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This is an experiment and I want to see if it would work, basically its a steam group comprised of writers, artists, and animators (kinda like here) but private until its initial release/trailer teasers. People can go into the steam chat room and pitch their ideas to their fellow peers and see what they think and see if they can get something going (again like here but in a chatroom). I also want to use this for a thread I'm working on.

For those of you who don't know me I make threads on /oat/ taking things like spongebob and Monty Python and making them pony related.

My goal this time around is to use this steam group and probably this thread to gather some interest in a ponychan community collab thread telling the story of join the steam group and find out and hopefully get the attention of EqD or an animator that's interested in working with us on future endevors, which after that will hopefully get the attention of Equestria Daily.
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I forgot to say my steam name is: Gammermann, add me to your friends list and I'll invite you to the steam group
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