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Choose Your Own Pony Adventure"
Yuuki_F and I are making a cyoa with ponies. This will be a full game, not just a fic. The project is just beginning, and we are looking for a lot of people to fill certain roles.
We will need:
-Music composers
-Web designers

Please post in this thread any questions you may have. We will accept sample material via [email protected] on an on-going basis until otherwise stated. Please show us what you can do!
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>> No. 37782
Do you mean a Picture/Text based game kind of like the online Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy?
>> No. 37789
>> We are making a full game, but we need you guys to join in to do all the work for us!

Dude, maybe you should read this, mmm?
>> No. 37803
Do you even have an idea for the story of the game?

How about gameplay visions?

How about some concrete skills? Because you have almost exhausted the list of skills needed for a game. And I find it more likely that not that your failure to exhaust the list is dumb luck.
>> No. 37804
oh sweet it got finished!
>> No. 37828
This projects never get accomplished. Just the fact that there's not a summary of the story indicates you have no idea on how to proceed.

You should get your ideas and part of the story first and then post here...
>> No. 37838
Hey! Great to see people are so supportive!
>> No. 37902
Despite your lack of support, I send you an email to compose some music for ya. I figure if this does fall on its face, it'll still count as experience.

I suppose I COULD double as a writer...
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