song.
>> No. 37729
how many r u looking 4.
>> No. 37730
@scriber Based on what I've been hearing, it goes like this:

De-ar Prin-cess Ce-le-e-stia*
(Ja-ai Gu - ru - u-de-e-va)
>> No. 37731

stia = stja, as in one syllable.
>> No. 37734
Ahh, gotchya. Thanks for the help!
>> No. 37753
Will it be a problem if we have no other works that have been publicly posted?
>> No. 37766

Not at all! Its there so we can help advertise those who particpated and have solo projects.
>> No. 37773
wen will u be finished.
>> No. 37802

We're not positive, but I'll say early to mid-May.
>> No. 37827
daily bump =^.^=
>> No. 37839
this is pretty neato, I'll do it though I don't have anything to promote persay. however I would love to contribute my voice to the community in some way :)

as far as the rhythm notation goes, i would do (1) + 2 (+) 3 (+) (4) (+) 1 + (2) (+) with the syllables falling on the parenthesized beats, counting ti-a as separate syllables because not enunciating each individual syllable in a melancholy song like this wouldn't really fit the feel of the piece, at least imo.

anyway don't forget hot stove s's and good luck all!
>> No. 37886
Hot stove bump
>> No. 37924
File 133595828033.png - (366.34KB , 568x542 , Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 3_42 PM 1.png )
Hi guys! I had no idea you'd been so busy, I had only seen the Octopus's Garden track because I am a sillypony and too caught up in my own stuff!

You are the best ponies ever <3

Can you use another special-purpose lead voice? I can do LOUD Lennon (though you've done so many tracks already, what's even left?) If not that is quite okay, I have plenty of other things to do, but you guys had me singing along with some of the Lennon parts. I would've loved to have tried Happiness Is A Good Friend, that's very much the type of vocal I'm talking about.

If there's anything you want from me in that vein I am at your disposal, I'm absolutely charmed by BeatleBronies.

This is me applyin' that type of voice to "Beyond Her Garden" (though I haven't found much in the way of original songs to use it)

And this is me playing a Hofner bass (and the guitars, and ponified vocals) on an earlier track :)

If there's anything I can do to help you just drop me a line, again, I'm charmed (and I hang out with EquestriaGuy on /show/ and Steam, I just wasn't quite up to speed on what y'all were doing)
>> No. 37944

We've already got all of the band members we need, but we are always looking for collaborators. Is there a song not published to our channel yet that you'd like to sing on?
>> No. 37946
File 133600293043.png - (317.70KB , 566x490 , Screen shot 2011-12-06 at 1_43 PM 1.png )
I could try 'Glass Onion', if you like? Is that in the works? I didn't see many other Lennon songs in there.
>> No. 38018

I don't think we have yet.
>> No. 38042
We have lyrics for Glass Onion, but haven't started on it yet.

And I think it's worth saying SGAP singing on this is off. It's pretty unfortunate, but he's not on lead anymore.

this is the lyricist for the Beatle Bronies, btw
>> No. 38317
Haven't read any updates in a while. How is everything going on the music front?
>> No. 39098
The song is up!
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