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Ever watch My Little Pony and wish that you could go on an adventure with the girls?

Well with this game you can. Currently it's all conceptual works and planning features, as well as some scenery, concept art, and a rough map plan, but will soon enter the development phase with some help from talented bronies such as yourself

What we need are
3d Modelers from all walks of life
Musicians, any good game needs a good sound track
A few artists, for both concepts and textures.
Two coders with knowledge in Java or C++
And a few level designers

What I'll be doing for the project
I Cannot model, so I'll be helping with the textures, concept art, the hard coding, and designing and compiling the world That is the total design document as it stands thus far with proposed features. I will be dumping current concept art with explanations.

Game Specifications
Engine: Unreal 3
Shading: Cel Shading
Genre: Adventure RPG

Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with any who care to join on this project
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File 133592259919.jpg - (433.47KB , 1920x1080 , Concept for Character Design.jpg )
The last picture is the final boss, in the best form I could draw him

This picture is the concept for the character design screen with all the features that came to mind, can be readjusted to look and feel smoother
>> No. 37907
File 133592268771.png - (0.98MB , 1920x1080 , ChangelingQueenBG.png )
The boss fight arena for The Queen of the Changelings. During the fight, the sacks hanging from the canopy of the arena, as well as on the trees on the side, will hatch changelings after you deal a certain amount of damage.
>> No. 37908
File 133592275605.png - (618.64KB , 1920x1080 , Map.png )
A rough map of the play field, mind you the whole game is one giant open play field. A better, nicer looking version of the map is already underway, but this gives a nice idea of the vastness of Equestria as you'll explore it
>> No. 37909
File 133592284205.jpg - (137.99KB , 1920x1080 , Appolfight.jpg )
Doesn't give much detail towards the fight, but this is for the fight with Applejack when corrupted by Malice, the final boss
>> No. 37910
If you'd like to join in and help out, the email to get me at is [email protected]
Shoot that an email with what spot you want to fill, with a little sample of what you can do if you have one readily available.

Animators are also wanted, as I forgot to mention that in the original post.
>> No. 37920
This sounds interesting.

I have no skills to offer for this, sadly, but I like your organization and wish you the best of luck for this project.
>> No. 37933
To be honest I'm actually sort of impressed. Not many game threads here start with an actual design document (and suddenly we get two in one day, what's up with that).

Unfortunately I think you're gonna be hard pressed to find 3D modelers. The only ones I've seen are the ones working on PonyKart and one guy making Ponyville in 3D. In fact, you should hit that guy up, his thread is somewhere on the previous pages.

Overall the project seems really ambitious... Hopefully it'll work out, though you'll probably have to hunt for people by yourself as well, mostly for modellers, artists and maybe musicians.
>> No. 37950
I would recommend something like Skype to allow for easier contact with team members.
>> No. 37974
I shall include my Skype name, it being Aedious.
Now I forgot to include musicians from all walks of life, if interested, should join up. We need as much help and support as people are willing to provide
If you know somepony who would be a good match for a spot, send them threadward
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