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E'llo /collab/! Squeak here, long time no see. I've started up another storybook project. My previous one here: turned out fairly well. So, lets have another go shall we? This time we've got a fable to storyfy courtesy of the always amazing Slwit. VA spots are open, and we're currently looking for an artist. The main thing needed right now is video editor to stitch everything together. So, wana make a storybook?

Script: (Open parts color coated Contact Info within)
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wanna do concept art for your next story book and can collab when you want
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Ah cool! So you have any samples of your work?
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File 133676673287.jpg - (17.15KB , 500x281 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-epic-pose.jpg )
I can do digital but traditional is more my strength

here's a link
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I sent in a voice audition. I hope you enjoy it ^_^
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what is your answer?
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By the way, if anyone managed to save the art from the last project, I'd love a link, including the unused stuff. I remember lurking the thread just for the art, but my computer derped since then and I think I lost it all. :(
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