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37690 No. 37690
hey guys, i'm thinking about making a ponified version of the office, animate the intro and a episode.

but i need some help choosing the characters.

here's some of my picks:

Michael Scott: twilight, the mayor, celestia, maybe pinkie pie =/

Robert California: Discord (voice fits so good)

Dwight: Trixie, Applejack (just because of the farm :p)

Jim: Twilight, Rainbow Dash

Pam: some pony that ships with jim

Andy: Pinkie Pie

Kelly: Rarity (because whining), any annoying pony

Ryan: some hipster pony, one that ships with kelly

Phyllis: fluttershy

Toby: fluttershy

Kevin: snips, or that other dude that appears on CMC episodes

Angela: Rarity (crazy cat lady, also fits if applejack plays dwight)

Stanley: no pony, just normal Stanley working with ponies and he doesn't even care , cuz Stanley doesn't give a shit.

Creed: derpy

berry punch is totally going to be Meredith :D

can you guys help me figure this out?
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>> No. 37694
>>37690 derpy =Michael Scott
pinkie pie= jim


yaaaaaaaaah guy(chunky pie) = creed


ill think of more later
>> No. 37708

spike = andy
gilda = dwight

i really like this

but if jim is pinkie pie than who's pam?
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