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Greetings everypony,
I am Trixie’s Hat. You may know me from being atop Trixie’s head, but now I’ve struck out on my own in search of one thing: Pony Memes.

After spending some time in the brony fandom and becoming familiar with quite a few pony memes, I want to start a project that will create The Definitive Reference Guide to My Little Pony Memes. This will take the form of an encyclopedia or other reference book. I know that there have been brony glossaries in the past, but this is going to be the biggest, most researched one to ever appear online!

Memes in this guide will include:
Sitting Lyra!
Derpy Hooves!
Twenty Percent Cooler!
Brony Slang!
.MOV Series!
Tumblr Askblogs!
And so much more!

I’m looking for other writers/researchers to help out in this venture. If this garners enough interest here, I’ll send a note to Equestria Daily. Bronies with some experience with pony memes would be preferred, though I’ll take any help I can get. If you’re interested, email me at [email protected]

Thanks for your time.
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I see your point.
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Hoppip destroying everypony's dreams since 2012.
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>>Hoppip stopping attention grabbers since 2012.

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Know Your Meme and everything else on the Cheezburger Network is everything that's wrong with the Internet today. I'm in favor of every project that marches on in defiance of their existence. However:

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