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Don't get excited about this, since I have nearly no skills outside of the inception of concepts, but I am currently creating (mentally) a 3D pony video game that can be described as: The Legend of Zelda 3D games-style story, sidequests, hub world, and powers-meets-Crash Bandicoot-styled level progression-meets-RPG-styled leveling and items. Additional info will be dispatched on request.
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>> No. 37719
Would you be willing to learn the necessary skills to actually make the game or will it never go beyond being an idea?
>> No. 37721
Write a 100+ page design document and then come back. It's less work than you'd think.
>> No. 37732
As in level layouts, characters, items, plot summary, planned dialogue, enemy behaviors, boss behaviors, NPC behaviors, abilities, sidequests, control schemes, suggestions for original BGM, settings (i.e., forests, mountains, etc.), physics, and bonus features. Since I draw like a second-grader high on magic grass, a document may be the next best thing at this moment. However, I'll try to get better at drawing by the time I finish High School.
>> No. 37738
You might want to be careful because this sounds incredibly similar to my game.
>> No. 37739
whiiiich iiiiiiiis.... where, again?
>> No. 37741

I don't know how you envision your game, it just sound very similar in concept.
>> No. 37743

Not -my- game. Just interested on the concept =).

Haven't had the chance to look at the other threads in /collab/ for a while, so I don't know much of other game projects going around.
>> No. 37796
Hm. Well, if you ever start learning any particular skills, then I'd say make a post. Don't worry about it at the moment.
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