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Hi all! I am starting a new project. It will eventually will be based on the fanfic Fallout Equestria. I am building it to play very similar to the first three Final Fantasy games. I have a website up as a means to give people an update on what is going on. But I would very much like to reel in some supporters. So far only a handful of people even know... I just wanna get it out there that this project is being worked on. Wanna check it out? Here is a link to the website.
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this sounds amazing, unfortunately I cant help -__-
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That's fine.. All I kinda want really is the idea out there and supporters... It kind stinks working on something huge and not having anypony sitting there waiting for it to come out. You know?
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It is a huge project. The issue is lots of huge projects are started all the time. Do you know how many of them get beyond the dream stage? Most of them don't.

I'm curious what you guys are making the game with? Flash? C++? Java?

It says you don't need anymore help at this time. That's a good start: you're not desperate for a coder, artist, and everything else.

Good luck.
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Right now I am half way compiling the engine of the game. I currently am at a slight loss because where the project is kind of broken ATM. My laptop is out of commission... and possibly permanently. I am very much so thinking of making a donation box for the project as this is not a cheap thing to hold. I bought the Domain and I have a server running which consumes electricity constantly and then all the time spent into it... Anyways.... I'll consider the donation box thing later when I have more supporters. As for now we all have to wait until whenever I can get my laptop up and running again or get a new one.... -.-
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Oh I forgot to mention I was programming it in Java. I like Java xD. I would take suggestions for it but I really would like support. Like people going on my site and adding into the suggestion box or whatnot. It's hard working on a project without people not being interested in it. Ya know? I plan on making this into something pretty big. I would love to spread the word to the herd but so far I haven't had any luck. Oh well. I'll stop complaining xD
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