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Hey everypony,

I am going to be making a music video this summer and I was hoping to get some advice for an effect I want to implement in it.

Essentially, I want people to be walking through the shot holding a "screen" with another video playing on it.

Now, the only way I can figure to do this is to have them holding greenscreen boards in the shot and then manually aligning the video with the boards on every single frame of the shot.

This is gonna be about a 20 second scene with 5 different "screens" being walked around in the shot. So doing it manually would be extremely time consuming.

So basically my question is, do any of you know an easier way to do this?
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The only other way I can think of is keyframing, and that's more difficult than chroma key.

What you should do is get a bunch of different colored boards. Then, simply chroma key the colors to the respective videos you want to play on the "screens." After Effects and Premiere tend to play nice with moving chroma key, so you shouldn't need to align anything.
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Ok, so After Effects and Premiere can automatically follow the chroma key boards? *Phew that's a relief.

I actually have little to no experience with any sort of video editing/special effects so this is actually gonna be a huge undertaking for me XD
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